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Gabourey Sidibe Loves “Being the Alien in the Room”

fp8bif - Gabourey Sidibe Loves "Being the Alien in the Room"

“I don’t try to live up to the standards of Hollywood or any of that,” she says. “I know that I’m different and I celebrate it. In a weird way, I kind of really, really love being the alien in the room. I dig it.”

… says Gabourey in Ebony Magazine.

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  • Kaiser

    She’s fat. The wind will not blow her away.

    But this shiny smile is adorable. She has this thing that the skinny gang featuring Victoria Beckham and Rachael Zoe will get: lust for life.

    • Kaiser

      Excuse me, “will NEVER get” 😉

      • That’s true.

        • Bridget

          What body shape is this???

  • Mirabela

    You know …
    She will never be a 90-60-90. 😉
    And she is conscious about that.
    I ador her smile and being so funny.
    I wish her all the best. 🙂

    • janeir0

      at first i thought you were being bitchy. like 90-60-90inches. then i realized you were talking about cm. right…???

      • Mirabela

        Yes! cm 😉

  • Marty

    her liking to be the alien in the room does not account for her being morbidly obese

  • CK

    i understand her thing of “love being the alien in the room” and its really cool but only if by saying this she means that she stands out in Hollywood hive as a persona…like her attitude or views on many things really differ a lot from Hollywood herd or she has THE TalenT. But unfortunately it looks like by this she means “I’m fat-They’re skinny but i don’t give a damn ’cause i dig myself so much”. And the reality is that obese people don’t get a lot of acting jobs….gosh even those who are “standart” acc. to HWood have hard times getting parts…so i say, she enjoys the attention she gets now and when it subsides and she will wake up every morning and still be jobless we’ll see her whether as becoming a spokesperson for some diet\fitness company or as coming out of abscence “thin and happy”. That will most likely happen even if she gets the Oscar.

    • steph

      Still, she’s more succesful than you- and she’s morbidly obese. I dig THAT.

      • fabby

        do you think that being in hollywood is succesful?????

  • Raluca

    You can be different in more subtle ways than by outweighing everyone else in the room (or displaying your unshaven legs). Not being able to fit in a public transportation seat is not “good different” in my opinion. And if she really is all that different why didn’t she write a book or something, why did she feel the oh so shallow need to be on TV (in movies) that ALL the “regular”stars share?

    • Marty

      hahah “displaying your unshaven legs”

      cracked me up, and im at work in a quiet office!

    • steph

      She didn’t display her unshaven legs…

    • haha you’re right

    • liza

      @ Raluca
      actually she was not seeking to be a star; her friend was auditioning for precious and she tagged along. the director saw gabby and had her read for the part too. thats how she got it, she wasn’t ” feeling the shallow need to be on tv or movies”.

  • Beckers!

    Maybe I’m cruel but I think the more fitting saying is “Elephant in the room” let me explain though. The saying implies that there is something obvious that everyone is avoiding. That’s probably why she feels that she is the “alien”. Because yes she is an actress and talented adorable, but when you look at her her size is unavoidable.

  • Char

    How is it that the second a tiny celeb has a dimple on their ass or a slightly round tummy the media and websites like this do articles on them gaining 10kg or being curvy/fat, when this girl is morbidly obese and everyone loves her!
    admittedly I think gabourey is brilliant for managing to have the confidence of someone close too perfect when she’s so overweight she’ll probably die before she’s 40. She did an amazing job in precious but still she can only be a role model for her acting skills and self esteem not for her figure because really this image is encouraging terrible eating habits.
    The media’s so unfair on the way they’re treating people this really doesn’t make sense.

    • Uma

      I agree; god forbid a skinny celebrity gains 2 kg. And let us all cheer for already thin stars getting ridicilously thin. And yet she is admired and applauded for her attitude which imho is not right. Why does everything have to be about promoting unhealthy extremes? Perfectly healthy sized women are put down for being fat yet an obviosly overweight person needs to be admired for making it. If she is a great actress – i am sure she is – wow, that is to be admired, but her size is not a role model. She is not healthy, nor curvy, nothing. She is sick. And saying oh i’m perfectly fine at this weight is wrong, whether you are morbidly under OR overweight. My two cents.

      • Balthazar

        couldn’t of said it better myself.

      • molly

        totally agree with you.

    • steph

      Y’know what, give the girl a slap, she’s only a role model for things are that are more than skin deep. Seriously, I’d pick being a role model for confidence and skill that be a role model for have a great body. Idiots.

      • Well said.-

      • Uma

        yes, calling someone an idiot is the supreme argument. figure it out for what.

  • Shannon

    Its not about hollywoods perception of perfection, its about dying at an early age of obesity. it’s about health–who gives a shit if you are proud to be fat, enjoy your pride now bc you wont be on this earth much longer

  • Natasha O

    I love her spit fire personality but let’s call a spade a spade. People are looking at her because she is morbidly obese not even fat and she needs to lose weight. She’ll always be type casted into those I’m fat/insecure/feel sorry for me or I’m fat/funny/ self deprecating to a fault.

  • Well she’s old enough to know the consequences of her weight and stuff 😛 at least she’s confident and happy rather than being depressed all her life:/

    • Stacy

      Exactly. She should know what the risks are. And also how do we know if she’s not taking care of herself now? Maybe she is trying to lose weight and just doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m glad that she has a positive attitude cause without it she probably would have never became an actress.

      Sure she probably won’t get a diverse options of movie roles, but she’s also black and most black actresses don’t have much opportunities in Hollywood anyways.

  • Rachel

    I don’t think she looks good. I’m not saying fat people (and she IS fat, I’m not going to beat around the bush with words like ‘curvy’) can’t look good.. but can they in wet-look leggings? This outfit would look good on a skinny/thin girl, which she clearly has no aspirations to be, and she should therefore be dressed accordingly, to flatter her size. Right now I think this does nothing for her. I think people should make the best of what they have, if you’re too thin, wear something which will add a little shape, and if you’re too fat (which in my opinion she is, and by ‘too fat’ i mean an unhealthy BMI) you should wear something which flatters your figure

  • Casey

    Lately she’s coming off as insecure. I don’t know if it’s just the questions that interviewers ask her or what, but she always sounds so defensive. Her comments are always something like, “I don’t care what you think, I LOVE MYSELF.”

    There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself, I was originally inspired by that, but when you keep saying it all the time, it shows that you don’t really love yourself. You just need to convince other people that you love yourself.

    Anyway, not much else to say. She doesn’t look attractive and is not the prime example of health (although she might be healthy, only she would know). I don’t think anyone is going to use her as a role model any time soon, so not worrying about that. But I think people should cut her some slack…putting people down doesn’t make them want to get healthy.

    • Sharen

      agreed, and I’m getting kind of tired of her always saying the same thing

    • Kristin

      You have to remember that she’s being interviewed. Journalists probably ask her about her weight alll the time, so it’s not like she’s randomly all, “I LOVE ME, EFF THE HATERS~~”

      • Casey

        The second sentance to my post addresses that…

  • Dr. Truth

    I really don’t know what to say as I’m not sure who she is.
    Part of me is happy for her and her “confidence” or self-love.
    The rest of me believes she cries in her room at night, with bags of chips and tubs of ice cream by her side.

    I mean, unless this is a major thyroid issue, girl’s got some deep emotional issues. Hope she’s in therapy…

  • Aims

    While she sounds like an amazing girl and is extreamly charismatic – she is overweight sadly. I would be worried about having a heart attack at a young age. She could be very healthy if she just fell within normal BMI – also her heart would thank her!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sharen

      well obviously, but maybe she just can’t loose weight. I think as much as she says she loves being like that, she would of lost weight before if she could.

  • S

    I’m sorry but this girl is disgusting to me. Call me a bitch, call me mean, but I cannot look at her w/out feeling gross.

    • pia

      me too!!… it’s ok when you are not in the hollywood standar but, that is gross, she’s too fat, that’s not healthy, why she’s proud of that? :S

    • You’re a mean bitch.

  • Brittain

    love. this. girl. love, love, love.

  • Spacey

    This is so challenging to most people’s idea of beauty it’s hard to understand HOW she can possibly feel confident looking like that?! There is very little danger of young girls using her as a role model- not when the media is saturated of what it is to be beautiful- which is the opposite of that. It will take more than one obese girl embracing her body for anything to change so the role model argument is a bit off I think.

    As for whether she is healthy, well none of us are her doctor so how do we know she is unhealthy? All assumptions, she might have a really strong heart. In any case her health is no business of anyone’s but hers.

  • honestly

    She seems to be ahead of all critics by making the comment ” “I know that I’m different and I celebrate it. In a weird way, I kind of really, really love being the alien in the room. I dig it.”
    By saying all this about herself, she kind of avoids people making more nasty comments about her. Like the people who play the clown in class to avoid being teased.
    She knows that her body is unhealthy and I´m sure if it was easy she would shed all those extra pounds.

  • honestly

    And as for whoever dressed her up in that gear, I have no words.

  • louisa

    she’s cute and seems sweet but she needs to lose some wight.