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  • Her body looks nice but she always looks so trashy.

  • Mootch

    I’m having a hard time keeping all those big boobs sqeezed in tiny bikini’s apart…

  • snoops

    meh, very unexciting look. Fake blonde with fake tits, seen it all before, yawn.

    • k.

      completely agree.

  • Kate

    HOT but the boobs are a bit OTT.

    Guys in the background seem to be enjoying the view : D

  • b

    I like it! Better than I thought it was.

    • Golden Girl

      who you thought it was?

  • Golden Girl

    Weird belly! Hideous fake boobs… awful hair…

  • saribird

    i thought it was heidi montag..

    • jenna

      double the fake boobs and it is heidi montag!!!

  • she should go to a colorist and do a proper dying job and stop doing it herself.

    • Golden Girl

      I agree.

      • Golden Girl

        And I wonder what’s her natural hair color. Does anyone knows?

        • i’ve seen younger pictures of her and her natural hair color is dark brown.

  • super_kittycat

    i think it’s dark brown

  • dave

    Hair looks like a cheap wig – everything else is ok though.

  • a

    she’ll probably get butt implants next.

  • Dr. Truth

    I have never found this girl attractive and probably never will. I wonder if she’ll ever come to her senses and get rid of that ugly, fake blonde hair. She obviously doesn’t have a clue as to how unflattering it is on her.

    • Kae

      Agreed. This look is so boring and generic.

  • Jemima

    I don’t think the blonde hair looks that bad, it’s the god awful tan that’s paired with it.
    I think she has a decent body, even with the fake boobs (I mean come on, she was a Playboy Bunny, it really shouldn’t be that off putting.)

  • Annette

    Well, that’s definitely an “eye-catching” look, but that’s it! Nothing more! Personally, I think she would look 10 times hotter if she had smaller implants (her hips ain’t no that wide) and more natural hair colour.

  • Polly

    She looks like an ad in a magazine in the third picture. Also, a side note: I hate big fake boobs. UGH!

  • liz

    She’d look so much better with a more natural look–a hair color that’s not so obviously fake and implants that don’t look as if they’re about to burst.

  • Stella

    Her tummy is not as taught as I expected and the boobs are over the top. However, I don’t think true “girl next door” is exactly the look she’s going for.

  • Thats because she is trashy.

  • Deyla

    She has such a pretty face (and body)!!! She’s adorable! X-)))

  • I know she gained a while ago, but yikes, she definitely hasn’t lost it. I thought it was Kim Kardashian 😐

  • I had no idea!
    I’ve heard her name before, at most.
    Not liking what I see now. =(

  • RAchel

    She get’s uglier each time, before you know it she’ll be as washed up as pamela.

    Anyways VS! You know what you should do? Like incorporate a poll somehow with these games 🙂 and that you have to take the poll before you can see the answer. That way, it’ll be funny to see how many people guessed wrong and how many guessed right ;D But the poll does have to have more than for instance 3 names, about 10 or so. Yes? No? haha

  • Katy

    Without the fake boobs she’d look so nice! Apart from them her body is hot

  • Hot!!!

  • Brittsky

    I think she’s pretty!

  • rebecca judes

    she doesnt look fat but shes not as toned as she use to be on the girls next door

  • madeleine

    i think there comes a time in life when you can’t pull off white blonde hair anymore, when it begins to look trashy and tacky….She has long passed this time.
    she has a cute face, stop ruining it with all the fakeness!

  • Kt

    yeah she’s trashy and fake but I still think she’s pretty and has a great figure!

  • dani

    I think she is hot…i like her smile her body …even her boobs they aren’t so big and they go perfect with her body because she’s not that skinny.I don’t like her nose though it’s too sharp.

  • anabel

    Yawn…women like her are so boring to me…Her public personality, her fame and existence are based on appealing to men, sexually, or even pleasing them, like she did that old chauvinist Hef.
    Her body is nice, minus the fake boobs, but I don’t care about fake “beauty”.

  • Jo

    I’m sorry but her body and boobs do not appeal to me.

  • i knew it! i know holly anywhere. she is everywhere, so many pics, self promotion. E! loves her.

  • elena

    fake beauty but very nice&sexy body….

  • Lisa

    lol at the picture of her in the pool with the popsicle. She and Bridget from GND are too old for this coy, little girl image. It was never even cute to begin with. Don’t even get me started on Kendra.

  • solaxia

    knew it! though the slight weight gain threw me off…but i have to say she looks a million times better than she did! i think she was too thin back then….now she looks toned yet soft. perfect combo. and the boobs almost look natural (apart from the size) but they dont look so bolt on…i think the weight softened it

  • i would have worn a bigger bikini and one that probably had underwire

  • fl4isa

    nothing but a nasty lookin’ plastic tramp!!! i hate when plastic and photoshopped bimbos selling themselves as a “beautiful women”!!!

    • i agree with you and i dont see the point in cosmetic surgery because once your old its gonna look like crap

  • the weight gain makes her body softer which i kind of like!!!

  • Cara

    Her thighs SUCK!

  • versus what body shape is she?
    my torso is very similar to hers but narrower with a much more defined waist and i’ve never quite been able to figure out my shape

    • Versus

      I think she is a vase – however, her boobs are fake, so I shouldn’t take them in consideration.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks good. Sure, her boobs and hair are fake… im not into that. But other parts of her body are fine and healthy.