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  • wohoofiona

    She’s looking okay these days. Yes by these days I mean the last 2-3 weeks… still though not a complete mess

  • Sidney

    Change the shoes and the hair and she’d be great. Weight-wise looking nice.

  • Ida

    If she lost the shoes, that would not be so bad ..

    Other than that, she looks about okay!

  • jenny

    woho.. my guess was right! 🙂

  • Kate Hudson or Britney were my guesses and I knew it;p

  • she looks pretty good, cute.

  • natasha

    i love love love her ! she is looking very good these days, i agree. I love her !

  • artemis

    oooh nice:D

  • Serafiina

    She has a nice butt, and it has been even better. Consider that was a compliment,her butt was sooo good.

  • lc

    She looks nice!!!

  • She looks great! she finally picked the right outfit for her body type. Good for her.

  • lp23

    I thought it was Kate Hudson or Britney as well bimbo lol! x

    She has got a curvy butt.

  • Calro

    Good for her! She looks good these days.

  • jenna118

    Really nice butt!

  • mew

    Ugh that hair. Not okay. She never hits it 100% – always something tragic – usually hair/makeup – that ruins the look!

  • Priscila

    Her butt is awesome. It’s one of the things I hate about being skinny, the lack of ass 🙁
    The best thing about this pic is that she was in a studio recording her new album . yay 😀

    • allNEw

      really? great ! 😀

  • Bella

    I knew it right away 😉

    Seriously, this girl has always had the best butt in all of Hollywood!

    • solaxia

      i agree! even when she was ‘unfit’ it was still so round and perfect!