Evangeline Lilly Doesn’t Like Her ‘Best. Butt. Ever.’ Title

evangeline-lilly-womens-health-cover - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title

Details from E! Online:

Evangeline Lilly doesn’t like the attention her derriere is receiving.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug star stopped by Conan on Wednesday, Dec. 4 and revealed that she is not too pleased with her recent Women’s Health magazine cover.

“They go, ‘Best. Butt. Ever.’ and they have an arrow going to your butt,” Conan O’Brien said, as he whipped out the mag. The photograph features Lilly showing off her enviable backside, while sporting a T-shirt and underwear. “And I’m just curious, is that something that they tell you before you do the shoot? Did you know that they were going to do that?”

“No!” the 34-year-old Canadian shrieked. “You think I would have done the shoot if they said, ‘Oh by the way, we’re gonna say ‘Best Butt Ever’ and put a big arrow to your behind,” pointing to her bottom.

Every woman is after a sort of classy image,” the actress explained. “I didn’t want T&A on my cover, it’s a women’s magazine. It’s not Maxim.”

455202653_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title

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157044761_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title

453201303_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title

157044763_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title 185186989_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title 185186990_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title 453200487_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title  453201319_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title 455202643_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title 455202645_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title  455202673_10 - Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Like Her 'Best. Butt. Ever.' Title

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  • jello

    Best butt ever?! Um, no, that easily goes to Jessica Biel.

    • isa


    • Winnie

      actually…she’s not even in the top 10 best butts in Hollywood. who comes up with this crap?

  • Niya

    But… There is a barely a butt.

    • HB

      I thought so too! But some people really like that– it looks firm and tiny, and I think that’s good!

  • lol, she doesn’t even have a butt!!!

  • Lea

    She looks like Jessica Biel to me only that Jess is prettier and has a better body (and butt).

  • amelia

    She is only 34??? seriously?!?!? She looks horrible for her age… I thought she was late 40’s…..

    • Ozge

      You are definitely right!! She -unfortunately- aged horribly. She lost all freshness about her. I also agree about the comments on her butt. Who are you kidding WH? She has nothing special there!

    • kateuk

      Late 40s?? Maybe by Hollywood standards. Late 30’s by real world standards. But she’s still gorgeous regardless of how old she might look.

    • Maddie

      It doesn’t really take away from her gorgeousness but totally agree, I’d have guessed her as 39-42 rather than mid-30′, celeb or not. I mean Mila Kunis is 30-ish and still has a baby face compared to Evangeline.

  • kia

    it’s not the best butt ever. btw the best is Always yet to come

  • MissMarilyn

    She’s gorgeous! I love the long grey/white dress and the pink sparkly one. She has very nice legs O.O

    I saw her in the hobbit last night and she was SUPER gorgeous and did a very good job! (even though her character wasn’t in the book. kind of threw me off)

    • CakesOnAPlane

      exactly. But if people actually considered what she was trying to convey with her quote, they wouldn’t have anything to criticize 😉

      • i think we’re criticizing the magazine, not her…

        • CakesOnAPlane

          I think that’s true for most of the commenters, I was mostly referring to people saying “she’s full of $#*t” which definitely seems to be directed at her.

    • solaxia

      ha ha! I would be embarrassed too! Even if I liked said body part, I would be like thinking geeez I never said it was the best, nor do I think it! There is too many subjective opinions on beauty to really and truly have the best anything! I think there are plenty of celebs that are narcissistic enough to think that about themselves though…but this lady doesn’t seem like that. I also love her legs and think she is beautiful! He smile seems to warm and genuine. Love that.

  • cherryblossomz

    Ok, she’s full of shit.

    1) Not the best butt ever. I don’t even see a butt there.
    2) You’re posing in hot pants.
    3) Women’s magazines are full of T&A because that’s what we all secretly desire and want for ourselves. OF COURSE magazines exploit that. (And I love Women’s Health). I honestly don’t even see what she’s upset about. She looks aight, nothin’ to complain about.

    • Lisa

      Yeah, she says it like she was somehow misled. They just handed me these hot pants, I have no idea what that’s about…do they want to see my butt? WHY ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT MY BUTT?!?

    • lc

      Lol, what? I don’t desire T&A at ALL for myself, secretly or otherwise. I read Women’s Health and fitness mags for the fit-inspiration, muscle tone, lean-ness, weight loss and muscle tone tips, pretty much that kind of thing. Ways to get Cameron Diaz level of fitness-type bodies.

      • Ann

        Yeah but that’s you. 99% of women do want T&A (I’m not saying huge ones, but like a nice grabble size). Women who want flat tits and ass are a minority just like men who don’t want muscles are a minority.

        • lc

          Yeah, that’s true. Most other women do. I’m just the minority lol.

  • chrissy

    what butt? what? is this for real?

  • cloud9

    um…yeah, i’m sure her publicist doesn’t get a million advanced copies to approve…plus ain’t no booty there, great arms though

  • lc

    Lol okay, weird thing to get upset over…? Kinda confused.

  • Dana

    So it is not a mens magazin, but it is also not a philosophy magazine. It is about thin bodies, how to achieve them and how hot celebrities look in basically nothing on the cover just with the target audience being jealous women instead of horny men. What was she expecting?

  • Callie

    I don’t understand why she has the best butt ever. But I can’t say that I have the best butt ever because my butt is just a big ass and will always be a big ass. Anyways, she has some really nice arms though! And legs! I wish my body was like that but with a bigger butt.

  • Hazal

    To me she’s a very beautiful woman. Loved her in Lost! Her legs are great. But I agree with the rest concerning her barely existing butt. It’s very flat and nothing special.

  • solaxia

    She’s very pretty and I think her body is gorgeous! Good for her if she is after a classy image, I can see how the butt thing owuld be frustrating. I think when she says ‘every woman is after a sort of classy image’ is incorrect. SHE may be…but there are plenty of women who aren’t. She looks like a classy woman in her other photos, otherwise I pretty much don’t know anything about her.

  • Roxy Lowe

    Ummmm, what butt?!! I see no booty whatsoever!! Jessica Biel, now that would be a good choice.

  • TSAC

    Black people just face palmed after looking at that magazine cover.

  • Winnie

    she used to be so pretty! what happened? and that chin…implant gone wrong maybe?

  • Meow

    I think she’s gorgeous, but definitely not the best butt ever. Not even in Top 100. I honestly like my own better than hers (yes, really.)

  • marshmallow

    I thinks he has a cute little butt. Otherwise, she’s boring.

  • Sometimes I think she’s really pretty, other times not – she seems bubbly and fun though, so I like that. Her chin has always been wonky – I’m not sure why!
    As for the ‘best butt ever’ – what a strange thing to put on the cover of a magazine and without her knowledge too. Her butt is fine and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t agree with it being labelled that way (equal parts flattered and embarrassed, probably!) – there are nicer ones around though, imo! Anyway, she looks healthy and that grey dress is really pretty (and I usually hate grey!)

  • Isabel

    Even Miley C. has more ass than her and that says a LOT. Jessica Biel and Mena Suvari have much nicer booties and about every black girl.

  • Tonyee

    I think they forgot to insert a word in there..

    Best. Flat. Butt. Ever.

    Much better..

  • Snugglepup

    What butt? Where? You mean the pancakes attached to her back?. Naah jk but weird choice for the cover and for the best butt. But(t) preferences wary.

    Turk: “So how’s the butt?”
    J.D: “Flat, just like I like it”
    Turk: “J.D’s gonna hit thaat flaat butt J.D’s gonna hit that flaat butt…”

  • ashley

    what butt???? theres nothing there

  • Magda

    Hi guys – a bit OT sorry but I’ve been wondering forever is there a name for the type of body where you are essentially a “classic pear” but have very wide shoulders? My measurements are 34 large B/Small C – 26 – 39 which would sound like a pear except my shoulders when facing straight on are actually the widest part of my body – my body tapers very dramatically from my (wiiide) shoulders to my (skinny) ribcage when seen from directly in front of behind. I’ve also got proportionally very thin calves and arms. My closest celeb “body doubles” would be either Paris Hilton Or Amber Rose.
    As for Lilly – I covet her arms but her butt is not really something I’d ever notice, lol.

    • kateuk

      I think maybe a ‘cello’ shape, according to Trinny & Susannah’s body shape guide.

      • Magda

        Thanks! cello seems more accurate – I took their online test and it came up as a “column” which surely can’t be accurate given my hip-waist difference.

  • kateuk

    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about her butt, but she’s sooo pretty. Loved her in Lost and can’t wait to see the new Hobbit movie!

  • doesn’t deserve it

    actually on the front cover i can’t see any difference between womens mags and maxim, same come thither looks on the same barely clothed women

  • shayek

    SHE ROCKS! First off, she is beautiful, always has been, and no natural and seems like a great women. I heard she even cried after shooting a mens cover mag because after she thought it was too risque. I think thats great, no matter how beautiful I was, I too wouldn’t want my goods splattered on a magazine for the world to see.

  • MerryHappy

    I’ve never really liked her or thought she was pretty, she’s attractive but boring to me. She has nice legs, but the butt is definitely not the ‘ best but ever ‘– my butt looks better than hers! Most fitness models are the ones with impressive butts.

  • Maya Papaya

    Wow, people are seriously arguing over who has the best butt. Why can’t we just all appreciate every body shape? Celebrities have feelings too…

  • Sandy

    She looks great in that silver gown, but her hair looks strange in every photo. It’s odd, but I swear she looked better as a dirty castaway on Lost than she ever does on the red carpet (not that she isn’t pretty, she just shines better in a more natural/casual look).

    She looks like a brunette January Jones in the last photo.

    • Jennifer

      I agree with you Sandy that she looks better when she’s not done up for the red carpet. She’s definitely more a natural beauty and shouldn’t be trying so hard with the updo’s and thick makeup, etc.
      As for her butt, I remember thinking she had a hot, petite, toned body in Lost, so why shouldn’t she get a shout out for her butt?

  • Magda

    Cool Kristina, I actually think the “spoon shape” as shown in your link be more accurate than anything from Trinny and Susannah. I’ve got those “shelf hips” exactly as described here…. so that despite having a 13 inch difference between waist and hips my hips look “shelf like” rather than traditionally “curvy”. The love handle area along with my butt, thighs and lower belly is one of the first places I gain yet my actual waist is always skinny!
    I’ve noticed though people tend to associate shelf hips with an apple shape though, but I don’t feel that fits me since compared to women who I see as true apples like Kate Upton and Angelina Jolie I’ve got a far more defined waist line.

    Hmm I’m trying to think of any other celeb that has a body like mine – I’d say perhaps imagine Keira Knightley but with a less bony collarbone, bigger boobies and much thinner lower legs!

  • Mia

    lmao! I think you are right! It’s like they set her up.

  • retrobanana

    I always thought she was a prettier Jessica beil except she has a more boyish figure…she was really athletic/thin on lost

  • PC

    Where’s the butt? I don’t see it…