Giada De Laurentiis: “It’s not about how much you weigh or if you’re as thin as someone else”



 On eating healthier after giving birth:

“When I became pregnant with my daughter, Jade, everything changed. I cut down on sugar and started being more mindful of what I was eating. I ate more vegetables, protein, whole grains and a lot less sweet stuff. I started buying organic ingredients, trying to limit the pesticides and chemicals in my system as much as possible. And guess what? I began to feel better – even better than better.”

On enjoying her favorite food in moderation:

“I can honestly say that now, in my 40s, I am healthier than I was in my 20s and 30s. I sleep better. I feel happier, I still love chocolate – that’ll never change – only now in moderation. That brings me to my number one philosophy on eating: Eat a little of everything, but not a lot of anything. It’s such a simple idea but it took me a long time to embrace it.”

On loving her body:

“Everyone is different. Genetics made me short and small-boned. But it’s not about how much you weigh or if you’re as thin as someone else, it’s about looking in the mirror and loving yourself. Having more energy and fewer ups and downs is half the battle. I feel stable and can give my attention to everyone and everything in my life: my daughter, my husband, Todd, my friends, my work and myself.”

… says 43 year-old celebrity chef Giada.


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  • Christina

    She looks way younger than her age!

  • Tst

    Now this is a ssssmokin hot mama! Beautiful much?? Ssexy

  • Rita

    don’y know what.. but something about her reminds me of Olivia Wilde

    • energydrink

      Its the jaw and eyes. IMO her figure is great, her face not so much, it is very disproportionate. I hate saying this but quoting from Dlisted “Looking like a wonk-eyed Tweetie Bird with a weave on”.

      • Winnie

        OMG only Michael K could say such a thing lmao, he’s too much

  • Lisa

    All of the Italians I know, my family included, can’t stand her fake ass.

    (Fake as in strained; we know she’s Roman because she reminds you every five minutes.)

    • happygolucky

      Haha! So true. And Romans are the maybe the worst when it comes to campanilismo.

    • Hana

      She isn’t roman, she’s napoletano. Her family is super famous in Naples and her dad(?) owns the soccer team.

      • Lisa

        She was born in Rome, and so were her parents. That’s the side she plays up the most, even if Dino was from Naples.

  • I find her annoying (over-pronouncing Italian words all the time!), but she looks good here and definitely has a nicely curvy, petite figure. Her head always looks too big for her body – but it’s her tiny bone structure that causes that, not that she is too thin.

    I think her food philosophy sounds right – everything in moderation. Much easier said than done though!

  • happygolucky

    Giada giant head de Laurentiis. Seriously, it is huge compared to her body. And the way she says “crust” makes my skin crawl.
    But, I agree, she does look younger than her age.

  • Saige

    Not sure who she is, but her body proportions are quite odd, large head, very short arms that barely reach her hips (like Hilary Duff). However she does have a nice petite figure and a pretty face, looks young for her age too.

  • Magda

    I googled her since she is not famous at all in France.
    Mamma Mia! Nice body and great curves!
    So jealous! I wish I could look half as good when I am her age.

  • SA girl

    It’s great how Giada proves you donot have to be overweight to excell at the art of cookery. A lot of people believed that a fat chef is a good chef. She just disproved that assumption, how cool! I love the shape and colour of her eyes, and her porcelain complexion. Beautiful face! So young… Giada, Rachel Allen and Martha Stewart are my favourite chefs, all are talented and creative without compromising on taste, and quite beautiful. I absolutely love cooking!

  • Autumn Jones

    Her head is humongous compared to her body.

  • Cam

    I never realized how short her arms are, until now.

  • hanan

    her face in the magazine is so PHOTOSHOPPED !!! sad

    she’s cute & pretty , but too thin which make her head look big !

  • Kealia1974

    I love Giada and think she’s adorable but her head is way too big for her body. I never really noticed it until now.

  • Carla

    wow I have no idea who this lady is but she’s super cute and looks a lot younger than her age (in these pics anyway).

  • Sophie

    Best quotes from any celebrity ever on this site!! 😉

  • artemisgate

    She looks like the grown up baby Hayden Panettiere and Olivia Wilde would have..

  • anonymous

    Gorgeous little figure but I disagree with the comment about her looking younger. She has a young body but facially she has too many crows feet for a a woman of 43. She doesn’t look Italian at all either.

  • Mike