Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson’s Official 2010 Calendar

gemma-atkinson-calendar-2010 - Gemma Atkinson's Official 2010 CalendarBritish glamour model Gemma Atkinson released her 2010 calendar (remember the one for 2009?) and, to summarize, she is provocative, busty, tanned, a little plastic, a little photoshopped, a little wet and full of cropped shirts.

Sounds good? Great!

Then check the pics in the gallery and tell us what you think!

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  • salma’ben

    I know it’s not the wow or eww category but all I want to say now is a big EWWWW !

    • anabel

      hahaha. can’t find better words for it. those pics are ridiculous.

  • hottie2

    She looks extremely plastic…..Major photoshopping, I assume. This is why so many women/girls have such negative body image.

  • Sidney

    the usual stuff, best fitted for the walls of a garage. these are not the kind of pics that would ever lower my self-esteem, but that’s just me.

  • Kae

    These pictures are funny. I agree with the above poster: this is the type of calendar that you would see in a garage, or in a men’s magazine at the Superbowl party. Many men want to look at a woman like this. Whether or not they want to marry a woman who looks like this is another story. It’s all about fantasy, and men fantasize about women A LOT.

  • Instant

    I’m looking at the blue bikini post, and I’m looking at this post, and I’m wondering why they felt the need to photoshop it soooo much? 🙁 She’s a natural stunner, IMO, and didn’t need to be made into such a plasticy/animated woman, guys have been staring at unphotoshopped women in calendars/mags/what have you for decades(I’m talking about things that guys buy that have been using photos 😛 ) before that phenom came out, so why do it to such an extent now? 😛

  • xo

    ALL MAGAZINE PHOTOS ARE PHOTOSHOPPED.. ESPECIALLY MENS MAGS AND CALENDERS? why such the fuss now.. i think shes hot.. she definitely told her plastic surgeon to SUPER SIZE THEM..maybe a little intense.. but shes sexy, that for sure.. with and without the photoshop

    • Instant

      Oh, I don’t know, maybe because photoshop has gone too far and they are using it to completely change a person’s appearance, not just to fix minor issues with the pictures?

      No one had a problem with the way photos/people looked before photoshop came out, but now all of a sudden it has to be used everywhere? Why? I think it should be done away with, except to fix minor flaws(like getting rid of a fly or a shadow in an other wise excellent photo, that kind of thing), don’t understand why it needs to be used soooo much. 🙁

  • nhana

    A little photoshopped!? She’s hugely photoshopped – can’t even recognize her face in some of the pics! They really went over the top on this one – especially considering that she actually has a nice face naturally… The november-picture looks crazy – look at her breast – they enhanced her cleavage both on top and bottom!

  • stajjny

    Eeeh, no offense – but if this is what guys fantasize about i feel truly sorry for them. I can name many things that make her look off. The only reason these type of posters are in mens garages as you say, is that she’s 1. Oiled in 2. Photoshopped 3. Wears minimun of clothing 4. Is somewhat toned

    What i don’t like about her is that she’s not that pretty, she looks kinda odd. Sorry, but I have to say ugly. And her breasts are sagging…. a lot. You could stick a few pens in there and they would stay there.

    No, there are more pretty girls who are seriously attractive and sexy. This is just 2 things: p*ssy and tits, no matter what it looks like.

    • Instant

      “And her breasts are sagging…. a lot. You could stick a few pens in there and they would stay there.”

      Um, that’s what happens when breasts are large/huge. For as big as they are, they are still “up” where they are supposed to be, they just have a lot of volume too. I’ve seen a lot of huge breasts that you could stick stuff under and not have the stuff fall, but they were still very nice looking breasts too because they were full, and shapely too. Gemma’s are still very shapely looking, despite their size(and being fake, from what I’ve been told, but they are done fairly well and it’s difficult to tell they are fake, well, in other posts, not in these particular photoshopped pictures 😛 ). I know men fantasize about women with big breasts, but not necessarily about overly photoshopped plasticy looking women with big breasts 😛

      • steph

        I was about to say the same thing. Her breasts are sagging?

        Gosh, I mean, all this hatred women have for photoshop, yet some of them seem to encourage it with these digs at the stupidest things.
        Talk about unattainable. I guess instead of computers putting the rose tint on our bodies, we should just evolve naturally into perfection with large breasts which never sag, born with beautiful faces, which could never be described as ugly.

        Now, what is it that I smell…
        I smell the jealousy monster lurking within stajjny.

  • xo

    her breasts arent sagging.. Id actually consider those to be reasonably perky for as large as they are.

  • xo

    stajjny is jeal.

  • stajjny

    Que? Why would i be jealous? I thought this was an open debate on celebs apperance? I do think she’s ugly, she has an odd face, and i do think her breasts are sagging and i don’t like it. What’s the problem with that? :S
    Why do you ppl get so upset? And btw, I’m a C-cup and non-sagging so think before you comment plz?

    • Instant

      I don’t think you’re jealous(never understood that accusation when someone presents a negative opinion, I’ve presented plenty of negative opinions, and none of them were motivated by jealousy, I just genuinely don’t like the look of who ever I’m commenting, and wouldn’t want to look that way, so why would I be jealous? 😛 ), but I do think you’re wrong to call her breasts “saggy”. They are large, they are full, they have a good drape, but they are not saggy. They don’t hang lower than her elbows(barely go past the midpoint of her upper arm, I’ve heard that breasts are considered saggy when they hang at or lower than the woman’s elbow 🙂 ), they aren’t flattened at the top part of them, they have decent fullness at the top part of them actually. Most saggy breasts don’t look full at the top part like that, they have kind of a “pancake” look to them, and aren’t full, kind of “deflated” looking, know what I mean? The proper word for her breasts is “drape” not “saggy”. The fact that she is able to hold stuff under them is not an indication of sagginess, it’s an indication of fullness combined with drape. IMO.

      • stajjny

        Sure i get it 🙂 Maybe wrong choice of words? But in some pictures she looks OK, and others they look like they belong to a 40 yo if you know what i mean.

        Yeah, negative comments = jealously, not necessarily. Sure, everybody has different opinions on the perfect body and what considers to be beautiful to them. But that’s kinda why people comment 🙂

        • Instant

          🙂 Yea, I can see that sometimes hers don’t look exactly “perky”, but that’s large breasts for ya 😛 Depends on what point I am in my cycle, but sometimes mine look a little “deflated” but not quite “saggy”. And sometimes it’s like “Dear lord, where the heck did these things come from??” LOL

    • Kae

      I’m not going to say you’re jealous but the saggy boobs comment is a little annoying. First of all, you’re a C, not an E. Apparently, Gemma’s are E’s. Size, aging and having children changes breasts. That’s what natural breasts do and there’s nothing wrong with it.

      I had “perfect” D’s before I had a baby. I have to admit, I had great boobs! Now that I’ve had a kid and gravity has come into play, they sag somewhat. That’s part of life and I don’t that women should feel bad about themselves if their boobs are small, big or sag too much. No wonder girls and women have so many issues with their boobs. It doesn’t seem acceptable anymore to have breasts that aren’t “perfect”.

      • stajjny

        No, I’m not an E, but i’m a C on a very very small chest = why i even mentioned my cup size, to say that i’m not jealous because of her big breasts.

        And again, people comment on their point of view when it comes to what they belive is beautiful and “sexy”. When ppl comment on Paris Hilton, how many bad things don’t come out of their mouths when it comes to her being too thin and bony? Same thing here. It is about bodies, weight and celebs. I don’t like Gemmas body, it’s boyish with big breasts, that’s MY opinion but i think Heidi Montag has very nice shapes for an example.

        I think an hourglass shape is the sexiest, with normalsize breasts and a tiny waist. And pearhaped like Mischa Barton when she was younger (OC 2004). And i don’t really see why it is such a big thing that i DON’T like Gemmas breasts? It’s not like i see those who have breasts like her as social outcasts or freaks. I just don’t like it 🙂

  • Kae

    I understand that you have your opinion. I wasn’t commenting on your views of Gemma, EXCEPT the sagging boobs portion. I prefer an hourglass shape as well, but honestly, most women will not fit into that category because it’s a rare body type. I am an hourglass myself, but I certainly don’t expect others to be. Of course we all have our preferences, but sagging boobs are apart of life. I wouldn’t expect any woman to get her boobs done just because they sag. If they want to, that’s their business. I just wish people accepted the natural shape of breasts a little bit more. It puts less pressure on women to conform to what society views as perfect breasts. That’s all I was saying.

  • stajjny

    Yeah, i have hourglass shape as well, and it is truly rare. Ofcourse “sagging breasts” are a part of life, but Gemma doesn’t strike as older than 25 to me 🙂

    • Kae

      But her boobs are gigantic (too big for my taste), hence gravity…

  • meg

    i love these pics. i think she’s sexxy and hott 😉

  • Sara

    i don’t think she’s all that pretty. && her boobs are very oddly shaped. i’m not a big fan of her.

  • hgft9ty

    wheres her tattoos?

  • Kristy

    Most of them look cheap and trashy but she does look stunning in June.

  • Kelli


  • psm

    I think she’s perfect.

  • lollolol

    she’s hot, in natural and photoshopped