Ke$ha in a Swimsuit

Keha-in-a-Swimsuit - Ke$ha in a Swimsuit

(Kinda) bikini treat: singer Ke$ha in a black swimsuit!

The 23 year-old singer was spotted while having fun on Australia’s Bondi beach a few days ago… and I barely recognized her, considering that she’s lacking her typical styling:

keha-022410-5 - Ke$ha in a Swimsuit

How do you like her bikini figure? Decide after the jump!

Keha-in-a-Swimsuit-2 - Ke$ha in a Swimsuit

Keha-in-a-Swimsuit-3 - Ke$ha in a Swimsuit

Keha-in-a-Swimsuit-5 - Ke$ha in a Swimsuit

Keha-in-a-Swimsuit-6 - Ke$ha in a Swimsuit

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  • °-°

    she seems to have no waist, but except for that she looks good

  • Les

    She seems to be quite rectangular and has broad shoulders, and she could do with some exercise in the booty area to plump it up a bit, but otherwise she looks pretty toned. Gotta say that the swimsuit was a good choice, it suits her shape.

  • ann

    She looks normal. With all that make up on she looks damn skeezy.

  • Sidney

    Bleh, i don’t like the swimsuit on her. But she looks a lot less annoying without the usual getup.

  • Debbie

    Pretty boobs but other than that I’m like “Meh”.

  • Beetle

    one of the worst bodies i have seen here 😀

    i’m so meaaaaaaaan 🙂

    • no you are not! you’re right! 😀


    Shape of spongebob squarpants.
    No waist.
    No butt.
    Did she just swim out from Bikini Bottom? She should put down the krabby patties and hit the gym.

    • liza

      lol i so agree. flat butt,no waist,broad shoulders,no hips. definite rectangle shape. but the spongebob and bikini bottom reference was too funny lol

      • artemis

        rectangles have butts
        she’s an inverted triangle (top heavy)
        her back is huge 😐 especially compared to mine lol

    • cus


    • jerseychick201


  • She looks surprisingly good here, but all fixed up, she looks like an average girl trying to be sexy, in my opinion. I guess, there’s not much about her that WOWS me, then again I never thought her self-proclaimed “garbage chic” was a very good look to begin with. She does look cute here, though, I must say.

  • Hydrangea

    These are some of the more flattering pics posted here on her recent bikini pics. I’ve seen the others making the internet rounds and while her weight looks fine in my eyes, I notice her skin is sagging a lot. I don’t know if it’s from hard-partying, what she consumes, genetics or what, but I was surprised to see the sagging. Right now media outlets are kinda hounding her about her “40-something” year old body sagging. These pics don’t show it really, but others do. Oh well, apart from saggage, her weight looks fine to me. She’s not an unattractive girl.

  • aliss

    i like that she’s natural at the beach, no make up, no accessories. it’s kind of refreshing 🙂

  • Aryn

    For someone who talks so much crap about other celebrities, she really doesn’t have a lot to back it up with does she? ;]

  • Anabelle

    She always looks so ….smelly. Her “music” is a joke.

    • LeeleeMC

      LOL i completely agree on the “smelly” thing!!! I always think the EXACT same thing when I see her!! She’s so trashy looking!! By far, the most annoying celebrity to date!

  • southerngumdrops

    Why all the hate? Maybe these are just good pics, but she looks really in shape. Your body type is something that you can’t really change. And I definitely don’t see any jiggle or sagging going on…..

  • Lisa

    Alcohol and coke bloat.

  • lp23

    To be honest versus has been kind to the girl.
    You should see these pictures.

    I don’t like being horrible but Keisha has been a right bitch about other celebs bodies.

    • southerngumdrops

      oh wow!!! just checked out that link…yikes

    • suzushii

      Isn’t the Daily Mail a piece of crap “newspaper”?

      And even in those pics, I see no saggyness, if anything, she looks like she has a very low-body fat, making her legs look very sinewy/tendon-showing. I mean, you can clearly see muscle there, even seperate muscles.

  • Casey

    Picture 4: that is the most rectangular body that I have ever seen on a female. Even for a rectangle shape, she’s like ACTUALLY straight up and down.

    I usually try to be more tolerant of differing body shapes, but I have seen someone with a figure similar to hers. They were a complete tweaker and that’s what ruined their waste line. Can’t help but think she’s probably the same.

    I do actually like her music. She has an interesting and catchy voice.

    • Casey


  • beckita11

    she looks normal.. i dont like that body type i dont know

  • Katy

    Too much buzz.She is getting fat for that lifestyle.

  • Natasha

    womp womp womp to all the hate…..She looks great even though I’d love to see her work on her bum with a trainer because shed have some butt. Nonetheless there is no saggage whatsoever it’s called natural boobs………and not being pam anderson! She has no cellulite she has nice thick thighs and skinny legs she has boobs and broad shoulder THE END

    • Uma

      Just because some people don’t find broader shoulders than hips attractive, it not makes them haters or jealous or whatever. It is a matter of taste and opinion and as long as it is expressed in nice terms, i really don’t understand what the problem is.

      That being said, she really cannot control her shape, but neither can so many other people so i’ll just say it: she is not the least attractive, imo. She can have the skinniest legs in the world, i’d rather see waist definition and more shaped hips.

      • Natasha

        hate and haters are totally different i didn’t say haters where I come from when people say “the hate” it means a negative comment thus I understand and have said alot of times different strokes for diff folks but some of the comments I read are nitpicking things about her body that she has no control over and then one person said that these pics were forgiving and posted a link to other pics where she looked just fine to me……I would’ve thought the other pics had some Lilly Allen cellulite going on (not that there is anything wrong with that) then I read about how she has sagginess going on and I want to know where? because people said the same thing about a Laetitia Casta post when they clearly do not. People are talking about her music and her then they say how horrible she looks……… <<<<<<<< what an eloquent answer as to why she looks bad lol

  • lp23

    Thread over people!

    Natasha has just ended the discussion lol!

    • Natasha

      the end means im done with my essay for a comment it doesnt mean no one else can comment because who am to tell people if they can comment or not…….Are being sarcastic because *SWOOSH* that flew over my head…….

      • Natasha

        *i meant are you*

  • beegk

    I just dislike her personality and her music so much, that I’m not able to find her attractive…

  • Ayu

    Poor her, now the horrible outfits she usually wears don’t look as bad. I think they actually quite flatter her shape.

  • Nicci

    She looks like any one you would see on the street. Oh well, I can stand her better than Snooki and her stupid “hand on hip” pose she always does

  • laura

    this is going to be really horrible, but i get a personal satisfaction out of seeing a talentless, trashy, excessive human being like her look so horrible in a swimsuit. she has no curve to her back, no but, awkward thighs and a wiiiide stomach. that’s right, drink it in. j

  • lc

    She just looks so…manly. I really don’t know what else to say.

  • Porsche

    She has got to have one of the ugliest bodies I have ever seen! She looks like a man with boobs attached! She has no neck, no waist, a big digusting ass. EWWW!!!

  • charlotte

    aw shes lucky she has no cellulite and seems to have good muscle tone. i personally think she should have chosen a better cutt swimsuit for the way its cutt in the back doesnt flatter her body type.
    she looks like shes having so much fun!!

    btw, to all the people who are saying she looks digusting, not that ur not entitled ur own opinion but imagine if she reads it and how bad she will feel about herself. women everywhere should stand together to appreciate every body shape out there and learn to embrace that everyone is different.
    in my opinion anyway, you are all obviously entitled ur own opinion.
    just hoping this comment will maybe make u think.

  • vivi

    I’m not gonna comment more on her body, but I will give her the advise to not wear such high cuts bottoms. They’re kind of doing that really high on the hip 80s look that makes the butt look droopy and elongated. She doesnt have to go for boyshorts (though I think theyd be a good match for her body) but just ones where the upper hips are more covered. Would balance her out more.

  • Nessa

    To be honest I’m not a big fan.. I think she looks trashy all the time.. and this bathing suit does not do her justice.. She just looks trashy to me. I don’t even know why she’s famous..

  • alexad

    this is a sad case of skinny yet awful body shape. i always thought she would be a little mini pear or hourglass her clothes do her wonders

  • Kae

    I don’t find her to be attractive at all.

  • Padme

    She is a nasty piece of trash. She is constantly talking smack about other celebs like she’s better than them. I hope her one hit wonder 15 minutes expire soon. Just gross, personality and appearance.

  • Kt

    she appears to be in shape but doesn’t have much shape, apart from her boobs. She can’t help it and she shouldn’t have to go swimming in gigantic shorts but i definitely think she looks better in clothes

  • CK

    i don’t like her her body type, and this swimsuit is sooo unflattering. But in general she’s in good shape i think, not as skinny as she seemed to me in Tik-tok video.

  • camille

    sorry but this shit is gross. her legs look fine but her upper body is just VERY awkward. i would look into proper nutrition and exercise asap if i were her.

    she needs to stop running her mouth and thinking she’s is hollywood’s new bad girl, because she’ll be done soon.

  • ashleigh

    shes so plain!!

  • kate

    My figure is the complete opposite to hers, but still wish I had her boobs!

  • Sienna

    I really think her boobs are fake.

  • Naomi

    3 positive things I have to say about her:
    1 – Good boobs (maybe fake? Not sure..)
    2 – Good arms.
    3 – I see no fat or cellulite.

    Apart from those, I really don’t like her body.
    It’s so….straight. Where is her waist? And her bum?
    And is it me, or does her face look 10 years older WITHOUT make-up?
    From what I’ve heard too, she has an awful personality.
    Barely anything positive about her.

  • rox