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January Jones: Mad Men Wants the Actresses Soft & Voluptuous

january-jones-mad-men-wantsa-the-actresses-soft-voluptuous - January Jones: Mad Men Wants the Actresses Soft & Voluptuous

Mad Men star January Jones admits she’s been having trouble filling out the girdle of the curvy late ‘60s character she portrays on the critically acclaimed AMC show – and it’s gotten her in hot water with producers.

“I got told a couple of days ago that I look too skinny, and I was in trouble,” January sheepishly told reporters at the July 28 party for the AMC network. “I’m naturally pretty thin, so I’m trying,” the beautiful blonde actress said, showing reporters she was drinking an Amstel Light beer at the party.

Also, January says, “I eat whatever is at craft services. I’m a big eater. I’m from South Dakota, so meat, potatoes, carbs.”

The star notes that to maintain Mad Men’s early ‘60s look, in which women definitely had more meat on their bones, she and the other actresses are “encouraged NOT to work out. We want soft; we don’t want any muscle definition.”

January’s character, who is married to advertising guru Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm, is pregnant during the show’s third season, premiering August 16. It has affected her wardrobe: “We’ve done a little bit less petticoats and it’s been really fun.”

“They tell us to gain weight, gain weight, gain weight, because they want a soft, voluptuous woman which they were [back then] which is beautiful, as it should be.”

Source: OK! Magazine

Christina Hendricks fits the “Soft & Voluptuous” description quite perfectly!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Cinthee

    Welll, even if shes a natrually petite person if she wants to be a good and well-known actress she has 2 do her job, just like the others.

  • anna

    Perhaps I’m just jealous but when someone is going on about how she/he is big eater and naturaly thin or whatever , that bs drives me crazy!!!

    • jazzzz

      omg I totally agree. I think that people say stuff like that just to make other women feel bad about themselves. Like “haha mortal….you have to diet and I just look like this on my own!”

    • anabel

      I so agree with you two. It’s incredibly annoying. There’s no way all these celebrities are naturally super thin and shovel pizza and fast food down their throat every evening (and keeping it in). Not saying she’s necessarily a liar, but it can’t be the case with all celebrities, and it’s annoying of them to constantly claim they are suuuch big eaters.

      • tulona

        when skinny people say that they ‘eat like a horse’ and still ‘don’t gain a pound’, they’re not really lying. they just have small appetites and their version of ‘eating like a horse’ differs from other people’s. my friend is a classic example. she’s about 97-100 lbs at 5’2″ and claims to ‘eat everything in sight’ when the truth is that her portion sizes are always verrry small and yet they fill her up. so in her mind, she’s eating all she wants.

    • i’m just as small as she is and happen to stay the same size so it’s not all b.s. because women can be naturally skinny, eat a lot and not gain a pound.

      • Ella

        I am the same. Also, for your information, we only mention it when people like yourselves think we are lying and must be anorexic/bulimic/something or other. i.e. We’re not saying it to make anyone feel bad. That belief is YOUR problem as YOU are the one who always assumes that even if the person saying it is only defending themselves from ridiculous accusations and probably hasn’t the foggiest as to whether you diet or not!

        • who say anything about someone lying? all i said that skinny women that do eat a lot don’t always gain a pound and how some think it’s b.s. when it’s not. i don’t assume anything and never said nothing about some being bulimic, anorexic or anything else because that’s something i don’t go for. so i don’t know what’s your problem. and i don’t diet nor do i believe in it. so get your mind right.

          • Ella

            Sorry, I should have specified that I was first agreeing with you then saying more against what was said ABOVE you. I just found it easier to reply to your post because of my first part agreeing.

            I should have made it clearer that I think the women above you believe slim women are lying, assume these things, etc. Not you!

          • oh it’s okay. i thought you were talking to me about assuming something when i didn’t but it’s cool.

      • rachael

        Same here……. and unfortunately I lose weight easily if I don’t eat enough.
        Believe me, forcing yourself to eat when you’re not hungry is NOT fun.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, a softer, more voluptuous woman was loved and desired in the 60’s and such. BUT, slim women with her build were also loved and desired. I think it’s a bit wrong of the producers and such to expect her to try and push her natural build past what it should be. She looks good and healthy in that picture up there, and I don’t see how any weight gain to try and make herself more “voluptuous” could be healthy for her.

    Yes, it is her job as an actress to do what she can to make her role. But, IMO, it is also the job of the producers, directors, casting people, etc…, to find people to fit all aspects of the role better, instead of just picking someone and then trying to force them to do things that may or may not be healthy for them to do(well, except maybe in the case of action shows/movies, or when the person is portraying someone that spirals down into an unhealthy lifestyle, or is sick or something like that, but is that really the case in “Mad Men”?).

    • i think it’s wrong for producers to say she needs to look a certain way in order to get a role. she looks fine the way she is and goes to show you that even skinny women have to deal with pressures of trying to fit into beauty standards. skinny women should accept their bodies just like curvy women and not be ridicule by it.

      • Kae

        Actors are hired to portray a certain character, so they’re going to be judged by their appearance. I disagree with people assuming that all women during this era were curvaceous because different body types existed at that time, just like they do now. But if they hired her to be curvaceous, well, that’s what they’re looking for her to portray. It’s the same thing when actors shed pounds for a role.

        So, the fact that she is thin and looks fine is irrelevant. It’s not as though she’s being picked apart by jealous women for being thin. She’s being asked by the industry to portray a certain role. If she’s an actress and the concept of the show and it’s time period were explained to her, she already understands this.

      • Enaj

        Unfortunately, it is the norm in Hollywood to push actresses into unhealthy body images. And, though I do feel sympathy for Ms. January Jones and, though I do agree that it is unfair for her show’s producers to try and force her past her own body’s natural “resting” state, there IS a part of me that feels some satisfaction at knowing that there are actresses out there being pressured for being skinny instead of for being fat (for a change).

  • Nkeon

    I know it’s an actress’ job to shape up for her role but I think she looks fine. Thin girls have the same rights to be proud of their bodies as fuller figured girls do!

    Celebs have weird ideas of what consitutes a ‘big eater’. When she says so she probably means that she eats three meals a day and doesn’t cut out carbs etc, which to us is a normal everyday diet!

  • Uma

    Attention wh**e. I don’t think that she didn’t know about this when she signed the contract. Just like all the other celebrities out there complaining how hard it is. Yet it’s perfectly fine to get huge amounts of money for doing nothing. Stop being so naive and feeling sorry for them

  • jolisa

    well she isnt soft or voluptuous… and i have never seen a skinny person eat like a pig… maybe they eat more then ppl would expect but def not as much as many seem to claim! haha