Julie Bowen Does Lucky Magazine and Talks Style

J-Bowen-030072013-2 - Julie Bowen Does Lucky Magazine and Talks Style

On style:

“It took me forever to invest in new shoe booties. I had all these pairs from the ’90s and all the other shoes in my closet were point at them and laughing. It was a big evolution in style for to grow up and say, ‘I need to take fashion seriously for my job.’ I have a stylist now, and she’s trying to get me to wear more revealing stuff. [My stylist is] Kristen Stewart’s stylist. I go there and see all this amazing funky stuff, and I know it’s for her. If I get K-Stew’s castoffs, that’s all right with me.”

… says Modern Family’s 43 year-old Julie in a colorful spread in Lucky Magazine.

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J-Bowen-030072013-1 - Julie Bowen Does Lucky Magazine and Talks Style  J-Bowen-030072013-3 - Julie Bowen Does Lucky Magazine and Talks Style J-Bowen-030072013-4 - Julie Bowen Does Lucky Magazine and Talks Style J-Bowen-030072013-6 - Julie Bowen Does Lucky Magazine and Talks Style

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  • lichinka

    She looks good. I love her in Modern Family. But Kristen Stewart’s stylist… really??

    • Mia

      ha! I was thinking the same thing. If I hired a stylist only to find out she is also KStew’s stylist, I would turn around and go home. I hate the way Kristen dresses.

    • Rita



      omg!! shocker!!

      • Rita


        lol i was too distracted with the thought & didn’t notice XD

        I had to correct myself before a grammar nazi appears! 😛

  • Yup

    I think she’s amazing and looks great.

  • Andrea

    She looks good for someone who has the same stylist as Kristen Stewart…

  • Jessica M

    She looks nicely slim, not scary-sternum-ribcage-sinew-skinny like she normally does. I hope the improvement is not due to photoshop (probably is).

    • Yes, she usually looks extremely thin and sinewy on Modern Family – so I’m surprised at how she looks here too. I don’t think she has gained weight, but she certainly looks a bit softer in this spread – probably photoshop. She’s got a great personality and I love her on Modern Family – but I’ve always felt she looks a bit too much like a marathon runner!

      • snoops

        Lately you just post what I think Erica. Spot on with the marathon runner comment I always think that when I see her on MF. Remember that episode in Hawaii? She wore a bikini. Talk about low body fat…I love her character though and she is very pretty 🙂

      • Polska Blondynka

        Agree! I always cringe when I see her bony chest on Modern Family. She looks better here. She’s a good actress.

    • Lorelai

      Probably the photoshop 🙁

      Every time I watch her in Modern Family I want to give her something to eat fast. Her protruding chest bones and veiny arms are such a shame to a pretty body.

      You´d think if you have to stand next to Sofia Vergara’s womanly body every day you’d want to not get confused for a teenage boy with long hair….

  • mary

    shes so cute. remember how hott she was in happy gilmore? still looks fantastic at 43.

    • elizabeth

      Had no idea that was her!! She needs to put that weight back on, she was so sexy then!!

  • Adele

    I would not be too happy to have KStew’s stylist… But tbh, I think KStew has had some really nice outfits, she just can’t carry them with any style or poise. She’s like the opposite of women who can dress in a potato sack and look good.

  • amber

    Holy typos, Batman. Hope they aren’t in the original article or some editor needs a new career path.

  • retrobanana

    yeah, considering she has kstew’s stylist she pretty much always looks good on the red carpet her body is ussually a little too fit for my taste like guiliana rancic-ish i only eat carrot sticks and sleep on an eliptical but i still like her

  • CK

    i don’t pay much attention Julie’s red carpet outfits so can’t judge that but i think K-Stew actually wears quite a lot of edgy/out of the box stuff (not trashy/ridiculous stuff some celebs tend to call “edgy”), it may not always be “wow,stunning” but def smth i find interesting and different,even willing to try myself though am a shirt, oversized sweaters, jeans kinda girl. As for Julie-love her on Modern Family but am surprised to see such “frozen” face in this photoshoot, like she just looked in the camera and later they added the same weird-ish smile to every pic with help of photoshop, looks very unnatural, the shoot in general is boring

  • Adriana B

    The thing to remember about stylists is that a good stylist is dressing their clients, not themselves. Just because Kristen’s personal style is what it is, doesn’t mean the stylist shares her personal style. It’s her job to find clothes to suit her body and style, put a look together and shop for the client, not necessarily to “define” someone’s style, but to understand it.

    • lillaliket

      that may be, but kristen’s clothes always fit her horribly! you’d think they could afford a seamstress to change them for her.. so no, I don’t think I’d like her stylist as mine, lol

  • Heather

    Love her

  • KC

    Why does she remind me of an older Kristen Bell in that first picture? I’ve never thought they even looked remotely alike before.