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  • AlyssaMoh

    please include in each of these posts at least ONE picture of a woman or girl reading a book or attending something not related to her bod. This shiz all looks so vain…

    • b

      yes, it would be great, but who??? There are today’s popular celebs, sadly.

    • Misch

      Lana Del Rey! haha. She always posts art related stuff.
      It’s sad the general public doesn’t pay as much attention to such a valuable songwriter like her.

  • claud

    so a misogynist orange pig is taking over “the free world,” planned parenthood is on the short-track to becoming defunded by idiots (who have no idea what services they actually provide), and all these women who call themselves feminists have nada to say but post pictures of their bums? really.

  • Marsol

    what the hell is wrong with mariah carey :S

    • flamingo

      she’s always been… quirky, to say it nicely.

  • b

    I wonder what posses anyone to get up in the morning and create a complete makeup, hair, scenery for a selfie only to be flattered by strangers…

  • That is a good idea, we’ll consider it.

  • No, it wasn’t harsh, we welcome any opinions as long as they are expressed in a polite manner. Your comment went to moderation first just because it included the word VERSUS in it – this way I make sure I read and reply all the comments addressed to me. It has been published now.

  • PG