Jennifer Tilly in an Animal Print Swimsuit

fp_3445971_ang_tilly_jennifer_082109 - Jennifer Tilly in an Animal Print Swimsuit

Bikini swimsuit treat!

Actress and poker lady Jennifer Tilly was spotted while she was having fun at the pool.

She was always famous for her upper curves and it seems that she’s maintained them in great shape.

In case you’re curious, she’s 50 years old!

fp_3445977_ang_tilly_jennifer_082109 - Jennifer Tilly in an Animal Print Swimsuit

More pictures from different angles after the jump!

fp_3446020_ang_tilly_jennifer_082109 - Jennifer Tilly in an Animal Print Swimsuit

fp_3445978_ang_tilly_jennifer_082109 - Jennifer Tilly in an Animal Print Swimsuit

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  • molly

    She looks great for her age!

  • Mizzy

    she looks good, but there are other 50 year old actresses out there who look better. im really not trying to be mean, but my mom who is 60 looks similar to her…of course mom gets hit on everywhere she goes, but still…

  • Elena

    I can’t belive she’s already 50! She looks pretty good for her age, but that swimsuit is just way too unflattering and ugly…

  • suzushii

    Who cares what she looks like, she’s HAPPY

  • Mirabela

    At her age, she’s looking very good! I like her and appreciate her as an actress.

  • Instant

    Wow. Unflattering swimsuit aside, she looks great. And I didn’t know she was 50, thought she was a lot younger 😛

  • Meko

    I think she looks good too! i would never guess she was 50.

  • I love Jennifer Tilly She’s My Idol I Really Want to meet Her some day:]

  • Jemima

    The swim suit isn’t really flattering in the hip/leg area; she would have looked better with a lower cut, but otherwise, she looks great.

  • Ellie

    50?! Holy mongrel, I would have guessed 25-30 based on that first picture. She looks great (not necessarily because she looks young, I think it’s a shame these people – celebrities 😛 – refuse to let themselves age), but, like others have already said, it isn’t a terribly flattering swimsuit.

  • Erin

    She looks ace. And trust me, many celebs look great at 50 because of the money, they can afford to get touch ups. Jen looks natural and great for her age! She looks better than many women I know who are in their 40’s.

  • Ayu

    The proof that women in their 50’s look better with a bit of flesh on them as opposed to wrinkly skeletons.

  • Lindz

    Aw I just love her!

  • Sara

    whose the blonde chick in the 2nd picture next to her?!? she’s cute… haha

  • Michael

    Sorry, but for being only 50 she really looks terrible. Facially she looks much older and her body is a mess. I see 50 year old women all of the time that look incredible in a bikini with no plastic surgery. Jennifer was a poor choice to to try and make this point. What about Cheryl Ladd, or Cheryl Tiegs. How about woman who are approaching 50 like Valerie Bertinelli, Nicollete Sheridan, Nicole Kindman, Shania Twain, Halle Berry…………….see my point.

  • jw_photography

    She looks fantastic, and what a pair of breasts!

  • jkiii

    I’d bone her, and i’m 19!

  • bryan

    she looks great and her breasts are perfect shes old yea but we all get old right id would be all over her and im 17