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Kim Basinger Is Looking Skinny at Age 55

kim-basinger-is-looking-skinny-at-age-55 - Kim Basinger Is Looking Skinny at Age 55

Whoa, much, much thinner than 20 years ago!

Looking great for 55, but she could definitely afford to gain a few lbs.

Random Fact: Kim is the only actress in the world who has both posed in Playboy and won an Academy Award.

How do you like Kim’s figure?


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  • Bob

    only actress who looks her friggin age, 55. She’s awesome though

  • ilovesugar

    she looks like she needs an IV feeding drip!

  • e

    55?! Wow, she looks pretty great, a bit thin, but her skin glows.

  • herman

    i can’t believe she is 55 – she looks better than many young actresses and she still looks very sexy for her age

  • Adrian

    If she gained 10 pounds she would look 10 years younger. Why do actresses insist on being thinner when they are old than when they were young? Age needs some cushion. Otherwise she looks good but not like when she was young. She was unbelievably hot then, the most beautiful woman in the world by far.

  • Awesome Bryner

    Her face is not really the same as it was 20 years ago. Thin at that age does not always mean better or even being thinner does not mean healthier either. Why people think being skinny is healthy is better is beyond me. I don’t enjoy looking at over weight women either but people rather be over or under than what they should be. It is either too many excuses to lose weight or too many excuses to eat something. Anorexia is not healthy.