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  • Kia

    I NEVER look these roundups, I saw something and clicked on Barbara Palvin and I have been strucked by a thunder….I think I’m in love guys. My god!

    • Alyona

      Right? Such a beautiful face. She isnt overly skinny either… she looks lively and healthy in comparison to the majority of VS models looking tired, aged and hungry haha.

    • Zoe.

      Yes- me too! I was bout to scroll past, then I saw her face and was just like: RE-WIND. She’s gorgeous. 😍😍😍

  • Helena

    Something i’ve noticed in insta is, that most of the models, who are also known as sexy lingerie models post quite often images of their bodies being in the shower, talking selfies while eating their carrot or coincidentally taking a booty pic while hanging around with their kids. Adriana is one of them and I don’t get why do they need even more attention and proving everyone that you’re even hot taking a poop. Like WTF. Narcissism overload.

    • Alyona

      Yeah. The round up posts really put it all into perspective… how narcissistic many are/attention-starved. Selena G nailed it at that award show with her speech..how she doesnt care to see our bodies all over Instagram etc… the validation some people need is actually quite sad. Everyone just wants validation/attention… I love how like ten of the photos are of Bella Thorne lol…gf is thirsty lately. I guess I kind of understand all the VS model pics this week, as they are posting selfies etc etc. to promote the VS show tonight… need to build it up, lol.

      • chris

        I know, a sexy picture once in a while is fine. Or dressing sexy because you are confident. But going and posting pictures to get attention on social media is just indicative of self esteem issues. kylie cough

    • chris

      adriana lima is insecure that she’s getting older and surrounded by women who are pretty much half her age. she’s nearing 40 and VS has never had a model in their 40’s. It’d actually be a nice change if they kept a model into their 40’s, but lets be real she’s gonna be let go soon. understandably she’s probably pretty insecure about this. all this attention seeking always stems from insecurity.

      • Agatha

        I checked her IG. Most photos are appearances, photoshoots, workouts and selfies. I do think it is narcissistic, but I mean, she IS a model, that’s kind of her work. She also has a corny personality.

        I think the fact that you think she’s insecure *specifically* because she’s older and does the same than every model, speaks more about you than of her.

  • marsol

    feel sad, models look so skinny =/

  • Annie

    I appreciate the effort for these posts but I never look at all the photos because I hate celeb instagram. Personally, I only use it to look at animals and memes, lol.

  • Veronique

    Does anyone wear clothes anymore? Jeez like 90% of these women are half naked…which is whatever but when it’s all of them, it’s kinda laughable.