Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev

FFN_g_51081885 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev

Bikini Treat of the Day: 24 year-old Nina Dobrev, who is currently vacationing with yet another bikini beauty (Julianne Hough) in Miami.

See how Nina looked in a bikini back in 2010 here!

There are many more pictures after the jump!


FFN_g_51081380 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081381 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081387 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081388 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081471 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081473 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081474 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081661 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081662 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081663 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081664 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev FFN_g_51081883 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev  FFN_g_51081886 - Bikini Treat: Nina Dobrev

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Claudia

    She’s gorgeous!!! I’m so happy you did a post about her!
    Her waist-hip ratio is perfect, she’s lean and curvy at the same time.
    The only thing I can say, is that she looks a tiny bit less toned than in 2010, but still great.

    p.s. I like this bikini more 🙂
    and am I First?

    • CK

      agree on all points.
      also talk about lightning, i mean in some pics you see bit of less tone while on others everything looks great.

      • Agreed. Lean, yet womanly figure with neat curves, she looks awesome.

        • b

          Whoa! I love her figure!!! At first I thought she needed to do situps, but you know what? Taut tummies aren’t for everyone. She looks stunning.

        • kim

          agreed that she is a beautiful girl and i love, love, love her to pieces…that said – do you guys even know what “lean” means? i would say she is slim and curvalicious – but “lean” refers to a low body fat percentage. and although her limbs appear to be small in circumference, she looks like she might be a body type that gains weight in her belly first and by the looks of that belly, it is nothing lean. i am not trying to insult her in any way – i think she is fabulous from head to toe – i just wanted to clarify.

    • HB

      I like the pattern and top, but she cut of the bottom and how tan her fanny is makes me think she goes to a tanning bed, which is bad.

      • Squiv

        Shes Bulgarian, num nuts so of course she going to be tanned down there and all over

    • Hazal

      I also agree. She looks lovely and is such a beauty!

    • artemis

      she does look good. her tummy is not impressive but the rest is nice. she looks way better like this than in some premiere/awards pics where she looked veryyy skinny

      she didn’t look bad then either because she has a nice shape and small bones. i prefer her body now with her tummy from then, lol

  • Tinkerbell

    really nice body, but I thought she was much skinnier… what’s up with the weird skin texture on her tummy?

    • jenna

      Tinkerbell, I also think her body looks great here, but am eriously VERY surprised!!! I’ve been watching Season 1 of Vampire Diaries and I when I see her on that show, I think of her as a skinny girl with no curves!

      • HB

        She does look a lot skinner in clothes on the show– I wish they’d embrace her curves! Either way, she’s very small, so that shows on camera when she’s next to other people.

      • artemis

        i disagree, even on the show and in clothes you can tell she’s curvy even if skinny. her waist is small, hips wider and tighs are rounded out and her boobies fit her small ribcage perfectly, it’s not like she’s boxy and bony.

        • artemis

          i think she just gained some weight…in pics from 2012 where she was wearing tiny clothes she was skinnier so it’s not just an illusion

          • While I too think she looks good, I am shocked because if this was one of those Guess Who posts the last person I would of guessed is Nina. In the show whilst she does appear to have wide hips she looks super tiny and almost fragile small. Here she looks healthy and typical for a woman her age (non-Hollywood I mean).

      • Ale

        It’s not that she looks skinnier on the show, it’s that in season 1-3 (especially season 1-2) she WAS much skinnier. Some episodes she was so skinny it could almost look a bit strange. If you pay attention to her thighs and arms in season 4, you notice she gains weight during that season.

        I think she mentioned something in an interview about trying a vegetarian diet and that it made her lose weight? I’m not sure how she managed that though, I always gain when I go veggie (so much tasty food!). I also saw someone quote her on imdb where she says that she has realized being skinny isn’t everything and that guys like girls with meat on their bones or something like that (typical celebrity thing to say).

        I love her both ways, when she’s super skinny and when she’s lean and more “soft” like this. A skinny girl with curves is great and a curvy body that is a bit soft and still slim like this one is also beautiful. Very, very feminine body. I can imagine boys absolutely adore her.

    • kim

      it’s called cellulite. it happens – even to thin girls. i have seen that on many a party girl from alcohol.

      • Matt

        That is true!

  • Avelyn

    Why do I get the feeling this poor girl is about to get shredded on this site? I’d hate to be a celebrity, I’d love the money but hate the baggage it comes with

    • Nobsnob

      Now every time I see a girl with some flesh on her I imagine Natalia’s comment haha 😀
      “Looks chubby. Too much fat on the hips and inner thighs. Face below average. Hair is virgin. etc etc”

      • iseeyoutrollin

        Yep, “I wonder why she hasnt lipo’ed that inner tigh bulge! Height is average. Nice shoulders, look like mine except mine are more lean and toned and defined and i have 85% more muscle mass and my lean tighs match my lean arms and dont forget that i’m a model!!” :/ :/

        • Jaz

          How lame talking about yourself 😉

      • Avelyn

        Eh, Natalia’s like the Samantha Brick of this forum: annoying and childish but also pretty darned hilarious at how desperate for attention she is. I used to think she was serious with her comments, but now I get that she’s just baiting for validation and I just get a good laugh out of her nonsense.
        Getting back to my comment, can you imagine how it must really suck to have some stranger photograph you and you just know it’s going up online for total strangers to rip apart? I could never stand for such an invasion of privacy. I once caught a pervo video-ing me with his phone (pretending to “send a text”) at a mall and I demanded he delete it. When he refused I called a security guard who took his phone from him!

        • Natalia

          @Avelyn, wow, another rough comment for me…but on another subject…I have this friend who is always complaining about the excess fat on her arms and wishes they could look more like Julianne Hughes’ arms. She wines all the time saying, ‘I could never get mine skinny-toned like her arms’. She’s so annoying.

          • wb

            you have friends?

            and those saying i’m not any better for “attacking” you need to get off my back. in my normal comments i do nothing to provoke anyone. the way i see it is everyone is having a nice tea party and then suddenly natalia lets out the nastiest fart. you can put it out there (your opinion) but don’t expect people to like or respect you for it.

            here is a suggestion for real. if you don’t like how people react to your comments. leave. there are plenty of forums that suit your aesthetic where your negative comments are actually welcome.

        • Winnie

          you can’t really compare Natalia to Samantha Brick because a big part of the reason Samantha Brick gets flack for her comments is because she is ugly, yet does not seem to have any notion of that. Natalia could be gorgeous for all we know. we don’t know what she looks like. in which case, would her comments then be validated? that’s what it sounds like here. “why don’t you post a picture of yourself then Natalia!” what if she does and she is out-of-this world beautiful? will the badgering stop? probably not since very few people would be likely to acknowledge it if she IS indeed pretty.

          i don’t mean you an particular, but it’s kind of hypocritical for people here to gang up on Natalia for making “negative” comments about people’s body’s, but then harassing her to post her picture here when 99% of the people asking for it are just waiting to tear her to shreds no matter HOW she looks.

          • Natalia

            Gosh, thank you Winnie.

          • jenna

            I don’t care how pretty Natalia may be, her MOSTLY negative comments of every celeb and even models comes across as mean-spirited (she recently said that what she states are “facts”) and make her seem very full of herself. Nobody really wants to expose themselves to people who criticize everything on everyone…’s just an ugly quality. Obviously we ALL say negative things about the celebs on this site, but I’m pretty sure that most of us can find equal amounts of compliments to say as well, whereas with Natalia, it’s prob about 90% negative
            That said, I do get a good laugh at some of her comments and back-and-forths with other posters.

          • Natalia


          • Versus

            If you continue to insult my visitors (eg: “thickest heads”, calling them insecure, jealous and immature repeatedly), you will be forever moderated – this means that NONE of your comments will appear on the site again, so it will be pointless for you to post anything.
            Secondly, you mentioned in a comment that you are free to judge because this site allows for it – actually, the ideology of the site is quite the opposite of what you are doing. I have been trying for years to feature women of different shapes, sizes, all individually beautiful in order to show that beauty and attractiveness are more than just a standard definition. What you are doing is exactly the opposite – picking the tiniest flaws in every celebrity and being constantly negative, even though the voice of my posts is always positive.

          • serena

            I disagree Winnie – Samantha Brick is not ugly, she is attractive for 42, just not beautiful as she thinks. The reason people don’t like Brick is because she’s arrogant, narcissistic, and insists everyone is jealous of her – you can be Adriana Lima but if your personality sucks, people will pick up on that 😉 Also it is SO rude to demand someone post their picture just to comment on a celeb gossip site! Lol we’re supposed to be judging the celeb’s pictures, not other commenters….yeah and I’ve seen people post their pics and get mean comments about it.

          • Winnie

            @serena i think Sam Brick is quite unattractive, her facial features remind me of Sid from Ice Age. NOT cute. my mom is 42 with two kids and doesn’t look a day over 30, plus has a better figure than Brick whose figure is not at all impressive, especially for someone who SUPPOSEDLY devotes herself to it. Brick’s personality only makes her ugliness more apparent imo.

            anyway, regardless of the way Natalia expresses herself, people act as though if she posts her picture it will change something. as though if she looks a certain way (i.e. bad) it will explain her line of thinking. i seldom ever agree with her assessment of the things she says about people, and i don’t think that’s cool

          • lc

            “i think Sam Brick is quite unattractive, her facial features remind me of Sid from Ice Age.”

            Haha!! That was GREAT! I had never thought about that comparison before. XD

          • MerryHappy

            Winnie, you’re a riot. I agree re Samantha brick, i find her a hilarious internet troll, but she isn’t beautiful. She isn’t ugly (to me) but my sister looks infinitely better at late 30s after 4 kids, so she’d never be a knock out to me.

          • Winnie

            lol thanks guys

  • Vanessa

    She looks great! I would love to have my body look half as good as hers in a bikini. Who cares if she is less toned? She’s still beautiful!

  • Maggie

    She looks great! As mentioned by a PP, she has a fantastic waist to hip ratio. Toning up wouldn’t hurt, but I sort of like the soft look on a woman with such a curvy body.

    • Chloe

      Agreed her waist-to-hip ratio is amazing!

  • neutra

    Ian Somerhalder approved. ’nuff said.

    • Stace

      Haha! You said it perfectly!

      • neutra

        I’m still green with envy about your Somerhalder encounter 😉

  • Sophia

    Woah, she seemed to be sooo tiny and skinny in TVD!

  • happygolucky

    I LOVE the shape of her body –torso, legs, all of it. To me, it is ideal.

  • Liv

    I like that she looks healthy, not too buff, not too soft.. She looks sexy, much better than almost anything I see on the beach… Snaps for her

  • Courtney

    Wow she’s gained quite a bit of weight

  • Karin

    wow..I did not expect her to look like this in a bikini.I didn’t know she had this body shape and I thought she was much smaller. I cant decide what I think exactly…
    I guess with that unreal face a bit of “flab” on her bod makes her more real and sexy (rather than just a ridiculously pretty face).

  • hateonit.

    okay so I’m extremely confused. in pictures and on tv this girl looks skinny as hell. in a bikini with less clothes and the harsh lighting she seems to be at a healthier weight? I don’t even know. I don’t care much for her but her bod looks pretty good

    • Sophia

      Ya I was shocked too!

    • Soňa

      Agree, I always envied her how skinny she was and what a petite frame sha had. But here she looks completely different, she deff gained some weight but also her hips look much wider (not that much fatter). Idk… Im really surprised, but also pleased that she´s not that perfect as I thought, haha 😀

  • ary

    honestly, i’m not a fan of her body shape at this weight, i’m surprised!

  • Emilia

    she is skiny though she just has curves but skinny arms and a tiny waist!i love hat she has a butt and is so curvy.shes also soft,not too skinny,this weight is perfect for her!

  • Tea

    She has such a lovely shape. Long legs and curvy torso are a combination I don’t see that often. I love her sunnies and bikini. Definitely prefer the shots of her from front on. Have to admit I’m a little surprised to see the touch of cellulite on her midsection, especially since her legs appear to be free of it. But it doesn’t take away from her overall appeal for me.

  • Pixie

    She looks good!!!! Nice booty! 🙂

  • walla

    I think she looks about the same as in 2010. Personally, I prefer a body that is quite a bit more ‘toned’ or ‘lean’ or whatever – she appears to have (IMO) a rather high BF%.

  • Natalia

    Beautiful hair, natural. Average face, average body…looks to be a wide pear, w/ a fair amount of fat. Looks like an endomorph, mesomorph mix. It’s definitely her embracing her natural body type, I don’t see evidence she is ‘fighting’ it…Healthy? Who knows…this could be her on exercise, or on very little. Both look like possibilities. Average height…everybody here knows the rest lol.

    • wb

      telling me to think critically when you’re the wannabe lawyer. please anyone who’s a lawyer challenging the thinking abilities of someone who works in finance. LOL. btw you’re not even there yet. keep tryin keep tryin.

      • Natalia

        So wb does stand for Wittfully Bereft…

        • wb


          stop throwing “big words” at me, btw which i know, i’m not impressed.

          it takes a lot more to be in finance than in law, fact, so go on thinking you’re hot sh*t with that ego of yours. it doesnt get you anywhere.

          • Natalia

            @wb…BTW, I have this friend, she is 5’ 2”, and she constantly makes fun of tall fashion models. I thinks she is very insecure, and visits body image websites to attack other women, whom she suspects are taller than she is. I think she is insecure. What do you think?

          • Candy M.

            Actually, your last sentence is far more egotistical than Natalia. Maybe I’m wrong, but you’re the one who sounds like you have the maturity of an 11 year old.

          • Natalia

            I guessed 10….

          • HB

            I think this one’s a troll….

          • mary

            “it takes a lot more to be in finance than law”

            Haha really? I majored in accounting and business law and always found business to be a field that requires the least amount of effort with the highest return on investment,,,you get a job with ease and bank without working yourself to the bone…also certainly doesn’t take a genius to be successful in this field. law was slightly harder although nothing compared to engineering or pre-med…those fields are reserved for the truly gifted

          • wb

            @mary you’re kidding me right? you really thought accounting and business meant finance? please i know more than how to add and subtract numbers. you should look up black scholes and tell me what you think. as for engineers and premeds i agree they are talented, but you’re missing something. engineers do work in finance they’re called quantitative analysts.

          • Natalia


          • serena

            There is so much overlap between business and law, there is a whole field called business/corporate law which is quite lucrative. But finance is a rigorous field – a lot of overlap with computer science, math, and in college they have to take ‘Real Analysis” which is one of the toughest math courses at most universities (btw I’m no businessperson – I have a science background so ignore me if I’m wrong). How funny that finance came up on SkinnyvsCurvy of all places, Lol 😛

          • mary

            wb you are so silly, just another carbon copy finance enthusiast who thinks she knows everything….accounting is FAR harder than finance, if you actually know anything about the field you would know accounting is the language of business and foundation for all applications. if you took an accounting class at university perhaps you would ascertain that…universities are notorious for inflating the grades of finance majors…talk about crunching numbers, you analyze numbers and functions all day, the few ambitious ones go into trading but accountants do that as well. And do finance majors take anything beyond calculus like engineers? No…you cannot compare finance to engineering in terms of difficulty, just because there may be overlap in some niche fields. Its a joke of a major and the reason I switched to accounting…but different strokes! good luck to you!

          • carriee1

            Natalia…….I do see some people ganging up to bully you. I hope this all resolve and you stay!!!!

          • Natalia

            @carriee1, Hey! I was going to leave, I have left before twice, I feel like leaving when the comments are of an ignorant nature…but then I got a couple comments that were more logical in nature, & I ended up responding, staying. When the comments get attacking & ignorant, I just get bored (I don’t get insulted, I am INTJ, we have no feelings haha), but when I get a chance to have good, constructive debate, esp. about body image/aesthetics, even psychology, I get excited. I love the practice, you know I want to be a lawyer. Anyway, ha, I am following the Jodi Arias trial, I sit there, dissect the arguments, as well as Jodi, thinking…if she could just get the fat sucked out around her mouth, and get her nose fixed, and color her grey hair, get her pock marks fixed, she wouldn’t be half bad! ahahahhaha! skinnyvscurvy for Jodi!!!1 Anyway, keep in touch!

          • carriee1

            @natalia. I do hope you prevail as your original self and continue on debating in a sensible way. We’ll see how this goes and if you end up coming back, I’d welcome you first! Maybe we all see things differently but I just don’t see any point in attacking people verbally online if they don’t flow your way. I wish you the best on your personal endeavors and keep it touch for sure!

          • Natalia

            @carriee1, Nah I’m still here lol, I can’t resist a good, or even a not so good, debate. What’d ya think of my makeover advice for Jodi Arias? Too harsh?

        • wb

          nope way taller than 5 2. never attacked models for being tall. actually you’re thinking adriana lima, irina shayk, lais ribeiro etc etc are short then? im neither tall nor short, but i’m not close minded enough to think either or is ugly/unattractive. i think both tall and short women can be beautiful, but i do agree with you actually that taller women (but not super tall) are more easily beautiful, however, when it comes to men it’s true that they prefer shorter women most of the time which i think is stupid removed*

          and about HF. it’s pretty messed up to be critical of decent looking celebs and then praising the beauty of a frog like lindsey wixson. its already f-d up when the media tells girls they need to look like whatever, but when someone jumps in and says no you’re ugly because you don’t look like lindsey wixson? ok well i wouldn’t want to ever in my life.

          let me just add that you can go on and on about how skinny doesn’t equal eating disorder. i’m not stupid enough to not know that, but there are a significant number of fashion models who definitely have eating disorders. sigrid agren has been shot with purple hands due to malnutrition many times. anja vlada many more are all severely underweight. while its unhealthy to be obese as well, obesity is never glorified and probably never will be (thank god), but neither should being underweight …

          • Natalia


          • Versus

            If you continue to insult my visitors (eg: “thickest heads”, calling them insecure, jealous and immature repeatedly), you will be forever moderated – this means that NONE of your comments will appear on the site ever again, so it will be pointless for you to post anything.
            Secondly, you mentioned in a comment that you are free to judge because this site allows for it – actually, the ideology of the site is quite the opposite of what you are doing. I have been trying for years to feature women of different shapes, sizes, all individually beautiful in order to show that beauty and attractiveness are more than just a standard definition. What you are doing is exactly the opposite – picking the tiniest flaws in every celebrity and being constantly negative, even though the voice of my posts is always positive.

          • Natalia

            With all due respect, and I’m not being disrespectful now, being that I have never – not once – attacked someone here for having a different opinion than me…why do you not address the writers that attack me?

            And I know some of my comments are off handed, but it is to show a dose of one’s own medicine to speak. It is inappropriate that I be attacked, called names – all for expressing my views. This site is supposed to be light and fun??? I have only responded negatively to those that have commented to me, negatively, first.

            Lastly, considering my background and my country’s history, freedom of speech is a right I value in the US – why do I not have the right to express my opinions like everybody else here?

            Thank you Versus, I mean know disrespect by any of what I said, I know we cannot tell intonation of voice, thought, etc.

          • Versus

            The way I see it, Natalia, is that you are the CAUSE and the other visitors simply REACT. You are free to share your opinions, but the way you do it, it’s like going to a site that promotes veganism and commenting on and on, in every post, about how eating meat is better – and when the vegan visitors react, you call them jealous, insecure and turn on the sarcasm.

          • Natalia

            @Versus, Yeah I mean………I’m shocked by that, I thought my comments have been much kinder…I thought that by not using subjective adjectives, and just stating the objective facts, that I would avoid saying anything negative – you know, just stating what’s there – esp. if I can’t find anything nice to say, I thought it was wise to just state objective facts. The way ‘wb’ and many others comment here, w/ very derogatory adjectives, I’m honestly in shock by that. I’ve never said one body type is better than another, I’ve always said I have a preference, and that society does too. This is true.

          • Natalia

            @Versus, I believe it is not fair that you do not reprimand others for making extremely negative comments to me, yet reprimand me, for responding.

            As far as my comments, I really do think they are most kind, considering the women that are shown on this post most of the time.

            As far as other writers, I do think that it is out of jealousy and insecurity that I get attacked the way I do, I mean what else – could explain the rancor I receive? I mean, I truly, truly believe this, I don’t know what else to say. I’m sorry, I just have to be honest.

          • Natalia

            @Versus, can you please respond to my last comment when you have time.

            Also, I don’t think it is fair to ask someone to change their opinions, on a site that is supposed to allow for freedom of expression. I can’t even begin to think of how I might make my comments any milder…or why I should want to change them anyway? It is contradictory to purpose of this site.

            And if I have been kicked off, please let me know so I don’t keep typing…my comments are not going through.

          • Natalia

            @Versus, if I am going to be kicked off of this site, unfairly I believe, can you please have the courtesy to let me know, so that I will know.

          • Natalia

            @Versus, ok I get that you have banned me, but will you at least consider letting people know? I really enjoyed talking to carriee, Adrianna, lol and lc, and I don’t want them to think I have just stopped talking to them, and that I wish them well!

          • Natalia

            @ Versus, I mean, I’d really just like to know, is it right & fair, that I get attacked constantly here for stating my opinion, and when I comment back I get called out? Please answer when you have time. Thank you.

          • MerryHappy

            Natalia, what i think that vs is saying is that you go about ‘your opinion’ in the most matter of fact, blunt, rude, and alienating way. The way you phrase things–reading off peoples features like a diagnostics list–and then get surprised and upset when people react to the way you phase things. You insult bodies regularly, even if its your opinion, and phrase it in a way where there is NO possible way for people not to react.
            You, as my sister tells her kids, are poking the beehive.
            You have to know what you’re doing. This is an accepting and diplomatic (usually) site and vs tries to keep it clean. There is no way you can write what you write and not think people will react, and to say everyone who reacts/disagrees is ‘ugly’ or ‘insecure’ is Amanda Bynes territory. There is a difference between freedom of speech and sheer vulgarity. There is a way to say exactly what you think without making people hate seeing your name in the comments. Longtime posters like IC and Erica have strong body views, but rarely I’d ever are offensive or create such backlash that you create. They employ both compassion and tact when staying their opinions.

          • serena

            Natalia, freedom of speech means you have the right to your opinion but everyone has the right to respond. You sound just like Samantha Brick, insisting everyone is jealous of you, but why would we be? We don’t know what you look like, you can’t see us, nor are you someone of high status. Maybe you are jealous and projecting your feelings? But anyway I know you love fashion models and here are some sites you might like to visit: bellazon, modelmayhem, modelinia, forums.thefashionspot, skinnygossip, – all about models, style, beauty, etc…

          • Natalia

            I just have to say sorry for causing so much arguing here. And sorry for saying people are jealous of me & that’s why they yell at me – I mean…yes, I think this is true in some cases, people read things…but definitely not in all cases, nor in most. That is not the real problem. I think the real problem is difference of opinion – extreme difference of opinion. Now I know some people might say, ‘it’s not that your opinion is different, it’s how you express your opinion that’s the problem’. But that is the problem. I truly believe that my comments where I do the run down of a woman’s parts – what I call giving an ‘objective description’, i.e., just stating what is there – is sometimes kinder than giving a ‘subjective description’, i.e., ‘chubby’, ‘ugly’, ‘oh my goddd’, etc. – which I see some do here, but I don’t like doing. I just really do believe what I think, what I say, call it close minded, black & white, whatever, & for me to sit here & try to…curb my comments, being afraid to speak my mind – I mean, I already do that here to an extent – would be counterproductive – there just would be no reason for me to come here. I would like to say that I am not a ‘troll’ & didn’t mean to upset w/ my comments (the ones at the end that were filled w/ sarcasm, yes, I was mad & defensive for being attacked), but I did not mean to upset w/ my initial first comments on the posts, you know, when they first come up. I’m just being honest. I hate arguing! Most people in the real world think I’m nuts for being such a perfectionist…my family, most people in the fashion world think I’m normal. I think this is truly a case of extreme difference of opinion, like married couples sometimes have, they will just never see eye to eye. I thought it was worth explaining…to say that, yes, some people are just so different, & that’s life – be it from what they do for a living, what they look like themselves, what their childhood was like… But I have never had so much difference of opinion, in my life, about anything. Anyway, wanted to explain & apologize, as best I could. Taking a break from the site.

          • MerryHappy

            Natalia, you’re obviously completely incapable of taking responsibility for you’re own actions. Your martyr complex will not serve you well in the future. The only connecting piece is you. You are the string tying everyone’s ire together. It’s not because your opinion is different. Don’t give yourself that much credit. You’re not the first person in the entire world to have a unique thought. This isn’t a dystopian novel with you as the heroine. Not to be mean, but get over the grandiose illusions of self. Its because you say things like a b#tch (sorry vs) that people get mad. Accept that. Take responsibility for YOUR actions. I hate when people deny their responsibility. There is an internet footprint of all of your damage. The problem is YOU, not everyone else.

          • Natalia

            With all due respect…look, I mean this is a website, it’s supposed to be fun, entertaining…not all this ‘drama’. It’s ridiculous, everybody gets a turn, I get to make my comments, & people get to choose whether or not they want to respond. And if they do, that is on them – not me. You hate it when people don’t take responsibility for their actions? Really? Who is responsible for a person deciding to sit down at their computer & purposely go out of their way to write a disparaging comment to another poster on this site? Me? Or them? Another commenter said, I could be responsible directly/indirectly, for someone committing eating disordered behavior, at their lowest time of life? Really? All b/c I said Sophia V…???sp, was ugly w/out makeup? If someone reads my comments & commits a disordered behavior that is not, repeat, not my fault. They need to be responsible for their actions. They are responsible for their actions, just like I am responsible for mine, & you are for yours.
            Now, I think what Versus said is true – it’s like a meat eater visiting a vegetarian website & getting flack – & I don’t think I will be commenting anymore here, I just wanted to discuss this, I don’t want to trouble Versus w/ having to moderate so many comments in the future…I get it, it’s understandable – but that does not make it right. The attacks on me were completely unfounded & wrong – whatever my comments were, it did not warrant personal attack of another person over the internet. And no, not all my comments were personal opinions, many were objective facts – I have said repeatedly they are both. I have read SO much worse on this site. Words you wouldn’t want to repeat, words worse than average, or virgin hair or mesomorph. You know what I did when I read a derogatory comment about thin women? NOTHING. I didn’t attack the person who made the comment, I didn’t even respond to them at all.
            Anybody who attacked me personally b/c they didn’t like what I had to say, did a very egregiousness thing. Thank YOU for being respectful.

          • MerryHappy

            I completely disagree and am against any bullying against you or any other poster. No one should call you ugly physically or insinuate anything about your appearance. It’s unnecessary and cruel. But they’re not doing it because your opinion is different, it’s because of the way you phrase your opinion. You are very much entitled to what you want to say, but your comments often lack tact and compassion. When someone says something very critical–to you it just may be a list of obvious facts, but to others they see it as cruelty–then people get defensive and some may even lash out or say immature things. Both parties are responsible, the match that started the flame and the people that rush in with kerosene to throw on it. You SHOULD keep posting, and we SHOULD accept you. This isn’t a sorority, we’re supposed to be an accepting community. You seem to be a smart woman (I’m honesty not patronizing you with that, when not doing a very sterile list of features, you phrase some good arguments). I would like to not have you chased away with the pitchforks, but you need to just show a little more compassion in your comments. You don’t have to even be super sweet about your opinions, just maybe another moment before pressing submit to think if what you’re saying can be misconstrued as antagonistic or cruel. I think we all need to take responsibility for what we say online because the anonymity of it sometimes brings out our worst sides.

          • Natalia

            @MerryHappy, with this, I completely agree with you. You are spot on. I do lack tact & compassion in my comments. And I’ll be honest……listen here please, I may understand that people get upset that I may make a derogatory comment about a celebrity, & that if a person happens to look like that celebrity, they may get offended, and lash out at me – but…….I cannot make the logical leap to say that it is JUSTIFIED. I mean, do you know how many comments I have read on skinny this, bony that, no breasted this, must be starving, etc. etc. etc.? It doesn’t upset me AT ALL. I mean, I honestly don’t care…b/c I think skinny is great, but even if they angered me b/c I look like that & WAS offended, I could never, and I mean NEVER, somehow justify in my mind, attacking that person, I wouldn’t say didly squat to them…, has nothing to do w/ the other – technically, and if one follows logic. But I do see that emotions are manifested here, and you are absolutely right about me…so much damn science, math & logic, it’s like they turned me into a machine lol. Did you ever study it? You may know what I mean.

          • MerryHappy

            I will also agree there has been worse, vs usually stops it/deletes it. No one should say intentionally cruel, baiting things.

          • MerryHappy

            Just finished a cultural anthropology clad that wad incredibly scientific in content–lots of cause and effect, functions (like in math haha) of culture and a bit of marxism for good measure. I’m also finishing up most of the non-science major science programs right now (I’m studying to be a primary school teacher) as well as some fun philosophy and math classes haha. Let’s not forget the math that’s the prereq for my grad degree! I know what you mean, they leave little room for emotional connotations when they just ask you to focus on cause and effect for hours and hours a day year after year. I’m sorry you have felt singled out, and i apologize if what I’ve said at first was a bit cruel, i can be overtly blunt myself. I think that there are skinny and heavier reflections of beauty everywhere. It’s good that you can leave getting offended at the door, though, when people are critical of a body type similar to your own. I have seen some cruel things thrown at both sides (bony pre pubescent boy etc which no one needs to hear and fat being some of them). That’s why i admire posters like Ic and Erica, they never say anything overtly critical but express their opinions on completely opposite sides if the spectrum, and i find myself agrering with both. I hope you can stay with us and have a pleasant commenting future 🙂

          • Natalia

            LOVE math…thank you for the kind words.

        • wb

          nope a quantitative analyst does quantitative analysis. get it right.

          • Jules

            THANK YOU VERSUS!

            I couldn’t agree more! I visit this site every day and LOVE IT, especially the different body shapes/sizes and that there are also curvy/plus size celebrities/models. Definitely makes me feel better about myself and then there is natalia ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS picking EVERYTHING apart. Before i loved reading the comments. I mean everybody is free to express their opinion but stating my own preferences as a FACT and only talking other body shapes down like they’re not perfect enough for my own crazy standards?! Going a bit far, eh?!

          • Versus

            @Jules, Thank you! Your words mean a lot to me!

          • Chloe

            Completely agree Jules. I come to this site because I can see a wide spectrum of beauty i.e. the site’s title. To not accept that seems antithetical to the site’s purpose. As Jules noted everybody should be free to express their opinion (We love our first Amendment here in America more than our second cause it’s one Liberals and Conservatives can mostly agree on), but if I’m stating my own preferences as a FACT then I should be prepared for the subsequent backlash. Why? Because if I’m Narcissistic enough to believe that there is only one definitive concept of reality, and beauty without socially constructed standards being imposed on it then I should be prepared to take some heat for it. There was a whole movement known as postmodernism attacking “empiricism”, “objectivity”, and “universal truth” (though it shouldn’t be confused with nihilism). I’m skeptical of anyone who goes around talking about facts and standards as if they are the exclusive arbiter of them. Finally people are welcome to use freedom of speech, but understand why it was created. Yes people have it, however freedom of speech is a concept that was designed to promote an acceptance of a wide degree of opinion and thought. People who endorse freedom of speech in order justify narrow viewpoints miss its purpose on a grander scale, though yes you are entitled to it with a few exceptions here in the U.S. because if you start making too many exceptions, you’d ultimately erode it. In conclusion @Versus I love this site and I think you’re doing a great job :-).

          • Natalia

            Hi Chloe, sorry but I just felt compelled to respond to this, I was a philosophy major so, this is a passion of mine. For most of my comments, I did not state my opinions as facts. I did in fact use obj. facts as descriptors, and not opinions. (I used objective descriptors b/c…sometimes, when discussing the delicacies of women lol, sometimes just being objective is the kindest way, but that’s another thing). For the most part I’ve used objective facts in my comments. ex: the car is red. This is an obj. fact – not – an opinion. A fact is something that is actually the case, an opinion is not, it is subjective, a matter of taste. For purposes here, examples of obj. facts would be, ‘hair is colored’, ‘there is a bulge there’, ‘her height is below average’. Now sometimes I expressed my opinions here, but for the most part, I have employed objective facts in my description of the women on these posts. Thanks for letting me respond.

          • MerryHappy

            Same. I have nothing but love for versus 🙂 she’s an awesome moderator and this site has been a favorite for years.

          • Coldnipzr

            Lol WB, I was waiting for that. My pet peeve is when people try to be smart ass and correct you, but are intact WRONG

          • Natalia

            @wb, this is true, I misread your statement, reading too fast.

          • Chloe

            @Natalia you are free to respond to whatever you’d like. However the problem is that you think you are stating facts and I disagree. Let’s look at your comment here regarding the post “Beautiful hair, natural. Average face, average body…looks to be a wide pear, w/ a fair amount of fat. Looks like an endomorph, mesomorph mix. It’s definitely her embracing her natural body type, I don’t see evidence she is ‘fighting’ it…Healthy? Who knows…this could be her on exercise, or on very little. Both look like possibilities. Average height…everybody here knows the rest lol”. So according to you, average face and body according to you. Fine, that’s your opinion. However please stop masquerading this as an objective fact that everyone can agree on because it’s not. As a black woman my standard of beauty probably greatly diverges from yours regarding beauty, but guess what that doesn’t make my opinion any more valid than yours or vice versa. When you make comments, you offend precisely because you pretend as if you are some objective standard in defending yourself. Guess what that’s impossible because everybody has their own conception of beauty. Taking a few objective things such as height hardly means you can extrapolate your entire comment into a fact. This is just my opinion so take it for what it’s worth. Also thanks for being respectful.

          • Natalia

            @Chloe… ‘However the problem is that you think you are stating facts and I disagree.’

            With all due respect, there is no room for disagreement on what is an objective fact & what is not. This is not debatable – that’s why they are objective facts.

            Objective facts (she is below average height, she has a lump there, she is an ectomorph) – these are all objective facts.

            Subjective OPINIONS (she has an average face, she has beautiful hair, she is ugly) – these are subjective opinions.

            With all due respect, I don’t think you read carefully…I said many of my comments were objective – some were opinions- I mean, this at the core of everybody’s ‘defense’, that they are justified making derogatory comments to me b/c I am stating opinions as facts. Again, I did both. Again, there is nothing wrong w/ it. Again, I understand the negativity, the over emotional responses & agree w/ what Versus said, that it is my comments that start the ruckus . But that doesn’t justify it. I mean, my comments are not even aimed at the people who attacked me – they were aimed at the women in the posts……& they weren’t bad at all – they were for the MOST part objective, & the parts that weren’t, that were subjective & i.e. opinions – were mild! Point is,it’s ILLOGICAL to get attack someone b/c they don’t like what they had to say – when it wasn’t even directed at them. There’s just no logic behind it, it is an EMOTIONAL illogical response. That’s what I have trouble w/. Freedom of speech, I keep saying this. Logic must rule, NOT emotion.
            BTW, I know it’s hard to get emotions, intonations over the internet……well…there is none here, I’m just debating, all respects.

          • Jenifer

            Natalia, before you started writing posts with “objective facts”, you used to write very mean-spirited posts. If someone was of average height, you made it clear in your post that contributes to the person not being attractive. Same with thigh bulges. Same with weight. Same with body shape. You already shared your opinions so much on how much you detest these things and see them as flaws.
            So yes, in your posts lately, you state objective facts, but anyone who ever read your posts in the past already knows that if you say this person is of average height, has a thigh bulge, has bleached hair, that you’re basically saying this person is non-attractive, which is YOUR opinion, not objective facts.

          • Natalia

            Opinions in the past does not equal opinions in the present, in the presence of objective facts mixed w/ subjective opinions (present).

          • Chloe

            @Natalia You clearly didn’t grasp my comment because I did in fact say you use objective facts and try to interject them in with subjective opinions to try and make your point i.e. my comment “Taking a few objective things such as height hardly means you can extrapolate your entire comment into a fact” thus I acknowledged that you use both facts and opinion. You are free to say what you like but as you yourself acknowledge that’s why you get attacked. If you want to pretend you’re this expert of logic and every opinion that disagrees with you is purely emotional then go ahead but you’re deluding yourself. In some of your posts your present facts which you then try and use them to support your opinions about someone being attractive as if they’re practically interchangeable which is problematic and I believe faulty logic. It’s similar to some of the problems inherent in inductive reasoning i.e. generalizing about an observation and inferring a claim based on those characteristics and properties as if it’s absolute. You do not have a monopoly on logic. Secondly who says we live in a world completely governed by logic, because we obviously don’t. You can’t fault people for not subscribing to the rules of your game and “your logic”. According to you, many of the commenters who respond to you aren’t logical, so what? You mentioned freedom of speech and having an issue with that, well that’s because freedome of speech means logic doesn’t always rule. There are times as humans when empathy and emotion are just as important as logic and should not be disregarded. This is what I believe freedom of speech tries to protect and I believe emotional responses are encapsulated within that (though logical responses are too). If someone wants to attack you because they don’t like a comment that you didn’t direct at them, freedom of speech protects that. As I mentioned freedom of speech is a two way street. You can post whatever you want but people don’t have to like it. People are just as entitled to post they’re “emotional” comments as your “logical” one. I just think being a bit more open-minded goes a long way. It’s your perogative to not do so but that’s why you get so much backlash, and I don’t think all of it is completely unjustified.

          • Natalia

            @Chloe: You said: ‘Taking a few objective things such as height hardly means you can extrapolate your entire comment into a fact.’

            I never said I was trying to. I do not try to extrapolate my entire comments (which includes opinions) into only facts (only). It’s not possible, given the definition of the terms.

            I don’t pretend to be an expert on logic, philosophy was my major.

            You said: ‘Every opinion that disagrees w/ me is emotional’…well, opinions cannot be emotional, people can, and yes, when attacking, name calling & mockery are used, that involves emotion.

            You said: ‘…your (you?) present facts which you then try and use them to support your opinions…’ Well, this is can be done. It is not faulty logic.

            You said: ‘If someone wants to attack you because they don’t like a comment that you didn’t direct at them, freedom of speech protects that.’ I have said/implied this is true in other comments. But whether that is ‘right’, is the question. And please, let us both not get into what is ‘right’…I’m trying to watch the Jodi Arias trial lol!

            But I agree w/ you, emotions are ‘valid’ here, and everywhere, & I should try to use more compassion when relating to others.

          • carriee1

            @everyone including Natalia. I do hope Natalia stay because she does have some redeemable qualities and I like her. Maybe I think in simple ways but we all make mistakes and I think Natalia didn’t truly mean to commit whatever the crime she committed here.

          • Natalia

            @carriee. I’m still here! Help! lol 🙂

        • carriee1

          @ Natalia. Not too harsh at all, nothing you ever say is too harsh. Which post are you on now? You gotta stay and just adapt to this site!

          • Natalia

            @carriee1, Hey! I am on every post, up to the newest.

    • artemis

      wide? she’s tiny in real life. why would she fight it? you are ridiculous, talking about that like it’s a disease when the models that you like look like they’re about to die from starvation.

      • Effie

        Agreed, Artemis! 🙂

        • artemis


    • Adriana

      I couldn’t reply to your other comment further down the page, the one where you said you enjoyed talking to me.
      I just wanted to reply, awww your sweet, I enjoy talking to you too 🙂
      Also I hope you don’t feel too ganged up on.
      Personally I never found any of your comments offensive.
      Im sure some commenters will say maybe thats becauseI share all the same views & opinions as you but no, I don’t. We do share alot of the same beauty ideals but not all. But what we don’t see eye to eye on doesn’t bother me because im secure with myself, my opinions & im not heart broken when someone doesn’t like a body type, body part, height , weight ect that I think relates to me because I know not everyone shares the same beauty ideals. People who are that sensitive should either skip the cimmenters that bother them or leave this site.
      Anyway I hope you get what im saying (im writing this from my mobile phone so it’s hard) Anyway I wish you all the best 🙂

  • serena

    I’m surprised because I expected a skinny girl – she looks thin in clothes! But I still think she’s lucky because she’s got long legs and a curvy torso, just like Candice, a rare combo. And I would love to have those proportions – I think she’s a Vase?

    • Winnie

      she doesn’t look very much how i’ve come to picture vases, vase-shapes are said to be “stretched out hourglasses” with proportionate curves and bigger boobs, kind of like Sofia Vergara. Nina looks to be a little bottom-heavy? i think she may be a pear-hourglass hybrid shape like Candice, but not a Vase. at a lower weight she’s a definite pear-shape

      • kateuk

        I think she may be a bell shape, i.e. short-waisted pear. That said her shoulders are probably broader than the average bell shape, but I don’t think many women will match any specific body shape 100%.

    • wb

      you’re right! she does have candice like proportions, but i do prefer candice. i don’t think it’s fair to compare! i just think candice is flawless

  • Kimmy

    I am a vase too and look very similar to her except my stomach is more toned and my legs are a little bit shorter. So these replies are entertaining.

    I think her cellulite is from that sun and the angle

    • Deli

      I was an hourglass before my breast reduction (From DD to full B)… Now I’m not sure if I’m still an hourglass or vase?

      I have a similar body but my shoulders are a bit broader, bigger boobs and bigger calves… But same waist to hip ratio and similar proportions on arms/legs…

      • artemis

        you’re still a hourglass because your boobs are smaller now because you made them smaller, not cause you have them like that naturally. plus, not all horglasses have boobs that big anyway; the difference betwheen hourglass and vase is that the vase is more stretched up instead of wide, i think, so the difference is in your bone structure because they are already similar in where they gain fat.

  • mary

    wow i thought she was slimmer than this…definitely looks tinier in clothes…not by ideal figure, prefer much more tone, but she has a nice body shape

    • wb

      plus let me add that your comment about finance (actually about business since you clearly don’t understand that they are different) only shows how little you understand about it.

      • mary

        you understand it less if you think it takes more to be in finance than law…there are just as many bottom feeding finance wh0res around as there are lawyers 😉

        • wb

          “accounting is FAR harder than finance”
          you took stochastic processes as an accounting major? damn overachieving accountant we got over here.

      • mary

        And I meant business in the general term…its comprised of finance, accounting, marketing, supply chain, etc. all these majors and careers are far less challenging than other professional paths. clearly someone is super sensitive about their precious finance 😉

        • wb

          nope just don’t like when people can’t get their facts straight. “And do finance majors take anything beyond calculus like engineers?” i literally just cracked my rib. vector calculus and many many upper division mathematics statistics courses are a requirement for entry into any finance program, talking about QF programs not MBA’s that’s business. stop getting the two confused.

          engineering is also very challenging but is more on the science side having more overlap with physics, chemistry etc depending on the concentration. financial engineering is purely mathematical theory combined with a ton of computer science.

          i can’t even understand what you’re trying to say. you’re telling me finance = accounting because it’s part of
          “business”. ok since when did biology become chemistry because it’s all science.

  • She looks great – I remember thinking she seemed to have lost a lot of weight in 2011/12 – but it seems she has gained it back, and maybe a little extra while on holiday! Her shape is really enviable to me – slim (but not thin) arms and legs, rounded hips and a nice butt, super WHR and boobs that are perky and proportionate. I really like her softness – she still looks toned and fit to me, just with higher body fat, which I personally think looks best on curvy body types anyway. I like the bikini too.

    • lol

      Why don’t you tell us something we don’t know? every post is the same.

      • HB

        What a strange comment to make… Erica’s comments are always very specific/relevant to the post.
        What revelations do you have to share, “lol”?

        • mary

          so we are now attacking people on this site for posts that are “all the same” my god can anyone say anything right without getting shredded…while erica and i have had our differences, attacking someone who is always tasteful and kind in their wording is baffling to me…

          • Winnie

            i wouldn’t take “lol” seriously mary. he/she is obsessed with Erica, to the point of memorizing her every post on this site word for word and taking not of all the posters who have agreed with her posts in the past. he/she also believes that anyone who dare challenge the notion that model = perfect or anyone who carries a bit more weight can be attractive MUST be jealous and insecure irl. clearly just a self-righteous nutjob with internet access and an uncanny penchant for selective reading.

      • artemis

        you are lol worthy

        • solaxia

          Winnie – spot on! I cracked up at the last line you wrote.

  • Megan

    She could use a little more muscle in her legs & booty, and a bit less fat overall. Really nice shape & proportions though.

    • Adam Schiavone

      100% perfect post. Great hips and waist for doggy-style. Booty could be a little fatter. Love the long legs.

  • Winnie

    i agree with most of the comments, love her figure despite her looking heavier than i expected. she has great curves, although she could tone up a little. i wouldn’t want her to lose weight though because when she’s thinner, her upper-body tends to look somewhat sinewy

  • KatAnne

    I think she looks pretty much perfect. Really healthy, curvy, gorgeous face and hair.

  • Angelique

    Wow she gained quite a bit of weight… She has surely changed since Degrassi but still absolutely gorgeous

  • Teiku

    Very nice body. And I love her hair.

  • Ellen

    To the skinny vs curvy team:There’s a problem with the home page…I can’t see the pictures…Please fix it,thank you.

    • serena

      Could be your browser isn’t up to date? If you’re using firefox or safari make sure you’ve got the latest version, sometimes pics/videos don’t load otherwise.

  • Candy

    Nothing special.

    • wb

      neither are you 😉

      • Candy M.

        I was right, you do have the maturity of an 11 year old. You’ve decided to target me, and I said about her what other posters say about other celebrities. Personally attacking another poster for no reason is immature. I have no problem with people who have different tastes, grow up mizzz finance.

        • wb

          nothing special is not an attack. just like your comment about nina was not meant to be an attack. or i hope not. dont be hypocritical.

  • She looks cute and I love her curvy shape, Im just confused over the wrinkly/odd skin texture on the tummy

  • wb

    i think she’s gained a bit, and it’s not very flattering in these pictures. she looks lovely overall, i usually love her look, but prefer her clothed. she’d look a lot better in a bikini if she toned up.

  • JaneParker

    I guess I’m in the minority here. Everybody seems to be loving her waist to hip ratio but it’s a bit too much for me, her hips are a bit too large for my taste, especially considering how narrow her waist is. Not that she’s big at all, I just prefer a less accentuated difference apparently. Other than that, she looks amazing from the back and I’d love to have a butt like hers. I don’t watch her show so I have no idea what she looks like wearing clothes.

  • annemarie

    She looked better before. She gained weight and it shows but at least she still has a nice shape.

  • lillaliket

    this is what she looks like in my mind:

    she looks nice enough now, but what a difference!

    • goldfish

      loved her look at that event, she looks great

  • Tiina

    I really like her shape! Long, lean limbs, curvy hips, tiny waist and broad, straight shoulders. Could she be a bit more toned? Definitely yes. Does she need to? Most certainly not. This works for her: she’s fine just the way she is. The only thing I don’t like in these photos is that underboob. The cleavage is supposed to go on top, not under your bikini! Though to be fair bikini tops like that hike up on almost every one with a cup size, but there’s no paparazzi around when that happens to the rest of us. 😉

    I also think that her body shape is perfect for carrying almost any piece of clothing ever designed. With her long limbs, narrow waist and defined shoulders she reminds me of Diane Kruger, who pobably has never met a dress she couldn’t rock. Kruger is obviously a lot thinner, and hence carries a lot less weight on her hips, but in my eyes they appear to be the same body type in a different weight. What do you guys think?

    • artemis

      they do look close in terms of body shape. nina’s ribcage is a bit smaller

    • Winnie

      artemis is right, Nina has a narrower ribcage than Diane. Versus has described Nina’s body-shape as a “small pear” in the past, while Diane is said to be a vase shape since her torso is a tad longer than it is usually found on an hourglass . both have phenomenal figures

  • Annie

    I thought she was skinnier.
    That being said, I am now waiting for Natalia’s comment :D.

  • Mishael

    It’s obvious to me that she gained quite a bit of weight. She is usually much skinnier than that.
    Hoever I like her body at any weight. She is lucky to have great proportions.

  • Kelly-Ann

    The woman in the black bikini in the background in the sixth picture looks like an overly-tanned and overweight Jennifer Aniston!

  • Jelena

    She looks very good, nice body! She has small bones, and that’s why she looks small in her outfit, because she is, and appear “slightly fat” half naked :-D. That is my problem, too.
    Keep in mind that she forgot to drink photoshop pill.

    • deppfan

      Yes indeed. I have the same problem. In clothes I look too skinny, especially among my friends, but when I take my clothes off, there is still meat visible on my bones overall.

  • deppfan

    She is a smaller chested version of Kelly Brook. They share the same body type in my eyes because of the same(ideal) shoulder to hip ratio in addition to the amazing WHR and leg to body ratio. I always adore Nina and gaining weight made her sexier than ever. But I’m worried that her smoking habit is contributing to premature sagging and cellulite formation (as seen from the pics). A perfect bone structure doesnt mean she is immune to premature aging, right?

  • Sidney

    I’m so glad to see a slim woman with cellulite on their tummy. Just because i have the same problem, i can get rid off almost all of it, but only when i’m in a really tight shape with the six pack and all that. It’s annoying. But she manages to looks pretty good here despite it, and her shape is really lovely. As others, i too thought she’d be skinnier. She looks way smaller in clothes.

    • Jennie

      Hi Sidney, I have the same problem, and what helped me was to dry skin brush the area. Well, really I dry skin brush my entire body (as it’s good for stimulating the lymph system & getting rid of toxins), and after doing it daily before my shower for a few months, I can honestly say I have almost no visible cellulite anymore on my stomach and thighs.

      • Haley

        What kind of dry brush do you use?

        • Jennie

          Hi Haley, I ordered mine on Just typed in “dry skin brush.” I’m not sure what brand it is, and it probably doesn’t matter what brand you buy. All that matters is that you get a brush with natural bristles, never synthetic. The bristles should be stiff but not too stiff because you don’t want to hurt your skin. I made sure to get one with a handle so it’s easy to reach everywhere on my body.
          There are lots of tutorials on YouTube on the proper way to dry skin brush. I was doing it any old way and realized after a few weeks that it wasn’t the right way, so definitely check out a video or two 🙂

          • Haley

            Thanks Jennie!

      • Sidney

        Thanks, i’ve heard of that but have never tried it since i’ve been a bit skeptical about whether it would make any difference at all, i’ll give it a go now that i know it can actually make a difference 🙂

      • Paula

        A far cheaper alternative to spa treatments for cellulite…I got my brush from Body Shop.

  • retrobanana

    butt and legs look killer her torso is a little soirt for my liking and she has some bloat which isnt a big deal because im sure she can lose it fast…but yeah i used to think she was a pear looks apple now…her bestie juliane seems to have a better body

    • kateuk

      She may be less defined in the waist than before, but she is certainly no apple shape.

  • binks

    Nice body! I kind of figured her body was different than what is shown on the show she always struck me as a curvy girl as oppose to thin.

  • Laverne

    I don’t agree with people saying she looks healthy. Her bodyfat is too high for that. She’d look much healthier if she was fitter and carried less excess fat.

    • kateuk

      I don’t think her body fat % is that high, certainly not in the danger zone. She may look more aesthetically ideal in terms of fitness with a lower body fat %, but her main issue is likely to be lack of muscle. Weight training and a high protein diet will help her.

    • Mara

      Thanks for making my day 😀
      Finally someone speaking words of truth. Nina’s body fat % is most obviously unhealthy, even dangerous. Like, she’ll need a Dr. Jessen intervention in a couple of years.

      • kateuk

        lol, the sarcasm hurts my brain : P

  • D

    She looks good to me but maybe Im biased because I look a lot like her hahahaha.

  • magwildwood

    She looks about the same as 2010. A little too pear shaped for my own taste, but she has nice hair. I always perceived her as more in shape and proportionate than this, honestly. But objectively, she looks pretty good.

  • Jennie

    I think she looks great – like an all-natural, laid back pretty girl at age 24 should. It’s a nice surprise to see all those curves….I really thought she was a skinny girl with none!

  • lc

    Not a fan of her body. I like her better thinner.

    • savina

      Of course you do. What else is new? This website has turned from skinny and curvy preferrers to exclusively model loving people. Was unaware the website had changed to!

      • megs362

        Calm yourself!! If it helps, I think the opposite has happened and this site has switched to a majority who praise much less skinny body shapes.

        Look at the number of comments calling this chick hot! I think everyone is pretty forgiving these days.

        • lc

          I agree megs362. To the other poster, get the f*ck over yourself and grow up.

        • Mishael

          Well, this chic is hot. At least body wise. I don’t care for her face. And I am not forgiving. I like slim and toned but what I value more is great proportions (nice sized boobs, great whr, slim and long limbs, nice butt). Nina has clearly gained weight and it will not be difficult for her to tone up a bit and lose weight. Many even super slim people let themselves go sometimes.

        • Mia

          To suggest that is is somehow “forgiving” to call this woman hot, is ridiculous. I think the problem is that there are some posters who are completely unable to see the entire range of normal that exists between skinny and fat. For these people, you are either really skinny and have a very low body fat %, or you are automatically fat. Also, the implication behind these kinds of comments is that people who are not super skinny or low in body fat are somehow inferior, in that they are lazy and “unhealthy”, even though we know absolutely nothing about their day-to-day behavior. I can think of several celebs who are considered “healthy” on this site, because they are skinny, and yet I have seen multiple pictures of them sunbathing and smoking cigarettes. There are MANY aspects of health, and weight is just one of them.

  • pandabear

    she looks great in clothes 🙂 nice curves, lovely face. no bikini envy here. glad she’s enjoying her youth; eating with friends and not spending hours at the gym. still though… she’s gonna need to tighten that thing up.

  • KC

    Her midsection looks lumpy. Like cellulite-y in some pics. So strange to me.

  • Whoa… Always thought she was quite slim (at least up top)??? She’s definitely gained a bit. Venturing into “thick” category; still attractive to guys, but is going to be picked apart by girls.

    • artemis

      who gives a f about what girls think of your body as long as it’s not overweight/bony? they’re not the one to judge

    • wb

      its stupid when girls pick apart other girls piece by piece like a dog chewing at some bones. it’s worse than being objectified by men. women should be open minded and supportive of each other. but clearly, not all women are like that. actually women who aren’t kind to other women, they don’t deserve kindness, they’re biatchess. so when i give them a hard time that’s a different story. i have no tolerance for b’s.

  • Hanna

    This is totally unsurprising. Nina has always looked this way to me. If you see bikini pictures of her from like 1-2 years ago, she looks the same. I personally think she looks great and healthy. She definitely looks very thin in pictures and on television, but I think she has very skinny arms, legs, and shoulders. For anyone who watches Vampire Diaries, there was an episode in which she’s in a cheerleading outfit and you can definitely see how this body shape on her isn’t a surprise.

  • GreenieWeenie

    I just rewatched the TVD pilot episode again the other day and she was so thin in that! But she was probably like 18 when they filmed it. We grow up. Our metabolisms change.

    She’s got great long legs, no matter what.

  • Katie

    Honestly, I think it’s just the lighting. If you look at other pictures it’s not nearly as noticeable. Regardless, she looks great! And she has Ian Somerhalder … so there’s that.

  • cozzey

    She was WAY skinnier in series 2 Vampire Diaries! She is naturally a curvier weight, if you watch her when she first began her career in television when she was much younger and then she lost so much weight and looked scarily skinny and bony at one stage around the arms and shoulders and waist. She is back looking healthier and at her normal weight now which is fantastic and if you watch season 4 vampire diaries you can tell. She is still terrifically toned as she does bucket loads of yoga (she always states this in interviews) but she looks to have relaxed her diet to a healthier more balanced diet because I think at one stage, she seemed to be on a really strict and rigid diet from what she said in interviews. She looks amazing, and is beautiful and stunning in the face. Physically, I wish actresses didn’t feel the pressure to try and change their bodies to what is not natural. All body types are gorgeous wether it be skinny or voluptuous but some can’t embrace their natural figure. I feel like she has best of both though, she is skinny and curvy!!!!!!!

  • Dani

    I love Nina and I actually really like her at this size/weight. Yes she could tone up a little bit but she looks healthy and normal here. I think she’s gorgeous

  • tequilla

    i noticed that about 80% girls on this site favorize pear shapes, maybe because its the most common built? annyways i think this girl looks ok, not more not less, just ok, but stil in attractive group, nice hair, pretty face features.

    • Adriana

      Personally I feel like there are alot of different body preferences on this site.
      Imo alot of people prefer their own body type, nothing wrong with that, confidence is good & why not love your body type cause you can’t change it.
      Not sure whether pears are the most common build?
      Im not even 100% sure what body type I am. Ruler or vase I think. I prefer V-shapes though because they always seem to have legs that I adore plus good cleavage & broad shoulders, which I like however not everyone likes all of these things but I do 🙂
      I think every body shape has it positives & what some see as positives others see as negative (I hate that word but it seem to fit with what im saying)

      • adriana

        *where I say good cleavage, replace that with averageto larger sized breasts, which isy preference.
        I don’t want to use the word “good” to directly describe a body part as the term “good” is relative.

        Lots of people prefer pear shapes because of their waist to hip ratios, delicate shoulders & perky, fuller bottoms. They are sort of the oppositie of V-shapes which I prefer however I can still igknowledge (sp?), appreciate & respect those who prefer pear as their ideal.

        Anyway yo get what I mean.

        • adriana

          Typos-isy=is my & yo= you.

          Sorry but it is hard to have perfect grammer when using a mobile phone :/

  • Debbs

    She looks great and I love that style of bikini.

  • Kimberly

    These are not the most flattering pictures or her. She’s definitely looking more pear shaped these days.

  • Hayley

    I think she looks gorgeous. I’m trying to lose a little weight (I’m about 145 – 5’5″, my goal is 125 – my high school weight) and I really want to have her body when I’m done (or at least close to it).

  • jerry z

    how does she look so skinny in clothes and heavier in a bikini?

  • carriee1

    I think she looks good but the bikini top might be bit small. She looks very relaxed and quite confident!

  • Jules

    LOVED that you did a post about her! If I had to pick my absolute DREAM BODY that would definitey it even with the ‘odd’ skin texture on her tummy, that only makes her more human. I know that she is really into Yoga and and not starving herself and it shows..looks HEALTHY and HAPPY, what more could you ask for?! If I read thinks like she NEEDS to tone up or do sit-ups it’s like SHUT UP who says she HAS to?! Sometimes people like the way they look and maybe she has more important things to do with her time than to get a six-pack ..

  • Sophia

    You know what makes me really sad :/ I sit here, looking at pictures of her and think “Gosh, If I looked like this I would not be really happy with my self. She needs to lose a bit of weight and get toned blablabla…” And then I look at my own sad body in the mirror and realise that I could consider myself VERY happy if I had her body cause mine’s like 100x worse. 🙁

    • Jules

      Don’t be so hard on yourself, Sophia! I’m sure you look amazing. Always keep in mind that these people have money and ressources we could only dream of! But i get what you mean, I think we often pick apart other people’s so called ‘flaws’ and could consider ourselves lucky if we would only look half as good. I often look at people and think MEH WOULDN’T WEAR THAT WITH THAT BODY and then I just have to step back and look at my overweight body! 😉

    • carriee1

      I often feel the same but there is no use feeling endlessly sorry for ourselves. Lets be happy we have eyes that can see, ears tat can hear, mouth to taste food, and hands that can touch great things in this world! I bet you are pretty just the way you are!

    • Mia

      I echo what the other two said, and also, I would like to remind you that the people on this site who pick apart every.single.flaw represent the extreme minority of individuals in the world. Most people (myself included), do not notice every single flaw on other people. Frankly, I don’t even give a second look to most people. Unless you are a really really hot guy I wouldn’t even glance at you on the street, at the beach, at the mall, etc.

      I hate the jealously card, but I will say that I feel kind of bad for people who pick apart other people’s bodies this way, because they probably do the same things to themselves. That is no way to live your life!

      • Sophia

        Aww, thank you all so much for your kind words. You’re absolutely right.

      • Jules

        Thank you Mia! I think you have to keep that in mind that those people with extreme views on body shapes/sizes are actually really rare in the ‘real world’! Often times our friends/family members etc. don’t even notice our “flaws”. But I still think you would give me a second look because even I’m losing weight at the moment I’m still at 240 lbs currently (no kidding!) and feel awful about that and people DO stare and sometimes it hurts because you just want to be ‘normal’ like everyone else. But I’m keeping my head up because it’s a progress and it doesn’t happen overnight and we should really be happy to have functioning healthy bodys!

        • Mia

          I’m sorry, Jules 🙁 I think you are right, that people do stare at individuals who are overweight, and it’s really unfortunate. But, I think that even the people who stare don’t harp on it and talk about the person incessantly and in a negative manner. The reality is that the majority of us have at least some friends and family members who are overweight, and (I hope) that those of us who are mature enough know how much it hurts to be scrutinized for looking a certain way.

  • Nene

    Nice body shape.She seems to have added some weight,probably 7-10lbs but still slim and curvy.
    Pears look best slimmer imo so a little more tone won’t hurt.Also slim pears tend to look skinny in cloths but in bikinis not so much.
    She is such a pretty girl.

  • mariaaa

    Greetings from Finland and thank you for this amazing site! During these years I’ve been a reader of yours I’ve learned to love my own body and understand that there are different types of bodies, all beautiful on their own way 🙂 Nobody is perfect, the most important thing is to be happy and healthy.

    And what comes to the mean talk on this site, I think everybody is entitled to have an opinion, but being always mean is just not nice. I just don’t get the purpose of comments with ‘objective’ adjective lists about somebody’s body. It’s fine if you wanna list those things, but reading comments after comments like that just makes me bit sad, because there really are many beautiful/nice adjectives you could also use. And yes, I know I don’t have to read the comments on this site if I don’t like them, but still…

    • Versus

      Thank you, Marinaaa! Keep enjoying the site!

  • Isabel

    Not a fan of her butt, but her WHR ig great, I really like her body type.

    • Adam Schiavone

      Bingo. If that booty was a little fatter

  • Adriana

    Versus im just wondering why you have singled out Natalia yet you have not said anothing to wb? I feel like wb has personally attacked & insulted a few commenters. Two examples. How is it ok for wb to say to Natalia “you have friends?” & call her a “basic bitch” also when Candy replied nothing special on a celeb wb replied “neither are you”
    All her comments come accross as very angry & self rightious yet you don’t remove, moderate or warn her. I would appreciate if you read & deleted this.

    • Versus

      WB has been moderated as well and some of WB’s comments haven’t even appeared on the site. The only reason why I wrote to Natalia is because over 30 visitors have complained about her, which is a lot.

      • adriana

        Thankyou for taking the time to read & respond toy comment.
        From your long time viewer, reader, commenter, supporter & internet friend Adriana.

        • adriana

          Oops I forgot to add your site name “Versus” so you would see my above comment 🙂

  • Sophie

    Nina has gained weight, I like it I think she looks different but hot in a different way

  • MerryHappy

    *class *was
    Any other spelling errors, i apologize for. It’s too early to type on a phone.

  • tubby

    Guys please stop ganging up on Natalia, she wouldn´t annoy you so much if you didn´t choose to read and psychoanalyze all her posts. I find her comments funny and usually honest, like what most ppl might think even if they do not look perfect themselves.
    I see apple shapes get alot of flack from posters for example, but doesn´t make pears perfect, or mean that the posters should be bullied into submission.

    Natalia you may want to add a disclaimer to your comments.
    ” In Freudian psychology, externalization is an unconscious defense mechanism, where an individual “projects” his own internal characteristics onto the outside world, particularly onto other people.[1] For example, a patient who is overly argumentative might instead perceive others as argumentative and himself as blameless.
    Like other defense mechanisms, externalization is a protection against anxiety and is, therefore, part of a normal, healthily-functioning mind. However, if taken to excess it can lead to the development of a neurosis.”

    Please everyone, take all that you see/read online with a pinch of salt, and lets all just get along.


    • Natalia

      @tubby, You sound like my kind of person. What intrigues me most, is the repeated irrational behavior that ensues time and again. I comment about ‘x’, I receive an angry comment about said comment, even though said comment was not directed at or to, the person making the angry comment. It is not a logical reaction, as everyone gets to express an opinion, yet is an irrational one. I suspect it is b/c most women (if you believe the literature), in terms of personality types, fall into the E (emotional) type, rather than the T (thinking) type. I don’t know if you are a regular user, so don’t know if you will respond back, but curious as to your views on this…you sound like you know a thing or two. BTW, the disclaimer wouldn’t do squat.

    • Natalia

      @tubby, P.S. What do you think of Freud? Are you a Freudian? I think psychoanalysis was his greatest contribution. What do you think? Do you think Freud focused on sex so much b/c he was preoccupied w/ it? If you say yes, then Freud would be experiencing ‘externalization’ (unconsciously projecting his own preoccupation w/ sex, onto the outside world). I wonder what he would have said to that?

  • prettygirl

    I dont like her that much in these pictures simply because we have exact body structure and I look how she looks right now and I have always looked at her as the inspiration that I could get a skinny girl look, now if she cant do it with all that money and trainers and what not I dont know it kinda of makes you doubt if its even possible for a girl who has always had hips to be a size 0-2 someday. that being said hope dies last so running 5 times a week and eating healthy might just do it for me this year, who knows. I do love Nina Dobrev btw she is amazing and she is eastern European too

    • homeslice

      There is a difference between being just skinny and being skinny, like her, (maybe a little flab here and there) and physically fit at the same time. We have seen that she works out regularly and though she may have a little belly she is still very attractive. Who ever said that you have to be skin and bone to be attractive?

  • jaga

    she’s a nice pear. I give her props for not having cellulite on her thighs, very common with this body shape.

  • homeslice

    She actually looks like she gained a few and is getting a flabbier belly but I think she actually looks hotter now than when she was boney.

  • delicate_dream

    This is near perfect to me. Her size & shape are fantastic. This probably close to the ideal body for me. You can tell some angles make her look larger than she is too (the camera DOES lie). She is very slender… no more than size 4. Then cellulite is minimal considering its natural beach light (the worst lighting possible as far as any flaws go). If this is people’s idea of “soft” then they are crazy. She is firm, not flabby. Being toned is not sinewy, it’s firmness, IMO.

  • sam

    Some of these comments are hilarious. Have you SEEN HER! She looks incredible. Someone said “average height” why is that said negatively? You can’t change your height lmao and so what If she’s a pear shape… can’t exactly change that either. She looks as if she’s in the late 120’s/early 130’s and for her height this is perfect. Some of you need to get help if you think she’s fat lmao

  • Kelly

    ‘Her tummy is not very impressive’ and she’s ‘curvy’? What is WRONG with you guys! She’s really thin…