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Brooke Shields Shows Her Kurvs

brooke-shields-shows-her-kurvs-4 - Brooke Shields Shows Her Kurvs

Here’s Brooke Shields in the latest issue of Kurvs magazine and Whoa! I barely recognized her. I mean, following the formula:

Wig + Bangs + Photoshop + Black & White pics + Intense make-up + An uncharacteristic attitude & edge… no wonder she barely looks like herself.

brooke-shields-shows-her-kurvs-5 - Brooke Shields Shows Her Kurvs

brooke-shields-shows-her-kurvs-3 - Brooke Shields Shows Her Kurvs

Check out the rest of the pics after the jump and tell us your thoughts!


brooke-shields-shows-her-kurvs - Brooke Shields Shows Her Kurvs

brooke-shields-shows-her-kurvs-2 - Brooke Shields Shows Her Kurvs

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  • Ela

    I saw these the other day and they barely look like her. Brook has a rockin body and she’s stunning but you don’t see it here, she just looks like another fashion model.

  • Sierra

    Are you sure thats Brooke Sheilds???
    She’s sooo beautiful, but they tried to hard make her “sexy” and just made her look like another generic fashion model.
    She looks a little scary, to be honest.

  • gaby

    lol obviously im the only one who think she looks stunning. i think the dark hair and bangs suit her. it makes her look younger. well i know some of that is the photoshop, but still 🙂

    • Kenny

      I agree she’s fine and I bet her love nest is very clean and sweet

  • Kae

    This looks nothing like her. Too much photoshop. I think she’s beautiful but she’s not that small.

  • Elena

    Well, I love the photoshoot, but that’s NOT Brooke Shields!! I mean, only on the cover she looks slightly like her. On the others it’s just a young hot chick, not her. 😀 That is hilarious!!

    • Sierra

      Are you sure???

      • Elena

        I was being sarcastic 😀

        • Sierra

          So was I 😀

  • Miranda

    Wow, looks nothing like her! This just looks weird imo.

  • kb

    she looks great. healthy and toned. beautiful face, as usual.

  • kathleen

    the pics are great, but no matter how much i stare at them, i don’t see Brooke in the first 3. ones. The 2 last with more view of her face i can see it’s her but wow, this takes the “looks nothing like her” concept of photoshoots just 1 step further!

  • Minnie

    I like that guy, but what are they doing in the first pic?!?

    • red

      lol good qtion. his legs/butt look so skinny! is he the same guy in the nude pic?

  • caroline

    she’s one hot mama

  • Ramie

    she looks much younger.

  • ms_benes

    She does looks so much younger. I saw her on The View the other day and she looked like a mom, a tall mom – but not that curvy and young.

  • michelle

    In the 1st and 4th picture, she looks very masculine.

  • whoa! that is not brooke shields… 10 times more angular, 25 years younger (yet not exactly in the best way)

  • caligirlz

    Go back to the blue lagoon Brooke….

  • Wow, I’m not sure that’s even her! But I have noticed lately that Brooke is all over TV in various commercials and commented the other day to my husband that she’s looking weirder and weirder. Can’t put my finger on it, but she just looks alien to me.