British Soap Opera Star Michelle Keegan in a Bikini

british-soap-opera-star-michelle-keegan-in-a-bikini-2 - British Soap Opera Star Michelle Keegan in a Bikini

Here’s a hot pink bikini treat!

She’s a British actress (best known for Coronation Street), she’s 22 and she looks really good in a bikini.

How do you like her skinny, toned & tanned figure?

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british-soap-opera-star-michelle-keegan-in-a-bikini - British Soap Opera Star Michelle Keegan in a Bikini

british-soap-opera-star-michelle-keegan-in-a-bikini-3 - British Soap Opera Star Michelle Keegan in a Bikini

british-soap-opera-star-michelle-keegan-in-a-bikini-4 - British Soap Opera Star Michelle Keegan in a Bikini

british-soap-opera-star-michelle-keegan-in-a-bikini-5 - British Soap Opera Star Michelle Keegan in a Bikini

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  • shoegirl

    Wow, impressive! Love her hourglass figure! I would looove to look like that (minus the implants – just gross)!

    • Ali

      Yes, nice body, but those boobs? no thanks.

      • nhana

        Agree! Those boobs are just way too much!

  • red

    her stomach looks weird… what do u think it is?

    • Natalie

      Maybe its a tummy tuck, very fake boobs by the way..

      • gabby

        def not a tummy tuck. couldnt wear a bikini that low….plus…she’s 22!….her stomach looks weird because her body isn’t meant to be that skinny, she has too much of an hourglass figure which usually tends to be slightly softer (even if the person is toned) around the stomach, hip area. plus her boobs are huge compared to her waist and stomach, the proportions could be throwing you off.

        • VG

          well my body is like that….my boobs are huge…double d’s 🙁 but when i lose a little weight my body looks pretty much like hers! so i hope ppl arent disgusted when they see me on the beach like they seem to be with this girl on here 🙁

          • Emma

            Same here!! double D’s/E cups (which won’t go away!!!!) even though I am actually much smaller otherwise… Maybe its just the fact that it her’s are fake that makes them look so wierd/not good?… At least I hope so!! … 🙁

  • anabel

    I’m loving her waist and overall shape! The boobs are a bit overdone imo, and so is the tan, I think, that fake-looking skin colour doesn’t look good together with the bright pink bikini.

  • Dr. Truth

    Cute…but why is her bottom so saggy?
    And are those tacky belly button rings still IN, in the UK? god..

    • Ella

      Only with chavettes (I believe they’re similar to ‘white trash’ or ‘wiggers’ in North America).

      • Jenna

        Yeah the first thing I thought of when I saw these pictures was


        She has really nice legs but the rest of her looks kind or off to me.
        The muscle definition on her stomach looks totally strange, almost as if she got one of those spray tans that shade in the contours to make you look more ripped.

    • Malcatraz

      Where do you see her bottom?

  • Jay

    Orange Skin – check
    Fake Boobs – check
    Visible ribs – check

    • K

      hah! agreed.

    • mazahazard

      I believe I have this body type…
      Its either – I show ribs, plus a nice stomach, or i have my ribs not showing and a I have a flabby stomach.
      Its lose lose, but i think its best without the flabby tummy

      At least i don’t have the fake boobs and orange skin 😛

      • Rima

        same here! my ribs or my saggy tummy!

    • Nikki

      That’s what I thought. She looks quite plastic and with leatherskin which is too bad, coz I think her body could look really nice, if she gained a bit, still worked out, so it wouldn’t get flabby, but toned and with soft curves, and i she quit the fake tan…

  • Phoebe

    Not feeling the tan and bikini. But I think her boobs may be real, she has the exact same figure as my best friend whos really skinny but has ridiculously big boobs naturally, they just never shrunk when she lost weight. Who knows…

    • Crystal

      I agree they do look real, notice in the last pic how the right one doesn’t have a perfect round shape and she is wearind a push up. Real breast can look fake with the right top (I Know!)

      • cusi

        no.. i saw picture of her absolutely without boobs.. so they are fake..

  • Kristy

    There’s no evidence to suggest she has fake boobs, personally I think they are real and she just has a large chest compared to her small frame – it happens! She has a fantastic figure though, I never noticed it on the TV before.

    • Natalie

      Come on! These are the fakest boobs I ever seen..Look like 2 giant balloons ,very rounded to be real.Real boobs never looks like this..

      • Kristy

        If they are the fakest boobs you have ever seen then you musn’t get out much.

        • Natalie

          I mean the fakest in this site! I have seen worst things 😉

      • Kae

        She’s wearing a push-up bikini top which makes her boobs look larger. I have naturally large boobs and they look exactly like this when I wear a push-up top. I’m not saying her boobs are real, I’ve never seen her actually so I know nothing about her. But it is possible to have boobs like this. I actually think she has a fabulous body.

        • Ella

          I just pushed the nearest reply button, so this is to everyone and not just Kae.

          I do think that women can easily get their boobs looking like this. Especially when they are wearing a bra/bikini top that is too small as well as one that is a push-up. Her top definitely looks too small to me. It isn’t even touching her ribcage in the front!

          However, I’ve also noticed that one of her boobs has ‘angles’ on it and a flat edge between those angles. Look at the last photo. Natural boobs never have angles no matter how you squish them. This is one of the tell-tale signs of a bag of silicone underneath the skin.

          • Kae

            She also looks to be wearing molded cups, which does wonders for boobs. Like I said, I have no idea if she has real ones or not. If she does, they could look way worse! But I also agree that her top is a little small.

      • Crystal

        Yes they can my best friend has really saggy D cups and she never leaves her house without the perfect pushup to make her breast look perfectly round!

    • Kae

      Actually, I just went to her official site. Right there in her photo gallery, there’s evidence that she’s had a boob job. Too bad, I thought they were real but like I said in a previous post on this thread, I think she looks pretty good.

      • Kristy

        I went to the site too, when you mean evidence do you mean visible scarring? Or her blogging about it?

        • Kae

          No, there is a pic of her before she had implants. She’s wearing a blue outfit. The pic is really small but you can see that she had work done.

          • Kae

            Actually, I just noticed that someone posted a link to the pic. It’s under LL’s comment.

  • hannah

    wow great body..except for the boobs..never noticed how good her body is when watchin coronation st
    she’s got great legs too
    I agree thought,the tan and over sized boobs in that pink bikini and a belly ring makes her look a bit cheap

  • sweet

    gross fake boobs, ruins her whole image

  • maya

    Wow her body is absolutely amazing

  • Blanca

    She is has without a doubt theeeee BEST body ever. she is sooo gorgeous, the whole package. wow!!!!! soo jealous.

    • Maryna

      I agree. I don’t care if her boobs are real or not, she looks great. One of the best bodies I have ever seen. Wish I could look like that

      • Elena

        Agreed. Don’t care about the boobs either, I would love having this body. She’s just stunning. Don’t care about the boobs either. Her body is smokin’!

  • xo

    Its a halter bikini>> aka hoists boobs up… I have real boobs just like that>> whats wrong with her stomach? called gymnast ribs sometimes.. something about pretruding ribs at the top… all in all.. shes HOOOT.. and if men, not catty women were commenting.. well lets just say they would be very different….

  • fabby

    the best body ever… i have some friends who kinda look like her with very small waist and very big boobs, it is posible
    I Love her body is the best body EVEEEEEEEEEer

    for me this is the perfect body

  • fabby

    what a tiny waist :(:(:(

  • fabby

    im in love LOL but im not gay 😛 but she is so damn hot

  • pia

    woooww perfect body! and she has a pretty face and smile 🙂 and a nice tan hahah

    • Cora

      want her bod

  • sambo

    yea disgustingly hot =o) i love Michelle on Corrie- her character anyway. she looks so cute on corrie and here she is like BOMBSHELL lol…she gives me hope that being 23 is not old and you do not get ugly and saggy lol…i mean most models and stars u see today seem to be teeny boppers

  • Flori

    her boobs are an exageration OMG

  • katelyn

    y’all are just jealous. she’s hott.

  • raluca

    not fan of her boobs, but her legs are perfection.

  • alisa

    ARE YOU GIRLS KIDDING ME? those are not real! yes it is possible to have huge boobs and a tiny waist… i have several size 0 friends with real D cups… not fair but still it isss true… although look at the last picture. only fake boobs get that ripple affect that she has on her left breast.. and yet the other one is perfectly round.. sureeeeeeeeee they’re real. anyway even without the boobs she has an amazing body

  • LL

    hate to brake it to every one but her boobs are fake.

    before ……and after. yes fake.
    and maybe you friends are really skinny with huge boobs…but this isn’t the case for her.

  • ohwowlovely

    Who cares if her boobs aren’t real? She paid for them, obviously she wanted them, and now they are a part of her body. Fake boobs don’t automatically equal trashy. It means she was insecure about herself and felt she needed to go under the knife to look better, which is sad, but hey – so is this website.

    She has a great body. Fake boobs and all.

  • B

    the boobs ruined it, great legs though.

  • april

    yeah, the boobs are huuuge! but she is really hot!

    cannot imagine a guy who wouldn’t find her sexy 🙂 no matter if she has fake boobs (they don’t look that fake anyway, since we cannot agree on this point 100%).

    with a more sophisticated bikini and without that belly ring she would look definitely much better. and I think her tan is just fine considering that she has a darker skin colour.

  • Jaz

    Her boobs are definately fake. She has the tell-tale signs of a boob job. See the way her boobs have a V shape clevage? Natural boobs dont have that.

    Personally, I think she could do with some extra weight. I dont think having ribs jutting out is an attractive look. Nor should anyone aspire to it. Alas, it is Hollywood.

    • Kristy

      No it’s Corrie.

  • Pid

    Glad to see everyone likes her body ’cause i have the same except for the fake boobs et the orange tan ! Same figure and belly especially

  • andnobody

    she looks good but her boobs are about to popp 😛 and the abs are eww

  • Ilena

    Other than the boobs she looks great. She’s not too skinny, she looks healthy and toned.

  • meg

    LOVE this body!!!!

  • cusi

    if her boobs was smaller this was just THE MOST PERFECT BODY that I ever seen! amazing!

  • mahe

    i wouldn’t want to be really slim but if i was this is the kim of shape and tone i would want. (im more of a kim k shape)

  • mahe

    and her legs look so perfect in the second pic. reminds me of barbie’s legs

  • Lara

    Wow…Just amazing=)

  • Nicola

    Hate to break it to you guys but she’s wearing a gel bikini from La Senza.
    (La Senza Ruffles Halter Neon- look it up). Most of what you are seeing is serious padding.
    Shame as she doesn’t need it and suggests she’s a bit of an attention seeker.

  • jedle

    She looks amazing!! I love that bod! Fake boobs or not!

  • Linda

    I saw these photos in British STAR magazine… I envy her figure! She looks amazing. I was wondering about her boobs though, they look fake coz they seem too perfect, lol. Either way, she looks great. Love her bikini too. Oh and she’s pretty, of course. (^_^)

  • Cristiano


  • Nila

    Amazinggggg body…. though if she has small boobs, she will still looking damn good for sure…!

  • AMS

    What a silly group of jealous, petty women. She is real. Her boobs are real. Simply watch her in the show and you can see that they move as only real boobs do. Her body is fantastic, and nothing anyone on here says will change that.

    Jealousy is such a disease.

  • hj

    wow…awesome body…I don’t care if those are implants (I have implants too…and no one can tell I got mine done, the thinner you are the more obvious it becomes though), she looks terrific and even if she had small boobs she’d still look fantastic, perfect waist-hip ratio.

    PS. I can tell they’re fake because they’re shiny and ‘full’. No natural boob can look that round especially with someone so slim. You can even see a slight rippling of the implant in the last pic.

  • xo

    WHO CARES IF THEYRE FAKE?!? so lame.. get over it haters. shes bangin. hotter than you, im sure..

  • gemma

    are you all blind? she is absaloutely stunning!!
    she has got a figure i would personally kill for.
    her stomach is toned and she has a gorgeous tan!
    & what girl wouldn’t want her big boobs? all girls
    would love to have decent boobs & a gorgeous figure
    like michelles i am a huge fan of hers and btw her
    boobs + figure aren’t fake! all those people who
    said she look horrid its obviously the jelousy talking!!

    • Brittany

      I wounldn’t want big boobs (nothing against them). I like my 30As (though is 32 because they don’t make my size)

  • Michelle

    I have the same figure as this girl, i’m a uk size 8….taller and skinny….and there is nothing more demeaning and insulting than people asking me if my boobs are fake!!! people who are saying that they look fake are obviously flat chester ladies who wish they are bigger boobs.
    So in order for ‘real’ big boobs to be accepted I have to be a size 14!!!?!??! what’s going on there…..women are all different shapes and sizes….and people should just let be and carry on with their own lives…

  • Tiffo

    omg ppl she hasca serious figure.. I wld kill for it!!!

  • nic

    Just to let you know, she is all natural! No boob job, tummy tuck! She has been like that for years, way before she became an actress – in college, work etc!

  • cassie

    her boobs arnt fake! and i think she has a great figure and theres nothing wrong with big boobs, you should be proud to have them.

  • Randy

    Ppl stop being mean! She’s the sexiest woman ever! Gawjuss face, sexy stomatch, thin legs, nicely toned body, sexy tan, beautiful hair, amazing boobs (which is down to good genes) and I think the bellybutton stud is far from cheap, it’s sexy :p

  • missalix

    her boobs aren’t fake!!!! shes done an interview with people and said they are not

  • jeff

    oh my god wow

  • cazzylou

    Ha she is Italian so maybe that has something to do with the tan and the fact that she is on the beach so she would get much browner than the everage person from the uk, shes always had big boobs and dont forget she is only 22 now so really that could have for some weird reason been a growth spurt kind of thing… but in all honest i think she looks happy so she looks great because of that atleast she doesnt complain about it.

  • louise

    god girls jealousy is a terrible thing, she is 1 of the sexyest girls on tv an all u can talk about is her boobs, she obviously likes them, an her body, 99.9% of women would love that body!!!!

  • Jem

    coz she has big boobs dont make em fake coz she has a slim waist dont mean she has had a tummy tuck i have big boob i kno some one that has to have custom made bras so she can wear one and we are defiantly not fake but if all the people that think they are fake you have to remember pics are touched up so you cant see the ” ugly ” bits so you cant sit there and call her fake

  • Sarah

    Maybe she is just slim with boobs something you lot are obviously jealous off. A very attractive trait of a women. He stomach looks thin not weird and her bum looks like a bum not saggy and her boobs just look like boobs not fake.

  • Aaliyah

    I also think she has a great figure. At first I thought her boobs were real but look at the last pic on the left breast, you can see the outline is not rounded as on the right breast. That’s what made me sure they’re fake. Fake boobs does that to skinny women. Look at Caprice. Hers looks the same. One of them perfectly rounded and the other one a bit angled.

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