Amy Adams in a Bikini

amy-adams-in-a-bikini - Amy Adams in a Bikini

One of our readers mentioned that redhead beauty Amy Adams recently gained some weight – it is possible (she’s still slim & feminine though!), but I really think that these pictures are a combination of a few not-so-flattering factors:

1. the angle

2. her position

3. the way the light falls on her figure and on her white skin.

What do you say?

2 more pictures of Amy in a bikini after the jump!

amy-adams-in-a-bikini-2 - Amy Adams in a Bikini

amy-adams-in-a-bikini-3 - Amy Adams in a Bikini

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  • VK

    I dunno who she is so I couldn’t say whether she’s gained or not but she doesn’t look slim to me although I don’t think she’s fat either…somewhere in between me thinks.

  • me

    she is beautiful!!!ME FROM NORWAY….GO NORWAY<3

    • chiara*

      ow you are from norway?
      i loove alexander rybak! 🙂 he rocks! im very happy that he won the eurovision song contest this year! he totally deserved it! x

      • (:

        haha, i dont mean to make this a non-weight comment, but i agree! i adore him! he is so talented, cute and unique! you should be happy to have such a nice guy representing your country! (:

      • liisa

        you all must be kidding, he’s so lame, and that Eurovision song is like russian folklore, not that it’s a bad thing but i don’t need to hear it at every single radiostation… fortunately it will soon be forgotten. I think the last time Eurovision winner was something good was when Abba closed the deal 🙂 And no, i’m not from sweden, i’m from finland, so i’m not biased. Just had to comment that.

    • Rikke

      I’m from Denmark! .. Go Scandinavian!

      • Serafiina

        Yep! 🙂

  • Kelli

    Yeah, totally reminds me of a horrid bikini pic I have of myself. Definitely bad angle and the way the light and shadows fall over her body. She’ll probably be looking hot in her bikini in a different pic next week!

    Lighting can do evil things!

  • Elena

    Well, pretty bad lightning. She’s cute, not so toned, but it works… Anyway, who is she?

  • sara

    finally. she looks normal. at least someone does.

    • Amanda Pants

      I agree she looks very normal and normal looks good. I love her. She’s pretty and talented.

    • Audrey

      Average looking isn’t the same as normal.

  • Layla

    I think the unflattering pic is mostly bc of the lighting and angle. She has an average body and the above factors dont help her look her slimmest.

  • dennise

    im speechless.
    she was thin before, some can say too thin.
    but so much weight gained.. in such a short period time.

  • Grey

    I don’t think it’s the light or the angle. I saw other pics of her on another site and she looks just as big in all of them. Can’t we just accept that she’s stacked on the kgs?

    • Audrey

      well said.

  • Sarah

    She’s not toned, but I don’t think she looks bad. I think she always looks lovely.

    And as a fair skinned strawberry blonde myself, I love that she doesn’t do the fake tan nonsense.

    That man at her side is also VERY attractive!

  • becca

    she’s adorable either way!

  • blonde


  • ms_benes

    I’m not familiar with her but she is not toned at all, not fat but seems to be about 10 pounds overweight. Too thick in the middle and her legs are chunky too.

    • Lind

      You are seriously crazy if you think she is 10 lbs overweight! She looks healthy I think you need a reality check.

      • Audrey

        She probly is, cuz she’s been thinner before.

        People who thunk chunky legs are “healthy” are the ones that need reality checks- AKA most of the country, sadly.

  • DT

    Oh pleeeeze…… fat stomach, fat legs, no waist, no boobs, horrible suit….. Oh but she looks happy 🙂

  • Maryna

    Nothing wrong with this body :o)

  • Polly

    I just watched her movie “Sunshine Cleaning” and she looked fabulous in it! Off course they had the right lighting. Bad lighting and angles on pale skin can be horrid! But she just got engaged and she’s happy. She looks healthy and cute in my book.

  • Polly

    I just watched her movie “Sunshine Cleaning” and she looked fabulous in it! Of course they had the right lighting. Bad lighting and angles on pale skin can be horrid! But she just got engaged and she’s happy. She looks healthy and cute in my book.

  • julia

    I actually had never seen a bikini shot of her before- never pictured her body to be this way! not saying its good or bad, just pictured her body would be different than what she is, especially since the last movie i saw of her was enchanted where she looks so thin!

  • Kae

    I love her as an actress. As others have already stated, her body looks different from what I expected. I thought she was a lot thinner.

  • me

    yes ALEXANDER RYBAK rocks!!!hehe:)GO NORWAY

  • me

    “stefanie_walle” on google

  • Amy

    I’m sorry, but there is no way that is just bad angles or whatever. This girl has gained significant weight. I’m not saying she looks bad, or that she’s heavy or anything. But she HAS gained.

  • Brittany

    she’s a cute slim girl who’s body isn’t perfect…. oh well.

  • neonilla

    This woman is absolutely disgusting, honestly. ‘yuck’

  • Emmily

    Cute face, not so cute thighs.. And the pale look actually works for her. 🙂

  • lexii

    Wow! when was this picture taken cuz when I seen her in night at the museum, she was skinny. What happened to my blue eyed beauty? 🙂

  • Edward Cahill

    amy adams has nice legs

  • Ron Bauer

    I would love to see pictures of some of the people who are critical of her body appearance. Would love to see pix of their spouse also.

    • Audrey

      What does that have to do with anything? What, are you one of thos defensive fan-nazis that so hate hearing honest criticism (and true criticism) of this extremely average-looking lady that you pretend like the critics are only allowed to have opinions like this if they’re attractive enough (to you)? Wow, shallow much?

  • Eisha

    I think she looks likean average woman not too fat not too thin, yeah maybe lighting etc has something to do with it maybe not. Either way I think she is gorgeous and Im sure half the people who have previously commented arent perfect either, just because she is an actress doesnt mean she is going to please everone with her looks and this gives people the right to bag her flaws that we all attain?? Personally I dont think so.

  • Audrey

    Ugh. If you looked up “average looking” this photo would be right by the definition. I don’t get her hype at all. She’s extremely plain and gets by as a popular actor for being “cute” in movies and because she dyed her hair orange. She looks awful here, but it’s little to do with the angle.

  • Dick Stronghead

    I would go down on her in a heartbeat!

  • Emily

    Versus, what shape is Amy? She’s beautiful. I’m just curious.