Amber Heard Rocks Daisy Dukes

Amber-Heard-Rocks-Daisy-Dukes - Amber Heard Rocks Daisy Dukes

At request, here are a couple of promotional shots of Amber Heard from her upcoming movie Drive Angry – I’m guessing that the reason why these shots were requested is because Amber’s thin and fit figure looks pretty nice in a pair of denim shorts.

What do you all think?

See 2 more shots after the jump!

Amber-Heard-Rocks-Daisy-Dukes-2 - Amber Heard Rocks Daisy Dukes

Amber-Heard-Rocks-Daisy-Dukes-3 - Amber Heard Rocks Daisy Dukes

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Hey Amber, can I be you?

    • hays

      Haha no kidding eh? She looks wicked.

    • she looks GOOD 🙂

  • Casey

    Amazing body and I just love the styling of her hair in this shoot.

  • Ashley Nicole

    Wow, she’s got great legs. If I saw her in person I probably would shamelessly stare lol. Both in awe and a littttle jealousy.

  • Sidney

    Awesome body. Something about her makes her look very generic though imo (admittedly beautiful still). I don’t think it’s the blonde hair, at least not just that, as i’m a blonde myself so i’m bound to not pin all of us that easily to the same pile. But i think her sort of a basic look might be a plus on acting.

  • Priscila

    Amazing body. Love her legs.

  • lizzy

    this “lesbian” is so overrated. i don’t find her face pretty –

    and her body is nothing special to me either. she’s just another skinny blonde girl in my opinion.

    • missy

      Why does her sexuality have anything to do with it?

      I think she’s cute, thin, not emaciated, obviously familiar with a gym (those gams!)… I think she’s a doll!

      • lizzy

        it has nothing to do with it.

    • Priscila

      “lesbian” ?!Why quotation marks?

      • lizzy

        OOF i need to filter my brain before i post.

        • snoops

          or maybe just switch it on?

          “lesbian” – seriously? why bring it up? and why put it in quotations (like its some kind of joke)

          • lizzy

            it’s alwaysss running, too bad.

            i shouldn’t have brought it up. i’m simply a hater of the amber heard. and no it wasn’t a joke. it was a “i’malesbiannowtoojustlikesooomanyotheryoungactressestakemypictureandgoseemymovie”

          • hays

            lizzy the more you post the more ignorant you come across, maybe it is better to stop now

          • mel

            I actually agree Lizzy. I have absolutely nothing against lesbians, but I think it fits with the whole “guy-hot swinger” thing she has going on. Keep in mind that in the same interview, this girl also talked about her obsession with guns and how she keeps like an AK-47 by her bedside and like polishes it every day. I like Amber, but for some reason she strikes me as trying too hard. Nothing wrong if it’s actually her sexuality, but I feel like she’s using it as a ploy to further interest in her.

          • solaxia

            Yep, Mel…I agree with what you are saying! After seeing so many girls pull those kids of ‘stunts’ it gets a bit lame. But if she is actually lesbian then that’s cool with me and I will stand corrected.

    • Debbie

      Well, I’m not a lesbian myself but she probably wouldn’t have to work to hard to convince me to try an “at bat for the other team” with her. Just putting that out there.

      • Hahah. Word.

      • Nicole

        dude, seconded!

      • lizzy

        i say upgrade to all of you, way cooler and hotter girls out there.

      • lol same here!

    • Thanks for the headshot.. I think this LESBIAN is drop dead gorgeous.. like that matters u ignorant girl..

  • holly

    I like her face kinda idk how much i like her figure though maybe its just the clothes that make me not like it.

  • Her hair is so pretty! If I did that to mine id look like elvira hahah

  • Kimberly

    She’s cute but I don’t find her to be all that appealing.

  • Annonymous

    I saw her at Comic-Con when she was doing promos for Drive Angry and yes, she was pretty, but she seemed very full of herself and unlikeable. She acted like she was the big star that everyone was there to see. After that I officially don’t like her.

    • solaxia

      I never understand why girls are like that. Or guys for that matter. Personally, i really dont see anything special about Amber Heard and I probably wouldn’t notice her if I walked past her. Not my ideal beauty personally. Though I like the fact thatso many people think that such a plain person (imo) is pretty

      • mel

        Just shows how beauty is subjective! I think she is stunning, but I could see how some people could think she is plain.

  • artemis

    she looks pretty:D

  • exceptionalsea

    damn! this is what a healthy hollywood star is supposed to look like. hot, in-shape, but still looks like she eats. would love to have her body.

  • mia

    Those legs! Amazing.

  • ali

    I think why those photos were requested was because of her hair!!! looks amazing.. I’m taking this photo w/ me to my hairstylist lol

  • Perfect! Can I please look like this? 🙂

  • machmalow

    oh boy … these legs ! I’m JEALOUS :p Amber is so beautiful …

  • curvesrule

    Her lower body looks like a young girls instead of a woman. No curves to talk about. I would not look twice if she walked by.

    • Zoe

      Oh? Then can you please describe to me what a ‘woman’s’ lower body i.e. legs are supposed to look like to make them not be compared to a “young girl’s?” I am sick to death of all these prepubescent ‘oh she has the body of a young boy’ comments. By your name I’ve got a pretty strong impression that you’re also a quoter of the overused expression “real women have curves” – maybe if she had a curvier lower body/ ‘thick’ thighs, you would have stopped to “look twice?” Also, I find your comment a little absurd- Curves are not meant to refer to the “lower body” – it’s mainly about waist-to-hip ratio, no?

      • Gia

        well said zoe. i prefer a curvy girl myself but no one can deny that this girl is beautiful and toned and has a great body, despite what body type you prefer. and shes not voluptuous or anything but she has some curve. her legs arent sticks!

        • Sidney

          It sort of amazes me what passes as curvy nowadays. I do think skinny can be curvy. But just some WHR etc isn’t curvy imo, it’s most women. And in my mind curvy has always meant sort of something special (and perhaps some softness also) 🙂 But opinions. Anyways, i def wouldn’t call Amber curvy, but voluptuous legs and the sorts don’t make a woman.

        • mel

          It’s nice to hear that people who prefer curvy bodies can still appreciate slimmer ones as long as they appear healthy 🙂

      • CurvesRule

        @Zoe – Just calling it like I see it. Maybe the prepubescent reference is overused on this site, but if I think it’s true (and I am not alone) I have the right to say that. I think Maria Menounos, Halle Berry, and Shakira (just to name few) would look more appealing in those same shorts.

        “Curves are not meant to refer to the “lower body”

        Not quite true in my book. Yes, it’s mainly about whr, but a well proportioned thigh goes a long way in enhancing the curvy figure. For example, I think that Candace S. would be more appealing than she already is, with thicker thighs that would be more proportioned to her hips.

        It’s all about curves in the right places, and even legs have curves.

    • Minette

      Really? So I’m guessing you have to weigh 300 pounds to be “curvy” in your eyes? The fact that REAL curves mean a good waist to hip ratio, not rolls but I suppose that hasn’t registered in your delusional brain.

      • Kimberly

        Curvy doesn’t just mean a good whr and I wouldn’t necessarily call this woman curvy. She’s not stick thin but she’s not really curvy either.

        • Zoe

          Kimberly, I’m aware that curvy doesn’t just mean a good waist-to-hip ratio- I actually said in my comment that I believe it MAINLY comes down to that. For example, a woman can have a ‘curvy’ bum and thicker thighs, but with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.84, for example, she wouldn’t be typically curvy, although it could well be said that she HAS curves- as I say, I don’t believe curves come in just one shape or form. Also, while I recognise that, when looking at Amber, ‘curvy’ is not the first word that springs to mind, I would still say that she has SOME curves (don’t know much about her but I can certainly see some visible curves in pictures of her), which is why I disagreed with ‘curves rule’s’ comment saying Amber had “No curves to talk about.” I interpreted this to have the same meaning as saying “She has no curves to speak of” i.e. they are basically not there. However if I misinterpreted the comment and they actually meant that they personally think her [lack of] curves are forgettable, then that’s slightly different. Lastly I was mainly a little irked by the reference to prepubescence about Amber’s lower body. While I acknowledge that everyone has the right to their opinion, I find it quite irritating that a woman must have curves of EVERY shape or form to not be classed as a prepubescent child- I know that’s the ideal, but not everyone is blessed with thick thighs and booty, you know! 🙂

          • mel

            Agree, and I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I wouldn’t think of thick thighs as a “blessing.”

    • Casey

      Curvesrule I’m kind of surprised by your comment. You frequently mention studies as a source of identifying what is considered attractive or not, and often cite that you agree with those studies.

      Amber Heard is THE figure that would be considered attractive by the majority of people according to said studies. Padding in the front and back, fit, and small waist, in the normal weight range.

      Just found your comment a bit shocking.

      Btw, I know this question is a little intrusive but I’m just curious, as a guy, what is your BMI? I found that typically in attraction, similarities are common, so typically guys who like model-sized women tend to be slender themselves, men who like athletic women tend to be athletic themselves, and men who like larger women tend to be beefier themselves.

      • Ashes

        Really? I’ve not got any studies to back me up but from my personal experience I’ve found that people can be attracted to opposites just as frequently as they can be attracted to people who look similar to them.

        Anyway, I don’t particularly find Amber attractive and I certainly wouldn’t consider her as THE figure that would be considered attractive. I don’t mean to be contrary or mean; I just think that her figure doesn’t really do it for me. It seems pretty ordinary to me.

        • Mackenzie

          well i think it doesn’t matter if her body is amazing or not (even though i think it IS amazing). her face is absolutely gorgeous!!

        • mel

          You do see opposites that attract, but I’ve heard guys who were skinny say, “since I’m so skinny, I’d wouldn’t want a girl to be much larger than me” and more, well, broad-framed and built men say they like thicker girls. That’s just from what I’ve heard though. I also do tend to see couples who are similar sizes together – slim girls with slim guys, toned girls with toned guys, larger guys with larger girls. Also, I know male models are like 0.0001% of the male population, but the ones that aren’t gay do tend to date female runway models and I’ve heard a few say they prefer skinny girls, so I do think there is some truth to the whole similar size-related preference.

          • aj

            Every time I read these same comments about guys like this guys liking that it comes off really stupid.. I know what you’re all saying makes sense in theory, but Casey and Mel you are just talking from your head, it is a huge world with athletic guys liking athletic girls, athletic guys liking fat girls, skinny girls. And skinny guys liking lots of different girls…..

      • aj

        Talking from your head didn’t make sense I’m tired, I mean talking just… from whatever comes to your head it isn’t necessarily true because you noticed it in your life every now and then.

        • solaxia

          ha ha aj…that made me laugh! ‘talking from your head.’ I’m so bored at work so thanks for the giggle =o). I agree with your comment also…I know all sorts of guys that like all sorts of girls and have preferences for all sorts of things!

          • Casey


            Oh, when I said I was shocked, I meant I thought you would like her figure but you said you didn’t.

            Hm, I don’t really know what guys’ BMI is like exactly, so I can’t do much except type it into a BMI calculator and see, but I don’t know what it means exactly (was hoping you would enlighten ME)

            But I really was just curious because in my studies, the general premise about attraction was that like attracts like.

            Since you say you’re kind of an athletic guy, out of curiosity, do you like the figures of Jessica Biel or Doutzen Kroes? They are kind of athletic women in a feminine way, so if you are athletic and you like them, then the premise about attraction would be correct.

            I always ask guys this question just because I’m curious about attraction and how and why people find certain other people attractive.

          • aj

            Thanks Solaxia :)I just find it depressing as, reading comments by girls who imply that a few studies and things they notice can put men’s taste into a box. Why would anyone even want to do that? What good is any study that categorises beauty? A study like that does not measure the majority of the population! It measures THOSE people’s taste. I think people need to get real and just enjoy the diversity of taste.

          • curvesrule

            @Casey – I was definitely more of a Jessica Biel fan when she did movies like Stealth and Chuck and Larry. I think she is an example, for me at least, of a woman who got a little too hard and lost some of her curves over the last few years. Now she is just “ok”. Don’t know much about Kroes.

            I like athletic looking legs on a woman. For example, Li Na is a Chinese tennis player who has a spectacular pair of legs. Great shape to them. Quite a few female tennis players have great legs in my opinion.

            As for the rest of the body, a nice balance between muscle and softness, and curves in the right places of course, and I am a happy man. For example Nicole Scherzinger with another 10 lbs on her is a good example.

      • CurvesRule

        @casey – I don’t know anything about this girl. My opinion was based on the few pics above. I don’t see anything in these pics that would suggest that she would fit into that group of curvy women (whr approx 0.7) that those studies highlighted. Maybe you have seen her elsewhere and know that she has padding in the back, but I see nothing here. My comment was just another variation of many others on this thread referring to this girl not standing out in a crowd. May have been blunt, but I don’t think it’s far fetched.

        In terms of your question, I don’t have a clue what my BMI is. I am 5’11 and 175lbs. I think I have a medium to small build as far as men go. Maybe you could tell me what my BMI is. As a recreational soccer player who plays once per week, and works out at least twice per week, I don’t think I need to worry about such things. Not sure if many guys would actually know theirs either.

        As you know from my comments I love the hourglass, or pear shape as you guys call it, simply because I think it’s the sexiest. The studies would suggest many men feel that way as well. Whether you are a size 1 or 16, if you have the curves in the right place, and minimal protruding bones, you have my attention.

        Just a reminder, my comments here are all about initial visual contact. Nothing more.

        • mel

          I thought you were only attracted to girls who were like size 6 and above? Your whole theory was guys don’t like size 1s …

          • CurvesRule

            @Mel – Well I think you need to revisit my older posts. I never said anything about upper or lower limits in terms of a woman’s size. Very surprised by your comment actually because you have posted on almost all the threads that I have posted on, and thus should know where I am coming from better than most of the others on here. Not offended or anything, just surprised.

            Just as a reminder, my whole theory surrounds the healthy curvaceous girls here who think that they have to transform themselves into Alessandra A, skinny Meagan Fox, or Amber H because of peer pressure or media pressure. No need to do it. Maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, love your curves, enjoy the attention from the majority of guys, and life will less stressful.

          • mel

            I know, but how do you know that Amber Heard is not healthy? Or Alessandra, for that matter? (Before she started smoking). Healthy curvaceous girls shouldn’t have to transform themselves into skinny ones, but skinny ones don’t look unhealthy simply because they don’t have much curves. What if some girls are naturally skinny and curveless? Then, just like their curvier counterparts shouldn’t be forced to be skinnier, they shouldn’t be forced to be curvier because that’s not what’s right for their body.

          • CurvesRule

            Never said that those girls mentioned or naturally skinny girls were not healthy. And I am by no means suggesting that if a healthy Maria Menounos transformed herself into a skinny Nicole Richie for example, that she would somehow become unhealthy. Depends on how far she goes. That would be a tragedy of gigantic proportions by the way.

  • trypsine

    She’s stunning !!

  • k

    Wow. I want those legs.

  • Issa

    djeezzzz, amazing body! good work amber

  • hannah

    i really like her alot. i think she’s funny and stands out in her own way even though she is just another blonde girl in hollywood. she reminds me of scarlett johnasson a little bit. all in all she’s very pretty with a pair of great stems!!

  • rosie

    girl is gorgeous. never heard of her, so i looked up the trailer for that movie. her accent seems so forced! i can’t believe she’s a texan!

  • She’s alright but very average looking (and I don’t say that often). She looks like she’d blend in at my university lectures.

    • neutra

      Too right! Maybe it’s an Australian thing? She looks like every other private school girl at my uni too!

      • hahahaha your comment made me laugh. Maybe it is an Australian thing 😛 There’s just a look about her that reminds me of most of the girls I see in my lectures and such. I often find them to be indistinguishable.

        • solaxia

          hey, are you guys from Aus too? Where abouts? I agree…i also thought she wasn’t very memorable looks wise. It’s just she has the ‘generic’ thing going on to me…and before anyone jumps on me it’s not because her hair is blonde! Ha ha. She has a ‘nice’ body but not something I would look twice at, and an ‘attractive’ face but also nothing that I would particularly remember. My god, i need to get a life. I just got a message on her saying “you are posting comments too fast-slow down!” ha ha maybe i’m becoming a little too obsessive…

          • @solaxia
            from Sydney
            you’re from western Australia aren’t you? i vaguely remember you saying it in a post haha.
            She does look generic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I often think that I’d be pretty indistinguishable amongst a bunch of other wog looking chicks hahaha. Not everyone can have a weird/interesting/strange look 😛

        • snoops

          I think she looks generic too, yes she’s pretty but in the “I see that girl a hundred times every day” kind of way, I moved to the UK in october and aussie’s stem back to the UK right? Lol. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with being generic pretty, its still pretty, but yeah I get your points.

          • solaxia

            Deanna- Yep I’m from WA…but i was born in Sydney (I LURVE Sydney). I guess you’re right. We all fit into some ‘category’ somewhere along the line! I’d be the same with a bunch of pale skinned, blue/green eyed, dark haired girls…or fake tanned depending on my mood =p

  • Katie
    • solaxia

      yep she does! And i have to say…i prefer the dark hair MUCH more on her! wow! I would actually call her really pretty in the pic u posted

  • neonilla

    I love her body she’s really hot.

  • nope

    She’s very pretty, whoever she is.

  • Grey

    She does nothing for me. Another shapeless bleached blonde with a plain face.

  • ladyb0sss

    wow. im just impressed on how good she looks now . she lost lots of weight. isnt she the girl from never back down? i like her legs. lol dissed her so much in never back down because i didnt get why theyd be fighting for an ugly girl. at least she looks good now i guess. well body wise anyway/

    • solaxia

      ha ha ha!

  • pixie

    Not sure who she is, but she has great legs. Like her hair too.

  • I like her body, I wish I had legs like that!

  • OK, SERIOUSLY JEALOUS! everythnig about this girl is bangin!

  • Ivory

    I think she’s stunning.

  • mel

    She is so gorgeous. Just perfection.

  • weird… she looked a lot… fuller in that movie never back down. i didn’t think she looked great in that but DAMN i wish i had her current body!

  • Katy

    hot but not beautiful. Nice body.

  • vanessa

    I like her hair but not the prettiest girl and not keen on her body either

  • Dani

    She’s very fit,I like her body a lot and also the outfit.I adore the boots and the bag…But even though her face is very pretty and almost angelical she annoys me…

  • annie

    what brand are her boots !????
    i want a pair of those

  • Aims

    Effin gorgeous. Perfect body type.