Kelly Rowland in a Bikini!

Kelly-Rowland-in-a-Bikini1 - Kelly Rowland in a Bikini!

Kelly Rowland is on vacation and she’s looking fabulous in a bikini!

Slim? Check! Toned? Check! Flat stomach? Check!

How do you guys like Kelly’s beach figure?

In case you’re wondering, she’s 28.

See one more shot after the jump!


Kelly-Rowland-in-a-Bikini-2 - Kelly Rowland in a Bikini!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Rikke

    she has a pretty amazing figure..

  • Tirade

    Dark skinned women are so exotic….

    • ABCD

      Umm ya may want to keep that to yourself LOL! That may be offensive to some people… I do think she’s gorgeous! She always had the best figure out of the Destiny’s Child women, to me.

      BTW there are lots of beautiful “dark skinned women” in the world, just maybe not in the media ;]

    • klara

      where are u from, that u consider dark women exotic..? northern finland? alaska?

      • steph

        It was complimentary I think, and it’s a look black women can pull off… You don’t have to be culturally naive to think that. Maybe exotic wasn’t perfect word choice though 😛

    • cary__x

      it’s just her opinion. it’s not like she insulted anyone. it was a compliment.

  • Juliette

    She looks awesome, in my not-so-humble opinion.

  • suzushii

    Excellent body. Slim but athletic. FTW

  • klara

    such a great bod!

  • cary__x

    hot hot hot and more hot

  • Dr. Truth

    Great body unfortunate face.

  • belle

    She has a great body.

  • H

    I don’t see why everyone always praises Beyonces Body/Looks. Kelly is so much better!

    • Amie

      I agree with you. Beyonce is overrated in my opinion. Kelly looks fantastic.

      • Alias

        Third that!

  • Kelli

    Her body looks fab!!! Of course shouldn’t most people in their 20’s look fab???

  • Kristy

    Looks fab. I’d love to see a post of Michelle Williams, that she is one skinny lollipop head. Versus?!

  • lola

    You can’t really tell she got a boob job, she chose the right size and looks good.
    I don’t understand how calling someone exotic could be offensive…

  • chinadoll08

    I do not consider being called exotic offensive……I am an individual with a dark complexion like Kelly’s and you can tell in this case that it is a positive meaning and thanks because we are ….:}

  • i think she’s beautiful and it’s about time they show kelly instead of beyonce because she is so overrated. as for her exotic thing, i didn’t see anything negative about it and i always thought that kelly was beautiful but it’s sad a lot of the media don’t see that because of her skin tone. but she is exotic and beautiful.

  • skirmute

    Her body is amazing, so tight and slim. And she has curves!

  • aidee

    Versus, PUH-LEEZ we need to see more of Miss Kelly. She is soooo beautiful!

  • candy

    what shape is she?versus n y dont u pst keri hilson here?

    • Versus

      I think she is a skittle, but I am not sure – she’s got a long waist like a pear and strong thighs, but without the very-curvy hips.

      Check out these:

      I will keep Keri Hilson in mind.

      • Kristy

        Versus, how do you know all these body shapes!? I want to know mine!!

        • Versus

          🙂 I’ve actually studied Fashion Styling and Image Consulting, plus I’ve done some Fashion Design projects and I’ve always been interested in the “body shapes and how to dress them” topic
          The skittle is not my “invention” though – it’s Trinny and Susannah’s credit, they did a great job organizing body types.
          If you want to know your body type, we will have a contest soon – the prize will be a personalized analysis of your body shape and tips on how to dress it plus outfit suggestions.

  • jw_photography

    Damn Kelly Rowland is fine, she’s always been a big favourite of mine.
    Ilove her pretty face and full lips, her skin is such a lovely brown, her breasts are so nice, her ass a dream and a great pair of legs…