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Gymnast Shawn Johnson: Leggy in Shorts

gymnast-shawn-johnson-leggy-in-shorts - Gymnast Shawn Johnson: Leggy in Shorts

We just had a post about a pair of super skinny and super long legs, attached to a supermodel figure. But since we don’t all look like Gisele, it’s only fair to post about other body types and sizes as well  – so let’s go from the supermodels to professional athletes, namely Olympic Gold Medal-winning gymnast Shawn Johnson, who was kind enough to let us take a peek at her muscular legs.

P.S.: Remember that Shawn is only 17 years old, so be nice!

Oh, and she’s 4’10” (147 cm).

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  • Miranda

    Some people shouldn’t wear shorts. Her legs are very toned, but they’re also very short and stubby. The shorts don’t flatter her.

  • darcy


    • hey ! they said she is 17 and be nice ! ” gross ” that’s not nice she is young and she has many years to learn how to look good God I envy her for her Golden Medaille and she is so sweet what a wonderful smille so again BE NICE to youngest people

      • kayla

        excuses, excuses….”she has many years to learn how to look good”…okay…she is this young and has such a pretty face but her legs look like a 30 year old body builder’s…gymnasts should be lean with muscle, this looks gross and so manly…

        • Lisa

          She’s not just any gymnast, she’s an Olympic gold medalist, so clearly those body builder legs are doing her some good. Go get a gold medal then tell people about how their bodies should look for sports.

          • kayla

            im just saying it doesnt look good, gold medal or not…i could care even less if i had an olympic gold medal especially if i needed big man legs like those and im short( im a little over 5 ft)….

        • Instant

          Uh, no, gymnasts should not be just lean with muscle, they should be however the *beep* their body type is, and Shawn looks like she’s large framed that’s easy to get piles of muscle. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never seen legs like that on a man, no matter how muscly her legs are, they are not manly.

          • kayla

            trust me, ive seen legs like that on men….and they definitley are manly…how many women do you see with legs like that?? not many….whatever, i just wouldnt want legs huge like that, id never wear shorts

          • Instant

            Just because you wouldn’t want to look like that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with how she looks. and if I just saw her legs, nothing on them to indicate her gender(shoes, style of shorts, etc…) I would NOT think those are man’s legs. Muscly and big, no doubt about it, but nothing manly about them at all.

        • Hope Bostick

          Okay, you can be quiet. I mean, seriously. Shawn is beautiful. She has amazing legs. Alot of people would DIE for them. She’s a beast. That’s why she’s so muscly. So just be quiet. She’s perfect just the way she is!

    • John

      She is WAY hotter than you are.

    • Daniel

      She is amazing. I don’t care how much you people think that that is ugly. Those are the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen. She is one of the most beautiful people out there, and she is a dream girl of mine. She is absolutely sexy. I think all women should be thicker like this. Skinny little girls are the most disgusting thing to look at.

  • I Must say i found this picture very shocking i never expected her legs to be that big,you never would of noticed whe she was danceing.But then again shes a very short girl.

  • amy

    I’m sorry, I try to see all bodies as beautiful, and see the assets, not the flaws —–but this is just gross……imo

    • Hope Bostick

      Actually, Amy, you’re stupid. Shawn is a gorgeous girl. Don’t be rude. Just ’cause your legs aren’t like hers. You’re prolley fat & ugly, that’s why you’re hatin’. You know, many people would die for her legs. Just because they’re big, doesn’t mean they’re gross; it’s muscle, df. So shut up, and learn what you’re talking about. Thank you 🙂

  • Jennifer

    She’s an amazing and strong gymnast! She is very short and has powerful legs that suit her well for what she does. I think she simply looks like an athlete in shorts – not “gross” or “shocking” in any way. And, she is 17 – I’m sure her fashion sense will improve with age.

    • Tina

      I believe that another type of clothes would make her look much more feminine. A light skirt, fluid materials… ‘Cause what she’s wearing in these pictures isn’t flatering AT ALL… And those sandals… NOT FOR HER BODY TYPE. Please, just learn how to dress according to your body, it’s as simple as that.

    • Hannah

      I completely agree with Jennifer. Shawn Johnson is an absolutely amazing gymnast. I can barely do a cartwheel myself lol.

      I think you guys need to keep in mind that it must be difficult for her to find clothes. She is only 4’10” and very muscular, so she must have to have everything tailored. I will say that with such strong calves, ankle straps are not flattering. Otherwise, she looks like a cute normal girl who happens to be very muscular.

  • lara

    ummmm…. not being mean but arent gymnasts supposed to be light and thin?? i did gym for 8 yrs and that was the general consensus, all the sucessful,serious athletes were very light and small.

    • Instant

      That’s a recent trend(by that I mean in the past decade or so), when I was younger and watching gymnastics and wanting to be a gymnast, they were short and built, hardly any of them were tall and slim(the ones that were tall and slim tended to be from Russia and Europe 😛 ). You don’t need to be light and thin to be a gymnast, the male gymnasts are heavier then the females, and they are just as capable. The light/thin is for “aesthetics” IMO, and not in any way, shape, or form about functionality.

    • alex

      All the successful gymnasts were light and small? I guess Olympic gold medals are not symbols of success…. I bet you are very thin and have many more gold medals than Shawn Johnson. Right? Feel free to correct me if you have been to the Olympics…….

    • Angela

      I never heard of gymnasts to be light and thin. The stereotype of gymnasts I’ve always heard of was short and built because gymnastics consists of a lot of quick, strong movements. It’s kind of like a sprinter in track. You need a lot of power for a decently short amount of time which require the “bulkier” muscle to give energy in bursts. (Notice how long distance runners tend to be very thin) When I saw Nastia, I was rather surprised with her build. But as long as you have determination, anything is possible.

      I am short (5’1) and I have medium/large frame. Though I don’t pack on fat much, I can easily gain muscle. My legs aren’t nearly as muscular as Shawn’s but definitely along the way. I also used to be a gymnast and a sprinter which I was quite successful at but didn’t have the taste for it so I switched to distance. It’s less suited for me but I enjoy it.

  • crystal

    Wow! She looks like she could break somebody in half with those legs.

  • Leanna

    Those are some powerful looking thighs. I think it’s easy to look muscular when you are so short especially with a larger build, any muscle you gain really shows.

  • dewi

    I notice that once a lot of athletes, whether they be gymnasts or dancers, really let their weight go up after they’ve made up their mind about retiring… or taking it easier in competitions.

    I have a friend who also had the same situation, not training 6 hours + a day gets the best of you after you’ve done it for most of your life. You keep eating like you are still training… even though you’re not anymore.

  • kayleigh83

    I am really surprised she is a gymnast! Generally they’re really slim and lean, more like ballet dancers in body shape/size. She is VERY muscular, a little bit too much so for her frame. I think she should have maybe stayed away from shorts!

    • Miranda

      She only looks about 10 lbs heavier than the average gymnast, and it’s probably because she’s no longer training. Seriously, go look at the 2009 USA gymnastic team. They all look like they’re around 130lbs and pure muscle. I’m not sure why everyone’s thinking gymnasts are skinny, they’re usually rather thick and muscular.

      • Kellie

        @ Miranda

        Praise you. At least there is someone out there who knows the truth.

      • kayleigh83

        i’m thinking this because i used to watch gymnastics on tv A LOT when i was younger, and they all looked leaner than this. she doesn’t look chunky to me (i’m talking about the legs) just very BULKY muscle wise. i’m not basing this on some figment of my imagination, i’m basing it on the large amount of gymnastics events i’ve watched on television.

        • lara

          thank you! thats exactly my argument above!!!!

          • toobz

            but she gets gold medals so wtf cares how shes built…shes a winner!

          • kayleigh83

            LOL i know.. it’s like i’m not just pulling this out of my ass… i’ve seen LOTS of gymnasts… google image search “olympic gymnasts” and you’ll see what i’m talking about – even though this girl may be a medal winner, fact is she isn’t built like most other olympic gymnasts, period. no one said she wasn’t a good gymnast, just that her shape is somewhat unusual for a gymnast. people get so defensive, it’s like you just called their mother a whore or something…!

  • mEEE

    Wow, she is shaped like a brick…short, sturdy and strong! I wouldnt say that the outfit is wrong; I think its the shoes that are cutting her legs and making them appear much shorter than they already are.

    • Rapid

      I also think the same. Shoes are cutting her legs :/

  • Real

    She has nice legs! I will my calves were big as hers! No homo

    • KJ

      i hate that phrase- “no homo”. no one is assuming you want to hook up with her???

  • Matt

    Ok. Let me say that this. First off she she only 4″10 and still weighs under a 100 pounds and people are caller her fat and saying she is out of shape? What are they looking at? Sure she might not be in gymnastics shape but she has also not been trying for 4 hours a day like she is used to doing. I personal think she looks great and has awesome legs. Once she gets back in the gym and back into her usually day to day activities you will see her get back into gymnastics shape. Not that she is out of shape now. Another thing that you have to realize is that gymnastics requires uses a different set of muscles then dancing does so of course her body is going to look different. But like I said she is perfect just the way she is now.

  • Stephpt

    She will always look more muscular because of her height and years of training. However, it is safe to say she is not in “competition shape” right now. But, it’s not gross – give the girl a break! She’s an Olympic champion – that requires tremendous discipline. I have no doubt she can get her body back in shape in no time flat!

  • ms_benes

    If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. She’s still too young to have to deal with any negativity.

  • jammaj

    Personally I don’t find her legs “gross”, but athletic and strong. Athletes don’t train to look good (by the skinny societal standards), but to be the best at their sport.

    • Lisa

      Exactly. We need to turn around as a society and start idolizing HEALTH, not “beauty.”

  • Ramie

    shocking to me. and go easy on our opinions just because she is 17? she should be in the best shape of her life at 17.

    • toobz

      shes 17 whiich means shes a teen which mean she probably has body issues (but who doesnt) but when your a teenager the body issues are much WORSE. im 18 and i still have body issues but when i was in high school they were much worse then THEY ARE now.

      • Ramie

        She isn’t going to read this anyway. And it’s a apparent she has pretty tough skin. 😉

  • sandra

    She a tiny powerhouse. For what she does, she has an amazing body, shes not a rhythmic gymnast, those are the ones that are ballet dancer types because they focus more on flexibility and not harsh tumbles. That being said, i dont like the outfit at all i think that the major issue.

  • Kellie

    Gymnast legs!! The best out there. Most gymnasts that are worth watching have large thighs and calves. Gorgeous! She is very short, which make her legs look short and stubby. I want to bite one of her calves to see if my teeth fall out!

    • snakebite

      I agree with everyone who said she’s gorgeous.She is sexy as hell. You can call this her”offseason” look. When she is dieted down for competition she will.probably lose 10+ lbs.,THEN check her out! Her thighs and calves will be super defined and lean.OMG!Hot. Plus, I think she has earned the right to relax Shawn is always super cute and sexy.

  • donna

    yeah, why is everybody thinking that gymnasts are lean & lanky? probably from watching the olympics. i guess the camera doesn’t ALWAYS add 10 pounds. shawn johnson seemed thin & tall on tv, maybe because everybody else looked like her. so yeah, actual fact is that most gymnasts are short, big & very muscular. i know a couple myself. 🙂

  • tina

    I’ve always wondered why it is excusable for adolescents to bear less-than-perfect bodies. Most girls reach puberty by 12. 17 is a little too old.

    • Courtney

      well…I didn’t hit puberty till 17. But go ahead and feel good about yourself for promoting poor body image. Personally I think she looks good, healthy and strong, and I bet she will outlive 90% of the hollywood waifs who are depriving their bodies of nutrients for their entire lives.

    • gaby

      i think an adolescent of her age can bear her legs regardless how they look. not everyone is even close to perfect. i think as long as someone is confident with what they have, flaunt it. sorry tina, but your comment is so bitchy. i think it inexcusable when young girls dress like prostitutes, not when they show an acceptable amount of skin and feel great doing so.

    • Kae

      Seriously??? Wow…

    • KJ

      its not about reaching puberty, its about reaching maturity. if you think at 12,15,17, etc. years old you are as emotionally stable as a 20 year old, think again.

    • Hope Bostick

      Actually, it’s perfectly normal to hit puberty at 17. I mean, I hit puberty at 10, but hitting puberty at 17 is perfectly normal.

  • pia

    she looks like a pig, i mean for the body and face…
    and what the deal with her age? i’m 17 and i dont look like that.. neither my friends

    • Uma

      And i bet you spend your whole childhood in the gym, right? I’m from a country were gymnastics is a national sport, almost, and i know what they look like and how they work out. So yes, Shawn gained some since the olympics last summer and she was a bit shorter than the average gymnast, which is about 150-155 cm. She is built like that, and all those work made her very muscular. Indeed, she does not have the typical body for a gymnast, they tend to be smaller and lighter, but her muscles only helped her. Some have grace – like those Russians someone mentioned, who were actually around 5’4 – 5’5 the tallest ones – and some are stronger, thicker. They are talented and work extremely hard so that is the reason you are not allowed to judge their looks. Not their age.

      • siobhan

        u go!:))

  • Ty

    My legs, look just like hers. Years of gymnastics will do exactly that. I’d rather have legs that could kick down a wall ANY day.

  • Jade

    Aw! Shawn Johnson is so cute! @Pia it’s ok if you don’t look like this and it’s ok if she doesn’t look like you. She’s pure muscle. I went home to hang out with my parents who watch Dancing with the Stars. I saw her dancing around and she doesn’t jiggle or anything she’s really in shape.

  • Britt

    People need to understand she is pure MUSCLE…its not like her legs are fat! And being so short also makes her appear bulky. But really no one should call her fat and gross…try being a gymnast and you’ll realize its very strenous and not for just anyone!

  • avenkaya

    Shes got muscle not fat. I’m short as well and short legs just have a habbit of looking stubby sometimes. Also, shes not competing right now, so athletes tend to put on weight in the off-season. Because shes so short, 10lbs can look like a lot.

  • S

    I’m 4’11”, 110 lbs, and my legs are about half the size of hers. I wonder what she weighs!

    • Lilly

      She’s an Olympic gold winning gymnast though, so she will always look bulky because of her muscle. My legs are the same – I did gymnastics for about 12 years and that’s where all the real power was musclewise, so now, my legs are the chunkiest bit of me – though I now weigh 112lb at 5’3, I used to weigh more because of pure muscle mass and my legs will always be bigger. So actually, she probably doesn’t weigh that much in herself but the muscle mass will make her weight come up much heavier than other girls her height, I think.

      • samba

        jst wondering did ur legs go down at all afetr you stopped gym? i was a dancer and am 5’3…i weigh a lot more now due to some meds =S but am trying to get down to 115lbs now. though im still really active- i go to the gym everyday so my legs get bulky in the thighs =S its sooo annoying! they are 22″ right now and i want them down to 20 at least! i love toned, thicker legs that are shapely but mine are ridiculous! i so dont wanna stop exercising tho cuz i wanna be fit and dont want more cellulite lol

        • Jade

          I’m a dancer and have fairly thick muscle on my thighs (as I did gymnastics for 8 years). Don’t go to the gym! Start dancing again, and STRETCH your legs LOTS! Stretch all the muscles; if you can get into the splits, that’s a really useful tool for stretching as it stretches all your muscles in your legs. And all girls naturally have cellulose, so you’ll never be able to get rid of it all, but just make sure you’re eating diet low in saturated fats and foods such as chocolate (but you still need some fat!)

  • IVAaa

    That is how she use to look… I think that she is not in her best shape….

    • Instant

      Whether she is or not “in her best shape”, she is probably in a lot better shape than some of(maybe even most of) the people that are degrading her body. I don’t know what a gymnast does in their workouts/routines, but how many of us could go do it, and how much of it can she get back to doing if she were to start it back up? The amount she could do right now is probably a hell of a lot more than even the most fit of us here, regardless of how long of a break she’s taken.

      • mEEE

        Upon seeing the pic on that link, I am even more convinced that its her choice of shoes that is the only part of her that is unfortunate. This young lady is very cute, very athletic (Olympic medal!), and even if she did gain slightly from her Olympic days she is completely entitled to it! She came, she saw, she conquered! Training is over, now she can relax!!

    • samba

      wow!!! hot gorgeous is she in the photo u posted! FABULOUS legs in that one imo! prolly not in her best shape i agree and prolly just cuz she is so short! but god she has awesome legs in your photo! i encourage everone to have a look!

  • skirmute

    Her legs are very muscular and that’s why they look so bulky. And they are short… So she just shouldn’t wear shorts.

    • Instant

      It’s not the shorts, it’s the shoes she is wearing.

  • i think she looks absolutely fine i mean she is an one is perfect and it is wrong to judge someone afterall its their life and she should be allowed to wear whatever she wants without being commented rudely .but as long as she is happy and not under the spell of “being tooo skinny”its fine ,i actually think she has a toned body

  • luluS

    She reminds me facially of Evangeline Lily, especially during the Olympics. I feel it’s wrong to comment on a childs body. She’s a brilliant athlete and dancer.

  • Mirabela

    It’s nothing wrong with her legs. This is her body type. 😉
    The problem is with the skirt. If the skirt would have been a little longer and made from an other material it would be much better.

  • we don’t need to look like Giséle to feel good I don’t even understand why people think she is beautiful

  • tiana

    I think she is beautiful !!

  • tiana

    I think Shawn Johnson is beautiful !!

  • brina

    eww i would hate to be thta short..maybe i’m used to being 5’9 and i like long slim legs with little muscle hers look all stubby and soooo short

    • Marie

      I’m that short, exactly 4’10. thanks for your very nice comment “i would hate to be that short!”. I hope that made you feel really good about yourself

  • SarahLiz

    She’s an athlete. Not only an athlete, but a gold medal winning athlete. This is as naturally healthy, strong, nourished and toned as she could possibly be. This is a real woman, one who eats right, works out hard and performs well. How can we criticize that? As a 17 year old, not only is she an award winning athlete, but she has the body confidence and the strength of self to rock her muscular legs that took her to the top- a gold medal. Why the hell not?
    Maybe not the most flattering outfit, but she looks happy, and she’s on top of the world! Who are we to criticize such a fabulous athlete? This is a real woman in both body and mind.
    Another thing to keep in mind….
    men love, love, LOVE curves and body parts that differentiate. So to only say that slim and skinny, or smaller, is sexier- that is, for the most part, a very woman, female-to-female judgment and reaction. Ask any man, and he’ll generally choose the curvier, healthier looking female as opposed to the waif (it’s biology, people).

    • no it’s not biology. i don’t think she’s fat because she’s a pretty girl but not all women can look like her as well. so it goes both ways. just like not all women can look like gisele, not all women can look like shawn. a woman is a woman regardless of what shape she’s in and there’s nothing wrong being skinny. i’m a skinny chick and i don’t have bones popping out but still have guys approach me. but shawn is a pretty girl and shouldn’t have to change anything.

  • jeanie

    ok…first of all everyopne who is saying she looks gross is MEAN..i say why dont YOU take a pic wearing those clothes and see what YOU look like.
    additionally yes..she is a very strong looking girl, no she doest have that ‘im gonna snap in half toothpick look’ but ya know what..GOOD FOR HER..she obviously alllll muscle..there doest look to be any fat or her..i mean goddamn shes a professional athlete and shes still suuch a young girl, her body isnt dont changing or many teenagers look perfect..very few, and those who do often attain that in extremley unhealthy ways.
    im happy and proud of her to be confindent and comfortable enough with herself to be on dancing with the stars and wear those clothes..i know i sure wouldnt be. you people saying she looks gross are ignorant idiots and are setting her up for an eating disorder. i hope to god that never happens but if she starts doing unhealthy things to herself and gets super skinny in the future..just know that its from cruel, ignorant, disgusting comments like yours that caused it.

  • Rose

    wow. scary. she shouldn’t wear shorts.

  • Ela

    She’s so pretty! And I love her legs, muscle is damn sexy. She is a shining example of health and strength and it’s great to see in someone so young. She takes care of her body.

  • Shawn has a beautiful body and it shows her dedication to her sport. A-plus for her confidence!

  • Liz

    ppl who are talking sh*t… that IS JUST PLAIN MEAN. this girl is not trying to look or act like shes so hot.. just wearing casual little shorts because its hot out.. sure she would NEVER want to be on this site.. where others live for it and need to know that theyre far from gods gift.. this isnt the case.. she’s healthy, talented, and muscly as all hell.. leave her alone.

  • Shaunie

    I cant believe people are saying “Gross!” about a very cute and bubbly 17 year old. I think she is adorable as heck and those short stocky legs are nice looking. (I mean that in a non perverted way!!) Sure she doesnt have her elite Olympic body at the moment due to events such as 2008 tour of gymnastics when she spent 3 months sitting on a tour bus going from state to state but with that said she looks MAGNIFICENT from head to toe and there is nothing gross about her. BTW have you ever seen her smile? That smile alone can light up an entire arena. Shawn Johnson forever!! You are an insperation to so many little kids young teens…

  • kate

    shorts were not invented for legs like this.

    • Uma

      So if one has more muscular legs, she should only wear long pants? Even if it’s hot like an oven outside? Way too go. 😉

  • Jenna

    I for one have very muscly thighs and calves from the short time I was in gymnastics and I often wish I could change them because all you see these days are women with stick thin legs in the media. I can rarely ever get knee high boots to zip up past my calves lol.

    Shawn is a great role model for young girls though. Strong, fit and healthy. I wish the emphasis was on being fit and not about being thin as there is plenty of time to be thin when you are a corpse!

  • ddfd

    She looks great! She’s very toned and apparently very strong and healthy too. I’d much rather see this than a 5″9′ 115 lb pile of untoned mush. Her legs probably look thicker because she’s shorter too. Shorter girls are so cute!

  • tinkerbell

    She should make a CAREER MOVE from a gymnast to a WRESTLER or BODY-Builder or Weight-Lifter.

    At least she is Muscular and not FLABBY like some of those fat American girls you see at Walmart. They shake like jelly; she doesn’t. And compared to a nation which has the highest morbid obesity rates in the world, she is rather normal-sized I would say – but she ain’t a gymnast anymore.

  • hello…I’m a girl from Norway…I think it’s funny to read what everybody is writeing:P did I spell something wrong?

    PST: she have hudge legs:O

  • Sofia

    That does NOT look nice. End of.

  • For working out A LOT I am a little surprised… but it really is 80% diet… so who knows what she eats.

  • Jinn

    on first glance, i was absolutely mortified by these pictures.
    i’d always thought of shawn as a more long and lean (at least longer and leaner than this) gymnast than a short and slightly more -dare we say,- stubby-ish.
    however, after further inspection i’ve realized that the effects of these pictures are not purely her body shape’s fault.

    firstly, that is a HORRIBLE outfit. well, at least she didn’t pair those booty shorts with flats….
    secondly, the lighting is completely unflattering, and has the ability to catch every major muscle contrast that girl has in her body (ie, the CALVES)

    shawn is a very toned and healthy girl. and she can certainly look a lot better with improved lighting and flattering outfits.

    take this as an example:
    or this:

  • munchkin

    I CANNOT believe what i am hearing!This is exactly why teen girls or women in their early twenties like myself are “starving themselves to BE THIN”!I am the same height and i work out as well. . .i weighed 117 in highschool and a guy called me fat on the bus ant everyone laughed. Well just because you weigh a certain amount DOES NOT make you FAT! I think i am more in shape then most skinny people; I have huge thighs too but its hard not to when you play soccer and have to keep your legs built which is expected of a gymnast. In addition she is SHORT,Us short people unfortunately dont have long legs and a long torso to stretch everything thing out.Just like nicole richie stated which i can very well agree with her. . .120 may be good for someone who is 5’5″ but for someone who is 4″10 thats ALOT!And thats only because our bodies are shorter. . .so actually its not alot it just LOOKS that way. I think she looks great! And a woman should beable to feel sexy and healthy.

  • Lisa

    I think this is a case of an extremely unflattering outfit and a photographer deliberately getting the perfect angle to make her look fatter. Did they lie down on the ground to take these or what?

  • Minnie

    I think she is incredible cute! Such a lovely face! her legs are strong looking, her tights are okay, maybe her calves are a bit too much, but she is soo lovely^^ i like her

  • Lisa

    Sometimes it is hard to know what looks good on your body (especially if you are inundated with images of people with a completely different body type) and I think she just has to figure out what looks best for her body type.

  • sasha

    i graduated from UGA and the Lady Gym Dogs have won many national titles in gymnastics. I was always surprised at how short yet muscular the girls are. Shawn is cute!

  • sasha

    Forgot to say i cant stand shorts-period:)

  • Sara

    I think, that as a girl living in this media age, it’s still better for girls to be skinny, especially if they are short. think eva longoria, jada smith, kylie monogue. girls this short need to be even more skinny. props to my asian friends.

  • EmilieM

    She has an amzing scupted mucular body to be proud of. That said she is also tiny so her muscle tone seems alot more pronounced. I think the outit looks fine, but would have opted for a pair of heel without an ankle fastening as they don’t do any favours. You can’t always get it right, only human and all

  • meggie

    She’s so cute, and an amazing person! She just needs to work on how she pairs pieces of clothes. Everything here is making her look much wider than she is. If she wore those shorts with some black open-toe heels, and a slim shirt, I’m sure she would look gorgeous.

  • Muxambaloo

    And I thought that thighs the size of Chun-li were something exclusive to the realms of extreme bodybuilding or fantasy, but here is Shawn Johnson, a petite woman with probably the pair of the strongest, biggest, muscular thighs of the world. Of course, her compact body is overall filled with muscle, perhaps making her one of the most muscular gymnasts in the world, if not THE ONE–quite a feat if you consider her age. Makes me wonder what kind of training regime she has to endure to have and maintain that amazing physique.

    Btw, If she ever tires of gymnastics, I am sure she’d set records in body building. Those calves of her must be as hard as warm-steel, just like the rest of her legs.

  • Nicole101

    well, i would not say she is as some people think, but apart from her legs she as gained a lil weight even though she was spending 5hours just about every day dancing. dont get me wrong she is an amazing athlete but i think she should head back in the gym as soon as posible because when she was younger shorts looked great on her but now they just seem to make her look bigger

  • stella

    its jus because she is short

  • Sean R

    She’s an olymping medal winning gymnast. That says she’s doing something right in the way she takes care of her body, and who are any of you to say a WORLD CHAMPION gymnast should look a different way than she does?

    She looks amazing and any of you who say that a gymnast should look a different way obviously don’t remember the “Magnificent 7” USA team. Every single one of them were short and built like they could withstand mortar shells, just like Shawn. And she has every right in the world to show those legs off considering the medals they won her, and theres quite a lot of people who find that look sexy.

  • Dave Johnston

    I think her legs are great

  • chris_trent

    There’s lots of men like myself that happen to think Shawn is atractive because of her legs, not in spite of them. Some people LIKE the body shape she has, and think she shouldn’t hide her legs. I think what she’s wearing is fine. Also, as to her looking unusually short and stocky for a gymnast: try googling Mary Lou Retton, or Kim Zmeskal, Courtney McCool, Liz Tricase, etc etc, there’s lots of gymnasts out there that have her body shape.

  • -Name-

    Her legs are fine. Not my favorite, but she looks healthy and is great at her gymnastics.

  • LC

    She doesn’t look that think in person. She’s very muscular but still quite tiny. I think she’s adorable. She just needs to learn to dress better. Don’t wear shoes with ankle straps. It makes your legs look shorter. Just because she’s not your ideal body type doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with hers. Lots of guys like that bodytype. Short and thick. I bet she doesn’t have a problem finding a man! I hope she decides to compete in 2012!! Go Shawn!

  • Matthew

    I think shawn is gorgeous, this picture is a turn on. I love a girl with strong legs, shawn’s legs are awesome. They’d only make her stronger and more freaky in bed. She is my idol.

  • Alexandra Faulkner

    i am a gymnast too and for all you people that are saying oh this is gross…. SHUT UP. You have no idea what we go through. Gymnastics requires strong legs. She is an olympian. And its not just her that has those legs its every gymnast that works hard to get, muscular, toned legs. How about you guys try conditioning and see how your legs feel and look after, huh? thankyou and goodbye.

  • jenn

    Honestly, All the people who say gymnast are thin and light.. i dont think so, when you do things the right way, you really work your muscle and build it espicially if you have been doing it for most of your life, in 5 ft and am muscly like her, and its not like we can really control our muscle anyways, i honestly dont like my muscly legs, its hard to find jeans that fit and look good, but i have them and theres nothing i can do about it, so everyone that says it looks gross, im sure your body isnt perfect, there is no one out there that is perfect, im sure if someone put a picture of you off guard like this online, people would have something to say about your body, atleast shes not ashamed of her body!

  • Lonnie

    she’s very short, so muscle will show more on her! BE NICE EVERYBODY!

  • She is gorgeous, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. So she has muscular legs, big deal. Her muscular legs and her short size make her cute in my opinion. Nothing wrong with being healthy, in fact, I would like to think more guys actually like that than not.

    And for whoever said she should be a wrestler, I hope you are the first person she gives the figure-4 to. Can’t imagine that would be pleasant coming from her.

  • Kate

    First of all, I’ve been a gymnast for 13 years. We are not supposed to be lean, not at all. We need to be so strong to do what we do. Shawn is gorgeous. I envy her so much. It isn’t her fault her legs are how they are, gymnastics does that to you. She’s beautiful and a great gymnast, let her be.

    • Jessica

      Thank you, that is the perfect reply. I completely agree with you and you said it perfectly 🙂

  • Kate

    Oh, and for everyone that thinks her legs are too big… SHE WAS ONLY 90 POUNDS WHEN SHE WENT TO THE OLYMPICS. That’s clearly becase she’s pure muscle.

  • Jim in Boston

    Her legs are beautiful. There is nothing sexier in the world then a hot athletic woman with muscular legs. A huge majority of guys actually feel this way. That is why Playboy bunnies, centerfolds and strippers are almost always pretty muscular. Just go to a strip bar and ask one of the dancers to flex. Or go to a spring break bikini contest or cheerleader squad. You will be amazed. The stereotype that rail thin waify girls with stick legs are hot is created by the fashion industry – which is run by by gay men and insanely insecure women. I have dated athletes and non-nonathletes, including an olympian and I can assure you that no sex compares to having a hot woman’s STRONG legs wrapped around you. So go Shaun and all the haters – go home!! She’s accomplished more than most of us ever will – and she is hot to boot.

  • WLC

    Well, really! Her legs are muscular. They are not long and thin. But how is that “gross” in any way? Healthy skin, what does something have to look like for you to say it is un-gross? Really! I do think each wardrobe item could have been better chosen–really, none of the items she’s wearing look good, but where does anyone get off saying she should somehow “avoid shorts” ?? Just what IS she supposed to wear when it is blazing hot outside? And why should she worry more about what you think of her looks, than about her own comfort during hot weather? Huh!? C’mon!

  • Les

    I think you should let the girl be who she is, and wear what she wants to wear. She’s a pretty girl and, in my opinion, she does not look any different to what Jessica Simpson would in short shorts.

  • shell

    What exactly is wrong with having shorter, thicker legs? Is it suddenly hideous, because society says that we all have to have super long, lithe, super model legs?
    I always say this, beauty is a perception. There’s no such thing as ideal. I’m sure her toned, thick legs will float some guys’ boats. =D

  • EagleRob

    Now that she is 18, i can say she has very sexy legs! Some of you really don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve always dug women with thick thighs. The only thing she has to worry about is life after gymnastics. If she doesn’t continue to do moderate exercise as she gets into her mid – late 20’s ( not knowing how long she’ll due Olympics ) those nice shapely muscular legs will quickly turn into thunder things once she gains weight. I’ve seen it in women whose bodies developed this way when they were young.

  • DocFrank

    The gymnast has Beautiful calves – nicely and beautifully developed … but the ‘shorts’ don’t do much for her: she would be much better in bikini

  • Jessica

    I just want to say to the gal up above who is being extremely rude that I am offended. I was a gymnast for 10 years, I have muscular legs, and I get hit on every day. thank you and shut up.

  • Hannah

    It’s not always about if she looks good or not. At least she has the confidence to think ‘yeah this is me, so what if I don’t have the perfect legs.’ She likes them shorts so why can’t she wear them? She isn’t hurting any body and she’s showing all the curvy girls out there that not every celebrity looks like Cheryl Cole. I think its a good indication to teenage girls out there with no confidence because of their shape.

  • Candy

    You know what I think? I think she’s beautiful and her legs are beautiful. She’s an AMAZING gymnist ( i’ve seen her in the Beijing Olympics atleast a billion times) and she’s won more gold medals than any of you haters would ever dream about. She’s amazing and who are YOU to judge how she dresses? You people who say ” blah blah blah, she should atleast learn to dress better.” just shut up, she has the right to wear what ever she wants. Gymists always have the hardest and most painfull trainings and since they start when they are extremely young, you can’t blame them for having muscular legs. Are you just going to critize that she looks bad in shorts? It’s being like you guys that make others feel bad about themselves. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror before you say anything at all- even on this website. Shawn has worked her ass off for all those gold medals and she is absolutely beautiful. thank you.

  • Candy

    oh and i should add about you people thinking gymists should be light and slim, i’ve been watching the olympics these few days and i have to admit that only the chinese seem to be this slim. They don’t have muscles like shawn- no, not even close. they all look very young, there was atleast 4 that were 15 when they competed and is now 18, that are 4’9 and under. Im not being racist or what ever since i am asian myself, i’m just saying that out of everyone else, they seem the most slim and have a more childlike build.

  • Alex

    Shawn Johnson is the hottest little thing that I’ve ever seen on TV. I love short girls and Shawn is the epitome of them all… Go Shawn…

  • Amari

    I think she is a very pretty person . Just because she’s a gymnast doesn’t mean she has to have lean legs … you guys are so stereotypical . Not only is she pretty , but has a great body too ! 🙂

  • Cass

    Wow, some of the people here are so naïve! I am a gymnast and even though my legs aren’t as muscular as hers, does not mean to say gymnastics is a sport that requires “lean” limbs. Your height and body type plays a huge role on how your muscles develop, those who have not experienced this sport first hand have no idea the strength it takes, mentally or physically. I commend Shawn for being proud of her athletic, strong, gymnast build.

  • Cass

    Wow, some of the people here are so naïve! I am a gymnast and even though my legs aren’t as muscular as hers, does not mean to say gymnastics is a sport that requires “lean” limbs. Your height and body type plays a huge role on how your muscles develop and that your growth is significantly slowed down due to the lack of energy left in your body, those who have not experienced this sport first hand have no idea the strength it takes, mentally or physically. I commend Shawn for being proud of her athletic, strong, gymnast build.

  • Cass

    Wow, some of the people here are s daft! I am a gymnast and even though my legs aren’t as muscular as hers, does not mean to say gymnastics is a sport that requires “lean” limbs. Your height and body type plays a huge role on how your muscles develop and that your growth is significantly slowed down due to the lack of energy left in your body, those who have not experienced this sport first hand have no idea the strength it takes, mentally or physically. I commend Shawn for being proud of her athletic, strong, gymnast build.

  • cass

    Wow, some of the people here are so daft! I am a gymnast and even though my legs aren’t as muscular as hers, does not mean to say gymnastics is a sport that requires “lean” limbs. Your height and body type plays a huge role on how your muscles develop and that your growth is significantly slowed down due to the lack of energy left in your body, those who have not experienced this sport first hand have no idea the strength it takes, mentally or physically. I commend Shawn for being proud of her athletic, strong, gymnast build.

  • Err

    Anybody else find it funny that most of the negative comments are coming from females? Who I assume most are straight. Their opinion is of no real consequence. This isn’t every guys cup of tea but I’m sure there are those that love it. So to say it is gross and hand out critiques like you know it all, is disgusting and just plain wrong.