Lana Del Rey Does Madame Figaro

lana5 - Lana Del Rey Does Madame Figaro

At request, here is 26 year-old Lana Del Rey in the February 2013 issue of Madame Figaro magazine, where she tries on retro & hippie styles.

Here’s an older quote from Lana regarding her much talked-about lips:

They’re real lips, I mean. In real life my lips don’t look that big. I think because I cartoonized the footage of myself in the video for ‘Video Games’ things look exaggerated.

See the spread next!


lana1 - Lana Del Rey Does Madame Figaro lana2 - Lana Del Rey Does Madame Figaro lana3 - Lana Del Rey Does Madame Figaro lana4 - Lana Del Rey Does Madame Figaro  lana9 - Lana Del Rey Does Madame Figaro

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  • greenieweenie

    she’s like Lance Armstrong with the lips…

    • Mia

      LOL. It took me a second to get your analogy (I’m a little slow this morning), but I completely agree. I hope this doesn’t end in another 5 hour confession 😉

    • cloud9

      i don’t get everyone’s hatred of her looks, music, style, etc. Leave the girl be, unlike other Hollywood trash, she doesn’t flaunt her shit in everyones faces by throwing out absurd comments and forcing their way into the limelight. She just does her thing. I respect her and find her stunning. And on the note of plastic surgery….WHO CARES? Even if she did, who cares, EVERY person in hollywood has something done, EVERY SINGLE ONE, so they all lie, big deal. Get over it.

      • MissMarilyn


        And I also find Lana very attractive.

      • lc

        I absolutely agree with everything you said, cloud9.

      • Aafje

        Well I have seen her before and after pictures and I personally think she mangled her face and ruined it. She looks like she took a chunk out of her nose with an ice cream scoop and then put the tip in a pencil sharpener.
        If she naturally looked like that then fine, she can’t help it, but since she did it intentionally I think its ok to mention.

        I’m only familiar with one of her songs, it was a remix though. I did like it.

      • Greenieweenie

        Yeah, not so much. They don’t all lie. Many stay silent. Some cop to it. Few insist fake things are real. And I can’t think of anyone her age who does. That’s what makes it weird.

    • Nobsnob

      Yep. Google is full of pictures from before her lip were done. Who does she think she is kidding?

  • neutra

    She has the most absurd face. I’m honestly baffled at how people can look at her and find her beautiful. She just looks so blatantly ‘sculpted’.

    • xyz

      IMO her face is too asymmetrical – apart from being surgically “enhanced”…
      Perfect example:
      She always hides her left profile, even in this photoshoot…

      • Hazal

        Yeah, her face is asymmetrical indeed. I don’t find her strikingly beautiful but she can look stunning at times.

      • Hazal

        I love her music. “Born to Die” is my favourite album of 2012. This shooting is also great. Love the clothes & styling. But her lips & nose are so so fake. Why does she lie when it’s so obvious?

        • Hazal

          My second comment wasn’t supposed to be a reply to your comment Xyz. Don’t know why it ended up here?!

          • Tally

            Ooooo the guy from that video is so sexy imo. Som male model with tattoos on his face- brad soilu or smthng like that.

      • Emeline

        Agreed, her face is too assymetrical

    • Debbs

      Exactly. I don’t find anything genuine or attractive about her face.

  • annabanana

    Yeah right. Either way I think shes really pretty though, and I like her music. But no, those are not her real lips.

  • Gloria

    If you look at the pictures her lips looks normal !! I think she tell the truth.

  • xyz
    • Lala

      I think those are after the nose job. She’s so full of it, with her BS back story and “au natural” look. Ugh.

      • JN1976

        Thanks for posting that! I think she looks a gazillion times prettier with her old nose and lips.
        I feel like they now look overdone (way —- esp her top lip bc it most often looks like a duck-bill).
        Like the blonde on her there too
        — not a fan of LDR…sorry not anything she does —- it feels very contrived, not artistic…….to me

  • sarah

    She’s so overrated,i mean,there’s nothing special in her and she still appears in many newspapers.
    How can this be possible?

    • Gloria

      Yeah I guess she has nothing speccial except her talent and er kindness. I went to her concert and she’s wonderful. She’s a little shy but she’s natural and not overrated at al. I just don’t understand how people can judge by picture. Charism is the way someone talks, the way someone moves and acts.

      • Kylie

        I agree. she does seem really kind and her voice is so soothing.

      • MissMarilyn

        I love her music. I spent 2 months listening to just her Born To Die and Paradise albums, nothing else. There’s really no one else like her in the music world today. She’s very blues-y/indie and her lyrics are AMAZING. So different, so strange. I love it.

        • Liz

          I probably would have thought her lyrics were amazing when I was like 14 and thought any random gibberish was creative and mind-blowing. She might occasionally stumble on something interesting, but if you’ve ever heard her speak in interviews you, feel a little embarrassed for her and yourself for listening to rambling nonsense. I’ve heard more poignant lines coming from drunk, delusional homeless people. This woman is vapid, pretentious and completely incoherent. Which is why teenage girls LOVE her.

          • MissMarilyn

            Ok yeah it’s easy to pull that on me because I’m younger but what about all the other people all over this page who say they love her music?

            I like her lyrics. I actually find most of them very interesting and have spent a good amount of time interpreting them. Gods & Monsters, for example, I had no idea what it was about until I actually sat down and analyzed it. Ride is also an interesting song.

            Why do you care if I like her music anyways? Is it really that big of a deal that you need to criticize me? I don’t think so. I’m not forcing you to listen to her music or anything.

        • Liz

          Everyone is entitled to their own aesthetic opinions. I just disagree with you, am expressing disagreement and noting that she’s overrated because she plays to a particular kind of faux deep, magnetic poetry pretentiousness that appeals to a particular demographic. Being totally in love with rambling pretentiousness is almost a right of passage. Just look at average age people really love “Catcher in the Rye”, “The Fountainhead” or listening to The Doors. The real test will be whether or not you find Lana Del Ray insightful 10 years from now. I just find her emblematic of Tumblr generation creativity. “Look I mashed up a bunch of random aesthetics that came before me and call it art! I’m a Gangster Nancy Sinatra! My biggest influences are Johnny Cash, Nirvana and ::::pulls piece of paper out of a hat::::: Jay-Z!”

    • Mia

      From what I understand she was completely manufactured to be a celebrity. She first appeared on the scene under her real name, achieved minimal success and faded into obscurity until a record label basically transformed her into the “perfect” celebrity. I’m not a big fan of her music, but that’s just a personal preference, and I do agree she looks odd in these pictures. Mostly though I just feel extremely bored looking at this spread.

      • Nobsnob

        Yep. Oh the irony of her fans who think she’s original, talented and creative. She’s completly made up!! She’s a product, a doll created for marketing purpose.
        I like some of her Born to die songs not because of her voice (she CAN’T SING) but because of all the work her team put in it (even Video games was not created by LDR contrary to popular belief). They are the one who should be credited.

        • maureen

          To be fair, most mainstream pop stars are marketed packages. Look at Taylor Swift, Britney Spears (before the meltdown), Madonna, etc. Being a good singer is not enough, and often it’s irrelevant. It’s about creating a persona and style, and finding a fan base that latches onto the persona. If you’re not exceptionally talented (like Adele) looks are a huge part of package, so I’m not surprised she had plastic surgery.

      • Gen

        Why do people think that adopting a persona in order to be a performer is “fake”?

        Bob Dylan’s real name is Robert Zimmerman. He’s a Russian Jew from Minnesota. Jack White’s real name is John Gillis. And Meg White was not his real sister. Does anyone doubt that these two are great, thoughtful and creative musicians? I hope not.

        Lana Del Rey isn’t particularly inspiring to me, although I did love “Video Games”, but the whole idea of authenticity in music is just an illusion. Try reading “Faking It” by Hugh Barker and Yuval Taylor. It might open your eyes a bit.

        • annabanana

          yes, thank you for saying this. People are so delusional about “authentic” music… by the time it is super famous, it is no longer authentic. period. the end.

        • mayQ

          Of course meg white wasn’t his real sister, she was his wife…

    • Gini

      There is something special in her…she is a talented young woman. Its not all about look all the time.

    • jenna

      She’s not overrated…her music is amazing. She’s a great talent. Love her & love her style. Not crazy about this photoshoot tho.

  • Yazmin

    From what I have seen of an old picture of her, she has had a nose job and lip fillers FOR SURE. That, heavy make-up, different hair and she’s a totally different woman. The difference is crazy. Tbh in the before picture, she was plain and a little unattractive in my opinion. Now I think she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, kind of like a cross between Priscilla Presley and Angelina Jolie. I also love her music, definitely my favourite artist at the moment.

    I understand why she denies it to an extent, I think it’s a very personal thing for most people that they want to keep private. I think a lot of people feel ashamed that they’ve had to have work done to look a certain way and keep up a certain standard. I hate it when they are judged for it as well tbh, just because the person may not be as naturally good-looking as another originally, they get all this scrutiny and gossip etc. I mean, what are they supposed to do? Stay looking in a way that makes them uncomfortable? As Dolly Parton says, if you’ve got the money, you don’t have to look like an old dog in the road if you don’t have/want to.
    This opinion comes from personal experience as well. I don’t think anyone can judge anyone else on their plastic surgery until they themselves have a huge flaw that can’t be disguised that they have to live with every day of their lives. If you’re happy with the way you look and would never get surgery, lucky you. But not everyone has that sort of self-esteem.

    • Lala

      I don’t think anyone crisizing her for surgery, its the fact that she’s blatantly lying about it, and her past and how she came to be. She can be sweet and talented ( tho I think her lyrics are just dumb as hell), but the fact remains is she’s a manufactured pop star.

      People back off when you own up to your flaws, there’s no need to BS everyone, esp in the age of internet.

  • Tinkerbell

    I just love her… the most shockingly yet sophisticatedly unique “celebrity” out there. I’m in love with every single song of hers & I can’t stop watching her music videos. Not the most conventionally beautiful woman indeed, but she’s certainly stunning & has that undefinable something, that rare spark about her…
    I really like the flower child vibe of this shoot, the coloring, the headbands.. <3

  • Yazmin This is the before and after. Pretty noticeable difference! Pretty undeniable!

  • Kylie

    She’s pretty much the coolest chick around right now.

  • Pixie

    I luv her music and I think she’s very talented. And she has great hair!

  • D

    Does she really think people are dumb enough to believe her when she says she hasnt had work done? If you want to keep it personal, dont comment on the subject at all instead of down right lying.

  • misscheeks

    Her rendition of ‘Blue Velvet’ gave me the chills and not in a good way either. :/

  • Rosalie

    I just love her. I don’t care if she has work done on her face or not she’s just stunning and she’s got that special thing about her. My favorite “pop” star atm for sure. Love how her music has this dark vibe!

  • MissMarilyn

    I have a fat girl crush on Lana. I love her, love her music, love her style, love her face. She is amazing!!

  • Jacky Daniels

    i love her music. i loved her cool, lynch-character when she first appeared but now she is starting to annoy me with it a bit.. ok we get it, you see yourself as femme fatal.

    • MissMarilyn

      she doesn’t seem to me like she tries to exude femme fatale, she’s just… different. Like definitely a little sexual, a little dark, a little crazy, a little sad.

      GOSH i love her.

      • Dorothy

        You nailed her.

  • panama

    Dead eyes!

    • KC

      Exactly what I was thinking! And with the way her skin looks here, she looks like one of those wax figures from Madame Tussauds.

  • Marie

    Why does she takes us for DUMBS????

  • La la la la

    Meh. She is really pretty but the fakeness and denying it kills it for me. Lots of people here are saying her music is the best they’ve heard. Born to Die is really all that I’ve heard and liked. I think I heard a couple other songs and was bored. IMO the best music around is Jack White’s Blunderbuss album.

  • Jennifer

    I love Lana, but lets be real… Those lips are fake! If you look back at old videos/pictures its amazingly clear.

  • lc

    I like her. Better than any of that other mainstream garbage being produced and spoon fed to the public these days. Nice music, nice voice, and she’s pretty.

  • maureen

    It is hilarious watching her deny plastic surgery – I suppose her lips magically puffed up overnight and a chunk simply fell off of her nose? 😀 Thanks for the laugh, Lana.

  • Tea

    She can look very pretty sometimes but here she looks like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • Candy

    People always criticize others for plastic surgery, no wonder they lie. You can’t win.

    • Aafje

      I wouldn’t criticize her for plastic surgery, just bad plastic surgery. Her nose looks ridiculous now.

  • Dorothy

    I love her music, Ride is my new fav song. Yeah her cosmetic surgery is pretty obvious but whatever floats her boat, I just love her music.

    • claire

      YES!! Ride is such a great song! I love her music and style…team lana all the way for me.

    • MissMarilyn

      Ride is awesome!! That’s one of my favorites too. OH MY GOSH AND BODY ELECTRIC i love that one as well. Those are probably my 2 favorites.

  • happygolucky

    Sorry, can’t stand this chick with her fake name, fake face, and bogus “art” music. Her voice, as someone else has put it, sounds like a dying cow.

  • jemima

    I actually like these shots. I’m not really a fan of her, her music or personal style, though

  • Anastasia.

    I never found her lips to be big, look at her bottom lip, it’s pretty thin. I don’t know if this makes sense, but her upper lip just stands out more so because of it’s shape, but not the size. But, they are fake regardless.

  • char

    ugh, except for the last one she looks so dumb in all of these…. her h&m ads were the best

  • Natalia

    I had to google her, heard of her but never seen her body before, I heard Karl Lagerfeld called her fat, she doesn’t appear to be fat, but is not usual model thin…I think some people exagerate models bdies, like Lagerfeld calling her ‘fat’…… ppl also exagerated w/ Gemma Ward, calling her soso skinny, Gemm was never super skinny, but b/c she was tall and flat chested, they said that about her..I don’t think Lana has big lips as much as she had a wide mouth too

    • serena

      Well she’s not a model, so she doesn’t need to be super thin – I mean I’m not a fan of hers, but as a singer she should be judged by her voice, not her figure. Though denying plastic surgery is just dumb when it’s quite obvious she had work done!

      • Natalia

        oh, i didn’t know that

      • Jacky Daniels

        she actually signed with ford i think.

        • MissMarilyn

          yeah….. but that was when she was a teenager. She’s now a singer/songwriter

  • hasita

    Yall are so predictable when it comes to specific celebs’ posts. It’s obvious she’s had surgery BUT that’s her choice and her business. Either way she still looks beautiful and has a beautiful voice.

  • hasita

    Yeah her lips aren’t even that big. Theyre just shaped different from her natural lips I guess.

  • Cybil

    I DONT CARE IF SHES HAD PLASTIC SURGERY SHE IS THE MOST STUNNING WOMAN ON THE PLANET. If I had the means I would certainly pay to look like her. Not sure how she gets any work done when she could just stare at herself literally all the time. What a Goddess

  • jessie

    I love her! Her stuff is so good, i don’t give a cat’s meow about the surgery. And the mid-century photoshoot is pretty cool.

  • anonymous

    She’s pretty but looks odd… Almost plastic. It looks like she’s had lip injections… Overall she’s cute and looks better with more natural makeup, her naturally pale skin, and lighter hair… But she’s a bit too plasticy looking for me.