Kathy Griffin Shows Her Bikini Body at 48

April 8, 2009 in General by Versus


What? Am I seeing right?

Yes, I think I am.

Big News, Everyone: They didn’t go overboard with the photoshopping on this one! And by that, I mean that she looks like herself – isn’t it slightly ridiculous that I’m thrilled to see a woman that looks… not plastic for once?

The interview that accompanies the pictures is fun! Here’s what she says:

“I’ve become insufferable, tormenting my friends, saying, ‘Do you know I have a banging bikini bod?’ That should be my new name: Banging Bikini Bod Griffin,” she jokes to OK!.

She recently showed off her slim figure during an outing with Paris Hilton (see after the jump!). “A lot more guys were looking at me than Paris,” says Kathy, who, at 5 feet, 3 inches, weighs a svelte 118 pounds. “Granted, they were gay, but they were checking out my hot ass!”

Don’t stare too hard though, fellas – Kathy says she’s not just another pretty face.  

“I am more than a golden, tanned sexpot. I am a woman, damn it, with thoughts and feelings!” she tells OK!.

The reality star also claims her curves are au natural, telling OK! she hasn’t had any work done recently. 

“Not since 2003 when I had a face-lift,” she explains. “My breasts are very real and very floppy. Why have surgery when you could just get a good freaking bra?”

There’s more!

P.S.: Forgot to mention: she looks great!




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