Bikini Treat: Maria Menounos

FP_6422063_Manunos_Maria_BRJ_1231101 - Bikini Treat: Maria Menounos

Let’s enjoy a bikini treat on a lazy Sunday: 32 year-old Maria Menounos, who had fun on the beach in Miami.

Yet another example of a beautiful pear shaped figure!

FP_6421713_Manunos_Maria_BRJ_123110 - Bikini Treat: Maria Menounos

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FP_6421709_Manunos_Maria_BRJ_123110 - Bikini Treat: Maria Menounos

FP_6421712_Manunos_Maria_BRJ_123110 - Bikini Treat: Maria Menounos

FP_6421716_Manunos_Maria_BRJ_123110 - Bikini Treat: Maria Menounos

FP_6421719_Manunos_Maria_BRJ_123110 - Bikini Treat: Maria Menounos

FP_6422061_Manunos_Maria_BRJ_123110 - Bikini Treat: Maria Menounos

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  • cole

    She’s got a nice sexy body! One of the best ones i’ve seen. Perfect 10 out of 10 ratio. Beautiful hour glass shape.

    but she looks like she’s afraid her bikini bottom is going to fall off! I guess she’s too skinny for her bikini?

    • jenny

      as it says in the text above she’s a pear shape.. not hour glass shape..

      • Alyssa

        Yes, most definitely a pear shape, a lovely figure, she has! Perfect shape for all sorts of clothes, imo

  • her

    I am not a fan of her body shape, but she seems to be in a good shape for her body shape.

    • Angela

      I totally agree with you her

  • I love her body she’s got a really nice waist hip ratio. It’s beautiful a small defined waist then a a curvy hip and nice legs and boob could be a lil more but then again not too much more, i’d say it’s perfect.

    Really slender yet toned yet not too skinny i really this her body is just so great! damn! wow! Perfection

  • skinnyme??

    I would hate to have her body. she looks so thin from the waist up and not so thin from the waist down. I know she is a pear and nothing she can do.

    • Michelle

      Gorgeous! Would Love/Kill to have her Body !

      • Calro

        Me too, I am a skinny pear but I would love to be a bit more curvy in all the right places like her and still maintain that flat tummy she’s sporting, lucky woman! A lot of men would love this shape!

        • curvesrule

          @Cairo…….DEFINITELY!!!! Most men do in fact love this shape. This woman is extremely sexy.

          • Marcus

            This man certainly does πŸ™‚

      • Rebecca

        i second that

    • Kate1st

      My body is basically the same size/shape as hers and used to have a love/hate relationship with it, but now I make the most of it and have actually quite grown to like it!

      • Kimberly

        Good for you! If you have a body like hers, you are lucky I think.

      • mel

        Wow you must have a good body then!

        • Kate1st

          Thanks guys x

      • Anne

        omg ya! i have the same exact body as her, but my legs are thinner, and my hips are a bit smaller but im like her basically, i have a love hate relationship with my hips too, like its hard finding jeans cuz my legs are thin but when i zip it up its hard, but other than that it could be a plus to have hips especialy when your stomach is flat

        • Mackenzie

          ur sooo lucky!!! i wish i was a pear. instead i’m an apple. πŸ™

          • Anne

            its ok, sometimes i wish i was an apple, and i think about how lucky apples are that there able to wear skinny jeans without having huge hips and all the advantages, dont worry theres pros and cons to every figure

          • Hm, every shape has its issues, especially to their owners, hehe. Well, I bet you’ve never had a hard time buying clothes, since loose tops and shorts or skinny jeans are always in, and you can pull’em off greatly.

      • Calro

        You are so lucky, I showed my bf her pic because I thought she has such a fantastic figure and he was drooling!

      • CurvesRule

        @Kate1st – If you look like Maria……damn. Where do you live. How can I get in touch with you. πŸ™‚

        Just kidding of course. But you are blessed. Cherish your curves.

    • Victoria

      You really have a problem with hips don’t you lol? Well. I think she has a kick ass body and would love to look that way in a bikini. Differing opinions I suppose…

    • holly

      I have the same shape its not that we have big hips its that our rib cage is small so it gives that illusion. My hips measure out to be normal while on top when i measure for like bras they never have bands small enough and also im probly a D cup so thats also annoying with a small ribcage and big boobs.

  • Hazal

    I have a body very similiar to her’s! Glad to see a pear shape who is confident in her body. Unfortunately I’m not πŸ™ I always try to cover by butt and thighs with long cardigans and tunics. But most of the time I wear dresses which define my waist and are wider on my butt/thigh area.

    • Kate1st

      Me too, but I do try to embrace it!

      • Alyssa

        yes, if you had a straight waist, and more slender hips/thighs, you’d miss your little defined waist

    • Mello

      Me too, the exception being that I have no breasts at all which is a huge difference… on earth did she get breasts being the pear she is? They look real…..if I could get implants that looked real I would definitely go for it. hmmm

      • artemis


        • Calro

          Me three! I didn’t get the boobs part either πŸ™

    • If you came to Brazil, you’d see how likeable your body is. Having a small wth ratio and thick thighs is winning the hotness lottery around here, haha!

      • Hazal

        I would love to visit Brazil some day πŸ™‚

    • CurvesRule

      @Hazal – If you have a body like Maria you would definitely have my attention as you walked by, and I’d definitely be interested. I am sure you get a lot of attention from guys. I am a guy by the way.

      Don’t let the anti-curve crew in the media and on this site get to you. Long skinny legs, narrower hips, flatter butts basically take the “wow factor” away from the female body.

      CHERISH YOUR CURVES, and know that when you walk through the mall or the club in those well filled out jeans or mini dress, that there are a lot of guys thinking…”damn, that is a beautiful body”. And yes ladies, I know that you are not placed on this earth to simply please men. Just giving the male perspective. Ignore the women who want to take that away from you by telling you that you somehow unhealthy just because you are sexier than they are.

      • Hazal

        Thanks for this kind comment!

        • CurverRule

          You are most welcome.

          @Evie, can’t wait to go to Brazil in 2014 for the world cup. Not only will I be watching the soccer, but also the many gorgeous curvy women that Brazil is famous for.

    • mel

      She is not overweight at all, so stop trying to cover your butt/thighs. As long as you don’t wear like skintight latex pants (which is a look I see on far too many girls at the mall), it should all be fine! Be proud of your body πŸ™‚ My sister has a similar shape and she looks great in clothes although she might be thinner (5’7″ and 125).

      @CurvesRule, when did anyone say she was unhealthy? But you can’t assume that the girls who do say that are doing that out of jealousy.

      • curvesrule

        Mel, no one pointed the finger directly at her, but that is the message that a girl like Hazal will get when she reads comments that assert that thinner/slimmer/straighter = healthy. Those kinds of comments are repeated regularly here. And obviously not all of them are jealous of the attention that curvy women get, it’s just a personal preference. But you can’t tell me that those jealous haters don’t exist.

  • selena

    @ versus

    Is she a pear ?

    • Versus

      lol you guys don’t read my posts πŸ™‚
      Yes, she is a pear.

      • Valerie

        Question.. is it possible to be a pear (have bigger thighs in proportion to the rest of body) but have no bum? I’m just wondering this because my thighs are a little big, but I have no bum and a fairly flat stomach.. and I do have boobs – so i’m not exclusively “bottom heavy”. My measurements are 32-25-33 .. not quite sure if I am a hourglass/vase or pear?

        • Bonnie

          You are a rectangle – your weight is evenly distributed. To be a technical ‘hourglass’ you need to have 10″ or more difference between waist and full hip and/or bust measurement.

          • Valerie

            Hmm that’s surprising! I find it hard to think of myself as a rectangle because I do have boobs and a defined waist. I wonder if height/weight come into play with determining body shapes.. because I’m short (5ft) I probably look ‘curvier’ than someone with the same measurements that’s 5’10.

            Are there measurements for skittle, vase or those ‘lesser known’ body shapes?

        • Versus

          I don’t think you are a very obvious pear – more like a ruler shape. Pears have a waist-hip ratio of 70% tops and yours is 75%, you might be a small pear, but most likely a combination. But yes, it’s totally possible to have a flat booty and to be a pear, skittles are the ones that have a bigger booty usually.

          • Versus

            Valerie, rulers have waist definition, no one is straight up and down, don’t worry. Most models are rulers, for example. They have soft curves as well, but they aren’t dramatically 8-like, just subtly so.

          • Valerie

            Thanks Versus. I was thinking rectangle – Cameron Diaz at one point, and that is so not like me! lol

          • Kate1st

            Valerie, perhaps you are a vase? Sort of between hourglass and rectangle shape. Not enough curves for hourglass, not straight enough for rectangle shape. Basically a slim figure with subtle curves.

          • Faith

            Verus what would my body shape be, my measurments are 37.5, 24.5, 35.6/36 I have a short waist and longer legs than my torso but I am only about 5″4. Am I hourglass?

          • Your body sounds hot faith

          • Versus

            @ Faith, from the info you gave me, it is very possible to be an hourglass. Your bust-waist-hip ratio indicates so.

          • Versus

            @ Valerie, Cameron Diaz is a V-shape, not a ruler. I would say Doutzen Kroes is a ruler… and Bar Refaeli a vase. Do you resemble them?

          • Doutzen Kroes a ruler? I always thought of her as resembling a skittle because of her thighs and booty. Maybe she’s a skittle/ruler combo?

    • Anne

      no shit! lolz

  • sara

    i usually don’t like the pear shape but she looks amazing !! love her body

  • Evelina

    I think her Body IS Absolutley Beautiful! Super Femminine Super Slender Super Toned! Pretty Much Sums it up For PERFECT!

  • woopidoo

    i thought she was audrina patridge lol

    • Polly

      I thought she looked like Audrina ,too! But I read the post so I knew it wasn’t her. I don’t know if she’s strictly dieting to stay this thin, her upper half is skinnny.

      • Rebecca

        I a pear too, and my upper half can be quite thin without much work. It’s my lower body that takes work. It seems that a lot of times when pear shapes get their bottom half lean and fit, their top half get a bit too slim.

        • Yes, I have a friend who’s pear shaped and she hated having bigger thighs (even though her thighs could hardly be called big anyway) so she dieted and exercised to extremes in an attempt to slim her thighs and they stayed the exact same size whilst her upper body got even tinier and bonier. Her body looked much more balanced before she did the extreme dieting and exercise.

    • Mia

      me too! and by the way I’ve read that she used to be 20 pounds heavier in college,so who knows what lengths she goes to in order to maintain her current size…most people’s metabolism slows down with age.

    • vanessa

      I thought that too

  • Maggie

    this is a typical example of a feminine figure carrying most of the weight in the lower part. Perfect body!

  • Kiki

    Looks like the bikini doesn’t fit properly. Hot body though

  • artemis

    wow nice πŸ˜€

  • megan

    She’s stunning and her body is perfection!

  • Casey

    She has a beautiful figure! I am surprised by the fact that sometimes it seems like pear is used as a negative adjective. She is a pear, but I think her body looks really good. I can see how her body is a little disproportioned, but at the same time, it’s not really a flaw…at least not in her case. It’s just an objective fact.

    I think her stomach is her best feature. I think flat stomachs without being super ripped look really nice on women.

    • Kimberly

      Yes! Agreed! Why do some people hate pears so much? It’s beyond ridiculous. I think she looks great.

      • Anne

        i think people hate pears because theyre used to these images of photoshopped women with no hips, and most girls are apple shaped, and they feel angry that the pear is seen as a good thing, its like a flat chested woman being angry that a busty woman is getting attention and going “whats so special about big boobs it looks nasty”

        • Nina

          LOL, judging by your defensive attitude you must be a pear. I am a vase and I don’t like her lower body. I prefer my shape to hers. I actually have a MORE defined waist than her but smaller thighs. Her thighs just look very sloppy to me but I love her upper body. She has a decent body but I wouldn’t call it great. Legs are a really important feature to me and I don’t like hers.

          Actually my mother is apple shaped and my father’s side is all pear shaped and my mother would always talk about how nice their bodies were. I actually think many apple shapes appreciate pears.

          • Kimberly

            I’m a vase but I do like her body. Every body type has it’s drawbacks and with some pears, they carry more fat in their legs. But their top halves tend to be very pleasing to the eye. They tend to have better WHRs than any other body type. I wish I had her toned arms and waist. Good for her!

          • Anne

            yes i am a pear, and im not being defense im just telling you how i feel, im not saying pears are the best shape in the world, thats just opinions

        • snoops

          most girls are apple? No way! Pear definately (at least the ones I see).

          Anyway I think the reason “pear” is sometimes used negatively (not on this site though you will find) is coz so many of us can relate to the shape – we want smaller thighs and a more easy-to-tone bottom half and to fit in jeans better.

          • leonore

            Very well said and the comment about the boobs was ridiculous.And yeah, i have small boobs and am ok with it.

        • mel

          What? Just because I’m small-chested and not a pear-shape doesn’t mean I get angry at busty, pear-shaped women!! Most girls are not apple shaped, most girls are rectangles! I’m a lollipop/vase, and I have no issue with pears being seen as a good thing! And just because I don’t like it as much as the lollipop, ruler, or hourglass, doesn’t mean I’m spiteful because it’s getting more attention than my own body shape.

      • Ashes

        It seems to me that pear shaped-figures get a lot of love on this site.

  • Eileen

    I’ve met her in person! She’s Absolutley Stunning! Teeny Tiny as Well! She has a very Fragile Frame/Build Very Genuinely Nice Warm Also!

  • Cristina

    Stunning; love her abs!

  • just disappear

    she looks gorgeous happy and normal weighted.

    not that fit though. but heck not everyone can be 100% fit all the time,

  • Ok

    If you EVER said any other body shop freaking pear was beautiful I’d be less irritated…but you don’t. I’ve been visiting this site for a while and never see it. Celebrate all women, because there are so many different body types out there.

    • Kimberly

      Quite a few bodies featured on here are ruler or apple shaped.

  • Ok

    *besides not shop haha. Just kind of gets to me….I don’t have thicker thighs, thin legs run inmy family, guess I’m not feminine! O noz!

    • Mia

      i’m confused, who said that having thin legs is not feminine? 99% of fashion models, super models and sexpot actresses have thin legs….If anything, most people see thin legs as extremely feminine. Just because people are admiring a pear shape doesn’t mean they are putting down other shapes…not everything is black and white.

      • mel

        Well now they are … according to some posters here, thin legs aren’t feminine?

    • mel

      No, a lot of guys like Blake Lively, Charlize Theron, or Cameron Diaz’s legs, and they all have thin legs. Scarlett Johansson is often seen as very feminine and she does not have thick legs.

      • Clare

        i sure think thin long legs are verrrry feminine! you always here about wanting long sexy legs on women.

        • CurvesRule

          @Clare – You always here about wanting long sexy legs on women from the fashion industry and those who follow it religiously.

          • Clare

            i was just saying how long thin legs can be womanly to, just coming from a girl with a curvy shape and a lil’ meat on her thighs. I’ve even been told i have sexy legs b4, so i think lean legs and legs with a little bit of a softer look can be sexy. However not really overly toned like chicken legs and overly large thighs. Maria looks just fine though!

          • mel

            I agree with you Clare. Think about it – none of the pinups had runway thin legs, but they certainly did not have chunky thighs either. Long, definitely, and thin – to a certain extent. I’ve also heard guys (who were certainly not part of the fashion industry) say they like long, slim, sexy legs.

          • Clare

            Mel, exactly. I do not have looooong very thin legs, but they are toned, soft, and look great with a pair of heels on. Sure they could use some toning but not too much. I would say my legs are womanly, but theres no doubt that a man might like some one with longer toner legs better, but not too tone where it appears bony. Theres a balance with every figure and you just gotta find it! This also doesnt mean that

          • Clare

            whoops! scratch tht last incomplete sentence!

          • solaxia

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Perfection is subjective. I know men and women who prefer long legs however with a good amount of meat on them. I also know men and women who like long, thin legs. I know men and women who don’t care about the length but want good shape and muscle. So really there is no one ideal. People need to realise this. There may be an ideal for the fashion industry, but there are also different ideals for commercial modelling or swimsuit modelling, or for dancers or for individuals. Just be proud of what you’ve got!

            Please, for the love of God, stop saying it under everyone’s post. In all these comments, people are saying what they like, what they’ve heard other women like, what they’ve heard other men like, what the fashion industry likes etc etc and are discussing it. They are clearly stating variations rather than saying “this is the perfect type of leg”
            Not once did anyone say that there was one type of beautiful/feminine/perfect leg universally. Your repetition is pissing me off to no end.

  • Ok

    She’s super tiny… Like one of the smallest pears I’ve seen. Makes me wonder what she has to do to maintain that body. Ive heard about her weight loss too.

  • Ok

    You can tell by the arms…they’re so so small.

  • Ok

    Seems like they ARE kind of putting down other shapes, I have never read “here’s an example of a lovely rectangle shaped body!” or pretty much anything but pear. I get that many women are more pear shaped… But come on. We could all use a little love, haha.

    • Sally

      cameron diaz was featured in bikini just a few days ago. She’s a rectangle.

      • lmao

        and theres were lots of people in here saying, shes too manly, muscular,

        what they really meant was that they dont like working out and fit is the symbol of non-laziness which they fear.

        • Rebecca

          To be perfectly honest, this is a ridiculous comment.

        • That’s the stupidest comment i’ve ever read. Did you ever consider what they meant by their comments was that they don’t like that particular figure?

        • Kimberly

          I think it’s more like they don’t care for her body type. By your assumption, those of us who aren’t rulers are lazy and hate working out. Not true in the slightest.

        • Chrissy

          i’m a pear and I like Cam’s body, thick ruler stomach and all, it shows power and strength. i’m also jealous of apple’s cuz they can wear mini skirts. In theory i’m jealous of larger chests, but that’s because my clothes fit funny and not a feeling of lacking femininity

    • sara

      i agree with you. i’m kinda irritated by that actually…there are MUCH more negative comments on basically every other body shape except from hourglass and pear that i don’t get it when they say ‘pear is the most bashed onbody shape bla bla’…
      i agree, we could def all use a little love ahha

    • Rebecca

      I think that might be because rectangles get so much love from the fashion industry, (Have you looked a runway model recently? lol), and people like to see something different once in awhile.

    • From what I’ve seen on the site, all types of body shapes are presented and receive both negative and positive comments but pears do tend to receive the most comments and I think that’s why it seems they’re featured more? The site is to discuss and if a pear shape creates the most debates etc then, for popularity purposes, pears may be featured more? If it seems to you that people are favouring a couple of body types over others though then there’s no real point in complaining about it because people are going to like what they like, regardless. You can’t really change that. Though, if it helps, maybe ask Versus to do some posts on celebrities with lovely rectangle, apple or whatever else shapes?

      • Hazal

        Agreed with everything you said!

    • mel

      That’s actually kind of true, I’m not blaming anyone for this, but I haven’t heard anyone saying “here’s an example of a lovely rectangle-shaped body!” And while I’m not a ruler, I love ruler shaped bodies and think they are one of the sexiest body types! And to those of you rulers out there, I’ve always heard my friends/family/random people say that they prefer rulers over pears. In fact, this site is unique in that pears get so much appreciation, which is great, because I’ve been on many other sites that don’t provide as positive comments. I guess if you want ruler appreciation, there is plenty elsewhere πŸ™‚

      • Kimberly

        I have nothing against rulers, but they usually do nothing for me. I tend to like hourglasses and pears the most because of the curves, especially the whr. I’ve also heard and read that a really good whr is universally preferred over other body shape characteristics. Obviously, not every person is going to prefer that, but it’s been studied time and time again.

        It sounds as though you are very interested or involved with runway fashion so your are more likely to converse with people who prefer that body type over others. You will defend your preferences while others while defend theirs. I personally prefer the figure of Kelly Brook to most fashion models while you will probably prefer the opposite.

      • mel

        That’s entirely valid, Kimberly. It has been proven that WHR is a good thing, but for some reason I find girls like Erin Heatherton, Miranda Kerr, Behati Prinsloo really feminine/attractive. And it is probably true that high fashion has influenced me a bit. I know that even if people (guys, girls, etc.) prefer curves, I would always prefer to remain less curvy (even though my body type is technically “curvy” and I would be very curvy if I gained weight) as long as my body type would allow it because design is my passion and I would always want to be a part of that and be able to wear haute couture well.

        • CurvesRule

          I now see where you are coming from Mel. Your comments have always suggested an intimate knowledge of the fashion industry. Forgive my ignorance, but why can’t a curvy person wear couture well?

          • mel

            I’m not saying curvy women can’t wear couture well, because they can! I’m just saying for real high fashion, runway couture (not the “couture” you see on red carpets), it takes someone relatively tall and curveless because curves tend to “distract” from the way garments fall and make them fit a different way than a tall, skinny body would. Think of a tall, skinny woman as a clotheshanger – she really allows the attention to be fully on the clothes.

        • Kimberly

          That’s what I figured and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

      • Anne

        omg! i was just like u a few years ago, i loved fashion (still do im obsessed) and I loved ruler shaped bodys i acually wanted to look like that (dont know what i was thinking) when people would say models are too skinny i was like what? not theyre not! look at their bones sticking out thats beautiful, and i thought it looked so good, but then i saw the girls of sports illustrated for the first time, and i was like WOW! ive never seen this before, they look so toned and curvy at the same time, and i saw Lucia Dvorska’s body, and i was like wow shes not stick thin but shes perfect, so thats when i started liking those kind of bodies, (i dont really like bar’s though πŸ™ )

        • mel

          I appreciate different kinds of bodies! I think Kelly Brook has a good body, although it’s not my #1 choice. But I do think some models are too thin. Just because I’m in high fashion doesn’t mean I’m oblivious – there are some times where I’m like “wow, how can she even walk the runway?” But I also tend to be a bit defensive just because fashion is truly my passion and I almost feel personally insulted when people call my favorite models anorexic! Haha unreasonable yes, but I can’t help it.

          • Anne

            lol ya me too like if they call my favorite model ugly or something i get sooo pissed cuz i dont see her in that way,but ya i get what you mean πŸ™‚

  • Ida

    I. Want. Her. Stomach. Now!

    I’m a pear too, a bit heavier than Maria, though. She’s such a healthy inspiration and rolemodel for me, doesn’t make me feel like my hips or my legs are too big, which I often feel like πŸ™‚

    • Claudia

      I am a pear,too. Only, like you said, a bit heavier (and probably taller too), but still in the healthy range πŸ™‚
      Her body looks great, thought, her stomach is so flat!!! I love it!!!

      P.s. Versus, isn’t she 22 or 23? Instead of 32?

      • Versus

        She was born in ’78, so she’s 32. She does look younger here though.

  • flossy

    Her stomach is amazing, I want those abs. Yes she’s a pear but she carries it extremely well.

  • wow she is perfect.
    i think it’s so funny how celebs wear jewelry to the beach… don’t understand it lol.

  • hays

    She’s so hot and looks so happy!

  • n/a

    she has beautiful figure, I love it

  • Myriam

    Anyone knows where I can find the same bathing suit top?

  • Kt

    absolutely love her figure. No idea who she is but I would love a figure like this.

  • Sidney

    She has an amazing upper body for sure, and seems to be in a nice shape overall, even her legs aren’t that big (i know women who can gain noticeable amounts and still maintain that kind of upper body bc they’re so very bottom heavy)

  • Evelina

    I’ve heard in a interview that she said that at 5’8 she is 123 lbs. I’d Belive it, her bone structure looks quite petite and she’s also quite lean.

  • Katy

    So…now i feel bad about my bikini body. She looks amazing.

    • angela

      and that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

  • Circle

    My stomach never gets that flat.ever. Even at my very thinnest it didnt look completely flat like this. Sigh. But my legs are much skinnier. Oh well, I guess it’s just about accepting your flaws and appreciating your good points …

  • Cam

    I think her boobs are way too big to be a pear.she looks to me more like a small hourglass or a skittle.I say she’s a skittle because her breasts are of medium size and yet she has more weight in her thighs

    • artemis


    • I agree as well

  • Vc

    You can still have a defined waist without having bigger thighs or hips, it’s all about your specific proportions.

  • mel

    Usually I don’t like this body shape, but she looks really good! Her upper half is completely flawless – perfect waist, perfect abs, perfect shoulders, perfect sized chest – and she looks amazing in that bikini. Her lower half is fine, too – not perfect, but she can get away with it because her body as a whole looks so good!

  • Jalene

    I think her Natural Pear Shape is Perfectly Fine! I think its Very Classicaly Beautiful and Elegant. I don’t see any flaws at all, She’s Elegantly Lean, Perfectly Porportioned, Flawlessly Toned!
    All that Matters that Her Figure KICK ASS Fantastic!!!

  • Ok

    I don’t think most people really hate pear shapes…especially not on here.

  • Ok

    I really don’t think most women are apples… I’ve read so much conflicting info on this,though. I’d like solid statistics or something but have yet to find it.

  • Z

    It seems most women are more like…modified pears,perhaps. Nowhere near as flat of a belly as this but still most of the weight is in the hips/thighs/butt..

  • Dr. Truth

    Very interesting body. She has very little muscle tone- at least judging from her arms, it looks like she is naturally slim, until you get to her thighs.
    I can sorta relate (except I work out). Lean upper body, fat on the butt/thighs.
    Oh, and I thought it was Audrina at first!

  • Hip

    Agree with everything you said, Nina.

  • Hip

    So you could be an hourglass if there’s a 10 inch difference between your bust and waist, but not hips?

    • From what I know hourglasses tend to require at least a 10 inch difference between bust and waist and waist and hips. I have that and combined with shoulders the same width as my hips and a definite nipped in short waist, I believe that’s a typical hourglass shape.

      But mostly it’s not about measurements – it’s how someone actually looks. Pears are generally easy to identify owing to their smaller upper half in comparison to their lower. Hourglasses are very easy to identify visually – it’s the hourglass variations like vase and cello that can be a little trickier!

    • mel

      No, it would have to be between bust, waist, and hips. Otherwise you could be an inverted triangle. That is the technical evaluation, and by that I’m an hourglass (34-23/24-35/36). But you’ll see that I do not LOOK like an hourglass, mostly because I am skinny, meaning I do not have the typical full chest (only B cups) or full thighs of the hourglass. Hence, I look like a vase/lollipop. You can look different depending on your weight. If I filled out more, I would probably look like your typical hourglass.

      • Ivory

        I found your measurements interesting because I’m nearly identical, with a 33 chest measurment, tho c cups. I look fairly curvy however, because I’m only 5’3″ and carry most of my weight in my thighs (tho not much, I wear a zero in jeans).
        This just shows how people with similar vital measurements can look so different. And why you have to go on appearance more than numbers πŸ˜›

        • My body sounds very similar to yours. My measurements are similar to mels (34-22.5-34.5) but i’m only 5’2 and a half (possibly 5’3 haha)and i’m pretty sure i carry most weight in my thighs and butt, but it’s hard to tell coz nothing looks disproportionate as you’ve also said about yourself. I asked about my body shape and I was told skittle although I thought I may have been an hourglass. I even thought pear at one stage but I think my thighs aren’t large enough…What’s your body type? curious to know so i can compare as we are similar height/weight/weight distribution etc haha

          • Ivory

            I think I’m a skittle because despite having a small waist and flat tummy I still have somewhat curvy thighs. Also when I gain weight it goes to my thighs and butt, and when I lose it it comes from my waist and butt. I still have thighs even if I’m down to 107 pounds. I heard Halle Berry and Megan Fox (in her Transformer days) are skittles as well. Thats what helped me. But at the same time I find Scarlette Johnasson and Bar Reafli have somewhat similar legs to mine. So I’m not entirely sure? I kinda wonder if the real difference between those four womens bodies is that the skittles are pretty fit, and the other two are a bit softer. I’m fairly fit myself so I figured a skittle made more sense πŸ˜› I hope that kinda helped?

  • Hip

    On wikipedia under female body types, it says most women are rectangular shaped, followed then by pear, apple, and hourglass. Hmm.

  • Isn’t 32 a little old for a belly piercing???

    • Kimberly

      Is there an age restriction?!

      • Well I’ve never seen another 32 year old with a belly piercing so I’ve never thought of whether there’s an ‘age restriction’ before but now that I see it, I think there looks a little silly on a grown woman. I don’t like the look of body piercings and generally associate them with teen rebellion so I guess that’s why I have this view.

        • Kimberly

          I see it everywhere and it doesn’t bother me. There are other things that bother me a lot more than belly piercings but hey…everyone is different.

        • Mia

          I agree that it looks a little childish, BUT, as a 32 (almost 33 year old) I can tell you that neither me nor my friends ever feels our real age. We still think of ourselves as being in our early 20s for some reason…I’ve talked to my mom about this, and she claims that even at 60 she feels like she’s in her 30s (and so do most of her girlfriends)…so she probably doesn’t even think about how the world perceives her belly button ring, she just knows she likes it. I hope that makes sense!

  • Her stomach is impossibly FLAT. I like πŸ˜€

  • Well us greek ladies are truly blessed clearly πŸ˜› I’ve been searching for a bikini top that does that double string thing at the back like hers for ages but can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know?

    • Are you greek too? Greek girlies tend to have nice slim curves. Her body actually looks a lot like my moms. (I have total body envy of my mother it’s so sad haha.)

      Have you tried Victoria’s Secret? I’m pretty sure I saw one in the catalogue that I wanted to order last year and the styles are usually pretty similar every year.

      • Yes I am haha. Lots of Greek girls do but almost all of my female family members are pears and haven’t been able to maintain their lovely shape as they got older. Their metabolism slowed down but their love of food didn’t haha.
        I will have a look at VS now, thank you very much! Building my bikini collection now that it’s summer πŸ˜€

        • leonore

          Southern European girls are usually pear-shaped, that is a fact of life.

    • mel

      I have a bikini like that, but it’s a really old one from Roxy! Everything But Water and Canyon Beachwear have a good selection, so you might be able to find something there, but it’s a tad expensive. Victoria’s Secret is far more affordable!

  • Well

    I always thought she was Hispanic? Whoops

  • Clare

    are her shoulders equal to her hips or smaller?

    • Kate1st

      Definitely smaller.

  • Well

    She looks like she has very small, narrow shoulders to me…definitely less broad than her hips.

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  • Michelle

    For the love of God, does ANYONE know where I can get her bikini? I’ve been trying for the past half hour, and after scouring the nether regions of the internet I’ve come up with nothing. Does anyone know? Anyone at all? I’m obsessed with the wrap around style.

    • Victoria Secret was suggested to me

      • Michelle

        I saw that, but I couldn’t find it on their website, unfortunately.

    • mel

      Good news, I found an extremely similar bikini while browsing Vitamin A! It is also a black halter with a wraparound double string tie and gold hardware.

      Here is the link:

      It is called the Siren Wrap top under the “gold collection.”

  • Emmy

    Most of women in Greece look like this (I m Greek). Not so toned or tanned but this is the basic idea:).

    I was really pleasantly surprised that you girls like her figure so much. I thought you were gonna say somehting like ‘She is not like a VS model, so she does not look so good’.
    Because you see most of greek women feel bad because they do not have long legs or they are not very tall. And they shouldn’t because every body type can be beautiful.

    • Hazal

      I think her body type isn’t “typically Greek” but more typically Mediterranean. Most women in Turkey look like this as well and from what I saw during my vacations in Spain and Italy I would also assume that a lot of women there have this kind of body too.

      • leonore

        Exactly right and i think Greek people are usually taller than other Southern Europeans. I´m 5´8 and i´m tall where i come from.

    • Evelina

      I am Greek too πŸ˜€ I have been noticing it seems to be that alot of Greek girls have Lovley Pear and Hourglass shapes. I never really put a connection with it as a typical trait of Greek or Mediteranean ancestry, though now maybe I do, from the females in my family about half are pear and the other half are Lollipop shape with varying heights. I myself am a tall pear shape as well, but no where near as beautiful as Maria. Though working on getting there Soon Hopefully with Intense Areobic/Cardiovascular and Light Strength Training manly using my own body weight.

      • mel

        I do think certain shapes are more common in certain ethnicities. I could be totally wrong, but I’ve always thought Asians tend to have ruler or small vase-shaped figures whereas Eastern Europeans tend to be lollipops/apples while Southern Europeans and South Americans tend to be hourglasses or pears. I know this is a huge generalization and I could be way off!

        • I think you’re right. Obviously, there are variations but certain body shapes are more prevalent amongst different ethnic/regionally groups. What people have to remember is that the study that showed that only 8% of women were hourglasses was done in America; it is not the status quo of women round the globe. I’m Nigerian and most of us are either hourglass/skittle/pear and if they are ruler it is a Naomi Campbell/Kate Hudson type of ruler; ie. straight but with a plump booty! I’ve heard that Asian women (as in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh) tend to lean more towards being apple shaped (loads of great cleavages and slender legs!)

          Obviously, not every woman in a region fits the same bill but you get the picture.

    • I am always hassled by my family to ‘eat more’ because my body is much slimmer and toned than the ‘average Greek girl’ as my parents were revolutionary (:P) and encouraged healthy portions and exercise. I can’t describe how frustrating it is being with my extended family. They don’t seem to understand that I don’t like to stuff my face and that no matter how much I eat, I won’t have large thighs. I’ve often been described as a ‘bad Greek’. They all look great (like Maria) when they’re young but don’t stay fit as they age (obviously a generalization but just from what I see from my family and other Greek friends etc etc) but eating a lot and often with family is valued more so than being thin and fit. I also don’t think Jennifer Aniston has a ‘typical Greek body’ although she does diet and work out an extreme amount and, she’s only technically half-Greek anyway πŸ˜›

      • Haha funny, being born in Brazil feels the same! xD

  • Emmy

    I suppose the rest of the mediterranean countries are the same, but I cannot say for sure because I haven’t been in Italy, Spain or Turkey

    I can speak only for Greece, since Menounos is Greek as well. Aniston’s body is almost the same and she is Greek too. It is the average here, but imagine it without the visits at the gym πŸ™‚

    • Hazal

      Lol πŸ˜€ Since I myself have a similiar figure to Maria I can easily imagine what you mean by without visiting the gym πŸ™‚

    • Calro

      I’m half Italian and inherited a pear shape from my Italian side as well but didn’t get the voluptuous upper half that Italian ladies are so well know for πŸ™

      • solaxia

        that’s still a lovely figure though! I have a typical hourglass figure 37-23-37 on a 5’3 frame and my breasts are dd’s. My bf does love them BUT he says he is not a t!ts man and personally loves my juicy butt and thighs and thinks they are my best features…so be proud of what you got! There are lots of men that like juicy bums and thighs and don’t necessarily mind too much about the breasts…particularly with the huge increase in fake breasts and major push up bras

    • leonore

      I wouldn´t say Jennifer Aniston looks like the typical Greek though.

      • Kimberly

        I agree. I’ve never thought of Aniston as having a typical Greek look.

  • mystic

    She looks healthy, her bottom half is probably quite small its just her top half is probably 2 sizes smaller making her thighs look bigger which they aren’t.

    • Evelina

      Most Definitley!

  • ali

    Wow, her body looks amazing!!!It’s perfect! One of the best bodies I’ve ever seen! I’m surprised she’s not more famous/known for her body

  • Simply

    I always feel so weird when the topic of body types comes up because I feel I don’t truly fit any designated type! Maybe I’m just truly unique, haha, but it’s like I’m a bit of almost everything, plus taller than average, so I’m more stretched.

  • She’s hot! I really like her body (especially tummy and arms), and she looks like she’s comfortable and having fun. Good for her! Also, I’ve always thought she had a very pretty face.

  • Simply

    That’s because she’s had work done on her face and blonder hair….and mire if a “Hollywood ideal” body as opposed to very curvy. Not that she has no curves, but they’re small. Look at how Jennifer looked in the late 80s early 90s….way more typically Greek features.

  • Xo

    The hard truth of a very pear shape like this is without a good diet and exercise plus slowed metabolism… It gets dumpy and very bell shaped. I see it on middle aged women all the time and I bet they were curvy and petite when young but with age it became more lumpy as opposed to curvy. Just have to be careful when you age, thats all. Especially if when young you could eat whatever u want and still be tiny…doesn’t always last into your 40s!

    • Kimberly

      You must be referring to extreme pears. Some pairs are larger boned on the bottom but they don’t get lumpy.

      • Kimberly

        I meant pears, not pairs. I guess I was just thinking of the hot new boots I just bought!

  • Xo

    Not saying that as just a dig at pears, sorry if it came out that way at all. Just saying women that are more curvy/disproportionate in certain spots have to be a little more diligent with upkeep than say a rectangle because they’ll get super out if proportion looking.

  • JMarie

    I wish I looked like Maria! shes such a stunning woman and shes got a killer body! Definitely one of my body role models too!
    Could someone tell me what body shape I am? Because I look a bit bottom heavy, but my measurements are 36A-26-38.

  • Xo

    I’m eastern European and some sort of a vase/apple/goblet/lollipop combo…hard to put into one distinct category.

  • gaby

    she doesn’t look like she works out that much. sure her upper body is fit, but when you have a lower body like that it doesn’t take much effort for your upper body to look like that. her “saddle bags” are ick to me.

  • Duh

    I’d like to see posts featuring slim apples because I feel like apples tend to be sel loathing (because gaining mostly in the middle isn’t really looked at as good,obviously) and not so appreciated. People also tend to assume all apples are huge and far with enormous bellies. Not true! At their worst apples can be potbellied but I think a thin apple can easily look more proportioned with a touch softer belly, small/average hips, and thin legs. Just my thoughts as a thin apple myself I don’t think i have a huge gut, it’s just never verrrryy tiny like some other girls.

    • Bonnie

      Angelina Jolie is always who I think of when I think of a slim apple shape. She’s too thin now IMO and it’s not flattering, but when she was younger and fuller everyone raved about her body (and talked about her having an hourglass figure, lol) she had a great bust, flat-but-not-tiny stomach, straight hips and waist, and very slim arms and legs.

  • Duh

    Question: when taking your measurements, is the first number the measurement of your actual bust or under the bust. I ask because my band/back size is small/normal bur my actual boobs are..well…quite big…so the 2 numbers would be quite different.

    • Clare

      your actual bust is the measurement

  • Duh

    It seems when you read peoples measurements they more or less give their bra size as their first number…like 32b…instead of some odd number like 37. It gets confusing…

    • Clare

      ik, tht confused me too, but your bra size is not ur bust measurement. but you can do it either way. for example my measuremets would me 32b-24-35, or 34-24-35. either way works but one sounds more proportianite when in reality they are the same. (im an hourglass btw)

  • Duh

    Yeah, I guess my thing is if I give my actual bust measurement(which I actually haven’t measured in years) compared to my waist…you can see there’s a big difference between my bust and waist. If I just give my bra size (34dd)…then it sounds like I don’t have much of a waist in comparison. Guess that’s what happens with larger bust/smaller back.:(

    • Clare

      exactly. but if you look at your self in the mirror your breasts are obviously laarge. are your shoulders equal to your hips?

      • Clare

        are your hips larger than 34′

  • Duh

    My shoulders look a tad bit bigger than my hips, yes. I’m also 5’10” so I don’t come across as insanely busty…from what other people have told me I look like more of a c cup. Im sure if I was shorter I would look way more Va Va voommm, heh, but in reality I look like a thin(but not super thin) tall girl with some boobs.

  • Duh

    Now I keep having a hard time telling if my shoulders really are bigger than my hips! Argh. I don’t have a full length mirror here so it’s kind of hard. But yeah they are either pretty much equal or shoulders are tiny but bigger!

    • Clare

      if your not sure i bet they r equal. do you know ur waist measurement?

  • Duh

    35″ hips

    • Clare

      do you know your waist? if it is 24/25 inches at most then you are a vase (stretched out hourglass cuz of your hieght) any larger than 25 you would be a rectangle

  • Queen B

    Gorgeous Girl! Gorgeous Body!

  • Trypsine

    Versus, I have a question…

    when people say “someone has hips” , hips referes to “between waist and hip bone” or “between hip bone and thighs” ?

    Maria is really gorgeous, but I don’t think she has a defined waist and big hips. From her head to her hip bones, she looks like a ruler, but her thighs give her a curvy look, so she could be a skittle…

    For me, Candice has a tiny waist and hips, but no thighs for example…
    Rachel Bilson has tiny waist, and both “hips” and “thighs”…,1

    So what do you think about hips?

    • Versus

      I think the confusion comes from the fact that some women have high hips and others have low hips. Pears have low hips which come with saddlebags usually, so in MariaÒ€ℒs case, the high end on her thighs is her hip area. The reason why she might look like a ruler on top to you is because she has a long torso and low hips.
      I do think that she has a waist-hip ratio under 0.7 for sure, which is considered curvy Γ’β‚¬β€œ you are supposed to measure yourself around the thickest part, not lower, not higher, because your thickest part is where your hips are.

      • trypsine

        Thank you Versus, I see what you mean with the long torso and low hips combo like Maria (and saddelbags), or high hips and short torso like Candice (and love handles if she was thicker)

        So is it a weird bodytype having both short torso/ high hips AND big thighs (saddlebags) but slim legs ?
        (like Rachel Bilson for example, even if she is really slim so she has no love handles)

        I’m sorry if my question is annoying, and I’m sure you guessed that’s my own body type I’m trying to understand…

        • Versus

          I don’t think it’s weird at all, I think that with such a shape, your waist actually looks more defined and you may seem curvier, while keeping an overall slim look.

  • Hello guys!!!Greetings from Greece πŸ™‚ Hello Deanna!
    Hello Versus,very good job!!!
    Could you please tell me what body type i am?My measurements are 35-27-35 i am 1.71height 55kilos.I have big boobs but really really thin legs..:(

    • Versus

      You are probably a lollipop then, but I can’t be sure with the info you gave me. If you have high hips as well, then goblet, which is another V-shaped figure. Angelina Jolie is a lollipop and so is Adriana Lima.

  • Iam a D cup size 85

  • Ummmmmm…she looks pretty good,except her legs……

  • Everett

    …and they say I’m fussy. I think she looks great from head to toe. Maria, you go, girl! πŸ™‚

  • Shalone

    DAYUMN this girls on FIRE!!!! She puts Kim Kardashian to SHAME!!!!!

  • jas

    she has a great body i see nothing wrong with it at all-if i had a body like that id be running around on the beach in a skimpy bikini as well-making sure i am getting photograpehd as well!!! some people are too hard on themselves-she has a great tummy what more could one want-and shes slim-it doesnt matter that shes a pear i think she is a perfect weight for her body type

  • becca

    Pears are my ABSOLUTE favorite shape. And she’s an amazing example of a fit pear. LOVE her body.

    And her weight loss story. She looks amazing!