Front and Back, Kristin Cavallari, Then and Now

Kristin Cavallari in Short Shorts – Front & Back

front-and-back - Kristin Cavallari in Short Shorts - Front & Back

Kristin Cavallari was spotted yesterday at a sports bar, where she wore a pair of super short shorts and beige heels.

Kristin looks slightly different compared to last year, when she was sporting a very thin figure:

FP_3768222_Cavallari_Kristin_MAC_100809 - Kristin Cavallari in Short Shorts - Front & Back

More new pics on the next page, plus one pink dress from last year!

shorts - Kristin Cavallari in Short Shorts - Front & Back

kristin-cavallari - Kristin Cavallari in Short Shorts - Front & Back

kristin-cavallari-2 - Kristin Cavallari in Short Shorts - Front & Back

kristin-cavallar - Kristin Cavallari in Short Shorts - Front & Back

FP_4461979_REV_WheninRome_LA_012710 - Kristin Cavallari in Short Shorts - Front & Back

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  • Eva

    What does it take to be that thin! I really want to be very very thin!

    • Me

      um (removed by admin). good luck with that!

    • mel

      I agree with the comments below; unless it’s your natural body type, it can be harmful to be thin. I’ve been very very thin, and in recent years I’ve filled out a little more – I’m still very skinny, but not skin and bone – and I’ve gotten so many more compliments than when I was extremely small. So although this might not change your opinion, very very thin is not necessarily the thing that will make you look most beautiful. You can be toned and slim, even skinny – as long as it’s not unhealthy, and you will look better than if you were very very skinny and fighting your body type. If you do really want to lose weight, you should do it by eating healthy and working out – but don’t go overboard. You need to know your body’s limits before you try to lose a lot of weight.

    • padme

      I just have to agree with Jamie here. Eva didn’t just say she wants to be thin, she said very very thin. It’s pretty obvious what she was implying when she asked what does it take? That question proves it doesn’t come naturally to her, and that she is aware of the serious sacrifices she would have to make to get there. Jamie just clarified the consequences. She asked the question and she got a truthful answer.

      • solaxia

        yea i have to agree with Jamie. What’s more is that it doesnt necessarily make you more beautiful if you are thin thin. I mean, some people like different shapes and sizes and some can appreciate many different ones. Also some people just suit the way they are meant to be the best! Doctors have said that someone like Victoria Beckham is cutting down her life by around 20-25years through not getting the right nutrients through her strict diet

  • Jamie

    Well @Eva, I’ll tell you waht it takes to be that thin. If you are not that thin genetically (and very..VERY few are…VERY FEW). Then you never will be naturally. You never will be without being sick. What it takes is an eating disorder. Years of an eating disorder. Nearly dying from one. Losing every aspect of life and joy and happiness and anything that makes you feel that it is worthwhile to exist. And years and years of medical treatment. Hospitals, therapists, psychistrists. And then for a reward, when you are finally taht get, thinng hair falling out, dry skin, atrophied muscles, osteoporosis comparable to that of a ninety year old women, AND if you are really really luck you might even get kidney, heart and other organ failure. Sooo…you’ll end up Dead! But you will be DAMN SKINNZZ in that COFFIN GURL!

    (In case any one can’t figure it out, this comment is entirely laced with shocked and disgusted scarcasm that someone would envey and ask how to attain her eating disordered’esqu figure. Comments like those are VERY DUMB and can lead to SERIOUS problems….) (In regard to Kristen…she now looks beautiful at a healthier state, I am happy for her that she seems to be in a better place and she looks 100000times more beautiful for it)

    • Wow, this was a bit harsh. I understand your point…but Kristin’s figure in her skinnier times doesn’t exactly look ‘eating disorderd’esqu.’ She still looks healthy to me, especially in the 2nd picture with the sunglasses. I don’t understand why you would be shocked someone would envy that figure. She looks great at both weights. I prefer the skinner one.

      • Nik

        I know she doesn’t look like she has an eating disorder, but i get why jamie got concerned. Not because of the way Kristin looks, but because of the way eva wrote her comment: i really want to be very very thin! That doesn’t sound like a healthy goal. One thing is to want to slim down, tone up etc. but being obsessed with being very thin just for the sake of thinness isn’t good.

        Having said that, it was one sentence, which could easily be misread, i might as well have said that just because it would be nice to be a little bit more thin 🙂 Sometimes people read way too much into people’s comments online. But Jamie probably just got worried, coz there are a lot of people with ED, so the intentions were probably good either way 🙂

        • Being concerned is one thing…talking about being ‘damn skinnzz in a coffin’ is another..I just thought it was an odd way to show ‘concern.’

          And she DID compare Kristin’s figure to one that looks like an eating disorder.

          • Jamie

            (It has also been widely speculated that in the past Kristen has used drugs, such as cocaine, and other measures to maintain the super skinny figure, she had last year. Substaintiating, why I felt her frame last year was a poor example of health. In my opinion, she looked like she had developed an eating disorder or a severe drug problem, especially as she usually has a much healthier appearing figure.)

          • Molly

            A figure “looking like it has an eating disorder” is a very poor barometer of someone ACTUALLY having an eating disorder. Many bulimics are actually above normal weight, as are those who suffer from over-eating disorder.
            A real life example: I’ve been suffering with anorexia and bulimia for seven years. I am currently in treatment, and fighting to get better. I’m 115 pounds, and don’t look “anorexic”, but I haven’t gotten my period in 6 months, have been losing my hair, and I barely have the energy to get out of bed. Because I have a very muscular body type, I don’t “look sick”. It is a common error, but you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

        • Jamie

          Regarding what I wrote, I overreacted, out of frustration, having had a lot of experience with issues surrounding weight and eating disorders. I have no problem with Kristen’s weight, before she looked too thin to be healthy in my opinion, but I think she looks great now. My frustration was directed at the comment ” Can some one tell me how to be that thin? I want to be very very thin!” I overreacted. Perhaps I misinterpreted what the poster was saying. It doesn’t matter. I do apologize for my reaction, it was to harsh. However I dont apologize for the message behind it. I was concerened not only for the poster, but for any impressionable boy or girl who might read that comment and think..’oh I want to be very very thin too’! I was concerned, that someone might actually try to tell the poster HOW to ‘get very very thin’. What I was trying to convey is, what begins in an effort to get thin…can sometimes end devestatingly. It happens a lot, but you never think it will happen to you. We need to be more aware of that.

      • Jamie

        Sorry, I can see that I was a bit too harsh. But my reaction was not really toward Kristen’s past thinner frame. I was shocked by the poster stating “What does it take to be that thin? I want to be very very thin!!” Those kind of statements are made, when someone is either very uneducated to the severity and complications associated with extreme weight loss, (such as life threatning eating disorders) and/or they do not care, and are disordered in their own mindset. It is one thing to want to be thin. Who doesnt. But to want to be scary skinny and begging for tips how to do it just rubs me the wrong way. I am likely projecting a lot of negative feelings toward this issue, as I had a severe eating disorder from the age of 12 to 24. I almost died. Perhpas it was unfair to direct so much frustration to that one comment. However, all around everyone regails each other with talk of diets and being thin. The sad thing is for many people out there, ‘the quest to get very very thin’ will not only destory their body and life…it will kill them. People need to know that.

        • I understand why you would be sensitive, I figured you must have had some type of personal experience in order to make that strong of a statement. I just never think that ‘harsh’ is the way to address those things as it is an extremely sensitive topic to begin with…but, that is just me.

          Very sorry about what you’ve gone through.

      • mel

        I agree with you cleigh. Eva never insulted anyone, and I’m around the skinniness of Kristin Cavallari (how she was before) and I find it very offensive that you would label people our size as having an eating disorder. It is possible to be “very, very thin” without having hair falling out, wasting muscles, and osteoporosis. “Damn skinz in that coffin gurl!”? I don’t think so. To some people, if they get to the etent of Nadine Coyle, it would probably be unhealthy, but I don’t think Kristin looks sick, especially in that picture of her with the darker denim shorts. I can see visible muscle tone. I actually liked how she looked earlier, not that there’s anything wrong with the way she looks now.

        • Jamie

          I did not mean to offend anyone’s body in particular. My response was meant to be directed at the comment that was made. I even BEGAN my response stating…that yes there are people that ARE that thin naturally, though not many. I did NOT say that those people will become sick or develop helth complications. If it sounded that way I apologize. I inteded to convery the message that trying to get to a point of ‘very very thinness’ that is unatural for yourself…is NOT healthy. And over time, can, and will result in many severe health problems. It is not a pretty realtiy. It is not nice to hear but, it is true. I had to intention of saying these things were necessarily happening to Kristen..but they could of been when she was unaturally thin for her usual form. I had no intention of insulting anyone natural body form. The immaturity laced sarcasm that I used, was of poor taste, I agree. However, I used it in a moment of frustration responding to the ridiculous and immature pleads, of the previous responder begging for tips to become very very thin.

          • flossy

            Well if as speculated Kristen has been snorting the devils dandruff and still continued to do so she wouldn’t be thinner when she’s older, she’d age quicker than normal and her metabolism will shut down causing her to gain weight. Honestly any idiot who thinks cocaine/ speed is a guaranteed way to lose weight has no idea what they’re dealing with. Having a healthy lifestyle from a young age pays dividends in the future. I once knew a beautiful young girl who I ran into having not seen her for six months her skin was healthy and her body fantastic, I asked her what it was she’d been doing as she looked so well and her response was “My dear, I stopped doing drugs and joined a gym”.

          • Jamie, I don’t really have a problem with what you wrote – sometimes it’s necessary to be harsh when you are trying to put someone off destroying their health to be thin. But I do understand that some people might have taken offence.
            To those who took offense, I don’t think Jamie was aiming her comments at naturally thin people – maybe her language was a little immature, but her intention seemed clear enough to me and I agree with her.

            Kristin, to me, does not look healthy at her skinniest – it’s not natural for her body to be at that weight and that’s what I (and others) have a problem with. The reason I say it is not natural is that when we first saw her years ago she looked very healthy, fit and happy – last year she looked totally different and a bit starved, if I’m honest.
            If you are naturally thin, then good for you, I’m sure you are healthy and you don’t deserve any criticism of your size. But you have to agree that being naturally thin is not common and when celebs lose a lot of weight and people claim they are healthier and more attractive – it just doesn’t ring true and sends a bad message. Obviously it is possible to be very very thin and be healthy – but only if that is in balance for your body – for most people it’s not.

          • solaxia

            yea…I actually didn’t read your comment as harsh Jamie. Yes, it was ‘raw’…but I dont think you personally attacked anyone? I also think that you are entitled to say exacty what you said because it did push your buttone (understandable so!)…It would be a different story if you personally attacked a particular person or all people that are very very thin. But i didnt take it that way. To the girls who are naturally very very thin…well that’s great for you! I didnt take Jamie as offending you. I took it as her recognising that for a person to say “what does it take to be that thin. I want to be very very thin.” then obviously thin doesnt come naturall to that person (which isnt a bad thing! Other body types are just as attractive…if not more attractive in some ppls eyes). So therefore, with that recognition, Jamie was showing what problems it would bring for someone who isnt very very thin. In no way did she attack ppl naturally like that. Jamie admitted it hit a nerve for her…I’m wondering why others are getting so worked up over something that wasnt personal…perhaps its time others maybe recognised that maybe they have some sensitivity to certain comments?
            Also, i dont think there is a ‘particular way’ to handle certain issues or get your point across. Yes, being harsh rarely works (though for some ppl it does!) I know for me, what scared the sh!t out of me regarding ED’s and over exercising was ppl telling me about the horrible things that can happen to my body and looks. In graphic detail. Different ppl respond to different things in different ways. There is no one ‘right way’ to say things. ESPECIALLY over the internet and when talking to a group of people. You can never please everyone with what you say. Soemtimes, if you feel strongly and its not personal or absuive, then you just have to say it. but Jamie wasnt even harsh?!

        • Thank you! Exactly. It was the coffin comment that really bothered me…especially since I have a ‘very very thin’ frame. Whether or not Kristin was actually skinny in the healthy way, no one really knows. To comment her figure looks like she has an eating disorder is a bit harsh. I wonder if people think that when they look at me…I sure hope not!

          • Jamie

            I am really sincerely sorry that I offended you. I have no intent to hurt anyone regarding their body, healthy or sick. I am sure you lok beautiful just as you are. Like I said, It is really the tone of ireesponsible and ridiciulous comments, begging for diet tips, encouraging, unecessary, unhealthy weight loss. It is very…’Pro-Ana’. And it upsets me, very much. But I sincerely apologize for the appraoch I used.

      • catc

        i agree with cleigh. it’s not like someone asked ‘how can look emaciated?’ kristen’s thinner figure looks achievable and healthy, and i also prefer it.
        no need to overreact as though someone was asking for starvation tips.

    • brena

      I have no knowledge of whether this woman had/has an eating disorder, so this is a purely personal opinion, but she does look extremely thin to me, perhaps unnaturally so, in the pink dress photo. Kinda like I did when I was anorexic/bulimic. Her weight now looks far more natural and healthy. But if she was just taking good care of herself, then good for her. Just saying.

    • sassy

      I’m wayyyyy skinnier …. wish i had her legs

    • luella

      “What does it take to be that thin! I really want to be very very thin!”

      >”Well @Eva, I’ll tell you waht it takes to be that thin. If you are not that thin genetically…”
      > If you are not that thin genetically

      I can see how most people got offended by what Jamie wrote, especially girls that are naturally petite, but Jamie was only explaining what happens to a girl who isnt naturally small framed. Think Brooke Hogan. Could you imagine what it would take for a girl with that kind of frame to become as thin as Kristin was.

      I used to be chubby, I went to the Philippines and my family kept telling me i was fat. So i lost weight. My cousin in the Philippines is 5’1 and 99lbs and always made little jabs at my weight, so I wanted to be thinner than her. I started off at 5’7 and 170lbs and eventually got down to 116 within a year.

      I went to gym everyday for 3hrs, i joined Marie France a weightloss clinic and endured freezing cold wraps, a painful treatment that sucks at your skin like a vacum and left bruises all over my body and a laser treatment that feels like your skin is on fire. I only ate once or twice a day and all I had was either a yogurt or a protein shake.

      So when i got down to 116lbs, I was so angry. Angry at everyone, at my family, my trainer at gym, everyone that called me skinny now after telling me how fat I was before.I was seriously f*cked in the head. I went back home to Australia and shocked everyone, because they knew that wasn’t me. Now I’m 130lbs and healthy and when I look back on that time in my life I feel so stupid and when I think of the people who encouraged me to be that thin i feel sick.

      What I did wasn’t as drastic as what Jamie described but I can’t pretend it’s not true, I’ve seen it with other girls(and I dont mean just seen skinny girls and assumed, I mean I was there. Talking and giving tips to each other about what they did, what they were afraid to eat, the drugs to stop them from feeling any hunger or any pain) and we’ve all heard about it.

      When I read what Eva wrote, I didn’t think she’s admiring Kristins figure, I thought straight away ‘You dumb b*tch, you know what it takes to be thin. If you want to be that thin then man up. If your not that thin then its not your body type and if your having difficulties getting that thin, then you know you have to do something extreme to get it.’

      I loved what Jamie said, she didn’t offend me at all. People don’t like to see the ugly truth, they only want to see what’s infront of them, not a person with history and things about them who make them who they are, only a blank picture with no depth and nothing more to it.

      “But you will be DAMN SKINNZZ in that COFFIN GURL!”
      Best part of what she wrote and so true. No one ever cared about how I lost weight, as long as I lost it and the same goes everywhere else, models, actors, atheletes… Lets not all be shocked that Jamie came out and said that, it’s not 1950 where everyone knows whats going on but no one must ever say anything.

      So no, this didn’t happen to you and thats great, cause though it didn’t happen to you, it happens all the time..

      • mel

        I’m sorry that you had to go through all that, and obviously it’s very personal for you, and that can sometimes make it hard to see others’ viewpoints. I did not interpret Eva’s comment the same way you did: ‘You dumb b*tch, you know what it takes to be thin. If you want to be that thin then man up. If your not that thin then its not your body type and if your having difficulties getting that thin, then you know you have to do something extreme to get it.’ I didn’t see anything insulting in Eva’s comment towards others. I understand that the majority of women are not naturally very thin, but is it really very right to accuse them of not facing the “ugly truth” and refusing to see what’s in front of them? Yes, a lot of people do diet excessively, but you’re making it into a bigger conspiracy: “it’s not 1950 where everyone knows whats going on but no one must ever say anything.” It seems like you are insuulting people who want to be thin. Perhaps they are not shallow or vapid … they are just pressured by society or their friends, as you once were.

        • luella

          What I said was harsh and mean, I know that. It wasn’t my intention, but it did go that way because I wanted to be blunt but never mean..
          “It seems like you are insuulting people who want to be thin.” I didn’t mean for what I said to come out that way, though I know it did. I have nothing against people who what to be thin, I did too, but I was aiming it people who like to think it’s something without consequences, the people that think being very thin only happens on the outside and isnt skin deep.

          What Eva said sounded to me like, shes tried diet and exercise and was asking what ‘more’ does it take to be that thin, as if she was already slim but wanted to lose more weight. It just seemed like a stupid question to me (though it wasn’t, everyone has a right to ask a question now matter how people view it) and it was a question that was sure to bring out alot of discussion. But when I read it I rolled my eyes because to me Eva was asking for extreme diet tips, not the ‘diet and exercise’ tips but the ‘take this pill to stop hunger pains, only consume liquid food’ extreme diet tips. But thats only how I personally read it because as I have said before it sounded like she was asking what ‘more’ can she do.

          “but is it really very right to accuse them of not facing the “ugly truth” and refusing to see what’s in front of them? Yes, a lot of people do diet excessively, but you’re making it into a bigger conspiracy” Yes your right it was wrong for me to accuse people when I don’t really know if that’s the case and its definatly because it’s personal that maybe I view things things differently and can’t understand certain things. What i ment was that I think people don’t talk about it because it’s seen as wrong or afraid to be judged for it, and people dont ‘really’ want to know about it, because they like to believe in the good. Imo people don’t really want to hear what I actually went through or what Jamie has described before, because it isn’t a pretty picture. People want to hear that you ‘got healthy and started going to gym’ cause it’s something that’s appealing and everyone can do. I’m not saying everything is this extreme but when people read quotes from celebrities a good diet and daily exercise is much more favourable than coming out and saying you taste everything but eat nothing.

          No one truly wants to think that someone would do that to themelves and thats what I ment when I said “everyone knows whats going on but no one must ever say anything”. I didn’t mean it as a conspiracy or people refuse to believe it’s true, I just ment like so many other terrible things going on in the world today, people know that it happens but until it is brought into your face (size 0 model dies, from malnutrition) people like to believe that everything is okay(because there is more good than bad), which makes people with this problem think it’s okay or that they can’t come forward because it’s embarrasing to talk about and scared of peoples reactions.

          “Perhaps they are not shallow or vapid … they are just pressured by society or their friends, as you once were.” That’s exactly right, and in no way do I think thin people are shallow or vapid, our bodies express who we are. We have to take care of them, both mentally and physically. The world sees us through what we put out there, but thats all they see and to some (not everyone) thats all they care about. It’s all well and good to try and better yourself but to me going through extreme measures to feel accepted is something people should be enlightened about, because most people dont think that changing yourself outside effects you inside and they dont understand the implications involved in treating your body that way and how it effects your health.

          • solaxia

            I agree with your comments luella…though the ‘dumb b!tch’ bit was a bit harsh! but i dont actually think you meant it personally to Eva…like you said it regarding her but not in a way that you meant to be offensive.
            Anyway, I think your comment was well said overall. I also dont know why all these “naturally very thin” people are getting so worked up over these comments?! You and Jamie both said somewhere in your comments “if your not naturally/ genetically this thin then…” so you both excluded these naturally thin people!? I really dont get why if these ppl are “naturally very thin” they are getting so worked up when you excluded them from the harshness of your comments anyway? Is it perhaps that these ppl know that they are not naturally very very thin and so have ignored that part of your comment…is it perhaps puching a bit of a button for them? I dont know? If anything…wouldnt they take it as a compliment? You guys are describing almost dying to be thin like they are naturally? Also, yes i agree you cant always tell someone has an ED from looking at them, But to me, Krsiten doesnt look healthy in her thiin pic…from what we have seen she is usually not that thin. Also, when ppl look like they have huge frames compared to their body weight its often a sign of being too thin.
            Its great if your naturally that thin! Good on you! BUT it doesnt mean your better than anyone else or more attractive than anyone else. Nor does it give you an excuse to gang up on commenters who want to share their ordeal of being that thin when not naturally so. Goodness! At least these people admitted it hit a nerve!

    • alyssa

      Sorry guys I’m siding with Jaimie on this one.
      Anyone reasonable would know where Evas feelings are coming from. I think Jamie was being frank and to the point to communicate a bigger idea here.

      Good for you Jaime.

      Eva, being strong, smart, and confident are the most important components of a woman’s beauty, and the most long-lasting.

      • solaxia

        to add to that…thin doesnt even necessarily mean beauty…nor does it mean that anyone is more beautiful. I think while it is SO important to keep sight of the fact that there are many other components to a woman’s beauty (as you said). It’s also SO important to remember that even in regards to superficial beauty there is not one type of ‘perfect’…everyone has different opinions and tastes. Perfection is subjective!

  • Melania

    Those shoes look ridiculous with that outfit. She seems like one of those girls who thinks they are way hotter than they really are. Love that pink dress though…

    • LaCandy

      Completely agree with your comment on the shoes! DOESN’T WORK AT ALL!!

      • Leah

        i don’t think the shoes will ever work. besides that i love all 3 of her outfits, but she does seem really smug

  • she has a pretty face but her body never made me wow, even in her skinnier days.

  • KatoAto

    I like her so much better at this weight. It shows she’s clean and not on any of the bad stuff. Plus, she looks much prettier this way.

    • kat

      Gaining a few pounds most certainly doesn’t mean she’s clean. Unless you’re using coke to consistently suppress your appetite (in addition to eating very little), a lot of people don’t lose weight with occasional cocaine use.

      She’s probably just more relaxed with her eating and workout schedule now that The Hills ended.

    • mel

      Wow, how does weight show you’re clean?

    • I don’t think her gaining weight automatically means she is clean….

  • Nik

    For some reason i really like her! And i think she’s really pretty, though i find her much prettier on film than in photos. But she looks good here, nicely slim and toned, very healthy looking.
    She looks skinnier in the last photo, doesn’t she? Seems like she’s gained weight in the last year. Her face is really pretty and the pink suits her, but her legs look better now (in the first photos). The skinnier legs look older somehow, coz the knees stick out.

    Please don’t start bashing her for the slight case of cellutite in one of the photos (which might just be due to shadows/lighting). Most people’s got it, and it’s definitely not coz she’s too “fat” now or anything. They usually just photoshop it off. I might be getting ahead of myself now, but seems like these comments about how the cellulite looks grows always comes at some point 🙂

    • Yeah, her legs do look worse in the one with the pink dress, but I think they look perfect in the one with the blue shorts, and isn’t that pic also from a year ago?

      And I love the shoes she’s wearing with the blue shorts , but not the other ones, the other ones are kind of ugly.

      • Nik

        Yes i noticed that too… weird, coz seems that there’s a difference between the two “one year ago” photos. Her legs look in between in the blue shorts, which looks really good imo!
        But she should just be whatever weight that makes her happy, she looks good either way.

    • Sophie

      I agree. I’ve always thought her body was just outstanding–in that attainable, California girl-next-door way. She and Allison Stokke are the two main people I picture in my mind when I’m at the gym.

  • patricia

    she looks sexy, healthy and skinny. But more important of all she looks CONFIDENT! Being beautiful isn’t about being thin it’s about being confident and happy with your body at any weight.

  • she still looks good though 🙂 she’s bitchy but im still kinda fond of her.. dunno why really! lol

  • I’ve always liked her for some reason…she has that ‘hot girl next door’ thing going on. I think she looks ok now, but definitely prefer the slimmer Kristin.

    Side note, those shoes + that outfit…what is she thinking?

  • Polly

    She looks miles better now. She was too thin before, now she looks slim and healthy. But I don’t think her looks are that special, ordinary.

  • Diana

    she looks so much better now!

  • stacey

    Her shorts look weird between her legs in the first picture. Too much fray.

  • Katy

    she looks really slim now, her before pic is frightening! defs better now. And she’s got such thin legs, i can’t believe she has cellulite. I guess it really is genetic, I only get it when I gain a little fat.

  • To me it looks like she gained a lot of muscle rather than fat

  • mel

    Short shorts + high heels are a bad look. She looks cheap. @deanna, I agree, it doesn’t look like she’s gained fat but muscle. I remember her trainer said she was trying to put on some muscle in her lower legs, and it looks like it worked!

  • ladyb0sss

    hmm. lover her legs lotsa meat. good meat. lol. she looks good either way. i actually like that she goes out so casual just loose shirt and short shorts but i guess the shoes are a bit odd with this. but she still looks cute 🙂

  • snoops

    ugh I so sick of the idea that bigger = healthier, its such crap, she could easily be just as healthy or more healthy at the thinner weight than she is now, or vice versa!

    Sorry but if someone is emaciated then yes bigger = healthier and if someone is obese then lighter = healthier but when you are comparing weighs BOTH of which are normal and in the healthy range then WHY is bigger automaically “healthier”?

    Rant over.

    Anyway in this case I think she looks better now just because she has wide shoulders and a big head and so she just looks out of propotion when she is skinny, she looks better extra weight (better as in more attractive, not better as in healthier)

    • Very well said.

    • I’m afraid I don’t agree. I don’t see how anyone could look at that last photo of Kristin and say she looks just as healthy as she did years ago or does in these recent pictures! To me, she looks too thin and quite unhappy – it doesn’t fit with her figure to be that skinny.

      Now if she used to be overweight and she lost weight that would be a different story. But she was already slim and toned and then she became frail and thin – to me that cannot in any way be an improvement in her health!
      And I very much doubt she was at a healthy bmi at her skinniest. I’m not a big believer in bmi, but I really don’t think you can say that her lowest weight was a healthy, natural weight for her.
      You say she looked out of proportion when she was thin – well proportions are a big tip off to someones natural size. When people are over their healthy size range their heads tend to look small compared to their bodies and they lose the definition in their shoulders, waists, etc. When people are below their natural size range their heads tend to look too big and their shoulders too broad as their is no fat on their bodies to balance it out.

      I can understand that the naturally thin commenters here want to defend her at her skinniest because maybe she better resembles their body type (just like I do with heavier women) but in her case I simply don’t believe it was healthy for her and I’m really glad she has gained some weight back and now seems more natural.

      • When she was at her skinniest it wasn’t natural. You can just tell by looking at the picture.

      • mel

        I do agree she doesn’t look the epitome of health in the pink dress, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way she looked in the denim shorts and striped top. I think she looks fine at that weight.

  • Ana

    i actually like her. she always looks cute and effortless, yet confident and comfortable with herself. ESPECIALLY compare to all of those other girls from the hills.
    who cares if she gained a little. kudos to her for still being confident enough to wear shorts

  • irina

    I don’t understand why people think her old body is “too thin” and “unhealthy.” I’m from Eastern Europe, where a majority of the girls look like this, and food is such a big part of our culture, we eat A LOT! Many people are genetically thin, and combined with a healthy diet low in processed food and moderate daily exercise, it’s really not that surprising for someone to be “so” thin. Her body looks normal to me… I guess in America this is considered skinny compared to the average girl, but I really don’t think her size is so shocking.

    • Cristina

      You are full of bs; most girls over here (yes, Eastern Europe) look like what Kristin looks now or even bigger; she was emaciated in the pink dress, you don’t see that every day on the street. Get of your high horse and stop insulting people who are just being logical.

      • Nina

        I’m also from Eastern Europe and I agree with Irina. Most girls here look like Kristin or even thinner and they eat normal (chocolate, fast food,…) and they are not anorexic.

        • Nik

          You can’t just look in general, u have to look at the specific person. It doesn’t matter what’s normal in us or eastern europe, it matters what kristin’s body is like. And it’s not that i don’t think she looks good in all of the pictures, also the pink dress, but u can see that it’s not the natural size for her frame. Simple as that. Her knees are poking out in a way that suggest her legs aren’t that skinny naturally. Some girls might be that skinny naturally – which will look amazing, and which i really envy – but i don’t think kristin is.

          • Erica

            Well put, Nik – I agree. It has to be on an individual basis – and she just didn’t look healthy when she was at her thinnest. That doesn’t mean that no one looks healthy at that weight!

          • Chrissy

            also, many of us watched her all of a sudden get tiny, not small, not skinny, but oddly tiny.

        • Cristina

          Sure honey,whatever you say.

          @Nik; great points; but you might as well talk to the walls, i reckon you will get the same response. These 2 are no-brainers.

          • irina

            I wasn’t trying to insult anyone, I’m stating my opinion based on what I’ve seen. I’m a pretty thin person, I’m fit and I eat healthy, but I’m not as skinny as Kristin in these pictures..I live in Canada now and when I go back to Europe, I’m one of the bigger girls there but I’m considered “really skinny” here. It’s a completely different lifestyle and again, I wasn’t trying to insult anyone, I’m simply saying that her size is not shocking to me. I have friends who look like her (yes, with awkward pointy knees), and they are definitely not anorexic. I think people here have different standards to compare to, and based on the norms here, yes, she is “too skinny”, but go to a country like Hungary, Romania, or Serbia, and she’d fit right in with most of the other girls. I don’t see how anyone can disagree with the fact that the lifestyles are very different. Whether or not Kristin is skinny because of drugs or an eating disorder, I honestly don’t care.. but it’s not so skinny that it seems disgusting or of great concern to me since I see bodies like her’s pretty often. Keep in mind I’m only going by how she looks, because I don’t know a thing about her lifestyle and I’m just saying her body looks normal to me.

          • Cristina

            irina: i am from Romania; case closed. What i initially said was that girls don’t look as thin as Kristin at her thinnest, not as she looks now. I look bigger than her at her thinnest and trust me i am no where near fat. Actually, i have quite an underweight bmi. So please, i think i know what i’m talking about.

    • Sanne

      It’s nice to see your comment. When I think about models from East Europe, I only see too skinny girls who claim to eat (while you can see that they are not threating themselves healthy and probably do drugs to stay skinny).

    • Kimberly

      I guess I don’t understand the whole point of your comment. Posters are commenting on how her body type looks healthier when she’s slim, not super skinny. The size of her head and shoulders in comparison to the rest of her body is a perfect example of this.

  • Ellen

    Proof that even the skinniest people have cellulite. But I think she looks good with the extra meat on her legs- although her body looks fabulous in that older picture, imo.

  • ali

    Kristin is so georgious she looks great at any weight!!!(remember Laguna days?she used to be much more chubby and yet she was always the bombshell)

  • Sheridan

    She looks like she’s gained a little but she still looks thin and has a good body.
    I think she looks great at both weights but her weight now looks a little more maintainable.

  • solaxia

    I never understood her appeal…but i always thought she does have nice leggies! Also her face actually looks pretty in the front of photo where she is smiling with her glasses on! Was actually a bit surprised

  • jenny

    She looks great! Still svelte but healthier judging by her skin and appearance of happiness. Nothing is prettier than a happy girl!

  • Candy

    Gorgeous legs!

  • woopidoo

    just watched an old episode of veronica mars (haha) with her, and she looked like a monkey… ^^ something about her face!

  • BBF

    Love the extra weight, would love her even more with an extra 5 pounds…

  • g

    wow she looks way better now! a true beauty can look good at 90 lbs but even better with some meat and curves….she even looks happier and I bet most men and most women would think she is wayyyy sexier today then last year!

  • bronzedbela

    I prefer her in her skinny days, the extra weight makes her thighs full of celulitis

  • pixie

    She looks great now. Her legs are nice and toned.

  • Sanne

    Looks like she gained a bit.
    Horrible style. I like her in the pink dress, but I’m sure someone styled her up.
    Still, no matter how good she looks, you can still hear her personality at the Hills (I’m not going to say her personality on itself, cause I don’t know her). And that wasn’t a good thing.

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    oh my god. look at her legs in the last picture. what a tan

  • don’t be shocked….i liked her body better when she was thinner!

  • Lauren

    I don’t know why, but it always surprised me when people say they prefer her skinnier. I instantly assume that person is pro-ana or something.

  • Cleopatra

    Skinnier or slim,judging by the comments here..her looks are so overrated to me.Such an average face for such a fuss.Her body is by far nice.

  • Cleopatra

    Many women must say she looks great or a ” true beauty ” or something like that because she makes them feel not so bad about themselves like most other celebrities.Since whether Kristin gains weight or loses some,she still doesnt look all-that great.
    So many far more prettier girls on the street.

  • she’s lookin pretty hot and thin. not a lot of makeup, etc. looks good.

  • Jemima

    Nothing about her weight: I hate those white shorts. The strands of the fabric look like a jumbled mess of tampon strings.
    When will these shorts go out of style oh my goodness

  • And wth is she supposed to be now? Fat?? For any sane and normal person this woman is thin. I assume the last picture is from her past cause she looks like a twig. I don’t get people anymore. How do they get brainwashed into thinking that all these celebs are naturally size zeros?? It’s fine enough to diet and exercise, but if you’re NOT eating and exercising, there’s a problem. No one should want to look like a disorder

  • amy

    just goes to show most celebs aren’t naturally that thin

  • burckybear

    terrible thighs..

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