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  • gabby

    She really needs to change up that hairstyle!
    On another note, she has great legs!!

  • Tia

    Something about her is just incredibly unlikeable. IDK what it is because she’s basically a clone of a dozen other pop “musicians” but there’s just something about Ariana that rubs me the wrong way

  • Kels

    i feel like if you saw her in real life she would be scary skinny. it just looks like you could squish her she’s so tiny. but i agree with everyone else, it would be nice to see a different look on her. at least she isn’t wearing high boots with this outfit.

  • Snugglepup

    Obviously she’s very attractive, has very cute face, lots of hair and lashes, and has a cute little body. Her expression is always that wide eyed deer in the headlights – look and it makes her seem even younger than she is. It’s quite grotesque to see someone who looks like a 14 year old to do such sexually loaded things. It’s not her fault at all, but you have to see what work for you and what maybe not….

    • Yes, it is her fault, you can’t change your body type obviously but she definetely lost A LOT of weight and that’s one of the reasons she looks so childlike, she chooses to wear all those girly girly puffy dresses and skirts all the time that make her look like a 9 year old, and by the way, I used to wear my hair like that when I was that age (or younger) plus, do you think she doesn’t know how she looks like when she makes those innocent looking facial expressions? Really? This is all manufactured and planned, a lot of guys just loveee the sexy yet very innocent looking litthe girl, the “Lolita” type, so much that there’s a huge market of that in PORN, however she still manages to gain a big fan base of kids and teenage girls which represents a very lucrative market, finally, people that aren’t a part of any of those groups and think is weird or whatever are still talking about her and watching her videos, there’s notthing random about the way she looks.

  • niknikky

    Nice face, great voice, but I’m tired of that freaking ponytail. And to echo what others have said – that dear in the headlights look is annoying AF, and makes even even more confused as to why they’re force feeding this sex kitten image from her, what with the thigh high boots and onesies.

  • Kugeni

    I have no idea who this girl is but she absolutley doesn’t seem to be happy being where she is and doing what she does. Just look at her facial expressions. She appears insecure and like a robot.

  • Stacey

    She seems like a prime example of a “manufactured” pop star, which maybe is why she always looks like a deer in the headlights/ terrified, because it doesn’t mesh with who she actually is (and also is probably why she gets so much hate). She is an attractive girl and actually seems like a good singer but her overall “look” is so contrived; the weird outfits, the over the top hair it kind of ruins it for me, seems like she has zero personality. Also I know she said she had to wear her hair like this BUT I can’t believe her hair is still that damaged and she could tone down the extensions.

  • Amélie

    She looks about 12…

  • lc

    Cute girl, don’t like her hairdo though.

  • She looks so cute and I love her body. If someone asked me how old she is, I’d say 18 max haha.

  • Cami

    She has a nice figure but she looks way too small for an adult, I just think it’s odd, she looks like a 13 year old.

  • Taylor

    She looks WAY too thin for her frame. I’m surprised more people aren’t bothered by this, especially since she’s seen as a “role model.”

  • Eve

    I don’t know a lot about that girl since in Europe is almost uknown especially to 20+ages, but has beautiful face like a doll and body! But looks boring too! She is like trying to copy Selena Gomez, or something like that! She has to change hairstyle! Every time the same! Why?!?!

  • I think because she looks so young she’s trying to be so sexy to look older? I think she’s overdoing it tbf & it makes me very uncomfortable

  • Agatha

    How old is she? She looks like a child playing with her moms clothes and make up.

  • cameron

    I would have a headache always if I wore my hair up as often as Ariana.

  • Kate

    she had an instagram post about her hairstyle. she said she uses so many hair extensions and put it in that style because her real hair is severely damaged from having to be bleached to achieve the red for her show. it’s the only style that looks good w her extensions and damaged hair at the moment

    • JN1976

      I’m not a colourist but I’m pretty sure you don’t use bleach to achieve red…
      Hair extensions will kill your hair alone

      • Kay

        Actually you can. You bleach the hair so it’s lighter, that way when you dye it red it’s brighter and more vibrant

        • JN1976

          Ok…I hear ya, but how long ago was her hair that cartoony kinda red, a while ago, no?

  • Tonyee

    I feel like im looking at pictures of a 14 year old :-/…

  • Ellia

    Don’t know her music, but she has a very sweet face. Looks like Jessica Alba with a dash of Cheryl Cole. The outfit does seem to be a bit much for 8:00 in the morning…

  • Faith

    Yeah I heard some shitty things about her too plus her interviews just rub me the wrong way as well.

  • ar

    Yeah I get what you mean when you say that she probably looks young ..because I have that problem too , I have a small and slightly round face and I’m short and skinny
    But I don’t think that’s what’s going on here ..because she’s making sure she looks like a little girl all the time! Her expressions, those perpetually surprised and lightened eyebrows , the weight loss, the hair…All of that makes her look younger.
    She didn’t look this young a couple years ago , there are bikini pictures of her where she looks like a healthy young woman, but these pictures make me feel like she’s still a child star..It’s very weird …she does look incredibly adorable most times (with her new baby face look) but here I feel like a pedophile looking at her -_-” and she’s MY age !

  • xAJAx

    Or maybe, just maybe, she’s just tiny herself. She has never been bigger.
    Hollywood size 0… Oh gosh, not every girl out there is blessed with natural prosperous curves, some of us are really skinny and can’t help it! We are sorry!

  • hjdshjkad

    cute little body. she’s pretty.