Kathy Griffin Shows Her Bikini Body at 48

kathy-griffin-shows-her-bikini-body-at-48 - Kathy Griffin Shows Her Bikini Body at 48

What? Am I seeing right?

Yes, I think I am.

Big News, Everyone: They didn’t go overboard with the photoshopping on this one! And by that, I mean that she looks like herself – isn’t it slightly ridiculous that I’m thrilled to see a woman that looks… not plastic for once?

The interview that accompanies the pictures is fun! Here’s what she says:

“I’ve become insufferable, tormenting my friends, saying, ‘Do you know I have a banging bikini bod?’ That should be my new name: Banging Bikini Bod Griffin,” she jokes to OK!.

She recently showed off her slim figure during an outing with Paris Hilton (see after the jump!). “A lot more guys were looking at me than Paris,” says Kathy, who, at 5 feet, 3 inches, weighs a svelte 118 pounds. “Granted, they were gay, but they were checking out my hot ass!”

Don’t stare too hard though, fellas – Kathy says she’s not just another pretty face.  

“I am more than a golden, tanned sexpot. I am a woman, damn it, with thoughts and feelings!” she tells OK!.

The reality star also claims her curves are au natural, telling OK! she hasn’t had any work done recently. 

“Not since 2003 when I had a face-lift,” she explains. “My breasts are very real and very floppy. Why have surgery when you could just get a good freaking bra?”

There’s more!

P.S.: Forgot to mention: she looks great!


kathy-griffin-shows-her-bikini-body-at-48-2 - Kathy Griffin Shows Her Bikini Body at 48

kathy-griffin-shows-her-bikini-body-at-48-3 - Kathy Griffin Shows Her Bikini Body at 48

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  • Ashley

    She looks great for her age. her top half is amazing for any age, but if i was her i would work on her lower half she has a little cellulite and i little fat along her knees, but then again who doesn’t.

    • gaby

      shes practically 50. once you reach a certain age working out doesnt do shit.

      • Leanne

        I wouldn’t say that. If she wasn’t working out she wouldn’t look like this in her late 40’s.

        But she looks amazing and anyone saying she still needs to work her bottom half is just nitpicking. I’d like to see them look as good as that when they hit her age!

        • Paulette

          Absolutely! It may not do miracles, but she wouldnt look nearly as good as she does if she didnt work out.
          And nitpicking seems to be a lot of people´s favourite pastime 😉

  • Ella

    Great body, though I get the impression her torso is supposed to be a lot bigger when I see her legs. They are very stocky whereas the rest of her body is delicate. I have never seen this on anyone before: usually they are stocky/delicate all over.

    • Leanne

      She is a pear shape….ectomorph on top and enomorph on the bottom. Beyonce, Shakira, Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kiera Knightley, all have this body type. I can’t believe you’ve never seen someone with this before, it’s very common in women.

    • mEEE

      Really? That’s really weird because it is one of the more common female shapes. I should know; me and my sisters all are part of the club!

    • Ella

      I am not talking about pear shape, ladies. This does not look like a pear shape to me because usually they come along with much bigger hips. Also, when I see a pear-shaped woman, her legs match her arms size-wise. They also match her torso size-wise. Only the bust is small on the pear-shaped women I’ve seen. In addition, their hips are usually as wide as or wider than their shoulders. This lady doesn’t have that when I look at the photo of her walking with Paris.

      I don’t know how else to explain it, but several of the women Leanne listed have this (legs, arms and torso matching size-wise): Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim K, Jennifer Love Hewitt… The others I don’t see enough of to know if they have that. If you see their legs, you build expectations of how large their torso and arms are and these ladies’ top halves match the legs. This woman’s doesn’t seem to.

      It is more the fact I have never seen a woman whose torso and legs appear so different from each other. That is why I notice it and it is the first thing that stands out for me.

      Now, if annie’s comment about this woman having lipo on her arms, hips and stomach is true, I would understand. That would explain why it gives the impression of her having such a unique appearance to me.

      • Leanna

        Well there different variations of being pear shape. But pear shapes do tend to have thinner arms and torsos with thicker thighs so it’s not just about how your bust and shoulders compare to the size of your hips. I should know, it’s my body shape too!

  • Ramie

    she looks great and she’s hilarious! 🙂

  • Paulette

    She looks good for any age!! Work on her lower half!!??
    She is almost 50 for Christ´s sake! And those pics are not nearly as photoshopped as many 20 year-old models pics.

  • annie

    whats the big deal? shes admitted to lipo on her arms, her hips and her stomach???

  • pia

    woman’s body… man’s face

  • Amy

    grandma goes to the beach ?

    • caroline

      someone’s feeling b*tchy ?!!

    • Leanna

      Well certainly doesn’t look like my grandma!

      She must come under the ‘hot granny’ category.

  • alisa

    i’m not nitpicking her lower half but once again a woman is complimented for her “amazing” body because she gains weight in her legs.. not stomach. if that weight from her legs was in her stomach you all would be saying how fat she is. her legs do not look good in my opinion… and judging by how they look i find it hard to believe that she works so hard for this body. she’s just another lucky female who gains weight down below.. because if someone has fat legs and flat stomach they’re “curvy” and in shape.. ha

    • bologna

      this is just my opinion but i always thought people who gained weight in their stomachs had it easier. mine goes all in my butt and thighs and i hate it cause its sooo hard to get rid of. I always imagine that if you got it in your stomach it would be way easier to get rid of but i guess i was wrong.

    • Instant

      She doesn’t have fat legs 🙁

    • mjb352

      first of all, i find this comment very insulting, as a woman with a pear shape. I run 30 miles a week (at a 7:30/mile pace) and my lower body looks just like hers…just because someone has big legs doesn’t mean they ‘dont work hard for their body’.

      second, most hollywood stars have an apple shape; they have long skinny limbs and tend to gain weight in their midsection. Plus, as most doctors, dieticians and personal trainers will tell you, it is more difficult to lose weight in your legs than your midsection.

      • Leanna

        Thank you!

        When you gain fat on your lower body and work your @ss off to stay in shape comments like this are just really ignorant.

  • britmel

    omg parisss. drooool. paris loooked SOO SEXXY. love her whole outfit and her legs look great. as for this one, lol, talk about over confidence?? she looks fineeeee. nothing out of the ordinary. no where near fat, but def normal, usual and yeah. whateverrr. lol. but between paris and her, im hoping she was exaggerating, or else shes just dum plain crazy and making stuff up

    • ???

      how many pills did u took ?

  • Emmy

    She is an ordinary middle age woman. And there is no way a guy to prefer her instead of the 20something Paris. Actually she looks like Paris’s mother.

    • tod

      Speak for yourself. She looks as good as Paris and she has something Paris doesn’t have, brains and talent.

  • Tessa

    This looks like lipo to me! Facewise she’s very manly!!!

  • jenni

    she looks fantastic!!!

  • Jadey

    well for her age she looks great shes bottom heavy tho
    but i agree with people with them sayin when u get to a certain age working out n eating healthy doesnt do shit
    but she looks good

  • you people don’t get it!

    All these comments about why her legs are thicker than her tummy; it’s most likely a repercusion from liposuction. Her tummy is so flat because she had lipo on it as well as on the rest of her upper body. She did not have lipo on her calves, hence when she gains even a little weight it goes to her unoperated areas. That’s one of the perils of lipo!

  • tod

    Remember the camera adds 10 or more pounds. She really is quite tiny, like a size 0/2 maximum.

  • KathyFan

    I have a figure exactly like Ms. Griffin’s. Kathy’s probably had the same experience I have, which is that your body starts to be less “hippy” as you approach menopause. As for her legs, that’s just the curse of the long torso/short limbed body type. You could lipo every ounce of fat out of her legs (which is the only way, because, she’d look freakish if she got any thinner) and she still would look somewhat dis-proportioned in pictures.

    For contrast: Sarah Jessica Parker is an inch shorter than Griffin but is all legs/arms. Camera loves her figure.

  • Dekker451

    The irony is that while she may not be photoshopped much it’s hard to tell the difference because she’s had so much plastic surgery.