Amber Heard & Olivia Munn – Vanity Fair Beauties

162613190_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties

Actresses Olivia Munn and Amber Heard both opted for sexy backless dress at Vanity Fair’s post Oscar party the other day, where they showed off their slim figures in shiny floor-length gowns in black and pastel pink.

162624437_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties

How do you like their glam looks?

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162613130_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties  162613201_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties 162614085_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties  162624438_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties 162624439_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties 162625815_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties 162625818_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties 162625903_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties 162625908_10 - Amber Heard & Olivia Munn - Vanity Fair Beauties


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  • Rose Weed

    Am I the only one who thinks Ms. Munn has lost weight?

    • panama

      i agree. olivia munn also seems like a ****….

      • Chu

        Olivia munn is ugly as shit and looks like a prostitute. Why is she even at the oscars? She can’t act? She’s the most useless being on this planet.

  • Marty

    Anyone else notice the kiss print on Amber’s cheek?

    • Yes – I noticed it too! I wonder whose it is? I would have thought they would all be ‘air-kissing’ with all that make-up and the cameras!

    • Neri

      Yes it’s quite cute 😉

  • I don’t really find Olivia Munn stunning and I don’t like the colour on her, though the dress itself is pretty. Her hair is too severe as well – something like Amber’s would have been better, imo. And I’m a little confused as to why she seems to be so famous? I haven’t seen her starring in anything, just a small part in Magic Mike and on New Girl?

    Amber looks great – has she gained a little? Anyway, her face is very pretty and the dress shows off her figure – she has a lovely back! Lol at the kiss on her cheek 🙂

    • Paisley

      She has a decently sized role as Sloan on the show The Newsroom. It is on HBO. She is actually really good. She plays an Economics Ph.D who works as an anchor for a broadcasting company.

    • Aafje

      Olivia was on a show on G4 (video game stuff) for a long time so she is more famous to video game nerds who watch that channel

    • Ale

      Yes, Amber Heard has definitely gained some weight, but that’s understandable. This is the weight she was when she started doing movies, and then she lost a lot around the time she did that movie with Johnny Depp, so I bet it she had to work hard for it and couldn’t keep that up. Good for her though, she looks good at this weight too (although I must admit I envied her body a LOT when she was at her skinniest).

      That other girl’s dress looks weird to me, like it’s sewn wrong or ripped… I don’t know, that split just doesn’t look right to me.

  • Emeline

    I don’t like Amber ombre hair. She looks better as a blond imo

    • loos

      Totally agree with you. She looks much better when she has that 1950s look going on and her hair is all one shade of blonde. Here she just doesn’t stand out.

  • HazeL

    Olivia has a great figure, but I’m not a fan of the dress – seems to show a bit too much skin. I like the fact that she’s got the massive slit but isn’t sticking her leg out at some awkward angle that seems to be the trend atm.

    Amber always looks gorgeous, although I do think she looks better blonde as she nails old hollywood glamour with it. However, this haircolour does look a lot more natural and is probably kinder to her hair lol.

  • annabanana

    olivia’s dress is just plain slutty… way to much skin showing imo. It should be either back OR leg slit, not both. And Amber’s makeup is off, somehow. Her face doesn’t look as pretty as usual to me. So meh to both, but usually I think Amber is gorgeous.. maybe its the dark hair too? idk.

    • Ophelie

      Agreed. Olivia looks like a strumpet.

  • rebecka

    Amber should go back to blond hair and throw away that nasty red lipstick.Olivia has a great figure but always looks bored.

  • Isabel

    Olivia’s dress would be slutty if it was not or the boring color, at least on her skin. It looks like a dress that’s been in grandma’s closet for the last 50 years before she took it, torn it and made a “sexier” version of it.

    Amber on the other hand looks great. Although her features are not those of a classic beauty, there’s something very classy and sexy bout this chick. Really love her!

  • Hannah

    Picture 6 – did that woman fall down the stairs?!

    • Mia

      LOL. What the F is going on in that picture? It looks like she’s just floating there!

    • budni

      lol! i was thinking the same!

    • Liv

      I just laughed os hard after I read that and whent back to look at it… she’s about to face plant, at least that’s how it looks… hahahah

    • lc

      LOL! I just went back and looked!

      • solaxia

        Ha ha ha! Well spotted! I didn’t even notice! Lol that’s funny

  • mary

    the is one of the few times where im not drooling over amber…she looks pretty average here…the blonde hair makes such a difference.

  • Debbs

    Both look so cheesy and try-hard.

  • Neri

    Amber Heard, girl crush….

  • Rosalie

    Am I the only one who thinks thaf they are wearing the samr shoes only in different colors?
    Anyway, I prefer Amber as a blonde. I don’t think that the ombre hair suits her. She’s gorgeous though.

  • solaxia

    I still can’t see the fuss with Amber. I like Olivia’s dress…though it is a bit trashy. I’ve noticed ball gowns are getting trashier by the minute in celeb land!

    Ok, it’s scary when you look at a post of Amber and Olivia…and think ‘oh they are a bit big’ =/ . Too much looking at VS models for me I think! So strange how I always thought VS models were too thin…now they are the norm to me.

  • budni

    olivia shows cleavage, legs, side b**bs and back in a semi-sheer dress… really classy, i must say.

    amber was more striking as a blonde.

    • swissmiss

      Same happened to me too! Totally scary! Have to keep an eye on that! :-/

  • jessica_rabbit

    pretty women. amber should go back to blonde.

  • CK

    Olivia – too much skin, i don’t like the dress and neither think it’s appropriate for a formal-Ish event…i also can’t figure out where did she come from, i mean i remember out of the blue her name appearing on celebgossip sites about some geek thing (program?) then suddenly she’s everywhere and is actually an actress?? don’t know smth i don’t get here.
    Amber- so unimpressive either her or the dress that in 1st pic of her i notice at once that lady on her knees (prob dropped smth) and in pic 3 the guy staring at Amber’s boobs or just checking her out(?) rather then Amber herself..though i do think sometimes she looks beautiful (not here) smth bout her makes her unmemorable to me.

  • a

    Olivia munn is GORGEOUS

  • Chelsea

    I feel like everyone is gorgeous but me lol

    • solaxia

      Awww don’t be so hard on yourself! Obviously I can’t say you are gorgeous because I can’t see you! But I am sure you are! I’m sure heaps of people think you are more gorgeous than any of the celebs on this site =o)

      I do think beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think we can easily be too influenced if we look at these images too much. You have to remember the media only shows one type of ‘beauty’ (to an extent, most people have very similar features that are deemed desirable…there may be slight differences in colouring, or shape but most are very similar when you compare them to the outside world).

      PLUS be happy that you are a nice person inside (which radiates outside…definately) because you can say ppl are gorgeous and not be btchy out of jealousy! =o) (clarification – i don’t think ppl are always jealous if they don’t agree with everyone else on someones attractiveness)

  • lc

    Amber is meh and Olivia is fug.

  • Winnie

    i like both women’s dresses, not so much a fan of their make-up. Olivia’s is too nude considering the dress itself is a nude colour, and I feel like Amber should have worn a cool-tone blueish-red lipstick, like MAC’s Ruby Woo. that colour she has on is too warm for her complexion and clashes with her blush

  • Ella

    Oliva’s dress looks like a nightgown but I like the color on her. She is just showing too much skin at the same time!!
    Amber’s dress is okay but the black seems too severe on her for some reason.But the more I loook at her face, the more I wonder why I found her gorgeous in the first place. she is just meh
    I can never understand how people w/ makeup artists end up having their faces paler than their bodies ugh.

  • Hh

    This is the worst I’ve seen amber look. Def better as a blonde too. Also olivia is whoaaaa too revealing…she looks like she can barely move without risking more exposure.

  • JaneParker

    Olivia always looks so cool to me, I know it’s weird but she just looks cool. However this is the least cool I’ve seen her look. I don’t like the dress, it’s too revealing and boring at the same time. I don’t know who Amber is, isn’t she the one supposedly dating Johnny Depp? Is she an actress? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything. The dress is alright, her face reminds me of Alicia Silverstone’s for some reason, but I don’t think she’s stunning, nor ugly, just a pretty girl with a rather forgettable face.

  • PS

    Olivia’s dress is terrible – I wonder how she even got to breathe in that rag without exposing herself. She would have been more comfortable just wearing a bra and panties that’s for sure.
    As to amber: Nice dress, beautiful girl but with all the patterns the rest needs to be toned down and combined with the multicoloured hair and bright lips things start to look messy.

  • Heather


  • Nobsnob

    Love Amber! There is something going on with her jaw (prognathe?) but on her it looks good and is a part of her beauty! Like her more as a blonde though.
    Funny how usually she doesn’t have much of a waist but here she does. I guess it’s all about angles and the fact the dress is black.

  • Nobsnob

    Never got the appeal of Olivia Munn??

  • em

    what happened to amber? neither one of them look good at all.

  • jemima

    Olivia looked so good at the ceremony but this dress is h i d e o u s

  • Agnes

    Worse you’ve seen Amber look? Wow then she must be drop dead gorgeous

    • Aline

      actually, as a blonde, she is.

  • Liz

    I normally think Amber is perfection. Not a huge fan of her hair/dress here. Olivia Munn needs to stop taking fashion tips from L’l Kim or like 1998 Rose McGowan. That dress is a mess.

  • Mariah

    Woah, what is going on with the chick in the background in the fifth pic? Is she like praying or did she trip or is she worshipping the ground Amber walked on? WHAT THE?!!