Demi Lovato in a Bikini

Demi-Lovato-in-a-Bikini - Demi Lovato in a Bikini

Bikini Treat on a fun Friday: Disney star Demi Lovato!

Slim figure, curvy hips, nice small waist… a nice example of a great pear shaped figure!

She’s 2 months aways from her 18th birthday, so be nice!

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Demi-Lovato-in-a-Bikini-2 - Demi Lovato in a Bikini

Demi-Lovato-in-a-Bikini-3 - Demi Lovato in a Bikini

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  • annalee

    hm. first?

  • annalee

    cool. Anyways, I don’t know who she is, but she had a beautiful body. I like bodies that are perfect with imperfections.

    • Léa

      perfect with imperfections ? ^^

      • K

        I like that! perfect with imperfections.

      • annalee

        Well, sort of. Personally, I think she looks great in all ways, but I’m guessing some might point out things like cellulite on the thighs, big upper arms, etc, but I just think her whole body was perfect the way it is, and if someone where to photoshop those pictures or she lost weight or something, I don’t think her body would b as beautiful as it is. Am I making sense?

        • sarah

          i think shes growin up nicely shes just 18 give her a couple more years and i think shell have a nice curvy body…

          • georgette

            SHE ALREADY HAS ONE. she has a beautiful curvy body.

          • amazon

            you finish developing around 16. she’s done and looking seriously fantastic. wish i looked like this.

          • sarah

            acttually u finish developing arround 19 till 20…at sixteen ur body is stil going thru changes…

          • sarah

            im no t saying she doesnt have a nice bod now but it wil look more womanly in a couple of years..

          • amazon

            you can technically as a woman keep developing til your 21- or so some studies say, but if you ask most doctors, or just generally observe your own and friends developement, most girls are done by 16. my sister wsa x-rayed at this age to see if she would grow anymore(we are a short family and she hates it!!), but she was already finished growing. the doc told us that was pretty normal. low body weight however can delay it slightly. i guess i was just saying that I think demi is already pretty well developed in a really nice cute and healthy seeming way, and I am jealous!

        • sdsd

          Yes you are.
          She looks great the way she is too. Whoever thinks a women need to be a size 0-4 to look great is stupid! Maybe if you’re a smoke crack it would make sense. I personally like thicker women. Honestly, women look great any size its how they carry themselves.As for my Larger women they can be just as sexy.

    • paulette

      I agree with you 100%. I always say “perfect is boring”. And what is “perfect” anyways? 😉

      • Léa

        I agree with both of you,, I’m so fed up with the trend of perfect and tone up.

        But The sentence perfect with imperfections just made me laugh ^^

      • solaxi

        paulette! exactly! wtf is perfect!? I mean, everyone has a different view on ‘perfect’…if we asked everyone in the world what the perfect face or body was…it would be different…not one thing is perfect! maybe we are all just perfect the way we are ;o) what is an imperfection?! someone may say ‘oh she has great legs’ but really ‘great legs’ doesny say much because everyone has different tastes

  • emi

    Oh, she is very hot indeed

  • Felicitas

    kind of like her body, she does look good, but I don’t envy her. I would not like to have such small boobs and such wide hips.
    but anyways, good looking girl

  • a little unbalanced in the proportions but she is rocking it anyways! really cute and she has an amazing WHR 🙂

  • Ninian

    That bikini top will give anyone small boobs.. I’m a 32E (70G), and my boobs would disapear in that kind of top.. I love her body though, strong, broad shoulders, wide hips and tiny waist. Hourglass for sure, and my personal favorite. Beautiful! =)

    • Nina

      I love her body too, but I think she’s more of a pear or skittle.

      • Cathy

        That depends – to some an hourglass is someone with similar bust and hip measurements but to others an hourglass is a woman who’s shoulders are either a little wider or just as big as her hips.

        So I wonder Versus, which is it ? Maybe you can shed some light on this for me^^ – since I have wider hips then bust but my shoulders are still wider then my hips. Very confusing.

        • Versus

          I am pasting my answer from another post:

          Hourglasses should optically look like hourglasses (the object, I mean) and should have LARGE breasts and LARGE hips, short torsos and small waists (this is the definition, though some classifications are very permissive).
          Hips = shoulders, meaning that when you stand up straight and look in the mirror, they are visually aligned.
          Hips = bust, meaning that the actual measurement in inches or cm coincides. So like 36” bust and 36” hips.

          Some examples of clear hourglasses: Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek, Sophia Loren, Rachel Welch.

          • hm

            Versus, if someone fit all of that but they had small breasts (like, 36a, with 36 inch bust andhips and tiny waist) would that still count?

          • Versus

            Well hourglasses have large breasts, so I’d have to say that a typical hourglass doesn’t have A-cup breasts.
            But then again, if you follow the basic 5-shape classifications (not the complex ones), you can fit in the hourglass profile.

      • lily

        what`s a skittle like body?

        • Versus

          Skittle is a body type which is slightly bigger on the bottom. The thickest / meatiest body parts: the thighs & booty. They also have curvy hips (not with saddlebags), sometimes thicker legs, a flat tummy and medium sized breasts.

    • AlexD

      where can i find a bikini top thats like that that wil fit a big size? im 34-36 DD and would love to makemy boobs dissapear. ive been looking for a top like that forever

    • Molly

      HEY! NO wayyyyy,that im a 36 F and my boobs wont FIT in those bikini tops..the bikini would be the hting dissapearing!Lol
      Anyway i agree with ya’ll shes got a great figure!

      • amazon

        as an e cup i agree!!!! these tops won’t make your assets disappear- yet to find that top..when i do i’ll let you know!

  • artemis

    if she tone up a bit she’ll be perfect 😀
    wow her boobs are really high:|

    • Ninian

      I think her softness is the most beautiful thing about her! <3

      • Padme

        I agree, she has a nice feminine body. I don’t like it when women have visible muscles.

        • jenna

          she’s lucky she can look good without being toned! a lot of women who are not naturally soft would just look fat if they tried to look soft. i envy that. she looks really cute with her softness and doesn’t necessarily need to tone.

          • fittingout

            I agree as well. I appreciate the softness that makes a woman feminine, I’m aiming for that myself. Whenever I see my trainer I tell her I want to lose weight and have a bit of definition but I still want to be soft. Haha, a tall order I know, but to each their own I guess :-).

  • Marge

    She looks good but that bikini is sooooo tacky!

  • Cathy

    What is it with women and these horrible bandeau tops ? I would never wear one of those – small breasts look even smaller in them and bigger boobs have zero support in them. I don’t see the appeal at all.

    Anyway, I like her body, If she’d tone up a little she’d be perfect. Plus her face is very cute <3

    • Jane

      I completely agree – they look horrible on all women and inevitably make your boobs look saggy, too.

  • woopidoo

    she looks good:)

  • camille

    lovely proportions, but i find her to be a little too soft for my liking.

  • k

    She looks super pretty and healthy. Bet she got looks on the beach that day! 😛

  • Anna

    i think she looks good live. in the photos we all look a little bit bigger….

  • well,i am not a fan of demi lovato’s body! she’s definitely a pear body shape ,she has other pictures wearing jeans and she looks like a pear! she has to toned up,do some sport and change this bikini! she is healthy but i don’t envy her body at all! i don’t like wide hips and small boobs!

    • Nina

      Have you ever seen a NORMAL body?
      Not all people are ment to be toned and even why should be?

      I think that Hollywood ,,tone-up” trend is getting too drastic. She’s young with a great body!

      • Léa

        Perfectly said and Agree Nina ! (plus, I love your name lol)


        i Couldn’t have said it any better.

        Love Demi Lovato 🙂

      • Tess

        I agree, she is healthy, and what else can you ask for? She looks fantastic for not working out.

    • Lilian

      She’s not a pear, her shoulders are widest or the same as her hips.

  • I think she look amazing!
    perfect rock chick figure!
    shes all in proportion, i’d say shes a thin hourglass because her shoulders match her hips.

  • Polly

    I bet this is the kind of body JLH had at 18. She does look good, healthy…Just like an a young woman should!

    • mEEEE

      JLH was really thin when she was 18….she was a stick with boobs!

  • Natasha

    Amazing ass nice waist to hip ratio cute thick thighs…and she’s a pear. She has a nice body and I wonder what her tattoo is? Aside from Selena Gomez or whatever her name is I’m really happy that these disney starlets haven’t caved into being stick thin…

    • Natasha

      Thick Thighs are hell -.-, they are horrific, not cute.

  • clau

    what is perfection????
    to whom? to Hollywood? to men? to women that aren´t on t.v.?
    i think you can find great bodies in every type of body…hourglass, colum, pear whatever…

    • Sarah

      To many people, perfection is a skinny blue-eyed blonde.
      To me, perfection is a hourglass/pear brunette with strong eyebrows. (Salma Hayek, for example)
      Why don’t you guys share your ideas of perfection?

      • Léa

        Cool idea !
        My ideal of perfection would be an hourglass (38 -40 eu Sizes) or an apple shape with green eyes and dark hair (I’ve got brown eyes) and also olive skinned. Green or brown eyes actually, like Eva mendès or P. Cruz !

      • mel

        It’s interesting to see how many different ideals there are (:
        For me, perfection would be a skinny vase with golden skin (not necessarily olive and definitely not fake orange), brown or blond hair, and gray eyes. She should have refined features (high cheekbones, strong jawline), tall but not too tall (like 5’7″ or 5’8″), leggy, and a size 2-4. I know that’s really specific, but I could see someone who is even lacking some – or all – of the above features as being “perfect” even if they don’t fit that definition exactly.

      • Casey

        Body wise, perfection to me is Candice Swanepoel. Slim, long-legs, and curvy at the same time, and fit without being ripped.

        Face wise, I like big eyes, blue or green-colored. No hair color preference.

      • Talin

        For me, the perfect body would be anything super skinny. Blue/green/grey/anything light eyes are the best, and so is blonde/red/light hair.
        I have really really dark brown almost black hair and dark brown eyes with light skin that sometimes looks olive and sometimes more pink, wish I had natural blonde hair though!

        • i don’t believe in perfection because no one is perfect but i want to be healthy and happy. if i was to choose i would choose vida guerra. she’s thin but has an hourglass shape. hips, slim thighs and firm butt.

      • AlexD

        to me, someone like leighton meester with bigger boobs. dark hair and brown or green eyes. which is pretty much me minus 10 lbs lol. i wonder if we are naturally drawn to people who have our features. hmm

      • CCC

        Hey Sarah!
        mine would be an hourglass shaped girl. think Scarlett Johansson, with curvy hips and larger breasts, think 36C or so, and a smaller waist. the height would be between 5’3” and 5’5”. she’d be very pale, but not in a sickly way. in a glowing, milky way with naturally flushed pink cheeks. she’d have blue eyes with dark brown hair and red lips.


  • Lilian

    WHAT A NICE BODY. incredible waist to hip ratio! nice butt! Soft and feminine. Her boobs apear to be quite small, but I know how these type of bikini top can make your boobs look diferent…
    She looks so natural, young and fresh! And also seems to be having fun.
    I don’t think she’s a pear, because her shoulders are wide. IMO, she might be a hourglass or a vase. Well, it really doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that she looks GREAT.

  • Flori

    great role model for her fans, she looks healthy and beautifull

  • Jenna118

    She looks just right – happy and healthy. Unfortunately, give her a few more years in Hollywood and I guarantee she will somehow feel the need to lose 20 lbs… take Jennifer Love Hewitts advice — stay how you are NOW (or something to that effect…lol)

  • psycho

    I had no idea she was this curvy! I’m jealous of her lovely shape.

  • pppccc

    As a teenager I have to say that she’s so lucky!Three years ago ,and while I was skinnier than her, I was told from some classates of mine(girls) that I have a huge butt(which I didn’t have) The result was an ED,two weeks in hospital,one and a half years to a psychiatrist and the fact that I can’t get my old curves back 🙁 But now I know. I think that if I had seen these pics three years ago, I might wouldn’t have gone through all this situation. I consider her a perfect role model for all the young girls,although I’m not a fan of her music.

  • She is too cute! I’m not a fan of the bikini top. I think they make breasts look weird. She is adorable though.

  • anon

    She’s got a great figure and her waist is so tiny.

  • lc

    DEF. not a fan…

  • Jess

    ooh what’s the tattoo of? anyone know?

  • elle

    i think shes cute but her boobs are too high and shes a tiny bit chubbier than what like

    • Tess

      chubby, really? Are you kidding?

  • Lisa

    She looks pretty good. But that bikini… lol.

  • HeyDiana

    For some reason I always think she looks thinner with light clothes then when she wears black. I think that bathing suit doesn’t look good her. She has a nice figure.

  • emily

    berry sexy…. look at that ass

  • mel

    I’m more partial to toned, athletic figures, but she looks good in her own way. I don’t really like her bikini bottom, though.

  • Simmmer

    Well…. she’s definitely not a virgin….

    • Léa

      You can tell that by looking at her ?

      sometimes beautiful women don’t have a boyfriend, it’s ok ^^ not because you are beautiful means that you are at ease with men !

      • Simmmer

        You can tell because of her hips.

        • Stef

          WTF? LOL

        • Stef

          care to enlighten us?

        • CCC

          How can you spot this? have I been missing out? Hips tell about virginity?

          Do tell.

        • Sweeley

          lol Are you implying that wider hips are a tell-tale sign of lost virginity? Because I’ve got hips like hers and I am a virgin. I have a friends who is straight up and down hips and she is not.

    • Padme

      What the hell is that supposed to mean?

  • Andie

    1st – Demi said on her twitter that her tattoo says “You make me beautiful” (a quote from “Beautiful” by Bethany Dillon.)
    2nd- I really love her body. It’s balanced and ‘soft’ without looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy.
    3rd- The bikini top makes her chest look really awkward.. it’s completely flattening it. The ring in the middle isn’t helping by making it look like they’re so far apart..

  • kayla

    she is definitely an hourglass…hourglass doesnt always have to be someone thats “bigger”..and also she is CURVY no the synonym “fat”..bc fat and curvy and polar opposites. She is feminine and soft, which is something that’s attractive to most guys.

    • Casey

      Hourglasses tend to have shoulders the same width as hips, and tend to store weight evenly in their upper body and lower body.

      That doesn’t seem to be the case for Demi. She does have some meat on her upper body, especially her arms, but not in comparison to her hips, which are also slightly wider than her shoulders. She’s a pear. Maybe not a perfect pear, but her body is definetly pear-like.

      She does have an envious WHR, in my opinion. She’s like the perfect pear shape.

      • kayla

        Pear…hourglass….who cares…she is both and can be both. She is shapely without being fat. HOURGLASS. She is smaller up top than she is on bottom. PEAR. Why put a specific label or definition on it. She is a hourglass despite whatever whoever says. Small Waist..hourglass.

  • Miranda

    I’m not much of a fan of her proportions but she’s a cute girl and I think it works for her!

  • Jade

    Wow, she’s gorgeous.

  • truthies

    Vesrsus, are you sure she’s a pear? She has such wide shoulders and some meat on her upper arms.

  • Jemima

    Hate the bikini bottoms (on absolutely anyone) but she has a great body!

  • mEEEE

    She is the prettiest out of all the Disney chicks and has such a gorgeous, “classic” beautiful face.

  • Cecily

    A beautiful body!! Great WHR, so smooth and soft and feminine looking, you just want to squeeze her! Those gorgeous hips, thick thighs, tiny waist….wow! To me, she is far closer to the ideal than 90% of Victoria’s Secret models.

  • rose

    she has a cute little bodie but that bathingsuit is very illfitting

  • Niknikniken

    She has a normal healthy body, I love the fact that she isn’t trying to really thin and all. She is so pretty.
    When did she get a tattoo done?

  • formerly Sam

    She looks great now, but she’ll probably have to watch what she eats a lot and hit the gym regularly in a few years. She looks like the type that can gain weight very very easily and lose that perfect balance.

    Oh and btw, (almost) everyone looks STUNNING on this site today… America Ferrera, Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz….. they all look HEAPS better than Megan Fox! lol

  • chickadee

    versus, what if your measurements are 31-26.5-36. I don’t carry any extra weight and my shoulders and hips are perfectly alligned. And do most celebs lie about their weight?

    • Versus

      You sound like a ruler shape to me (like most models), but it’s hard to tell based on measurements alone.
      I wish I knew for sure the answer to your second question, all i know is that models’ measurements are almost always off.

      • chickadee

        thanks:) and yeah that’s what my mom said but I wasn’t completely sure. And Demi looks fantastic!

      • kate

        31-26.5-36….that’s gotta be a pear, not ruler.

        • Versus

          She said that her shoulders are as wide as her hips – that’s the first indicator. Also, pears are very curvy and have WH ratios under 0.7 – Chickadee’s is 0.74.

          • kate

            I thought to be a pear your hips had to be significantly bigger than your bust (as opposed to shoulders) and the waist/hip ratio around 0.75 or less.

            Although sometimes people can be a mix of body shapes like 32-28-36 could be mix of pear and rectangle or 36-26-40 could be a mix of pear and hourglass.

            I’m 32-25-36…my shoulders are 36″ around but there is no way I’m an hourglass!

          • Nkeon

            Some calculate it as under 0.8 as well.

            I wouldn’t have thought ruler shape from those measurements though she does say that she doesn’t carry any extra weight but I would still think that she’s a mix, maybe a pear/ruler mix

  • I’d never seen her, but wow, she’s cute and has a very fortunate skin!
    Also, I usually dislike so much softness, but the sight of her body is strangely pleasant to me, haha, I really like it!
    The only thing that actually bothers me here is the thickness of her arms, besides, of course, that bikini! Blah!

  • Ay

    I never knew how bangin’ she was! I agree with most on here, she makes soft look good (soft but not too soft). This is kind of my goal, not too lose my feminine curves but still be fit.

  • Jane

    She looks to me like a person who’s naturally very narrow and small, but has gained some unneeded pounds. I think she’d look better if she lost some weight — especially her thighs.

  • Aims

    She has a nice waist – not really fussy on the rest.

  • kate

    She looks very nice!

  • shell

    Great waist to hip ratio! I have a similar body, except my shoulders are smaller.

    What’s wrong with small boobs? Demi has quite a small frame, so she will have less body fat and hence smaller boobs. Besides, “smaller” bra sizes don’t appear to be flat on smaller frames. “Small” bra sizes potrude in comparison to a smaller torso; how big your boobs look is all relative to the rest of your body.

    Take two sister cup sizes – sister sizes are basically sizes where the cups hold the same volume in terms of portruding outwards, but on different band sizes – 30B and 36AA. The reason why the cup on the 36 is smaller is due to cup size being relative to band size – a B cup on a 30 band is smaller, ie has less volume, than a B cup on a 36 band. Cup size means nothing about size without an accompanying band size.
    Anyway, my point here is that a woman with a small frame and little body fat wearing a 30B would look like she had a bust, whereas someone with bigger frame wearing the sister size would appear to be flat chested. Given Demi’s petite figure, her bust looks fine.

  • Jj

    i think she should try a different suit.

  • érica


  • firefly

    Her boobs are practically in her armpits! No one’s boobs should be that high no matter what size they are.

    • Bonnie

      Uh, why not? Some boobs are just high like that… mine are.

  • Ikram

    Love her body !

  • Chubby with a chance……….

    Disney should start scrimpen` her food intake immediately.

  • Demi is on of my fav singers and actresses. i envy her hips,but i don;t want small boobs.

  • dickspitz

    How tall is Demi? I luv her body shape, all she needs are more toned legs. Like a dancer or gymnast. Like Lady Gaga’s.

    • Claudia

      As far as I’ve read, she’s 156cm tall (sorry, I don’t know how much it is in feet and inches)

    • Natasha

      NO! D: Lady gaga’s legs are too fat D:
      Like gemma ward’s c:

  • thebeatleschick

    the 2nd pic is photoshopped… to make her body looks like a toothpick… its pretty obvious, bikini tops should stick to your skin… that’s to you whoever photoshopped the 2nd pic…

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  • Lu

    Where did her boobs go?
    That bikini does NOT flatter her at all.
    I wouldn’t call this a perfect body.Nowhere near.And it’s photo shopped.
    Demi.Get yourself some nice bikinis instead of this one from the children’s section I can only assume?Or is that the only size that would fit over your ‘perfect sized’ boobs?

    • Jade

      don’t think it’s photoshopped-wouldn’t her boobs be bigger?

  • Jessica

    She has an OK body. Far from great, but she looks healthy. She’d look a lot better if she toned. She looks really soft.

  • Prakhar

    She is the sexiest, hottest and unbeatable and sexier in bikini

  • emmie

    she has eating disorders though… rehab for demi!

  • Natasha

    She’d be perfect, but she’s got the disgrace of having big thighs! -_________-

    • Tom

      Demi is amazing in every way! Her body and thighs are perfection! I feel sorry for girls who think skinny is better since a womans shape is to be curvy.

      • mel

        Oh please I think we’ve got another Daniel on our hands. How many times do I have to say this? Not every woman is meant to be one way! Skinny, curvy, fat, whatever. It doesn’t matter. We are all different. Just because you prefer curvy doesn’t mean all women are meant to be that way, period. And you can be curvy and skinny – Candice Swanepoel is a good example. And before you think I am some jealous skinny girl, I am technically curvy, although probably not “padded” enough to qualify under your standards.

        • Tom

          Point taken.

    • Juliet

      I am confused. Are you being sarcastic?

  • Lauren

    wow some of you are so critical. who are you to say she needs to tone up or lose weight here or there? i think she’s so beautiful. her waist is to die for, she has an ass that guys go crazy for, and her boobs are adorable. plus she’s such a pretty girl. she’s perfect just the way she is and i think it’s so sad that she has struggled with bulimia in the past 🙁

  • yourmom

    well people need to realize she a has a puerto rican sort of body type. shes short, too. so she probably wears a size 5 in pants and extra small or small in shirts so shes definitely not fat. and shes not muscular either just her body type. she also doesnt have big boobs as most puerto rican women do.