From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell

174361489_10 - From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell

From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: 55 year-old Andie MacDowell, who looked slim and lovely in a form-fitting red dress at the Hallmark 2013 Summer TCA’ Press Gala in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Many more of her next!


174352572_10 - From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell 174352573_10 - From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell 174352608_10 - From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell 174361432_10 - From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell 174361487_10 - From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell  174361493_10 - From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell 174361494_10 - From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell 174361496_10 - From the Fabulous-Over-50 Club: Andie MacDowell

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  • Liv

    I’ve always loved her and thought she was so elegant and beautiful… I feel she is completely underrated, and she seems so smart and confident… She looks amazing now, just as beautiful as before.

    • Indigo Lace

      I feel exactly the same way about her. This woman can do no wrong imo.

  • Pixie

    Beautiful woman and one of my favourite actresses. Loved her in Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Groundhogs Day!! She gets better with age!! 🙂

  • Shiv

    I watched ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ last night (because I absolutely love/adore/worship Hugh Grant and have convinced myself we will get married) and she had something unique about her. Her acting on the other hand “Oh it’s raining, I didn’t even notice”…… Anyway, whilst I think she looks good- my Mum is 59, a smoker yet eats healthy and walks for an hour every day, looks a lot better.

  • SA girl

    Graceful elegant woman. Has the loveliest facial features. All women should take heed of how to age gracefully, which means giving your body the best sustenance and care from now. It has a lot to do with lifestyle…and genetics too. However, anyone can improve their genetic makeup by living really healthy, taking the correct supplements, and exercising regularly. My mom is an excellent candidate for looking really classy and lovely too, I aspire to be like these women. Beautiful, but not “cheap” for their age. I admire Jane Fonda too (know she’s not in the same age bracket like Andie), a timeless beauty.

    • Indigo Lace


  • Natascha

    wauw !!! I want what she’s having!

  • Nana

    She will always be beautiful. She has such natural grace and charm. I love her voice too.

  • Lisa

    I’ve always liked Andie. What is it about her?

  • Lau

    Oh Andie, she is a doll. To me this is a beautiful woman, a stunner. Graceful, elegant, demure, true beauty. 🙂

    Not Irina Shayk or whatever her name is.

    To me a woman has to have something special about her, an aura, charisma. And she has it, while most (modern models don’t)

    She was also good in Multiplicity and Green Card etc. 😀

  • i_stan_for_no_one

    Wow! What a beauty. Have you seen her daughters? They are stunning. They definitely get it from their mama.

    • SA girl

      Her daughters are really beautiful…everyone should Google “Andie McDowell’s daughters” Stunning girls, not surprising at all

      • Plirr

        So I did. Meh, they’re pretty but don’t have that je ne sais quo quality of her mother.

  • Winnie

    Very nice legs. Does anyone know how celebrities get that sheen/glow in their legs? Is it a body bronzer or something? I wanna invest in the Laura Mercier one, but it’s pricey and I don’t wanna be disappointed

    • PinkLadi

      I don’t know about any products, but is seems like girls who get their legs waxed have that sheen look more often. A good exfoliation followed by an oil based lotion goes a long way for me, since I don’t do the waxing bit.

    • wonderwoman21

      I agree with pinkladi, try exfoliating after shaving and an oil based moisturizer. Maybe a dry body oil, neutrogena has some. Add some extra glisten with a fine body shimmer.

  • Mia

    She’s my celebrity twin. People always tell me I look like her, and oddly I never thought she was that pretty. Ha. We really are our own worst critics.

    • Liv

      IF she’s your twin… you’re one classy beautiful lady… and you are… even if you didn’t look like her.

    • Winnie

      Thanks for the tips girls!

  • rubiii

    she has amaaazing hair!!!!!! AMAZING!

  • wonderwoman21

    She looks great, if she has any work done it is very natural and passable. She looks better than some younger women *ahem* nicole kidman, cameron diaz

  • Valeria

    She looks nice. But don’t dig the super botoxed forehead and between brows look. Show your wrinkles lady. You will still look fine.

  • serena

    Pretty lady, nice arms and legs, looks like she’s in her 40s rather than 50’s.

  • Candy M.

    Looks pretty ordinary, but does have a gracefulness to her.

  • Tisha

    She looks great. She doesn’t seem to be trying too hard although you can tell she is taking care of herself. Also she doesn’t go about frying her hair straight ALL THE TIME. I love her waves!!!

  • TonyFae

    What a beautiful woman.
    Underrated indeed

  • snugglepup

    She should get her eyebrows checked – otherwise she’s stunning!

    • Carla

      Yes the eyebrows are distracting. Seems to be a side effect of forehead botox it makes the eyebrows look a bit off, a lot of celebs have that problem.

      • snugglepup

        It’s like they’re coming onto her eyes… Opposite what she wants with all that botox!? Inject some of that on the arch to make them rise 😀 😀 😀

  • lex

    She’s had some work done, especially around the neck and jawline.

  • Carla

    Very pretty lady, great figure and nice skin considering she’s my mothers age. probably she has had some work done I probably would too if I had her job.

  • Melina

    55!!!! Lucky bitch!!

  • Kate

    She looks good but she looks her age. Lil bit chunky and a lil bit wrinkly. She looks over 50.

    • Nina

      Where do you see chunky?

      • ali

        Crazy girls see fat everywhere, any flesh on arms or legs or tummy is chunky when you aspire to look like bones

        • Kimberly


  • rO

    Andy McDowell scares me with that forehead. Imagine waking up everyday to that massive dome. Shyit!

  • lc

    Funny, I have always thought she was rather plain, especially for a model.

  • Kimberly

    She looks awesome and seems to be aging gracefully.

  • thynfit

    Agree she looks great dont agree shes not chunky but doo think she has that post menopausal thi ckening in her mid section that so many her age get. But she looks good .

    • snoops

      Post menopausal? She’s only 55! There is every chance menopause hasn’t even started, let alone post menopause….

      • thynfit

        Well then she just has a thick midsection. Too big for my tastes though she looks presentable most women her age are thick in the middle or bigger. Dont like her body.

  • amber

    I love her, but in my head she will always be Groundhog Day Andie MacDowell. I see her and start singing “Pick out your partner and join in the fun! The Pennsylvania Polka!!!”