Khloe Kardashian Goes Naked

khloe-kardashian-goes-naked - Khloe Kardashian Goes Naked

Khloe Kardashian Goes Naked… for PETA.

And since this is an actual billboard ad, it’s obviously flawless – like generically flawless. You know… the surreal skin, the standard slim proportions, the “too perfect to be real” feeling… these seem to be the “rules” of most retouching processes.

Glad to see they didn’t excessively chop off her booty though!

Let’s hear your thoughts!


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  • stef

    bum and thigh cellulte – removed
    tummy – flattened out
    arms – thinned alot

    thats only the obvious changes theyve made
    goddam photoshop.

  • change.

    lol thank god theres photoshop for her! =X

  • sharlene_threase

    shes hot as i love all the kardashians!

  • ilovesugar

    that angle would make most girls look slim.. combined with photoshop and big hair (slimming effect)

  • Barbie

    ya what’s up with the hair did she touch the electric wire with wet hands LOL

  • susan

    I actually think she looks really good here, who cares if its photoshopped.

  • stef

    I care… I think we should all care.
    Photoshopping is basically lying to everyone, and giving women so many insecurities about their bodies.
    Although I love her, I think she’s great, we all know Khloe doesn’t look like this naked.

  • susan

    Yeah but no one would want to see her naked without the photoshopping…lol
    Id rather see a prettier picture…I dont care if its 100% real or not.

    • Ashley

      And what do you look like “susan” lets see a naked pic of you and see what people have to say… Khloe Kardashian looks GREAT and she is NOT “fat” she is very tall and thick does not mean fat, she’s got it and sure as hell can flaunt it!! Go Khloe you’re awesome and so pretty! Dont listen to the “haters”!!! 🙂

  • stella

    Why wouldn’t anyone want to see her naked without photoshop? I’d rather see real, I’m tired of having skinny(or skinnier, I’m guessing in this case?) “perfection” shoved in my face, give us real dammit. There’s not a farkin’ thing wrong with the way a woman looks in real life, why do they have to make her practically unrecognizable for stuff like this? Man, no wonder we women are so neurotic when it comes to our bodies. Thank God I have a man in my life that’s helping with that:P

  • susan

    Oh god…give me a break, no one wants to see her naked cause she’s fat. Stop being so sensitive Stella, you get worked up about almost every comment I make on this site….pretty soon im going to start saying things just to piss you off…lol

  • stella

    LOL, that’s the first response I’ve made to you out of all the comments you’ve made so far today(for a few days, actually:P), but hey, if you think you need a reason/justification to act the way you do, by all means, use me as your reason/justification:D

    But I should have known she was “fat”, I think she looks ok, and apparently all the women I think that look good/ok are “fat”. Oh well, I would rather look at someone “fat” like Khloe then look at someone you would consider ideal.

  • change.

    lol “ok” —>why is she just ok? u mite as well say shes fat. =P

  • stella

    “ok” as in “alright”, “not bad”, “good”. I’m not saying her attractiveness is “ok”, I’m saying her body shape/size is “ok”(not a “mediocre kind of ok”, but a “nothing wrong with her body that I can see kind of ok”). I made that as a flippant remark, because it seems that for just about any woman that I don’t have a negative view of body wise, others would call “fat”, and apparently Khloe is one of them:P As for her attractiveness, I think she’s pretty, and can see why a man would be attracted to her.

  • change.

    i would totally agree that she looks good and that any guy would find her hot.. ONLY IF THEY LOOKED AT THIS PIC. =X

  • Stella

    ha ha, you’re a riot. I was referring to the real Khloe, not Poor Representation Khloe.

  • i say she looks nice, even though it’s photo shopped. stella i don’t like it when people put skinny women all the time on the front cover on the magazine but i don’t like it how you said that you wanted something real, as if skinny women aren’t real. i bet skinny women that they see on magazines don’t even look like them. i’m a skinny girl and just because i don’t have the curvier body that people like doesn’t mean you have to put some down or make as if being skinny is a bad thing. hollywood is the one that pushes skinny women as being beautiful, not skinny women themselves. many women that are skinny have issues with themselves. khloe still looks the same even though it is photo shopped. i’m not gonna feel bad because of the way i look and how i’m shaped and neither should other women.

  • Ashley

    @ Stella,

    LOL You are not the only person who gets irritated at Susans’s comments. If she tries to piss you off, me (and I’m sure other people) will have your back. Like you I’m sick of her comments and the negative things she say about curvy people.

    Oh, btw, Khole Kardashian looks great!

  • stella

    @Bigvinamac: I meant “real” as in not photoshopped. Please go back and look at exactly what I said, I never once said I didn’t want to see skinny women, or said skinny women aren’t real, I was talking about the photoshopped versions we are always seeing. Go and check out my comments in Vida Gurerra’s bikini article that reveals her measurements, and you will see that I do not feel that curvy is the only way women should be. I’m sorry, but you are railing against me for something I did not say or do, or even imply. I get what you are saying, and when I make my comments about skinny women I don’t like the look of, I try very hard not to come off as you believe I have in my comments here.

  • stella

    I would like to add that while I was using the word “real”, I didn’t even think of the “real women have curves” saying, so I see now where you are coming from with your comments to me Bigvinamac. It just didn’t occur to me that that is one way my comments could be taken. Sorry for the confusion.

  • susan

    Its true that everyone is so quick to get defensive when critisism is given to “curvy” or “bigger” women but you guys have no problem putting down girls that you think are “too skinny”.
    I find it very hypocritical that everyone thinks my opinions regarding my preferences to skinny body-types is so horrible, but its fine when you say that someone skinny is “anorexic” or “not what a real woman should look like”
    Alot of thin women are like that naturally and maybe they are insecure about the fact that they dont have curves. Im sick of the negative comments that I hear about skinny women!

  • stella

    It’s not your opinion or preference that is horrible Susan, it’s how you have to put down the ones that aren’t in your preference that is horrible.

  • stef

    okay girls, simmer down…
    Susan, I think its fine to like a thinner body type. I don’t think that is what Stella or myself have qualms with.
    What I DO have a problem with, is photoshopping a celebrity beyond recognition, where we have no idea what a real body looks like anymore.

    Newsflash: even skinny girls in magazines are photoshopped (did nobody else see the new Jessica alba ads for campari??)

    Our problem is not with “skinny girls” portrayed in magazines instead of “curvy” girls. Our problem is photoshopping vs real girls; and by “real” we meant, NOT DIGITALLY enhanced… I do not equate REAL with being “curvy” vs. “fake” as “skinny”. That was NOT what “real” was supposed to mean.

    This conversation had nothing to do with, nor started, with a skinny vs. curvy argument. It was about PHOTOSHOP vs REAL WOMEN – a REAL WOMAN being both thin women, fat, women, and everything in between – that isn’t digitally retouched.

    The fact that you took that single point and ran with the wind with it to some argument about favoring skinny people makes no sense at all.
    You say you wouldn’t want to see Khloe unless she was photoshopped to be thin because you prefer thin people. Well fine. You’re allowed to prefer a thinner body type. But what I don’t agree with is preferring a larger body type to be photoshopped beyond recognition.

    If you prefer skinny women, then I would instead say “I’d prefer to see Nicole Richie in this ad, unphotoshopped.”
    Rather than “I’d like to see a fake Khloe, as skinny, because that’s the type of body I like.”

    Get it now?

  • stef

    and to be honest, I think that more people put down curvy women and praise skinny women rather than the other way around. Although, I admit, it can go both ways as you said.

    But generally that is how society goes.

    And no, I am not arguing these points just because I am a jealous Fat Girl lol, just in case you were wondering.

  • change.

    lol susan, the new “trend” is curvy and booty. soon it’ll be obesity, but it’ll be skinny once agen. its all trends that hollywood* makes. they made the “slim is in” trend, but they saw women abuse it and kill themseleves, and now tehyre gonna try a “real women have curves” trend. but soon women mite abuse that and turn obese. my point being,all we women have to do is love the body we’re in, skinny or chubby. and ignore this crap hollywood and “society” is doing. theres really no point trying to view our points on skinny or curvy cause we’ll always get a comment of saying we;re pro “ana” or pro “only curves”. all we shud do is rate the pic. and thats my opinion =/.

  • it’s cool stella. i just thought you were attacking skinny women and saying we weren’t real because of the way we look but i read it wrong. i get tired of people of putting skinny women as if we’re nothing. i don’t like the whole photo shopped thing because it makes them look not so real. hollywood likes to praise skinny women as being beautiful while curvy women as fat. but they could start praising women with curves and put skinny women down because we don’t have the shape they do. so with hollywood it goes back and forth but i guess that’s how it is in hollywood. change i agree with you saying that women should themselves and yes that’s true but in the world that we live in a lot of women don’t know how to love their because of what they see in magazines and t.v. whether if you skinny or curvy they don’t like what they see and try hard to get the perfect bodies. but i choose to ignore it like you said because all it does is bring you down and makes you feel that you’re not beautiful. so that’s all i’m going to say.

  • stef

    Bigvinamac, I understand where youre coming from
    I think we need to stop limiting one thing as beautiful. If someone happens to like thin body types, or curvy body types, that’s fine with me. It’s an aesthetic thing. But “eewww she’s so gross” – to either someone who is too curvy or too skinny in one’s opinion – isn’t ever really called for. This is where the epidemic of low self esteem for women stems from.

    I love beyonces body. I love Miranda Kerr’s body. I love Audrey Hepburn’s body and I love Jennifer Lopez’s body.

    all these women are different, but they have a unique sense of style, attitude, way of dressing, carrying themselves, and their body type suits them in their own way. that’s what I like.

  • yea stef you’re right. i like all body types and yes we need to stop limiting someone’s body type because they may not have the ideal or perfect body. everyone has their preferences but shouldn’t have to make someone feel bad because of the way they look. i don’t agree with susan at times but in a way she’s right. there are women who’s naturally skinny but there are people would think she’s anorexic and say she’s not woman enough. what does that have to do with someone’s body shape? it’s wrong to put curvy women down but it’s also wrong to put skinny women down.

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  • christina

    Khloe is beautiful! As are the rest of the Kardashians. Khloe had a hard time with this shoot, and I think she looks amazing. So what if it’s touched up. All professional photos are!! Duh! I cannot stand all the haters, like you are all perfect. We should be commending her for standing up for a great cause like PETA. Love ya Khloe!!!!

    • Ashley

      Nicely said girl.. I agree with you 100% Khloe Kardashian is BEAUTIFUL!!

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  • She wears fur all the time!!!! i hate her

  • Omoney

    The mornings after