Anna Faris Shows Her Great Figure in GQ

anna-faris-shows-her-great-figure-in-gq - Anna Faris Shows Her Great Figure in GQ

A while ago, I posted some pics of Anna wearing a tight dress with horizontal stripes – and some of you seemed to really like her figure. If you’re one of them, you’re gonna love these pics from GQ, where blonde Anna is a perfect combination of cuteness and hotness, wrapped in a slim and toned body.

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anna-faris-shows-her-great-figure-in-gq-2 - Anna Faris Shows Her Great Figure in GQ

anna-faris-shows-her-great-figure-in-gq-3 - Anna Faris Shows Her Great Figure in GQ

anna-faris-shows-her-great-figure-in-gq-4 - Anna Faris Shows Her Great Figure in GQ

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  • Estelle


    And she’s got a pretty sexy body. I bet guys love her body.

  • VK

    Really nice bum and waist.

  • pOtAtO

    she got a really nice body!

  • e

    My absolute new workout inspiration. She truly has an amazing body and so cute!

  • anonymous

    Cute, she has those little dents just above her butt 🙂 Very nice, I like the way she looks.

  • salma’ben

    i think the 1st pic is waaaaaaay vulgar sorry guys !

  • Looola

    Are you kidding??? The first pic is the best! She is very pretty and her body is amazing!

  • CountryGal777

    Simply gorgeous! I love her body! She looks very toned and healthy. The first picture reminds me of the old Britney Spears!! The first and last pic are my favs!!

  • jenni

    great body!

  • I love her! She is hilarious and her body is awesome!

  • Elena

    I subscribe! She’s so cute and so damn hot at the same time! Great body!

  • B.

    JESUS! she looks amazing.

  • Tomiteru

    I think she looks a little trashy in the last picture, but her body IS great.

  • michelle

    kinda slutty pictures (first and last…) but she still has a hella great body.

  • Lola

    love the butt cleavage

  • brittany

    she looks amazing in all pictures! i want her bum!

  • I love her.. she’s a great comedic Actress.. her figure is like.. wow! Is she a slim Hourglass, Versus?

    • Versus

      Hmm… I looked at a lot of pics and in most of them, her shoulders seem wider than her hips – which would make her a V shape. Also, her bust is big, her neck is quite short and you can notice that her arms tend to gain weight, while her legs are very thin all the time. So I’ll say V shape, but it’s never truly obvious when the girl is so slim… of course she looks different here cause it’s a magazine, but check bikini pics.
      She looked V shaped in House of Bunny, too – she does have a great figure so I’ll say that she’s a perfect proof that all body types can be equally attractive.

  • paula


  • Jadey

    i crnt really see much just an ass crack on the 1st pic

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