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How Old Is Taylor Momsen?

how-old-is-taylor-momsen - How Old Is Taylor Momsen?


Looking at this pictures of Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl, two things pop in mind. One: that is one short dress. Short, plus cleavage – very bold choice. And two: is that a make-up experiment gone bad? Just add a little red lipstick and Christina Aguilera would have serious competition.


how-old-is-taylor-momsen-2 - How Old Is Taylor Momsen?


Oh, that’s right, I remember… she’s 15. As in… she just turned 15.  I mean, we shouldn’t even comment on her body, since she’s basically a child – but clothes and styling-wise, you can be the judge.


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  • Holly

    I loooove her makeup….. but only when you’re twice her age.
    When you’re a grownup the “smoky eyes” make you look daring, hot, and even classy.
    But honestly, when you’re barely 15 y.o. I think the only occasion you should wear such outfits and makeup should be….. Halloween.

  • blahblahblah

    omg 15, i thought she was in her 20s!

  • Winsome Audrey

    People say she’s addicted to drugs, which I believe. She needs to eat more; she’s hunching because she doesn’t consume enough calcium.

  • Elizabeth

    wow, she looks SO different from the times I saw her in GG! Can’t say I loved the way she dressed in the show, but at least she looked cute/her age.

  • claudia

    she has gotten REALLY skinny…. its not only the dress & makeup, its also the hair and the attitude that make her look old and bored of life.

  • Oshin

    Oh man, her shoulders look soooooooooo skinny.
    Her upper body looks more fragile than kiera knightley’s.

    Pretty soon she’ll need a feeding tube.
    It’s sad cause I actually really like her style, but she’s way too young. Maybe if she were 18.

  • zoe

    she looks awful, where are her parents??? she’s only 15. she looks coked out, she looks unhealthily skinny to the point its unattractive, and her makeup and dress are way too old for her. thankgod we have up and comers like dakota fanning and emma roberts to make up for other younger stars who cant keep themselves grounded.

  • paul

    shes one step away from Courtney love, this is the first time I’ve said a celebrity looks awful but she does, ……her shoulders, deflating breasts , pallid dull expression, shes not fir to be photographed

  • Freedom

    OMG when your in your teens its kind of a givven to be thin especailly that young
    well ,its a given if your eat healthy but wat teens do know adays?
    al i’m saying,is its defiantely not wrright to comnet on her body whether in curves,sexiness or skinnyess
    she has fully developed yet

  • Freedom

    feww secs ago
    OMG forget what i said before. why are her shoulders like that ,eww
    tthey are so boneny

  • paul

    yes teenagers are thin anyway theres no need to emphasise it she needs to look healthy to be attractive

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  • what the hell is wrong w/ that? i’m 15… and b/c i’m not famous, and if i dressed like that… no one would give me a second look! she’s just trying 2 play around w/ style…

    i love her look here… gorgeous as always!

  • Matt

    wait, people wouldnt have a problem with her iif she was more chubbier and full figured. oh i understand now. you guys are pathetic.

  • maire

    actually if you didnt notice, being curvy and full figured is the most attractive. being a walking skeleton with your bones literally sticking out is SOOOOO not attractive!!!!! Taylor looks discusting!!!!!!! Im a size 14 ( in Australian size, but US size 12) and i couldnt be more prouder of my full fuigure!!So to all those people who find size 0 attractive, get a life!!!!!

    • heyhey

      Go gurl

    • size–2

      And being a size-0 naturally isn’t? Yeah, you go girl, go away!

  • Kelly

    I’m almost 15 and I’m as skinny as her 5 foot 89 lbs. Yell at me all you want! I eat healthy 6 small meals a day I exercise like a normal healthy person should. I wear make-up and like too try news styles. I like taylor I like her style and I don’t think she is too skinny.

  • Cloclo

    She is 15??????????????????????? No way… OMG, I used to be a child and looked like one at her age years ago, I would of not imagine anyone being like that so young or we will of say that she was a prostitute…

  • tash

    y cant u just just leave her alone?

    im 16 and im 5’8
    altho im not as skinny as her, i have almost the exact same style as she does.
    i have those make up all the time. so what? who care what she wears. she can pull that off extremely well.

    just stop hatin’, u guys are just jealous that a 15 year old can look so good.
    give her some space

  • Elle

    The reason why she is that skinny is not her age, but her diet. she does back to back liquid slimming diets which make her dangerously underweight. My sister is a dietition and she estimated Taylor’s weight to be around 106lbs.

  • Claudia

    I think Taylor is pretty, and should wear that kind of short stuff now, because when she’s older, she won’t be able to pull it off without people staring at her in disgust.

  • Skinny Girls r Totally Awesome!!!! she’s cool

    I adore Taylor!! she’s pretty n ROCK!!!

    i’m a guy n personally dont like curve girl, dunno why, i think Skiinnny is d best!!!

    • heyhey

      fuk that shit. I lik my gurls slim with curves or really curvy. YUM!

  • khylie

    okay first, I’m still shocked that I’m older then her, and second shes a beautiful girl and all, but she is too skinny, someone needs to give her a burger or something, but her style and make up are awesome, shes just a teen celeb that’s trying to fit in.

  • Claire

    Hey lets not hate. I’m almost 16 old, 5 foot 8, and i weigh 98 pounds. I ALSO EAT WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT. So let’s not judge. Just need to face that some people are born with longer limbs and faster metabolisms than yours. Personally it gets old when you have people you don’t know asking everyday if you have an eating disorder or demanding you eat a snickers bar that they can witness.

  • heyhey

    go gurl.

  • Tabby

    Hey, just because she looks the way she does, does NOT mean shes on drugs or don’t eat properly, as for the way she dresses, I think she looks good tbh. She is who she is, no need to start hating people!!!!

  • Jacquelyn Carmichael

    oop…sombody’s made a deal with the devil! JK JK you look Hot Taylor.

  • afro.

    i love the way she dresses ..
    i don’t believe she is on drugs..
    beside she is a model an actor and a singer ..
    i think that drugs would prevent her to make such a great career..

  • Ana’s Angel

    To me, she is my thinspo! She’s beautiful and has great style! I’m 13 and I dress like her, what’s the big deal??!

    And, yeah, I’m a diagnosed anorexic but whatever!