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Giada de Laurentiis – Healthy Tips in Self Magazine

giada-de-laurentiis-healthy-tips-in-self-magazine - Giada de Laurentiis - Healthy Tips in Self Magazine

At request, here’s famous chef and writer Giada de Laurentiis on the cover (and inside) December’s issue of Self Magazine.

Not only is she looking great on the cover in a bandage dress, showing off a petite hourglass figure (with an impossibly slim waist), but she’s also talking about healthy eating and healthy cooking. Here are some of Giada’s tips!

“Food is not the enemy!” De Laurentiis says. “It’s not food; it’s how much you eat. I eat pasta, but a small portion, not a giant one, and I eat more greens than carbs.” Though she watches portions, she doesn’t bother with exact measurements. “A good gauge is to think in terms of an appetizer-sized plate rather than dinner-sized. Then tell yourself that you’ll savor every bite.”

“Morning workouts, every day, are the best thing for me. I do yoga, which I got into while I was pregnant, or a half hour on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the treadmill. Getting up and getting my blood going gives me energy for the whole day.”


 giada-de-laurentiis-healthy-tips-in-self-magazine-2 - Giada de Laurentiis - Healthy Tips in Self Magazine

giada-de-laurentiis-healthy-tips-in-self-magazine-3 - Giada de Laurentiis - Healthy Tips in Self Magazine

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  • e

    Wow! She looks beautiful and her post-pregnancy tips make so much sense.

  • stella

    She is so beautiful, love her curvy and petite build.


    WOW She ‘s amaing , her body is perfect. there is not one once of fat o nher body and she didn’t have to be anorexic or die being so. she is who ffeamles shuld lok up to body wise…

  • change.

    wow in the first pic, her face looks hideous. i think its her nose or face structure. but her body is curvy and looks well proportioned.

  • likewise

    Sorry to break the bad news to you – this lady is a pear. bust and hips are not equal. She carries weight in her lower half.

  • Tammy

    She’s got a gorgeous body, great skin, she’s and has a body to die for. She’s also witty and very down to earth. I’m 23 and I’d love to be in her shape, and she’s nearly 40 and just had a baby! We should all be taking advice from her!