Kaley Cuoco Does Self and Brings the Quote of the Day

article-2250731-1695F366000005DC-36_634x946 - Kaley Cuoco Does Self and Brings the Quote of the Day

On what she’s eating:

‘I start the day with oatmeal with vanilla almond milk. If I don’t, I’m dying by noon and eating everything in sight. On-set, I avoid crap and pack soup and salad. I cook pork chops or turkey tacos for dinner.’

… says Kaley.

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article-2250731-1695F0DE000005DC-337_634x867 - Kaley Cuoco Does Self and Brings the Quote of the Day article-2250731-1695F3B5000005DC-83_634x771 - Kaley Cuoco Does Self and Brings the Quote of the Day



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  • Robin

    I love her personality! She seems to be such a nice person. I also think her names sounds really fun, for some reason. It reminds me of coconuts and tropical summers (okay sorry, that doesn’t really make sense, does it xD)

    • Jay

      i feel the same way. i adore this girl! she’s so cute in interviews, and her body is bangin. though it makes me sad she got a boob job :/

      • Powwow

        Did she??

    • kate

      hahahaha the name…EXACTLY

    • Dani

      I think she’s adorable!

  • misscheeks

    Ha! I’m watching TBBT as I type this! I love Kaley’s fit and athletic body and her breakfast sounds yummy! I have mild lactose intolerance and almond milk sounds like a good alternative.

    • lc

      So do I, but I can’t stand almond or soy milk!

      • misscheeks

        I haven’t tried almond milk yet but I want to. You know what the annoying thing is?-I actually love milk but it doesn’t love me so I don’t even bother anymore. 🙁 I can still have yoghurt and cheese/ ice cream etc because the lactose levels in them are quite low and my intolerance is dose-related and mild but when it comes to milk I can’t even have a little bit without my digestive system going crazy.

        • lc

          That’s pretty much exactly like me; it’s mild and dose oriented also. Milk itself is what doesn’t agree with me, but yogurt and cheese don’t bother me much. I don’t have any alternative though because I hate soy and almond milk! I tried to like them but I just can’t! Lol

          • Tiina

            Just out of curiosity, where are you guys from? I’m somewhat lactose intolerant too, but in most of the countries I’ve bought milk in there’s a lactose free but otherwise normal milk available. So I’m just curious to know where they don’t sell that stuff at all.

          • justme

            @Tiina: I’m also lactose intolerent (and a big fan of unsweetened almond milk!), and I’ve tried loctose free milk before and didn’t like the flavor. I’m not quite sure why, it just tasted weird to me. I didn’t finish the container, and 5 months later it was still good (no weird smell, tasted the same), that REALLY grossed me out and I never tried it again.

          • misscheeks

            @Tiina- I’m from the UK, London to be exact…I’ve seen adverts for lactose-free milk on tv but I’m apprehensive about them because when they take things out of certain food products, they end up replacing them with crappy ingredients. I think what justme said proves that (that would gross me out too justme! :s Reminds me of something I saw on youtube with a nutritionist who keeps a whole Happy Meal in her office to show clients but it’s a few years old and nothing is rotten!! Not even the fries, ugh!)

            @Zoe- haha sorry for making you feel guilty. I loved (and still love) eating Weetos but just once in a while. It’s weird, I hate things that taste too sugary (like Sugar Puffs and those fruit-filled cereal bars but my brother loves them) but I like the “plainer” stuff like muesli, All Bran (lol old people cereal ftw! haha :)) and Shreddies too.

          • misscheeks

            Forgot to say lc but coconut milk is another good alternative. My parents used to make drinks for me with coconut milk when I was younger, maybe you could give it a try.

      • Catherin-o

        I love almond milk. My bf did the paleo diet for a few months, and we got hooked. Even with him off the diet, we still buy it instead of regular milk. Make sure to buy unsweetened and unflavored, as it’s the closest to regular milk.

        • LaLaLaura

          @JustMe – I’m lactose intolerant and I use the lactose free milk, it actually tastes fine. I never was a fan of drinking milk before the diagnosis, and I still don’t. So I can’t say how it taste straight up, but I like it with cereal and use small amounts for baking and you can’t tell the difference. I use the Lactaid brand, its the only one I know of out on the market. Id suggest you try it if they sell it in the UK. Coconut milk is nice, too. They have hemp milk, but id never drink it. I don’t imagine it tastes very good lol. I’ve had soy and almond, they’re good alternatives.

      • Aafje

        @lc you could try rice milk I like that better than soy or almond

    • jill

      i love this stuff and use it all the time. if you want to make it taste better you try this
      add splenda and mix it up. Add some vanilla extract and you have vanilla milk. You can add sooo many extracts with some splenda and make fun treats. you can even add the divinci sugar free syrups, pour into popsicle maker and freeze,. You have a low cal treat. You can also add to a blender, add ice and you have a frap! OMG I have no life! lol

  • mimi

    i love her hair but they seem photoshop.

  • Jacky Daniels

    that sounds yummy..i love her!

    • guru

      that sounds like a starvation diet.

      • misscheeks

        It’s oatmeal and milk guru not half a celery and some cigarettes. Oatmeal is very filling and nutritious, keeps you fuller for longer (due to it’s low gi) and much better than all the crappy, sugar-laden cereals that you find these days in the supermarket.

        • Zoe

          Aah- now you’re making me feel guilty! For some reason, I absolutely LOVE cereal… and (as hard as I try), I tend to gravitate towards the overly sugary kind. :/ I can eat bowl after bowl of cereal, so for everyday breakfasts, I tend to try and go for healthier options like Fruit and fibre or shreddies. I’ve recently discovered weetabix crispy minis, which I think taste awesome and are (relatively) healthy compared to some other kinds. 🙂 But… also at the same time found Crunchy nut clusters with chocolate swirls, which I absolutely fell in love with… until I looked at the sugar/fat/calorie content- (Whoops!) Doesn’t help that I ate about 150g in one sitting the 1st time I tasted it (cringe!) but I’ve started trying to limit myself to a) buying less unhealthy cereals and b) Only eating them once a week if I *do* buy them- it’s ok, I’m *slowly* tackling my cereal addiction- ha ha 🙂

      • misscheeks

        And just for the record, I think the whole concept of ‘diets’ is garbage.

      • annabanana

        yeah misscheeks, oatmeal is great for you… how on earth is that starvation diet? sounds really healthy to me!!

      • jill

        ??? um no. its called not stuffing your face diet and eating healthy.

        • guru

          1. why not skip the milk? humans are the only mammals that drink milk after being weaned. dairy is not good for you
          2. i am much slimmer than her and trust me my diet is so much more fun. shes not even that slim tbh. she is skinny but not diet skinny. considering what she eats i thought shed be much slimmer

          • misscheeks

            uh it’s almond milk though which thoroughly supports your point about dairy. :/

        • guru

          woops my bad. i thought almond milk was some kind of almond extract or bits added to normal milk to make all the new age wannabes feel healthy. like all those people that eat low fat yoghurt thinking they are being healthy. i guess she must have started this diet recently. i guess if she keeps it up for a few months it will be tiny. and no i dont eat liek a pig. i eat unprocessed foods but i enjoy the food i eat. im sorry but most people who say they ‘love’ their super healthy diets are just lying

  • Eline

    Can anybody tell me who this girl is? Never heard of her… (Maybe beacause I’m from Europe 😉 )
    Have to say I like her looks though.. She has a great body and she’s absolutely glowing in these pictures.

    • Sandy

      She’s on the tv show “The Big bang Theory” in the US and was on “8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter” before that.

      Her face looks very different than it used to. Maybe her looks have just evolved, but I suspect she’s had her lips done or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

      • حنان aka hanan

        she looked the same in “8 simple rules” but she was very thin

        • nope

          She was also about 17 when she started 8 simple rules. She is now 27 or 28. Not that aging would account for a new nose or anything, but i know my facial features changed quite a bit from 18-28, completely unrelated to my overall body weight. You just sort of lose that youthful fullness and thin out a bit. I didn’t have proper cheekbones until my mid 20s. Lol!

  • Eline

    Can anybody tell me who this girl is? Never heard of her… (Maybe because I’m from Europe 😉 )
    Have to say I like her looks though.. She has a great body and she’s absolutely glowing in these pictures.

    • Eline

      Aahhh I just googled her! She’s a Big Bang Theory actress, just didn’t recognize her haha

  • jenp

    Isn’t she a smoker? How healthy can you keep yourself if you continue to smoke? Typical Hollywood. It’s not really about health, it’s about how you look.

  • nat shermans

    Horrible show. Blah woman. Sorry.

    • حنان aka hanan

      i hate that show too (big bang theory”

  • kay

    haha sounds similar to my diet…except i add egg whites also for breakfast

    • misscheeks

      Haha I like it with sliced bananas and honey or brown sugar *drools*

  • D

    Laughed @ the starvation diet comment.. looking at her she clearly isnt starving. She looks healhy to me… that first pic is so awkward looking though. like she has a stomach ache and is holding in a fart lol. Last pic her arms look huge/ripped.

    • guru

      you know for the diet she has, i think she is large. if i was on that diet i would be much slimmer. there are ways to be slim and not have to eat such boring food.

      • misscheeks

        Kaley is known to be very very sporty and into athletics…clearly she eats to fuel her body and her muscles rather than having a skinny, weak look.

    • guru

      the reason i suspect alot of women on this site put themselves through such gruelling diet is because they want to be able to skip the exercise. i guess i can understand that, considering how hard it can be to find time for that. why not eat fried eggs for breakfast? oil wont kill you, your body needs it and eggs keep you fill and provide you with many essential amino acids.

      • misscheeks

        how do you know we don’t eat fried eggs though? maybe you should stop assuming things. I love eggs. I love having healthy, nutritious food with plenty of heart healthy oils and vitamins to fuel my body since I exercise/try to lead an active lifestyle. I love delicious home-cooked meals and I love to look good as a result of what I eat. I’m Nigerian too and we have a deep cultural respect for food. Once again I hardly think oatmeal and almond milk is gruelling maybe for you it is and that’s your own concern I guess. And btw so long as you don’t have an allergy or intolerance, dairy as part of a healthy, balanced diet is ok…to advocate otherwise whilst talking about “gruelling” diets is nonsensical and this is coming from someone with mild lactose intolerance.

        • guru

          lol you can kid yourself all you want but her diet sucks. srsly imagine eating something like that all day every day. she must have a naturally large frame because for the diet she has, her body is quite big

          • misscheeks

            My point is that not everyone eats to be skinny. come on she’s eating freaking pork chops and turkey tacis…hardly rabbit food is it? and *nowhere* in the quote does she talk about being on a diet or losing weight… lol you added that in yourself guru…learn to read.

          • misscheeks

            come on she’s eating freaking pork chops and turkey tacis…hardly rabbit food is it? and *nowhere* in the quote does she talk about being on a diet or losing weight or wanting to be “diet skinny” lol you added that in yourself because you couldn’t account for your “starvation diet” comment guru…maybe I’ll stop “kidding myself” when you can learn to read and not make things up.

      • jill

        guru you annoy. You obviously are not educated when it comes to diet and exercise. I have to train and i hate it. I have to eat very very bland foods and eat the same things daily. I feel better then eating those “fun” foods you refer to. Not everyone is the same and your diet suggestions are not ideal for everyone. some people dont need breakfast. you dont need a huge bfast. as long as you get the right percent of macros you are fine. I will say you are correct on the eggs part in regards to amino acids. 🙂

  • lc

    What’s with the weird/awkward pose? How is she not toppling over? And her leg looks odd in the back.

  • serena

    I usually do the opposite as her; I save the soup/salad or light meal for dinner, since I eat dinner a few hours before bed. Lunch is the meal where I indulge more. I know oatmeal is healthy but I can’t stand the mushy texture! Anyway I think Kaley is beautiful, although I have never watched Big Bang Theory.

  • bubbly girl

    obviously she has gained weight…. she is so puffy now. I never consider her as “beautiful & hot” for Hollywood. but not bad and quite hot for us.

  • Stephanie

    She’s so prettyyyy and likeable. Always happy and bubbly. I love watching her on TBBT 🙂

  • snoops

    Penny from TBBT is so adorable its just impossible not to like this girl, always thought she had a nice strong/healthy looking body too.

    • Rosie B

      I agree! Her character is hilarious too! :’) x

  • mary

    Ive never watched the show she is in or know anything about her, but her face is really puffy and round…and almond milk is gross.

  • Lux

    I eat steel cut oatmeal with some unsweetened applesauce to cut the thickness, and then add berries and nuts. This is my pre workout carb meal, but it doesn’t keep me full after my workout. If I have a hard boiled egg and grapefruit post workout it keeps me satisfied until 1 pm for lunch. Carbs are good in the morning for energy, but I need protein for satiation!

  • Lux

    I eat steel cut oatmeal with some unsweetened applesauce to cut the thickness, and then add berries and nuts.

  • Sharon

    I recently became hooked on almond milk – I love the taste of unsweetened Vanilla almond milk more than I do cow’s milk now and only drink that.. My fave is a protein shake in the morning made with almond milk, a banana, lean choc protein powder, and natural peanut butter. But I don’t know how just oatmeal in the am keeps her satisfied until lunch? I need a mid-morning snack of fruit or yogurt or something before lunch hits..

  • Rosie B

    I like the cover, esp. her smile there.. not so keen on the other pics. But overall, she is so pretty.. I love her on Big Bang! 🙂 x

  • JaneParker

    I like her, she seems nice and is very funny. I don’t think she’s as dumb as some people think she is. Also we have the same body type. I used to look like her but then I gained a few. It’s inspiring knowing I can look like this again. Does anyone know if she used to play sports? I played tennis for 7 years and I have broad shoulders and “big” arms too. When I lose weight they look like Kaley’s. But when I gain… Not good! Anyway, I think she looks great. Athletic and fit.