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  • Kia

    How can tess holiday look better than me? I’m half her size. Well, I can skateboard and freerun though,which I couldn’t do if I was in the discomfort of her size. Not regretting health…but she does look better than me :/

    • ule

      While her face would look conventionally attractive if she were of average size, I very much doubt she looks better than you. She’s just shot from further away in lighting that hides imperfections/double chin, is wearing a ton of makeup and probably has this face and pose studied to look the most flattering.

  • claud

    when miley cyrus looks to be the most down to earth of the bunch…. smh

  • ule

    Are all the people in Julianne Hough’s workout pic related? They look so alike to me. Love her tights, that’s a way to make useful holiday decoration 🙂

  • Lisa

    You know who’s really obnoxious and annoying? Ashley Graham! Every time this overrated model speaks its basically her objectifying herself, humble bragging and then just straight up arrogance. Like she “hit the genetic jackpot”, she needs to “show this THING off”, “i need to show ALL THIS off.” lolololol ugh gross.

  • Lisa

    What do you think would happen to these celebs if they couldn’t prove how beautiful they think they are via the cardinal rule of a selfie a day? Would they just all implode from the confusion and frustration or..?

  • SophieAnne

    I hate it when there’s no skinnyvscurvy for days then suddenly 5 new page -.-

    • 🙂 We have a one day break a week, usually Saturday – on rare occasions, we take the full weekend off… but the amount of posts / day also depends on what new pictures / stories are out there, some days are slower than others.