Anja Rubik – Skinny in Dark Jeans

FFN_g_51007784 - Anja Rubik - Skinny in Dark Jeans

29 year-old model Anja Rubik was spotted while catching a flight in New York City the other day – and on this occasion, the catwalk beauty looked skinny in a dark outfit.

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FFN_g_51007781 - Anja Rubik - Skinny in Dark Jeans FFN_g_51007783 - Anja Rubik - Skinny in Dark Jeans  FFN_g_51007785 - Anja Rubik - Skinny in Dark Jeans FFN_g_51007788 - Anja Rubik - Skinny in Dark Jeans FFN_g_51007791 - Anja Rubik - Skinny in Dark Jeans FFN_g_51007792 - Anja Rubik - Skinny in Dark Jeans

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Gen

    She has a beautiful face, but those legs unsettle me.

    • Jill

      Lol I didn’t even notice her face!
      Just her tiny legs! Too thin.

  • Amy

    Damn, those are such skinny legs!

  • vanessa

    Mmmm I don’t like her look – much too skinny for my tastes.

  • ary

    she looks like a stork.

  • bbblah

    She’s a he.
    And I used to love him until i heard all the measures he goes through to stay thin and fit women’s sample sizes. It’s completely unhealthy. He’s not looking too good here. Not sure if he’s transgendered or not but you don’t need to be size 0 to be firces.

    • bbblah

      haha disregard that. I thought she was Andrej Pejic. My bad lol. She doesn’t look good though. too thin

      • vanessa

        Ha Ha – they do look kind of alike though 🙂

  • lc

    LOVE her! Anja is so fierce and gorge. Like this look too, I’d wear that.

  • Stace

    From some angles she’s really pretty, but from other’s she’s a bit plain. I guess we all have our good and bad sides : )

  • serena

    She looks like a lot of models, plain-faced and super skinny. But to be fair she’s not wearing makeup and most women are plain without makeup. She has nice skin and looks younger than 29. Nice skin and youthful looks go a long way in modeling.

    • Jenn

      Not trying to pick at your comment at all Serena, but what you said about most women look plain without makeup rubbed me the wrong way. I think that we’re just not used to seeing women without makeup, but that doesn’t mean that if a woman doesn’t wear it, she’s plain. Men don’t wear makeup. Do you think they look plain without it?

      I choose not to wear makeup, and women have always told me “if you wore some makeup, you would be a knockout”. I just think it’s unfair that a woman is only something special with makeup??? Again, not trying to pick at you, it’s just a pet peeve I have about society. Double standards about men and women.

      • CK

        i sooo agree,i mean i have no problems with make up or dressing up in general, like if you like it or in a mood today – go for it, but what i hate is a notion that for women wearing make up is as natural and necessary as the call of nature and you alw. must look polished “cos you’re a girl”. i mean some people just really don’t care or don’t like it. I also hate like more and more people nowadays seeing a girl with no make up and comfortably dressed but not dressed up (maybe even on a heavy side) in public and assume “well this one must have low self-esteem or not care of herself at all”, i mean c’mon, you can’t make such assumptions bout anyone, even a perfectly polished or overly dressed up/make up’d girl! besides for someone like me “taking care of oneself” is about basic stuff – how your skin and nails look like, is your hair (even if in a pony) clean, no split ends, signs of sort of haircut- that kinda stuff, we can see it even here sometimes girls are like “omg, she wears sweats everywhere! ew, like can’t you just like dress normally: her skin is sooo haggard and tired -cover up”,etc, we don’t even assume that he/she may plainly not like it. and honestly i wouldn’t see anything wrong with some celeb in a formal outfit on a formal event but without make up, though i hate dress codes in general but accept cos i know in some cases they’re necessary, he fact that make up is an unspoken part of a dress code is to me a discrimination.
        the worst is the fact that its unspoken, like its still “sort of a choice” (but not actually) if say a celeb doesn’t wear it to some formal event she’ll prob be asked bout “why no make up????”only and that’ll also be the only thing discussed(mostly criticized probably) next day, not the reason she was at the event (promote movie, charity, receive an award, etc)

      • serena

        I’m not saying all women need to wear makeup. I often go bare-faced myself and don’t care. I’m just pointing out that a lot of gorgeous models, when dressed down without makeup, are rather plain-Jane. Compare Anja Rubik’s professional photos to candids and you’ll see what I mean. And I’m not saying all women are plain without makeup – some are strikingly gorgeous but we know that’s rare. If that weren’t true makeup wouldn’t exist. As for men: In some animals the males are the beautiful ones and women are plain, like peacocks. But for humans the women are generally considered to be beautiful and the men more plain. You’re right that it’s a double-standard but due to physical differences I’m afraid it will always exist, even without cosmetic enhancement.

    • Ysatis

      I agree with you Serena. Nowadays many models are plain looking girls who are just lucky to be tall. For whatever reason the fickle fashion world will fall in love with one of these girls and make them a super model.

      Girls like Anja Rubic or Karlie Kloss will never be mainstream like Cindy or Naomi because they are not all that. I suppose that the trend will eventually change and we’ll see in a few years the comeback of more classic or sultry beauties.

  • Pixie

    Never heard of her before. Don’t like anything about the outfit, hair, or hat. 🙁

  • wonderwoman21

    She looks haggard; mostly because of her fried-straw hair but also her face looks aged beyond her years. Especially in pix 2 & 3.

  • Candy

    I think she looks great. Does she probably put effort into being this thin? Yes but that doesn’t make her unhealthy.

  • Circe

    I’d like for one day for some people who post on this site to think of how they would come off saying out loud what they say online. Is everyone aware they look at this site to try and make themselves feel more attractive by analyzing and scrutinizing “ideal bodies”? It’s no mystery, I’m not exempt but I try not to be vitriolic and remember that every picture on this site is a picture of a LIVING PERSON with a mother, a father, friends, and family. I hate this site and vow from now on to never look at it again.

    • Candy

      It would be fine of it wasn’t so personal and they had more sense of humor. Saying I don’t like so and sos body isn’t bad. Saying ” I hate her, she’s stupid because her body isn’t this or that” is just plain mean and uncalled for. People here literally get angry over peoples bodies and feel resentment.

    • Kay

      You might be right but I would rather you debate it, not declare it. Come back and back up your opinions lady!

    • serena

      Except in real life people discuss celebrity and models all the time. I have heard people make FAR meaner comments in real life about famous people than on this site. Personally I would have no problem saying any of my comments out loud. People are allowed to have opinions that are less than positive, even if it bursts your bubble of rainbows and sparkly unicorns.

      • serena

        But you do have a point that some people are way too harsh, especially since body shape and build are mostly due to genetics. If women got to choose how we look, you’d see a bunch of Adriana Lima’s walking around 🙂

    • Faidy

      I agree. The comments in this blog and in internet in general can be so rude and mean sometimes. People hide themselves behind anonymity and write things that they would never say in real life. Sometimes it is jealousy, personal failure, or just a bad day. But if I was a celebrity I would never take seriously what people are saying on the internet

    • Mia

      I agree that some of the comments are unnecessarily harsh and mean, BUT, most celebrities get paid to look good. It is literally their job to look a certain way. I teach for a living, and I am sure my students say stuff about me behind my back, and also more directly when they evaluate me at the end of the semester. Sometimes I am sure they say mean things about me, but guess what? It’s part of the job. I am paid to teach, therefore, I have to be subject to both criticism (sometimes harsh) and praise.

  • Sofia

    She has a beautiful face… but her legs look like twigs. Poor thing

  • deppfan

    She is definitely beautiful. Her face has nice features prominent cheekbones big eyes small jaw small nose. But bodywise she isn’t attractive she needs to gain at least 8 pounds.

  • Liz

    Not digging the hat and baggy sweater combo. That plus the stringy hair makes her look like a scarecrow or John Phillips from Mamas and Papas.

  • Aafje

    I don’t find her face very appealing. I’ve never used the term “average” that everyone throws around here but facially I definitely think she is. She probably looks completely different in fashion makeup though…but so would most people…

    Not calling her body average though. Not that I can really see it through that sweater lol

  • Miss x

    For a model off duty her outfit is very boring and plain. I wouldn’t wear it.

  • girl21

    She is one of the models where if I would see her walking down the street I would instantly think she was a runway model.
    She has great skin and that statuesque physic of a model, her hair just looks unhealthy, but it must be hard to keep it looking nice with it being styled every day!

  • hanan

    SCARY skinny

    • jenna

      I second that.

  • annemarie

    Great legs but her face is nothing special. There’re lots of less famous models who have not only great legs but also a much more interesting physique. So for me, Anja is just meh.

  • Miki

    Fashion weeks are about to begin, I’ve noticed that it’s normal for models (even the most skinniest ones) to lose even more weight in this period. Anja has always been skinny and in these days she’s getting even skinnier and skinnier… Anyway, I love her and I think she’s one of the greatest models of all times.

  • hanne

    this is what models look like in real life. Death. On the runway…not so much. I don’t know how she stays this small year after year it can’t be natural it just can’t

    • Debbs

      She is thin but I would not say she looks like “death.” Her skin appears to be glowing and she looks happy.

    • Stephanie

      Now that’s a ridiculous description for a body type hahah

  • sasha

    Super skinny, but her face looks good, not scary skinny. She might be naturally skinny then.

    • Ysatis

      No one is naturally that skinny. She has lost a lot of weight like most models. If you think she’s very skinny on picture than it is even worse in real life.

  • Sienna

    Legs way too skinny! I mean I love slim legs and loathe short thick big calves legs but there is a medium ground and this is not it. Honestly she has a pretty feminine face but that body does not say ‘femininity’ at all.

    • cinnamon

      Dont mean to offend anyone, but in the second and third picture her legs look way too skinny. Scary.

    • Zoe

      “She has a pretty feminine face but that body does not say ‘femininity’ at all.” I don’t think her body says ‘masculinity’ either to be honest. :/

  • neutra

    She’s the kind of girl females who love fashion appreciate. ..That’s it. I love the way she wears couture…. but I’d never, ever want to look like her, and I don’t know a single male aside from perhaps removed* that would want to hit that.

  • Jacky Daniels

    never mind shes too skinny she really look like andrej pejić!

  • Jacky Daniels

    *looks like. not tring to be mean but andrej is more attractive.

  • Jacky Daniels

    *trying lol 🙂

  • Adele

    I like skinny legs, but this is just too much. I’ve never liked Anja anyways, I just don’t see what’s so special about her. There are so many much more interesting faces out there.

  • artemis

    meh looking and bad stick-skinny legs

  • Debbs

    I wouldn’t want to be that thin, but it suits her. She has a lovely face.

  • Nicole

    She confuses me. Sometimes I’ll see her and be blown away by her beauty…other times I’m just wtf am I looking at. I don’t know how I feel about her.

  • Adriana

    Some people are obsessed with thin waists, im obsessed with thin legs so I absoutely adore Anja.
    Im not all that fussed with thin arms or thin waists but thin legs are a must for me to find a figure attractive.
    Whenever I check out someones body my eyes go straight to their legs and if they are not skinny then I don’t find ir figure attractive.
    I do have 2 preferences for legs though, lean and moderately muscular or just plain skinny as in lean and low muscle mass. Anja has the latter.
    Anja’s legs are as thin as I would want or find attractive though.
    They seem to suit her narrow, petite bone structure so I think it is natural for her to have these legs.
    She might put in a little effort to remain this thin but I bet it’s not much.
    Alot of runway models have good metabolims from what I know and have heard.

  • I think she’s too thin – her legs are especially discomforting – and I find her face gaunt and just not pretty. Who knows if she is ‘naturally’ this thin or not, but I don’t find her look appealing regardless.

    • Junior

      Same. I do not think her face is in the least bit attractive at all. Maybe too much androgyny for me? I typically like faces that are more “conventionally” pretty….

  • roonie

    She’s beautiful and a great model. Not to be offensive but I’d rather see her on the catwalk than someone like Kate Upton. Love her hat as well!!

  • PinkLadi

    the word scarecrow comes to mind when i look at these pics. i never found her face to be particularly pretty, even when she’s all dolled up. Don’t like her legs either, would look better with some added muscle, but i know she is pretty much the body ideal for high fashion.

  • kateuk

    She looks like a younger version of Ulrika Johnson (British TV presenter).

    • Ysatis

      Harsh lol

      • kateuk

        Harsh to who? Ulrika used to be quite good looking in her younger days.

  • Nikki

    She photographs beautifully for editorials and the like, but in candid shots she just looks skeletal.

  • Ozzgee

    She is too skinny but at least it is not so apparent in her face.
    By the way do you now which brand are her boots? I always see them on models and love them! Please help!

  • vanessa

    way too skinny. how do people get their legs that skinny. no upper thighs. =) other than that she has a cute face.

  • JaneParker

    Her legs are way too skinny for my taste. Probably the rest of her too, but the baggy sweater is hiding it. Lean legs yes, hers look like sticks to me. I also can’t believe she’s naturally this skinny. I have no problems believing that some people are naturally thin, but this is too much. Not trying to start a debate, I just can’t believe this is natural – as in eating 1800 cal and working out some, and staying like this. No way. She has the type of face that can look amazing with the right make up, I like that, but that’s about it.

  • Stephanie

    She’s so fierce. Love the outfit.

  • megs362

    Not going to lie – if body transplants were possible I would mortgage my house to look like her. As it is, I know that my legs will never, ever, EVER be that thin so I’m not going to brutalise my body to try and get them that way.

    She must do no exercise at all to have such tiny quads.

  • alaska

    i would love to have legs that thin.

  • Jacky Daniels

    if she were fatter she would look like samantha brick. cant understand why shes famous.

    • Lisa

      Brick’s gonna write about you in the paper tomorrow. 😉

  • anonymous

    Pretty face, but too skinny.

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