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Jaslene Gonzales Showing Unexpected Cleavage

jaslene-gonzales-showing-unexpected-cleavage - Jaslene Gonzales Showing Unexpected Cleavage

Here is  Jaslene Gonzales, also known as “the uber-skinny girls that won America’s Next top Model Cycle 8″ attending a birthday party for Molly Sims. Now Jaslene may not be an “it” girl or an A-lister that captures humongous amounts of attention wherever she goes, but I had to post this because err…. where did those come from? Because, you know, Jaslene is known for looking like this. And now she is looking like the above.

If I am not wrong (and I know I am not), Jaslene’s uber-gaunt face is gone, as well, just like her skinny chest and lack of cleavage hit the road in exchange for this upgraded version. Now of course there are, as always, certain scientific explanations, such as: the make-up, the push-up bra, the angle, the clothes (slimming black by the way) or certain unusual jewelries covering the collar bones that are usually breaking through the skin, but facts are that Jaslene is looking way fuller and healthier on this occasion.

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Her hips and thighs are still tiny so I predict the cleavage is a result of "chicken cutlets."


i wanted to say "hot", but then i saw how small she is on the bottom. too bad!


Come on people, that's a tit job if I ever seen one!