Front and Back, Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt in a Bikini, Front and Back

helen-hunt-in-a-bikini-front-and-back - Helen Hunt in a Bikini, Front and Back

Time to have someone on this site who is not a paparazzi target on daily basis. How about Helen Hunt? Moreover, in a bikini, front and back! Helen is 44, so keep that in mind before rushing to point out that she’s got a little cellulite. What am I saying? Helen could be 34 and still we would say she looks great for her age, slim, pretty flat stomach, thin arms and shapely legs.

What do you have to say about Helen’s bikini body?

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • the almond cake

    I think it is really nice to see someone who is not young and not extremely popular, yet just a talented actress. I think she looks amazing for her age and I would definitely love to look like her, she looks like a normal, regular person, but in good shape.

  • Freedom(yes my real name)

    beautiful natural body

  • not class A hot

  • kingj0n

    When I was a little kid, I thought she was one of the hottest chicks ever! I still think she looks great.