Lana Del Rey Does Numero Magazine

lana21 - Lana Del Rey Does Numero Magazine

‘My lips are real’ Lana Del Rey is featured in the March 2013 edition of Numero (Tokyo) magazine, where she shows off her legs in a retro inspired, colorful shoot.

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lana8 - Lana Del Rey Does Numero Magazine lana11 - Lana Del Rey Does Numero Magazine  lana31 - Lana Del Rey Does Numero Magazine lana41 - Lana Del Rey Does Numero Magazine lana51 - Lana Del Rey Does Numero Magazine lana91 - Lana Del Rey Does Numero Magazine

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  • Agatha


    • misscheeks

      This made me giggle haha! 🙂

  • rosj

    gorgeous. BIT CHES!

  • paola

    as everyone can see by the famous before-after pics her lips are not natural as well as her nose. the result is very good i think, but do not pretend you were born this way it’s just not true

    • b

      The result is NOT very good.

      • artemis

        i agree. so both fake and bad. her music is the best atm tho.

    • Raquel100

      Totally. Everything about this chick is an illusion – her looks, her image, the whole package. There’s some sort of sinister vibe I pick up on her that I really, really don’t like!

      • Winnie

        omg i get the same vibe too! she looks very “villainous”, for lack of a better word. maybe it’s because she doesn’t smile much. except for the odd smirk on the red carpet here and there

  • lc

    She looks good; nice shoot.

    • misscheeks

      You know lc, I’m not a big fan of Lana’s music or her looks, but I agree with you, I like this shoot. It’s very weird and surreal and dreamlike haha- I like stuff like that! 🙂

      • misscheeks

        I mean, that second to last pic with the “halo/hat” is my favourite.

      • lc

        Yes, very dreamy and she pulls it off well.

  • serena

    I’m no Lana fan but I like these pictures. It’s nice to see a Japanese magazine featured here because the style is different from what we typically see in America. As for her lips – I don’t see what the big fuss is about collagen injections; bigger isn’t always better (I never liked Angelina’s). Women with thin lips can still have a defined cupid’s bow which looks nice.

    • Breezy

      I do not like this shoot at all

    • Winnie

      Angelina’s lips gross me out, and i’m a fan of bigger lips. hers are just so droopy and wrinkly *shudders* i saw a video of her putting lip gloss on, which was supposed to somehow be sexy, and i was actually disgusted. i know it sounds extreme, but that’s actually how i felt lol. I do love defined cupid’s bows though, i agree with you there as well (which is why i LOVE Rihanna’s lips)

  • Isabel

    Not a fan of the shoot, but with her unique looks this woman should have been a model.

  • Kylie

    Beautiful. Her lips a pretty fake or not.

  • Tally

    I LOVE her song blue jeans & the dude thats in all of her vids

    • artemis

      2 of them. he isn’t attractive at all to me. the one in carmen is cute

    • cinnamon

      Ugh the blue jeans video is just too damn hot!!
      Love this woman, she seems unique in a very strange way.

  • retrobanana

    this is an ugl woman

  • annemarie

    The photoshoot itself is nice, but Lana’s makeup and that yellow light on her skin make her look ugly.

  • Emma

    I love her so much! She has the prettiest hair. And that voice… I’d kill for those legs too!! 🙂

  • snoops

    I just don’t think she is good-looking at all, surgery or not I just don’t think she is much to look at and I didn’t think she was really considered pretty by many? Meh, do not get it. I don’t like her voice either but it seems like one of those love it or hate it voices.

  • Nobsnob


  • Neri

    I must say…. I actually kinda love this shoot! Nice colours, nice clothes, nice makeup, nice girl and a nice 60’s like feeling… 🙂

  • rachwestnz

    it would be so cool if we all had the opportunity to do a professional photo shoot with all the help like airbrush/makeup/photoshop. bet we could all look flippin fantastic and would have something to look at when we feel ugly/fat to remind us that its mainly smoke and mirrors.

  • AnnieC

    Of course they are, sweetie, and your name is also really Lana Del Rey and you came from an impoverished background. @@

  • ary

    i see a….. RHINOCEROS.

  • bbblah

    Don’t know how old she was here but this was her before the glitz and nonsense. I’m not sure if I prefer her before or her now. I wish was in between. Nowadays she looks too dolled up, fakeish, and like she tries too hard. She is pretty usually though.

  • Polska Blondynka

    She’s beautiful. I love her music and I love her voice.

  • Junior

    I guess I’m the minority but I don’t really like this shoot at all. I’ve also never found much anything about her to be physically attractive. She can look pretty in some shots with her hair ad make-up done and at the right angle, but that’s about it imo.

  • Natalia

    Great legs, love the shoes, love Numero’s editorials.

  • serena

    I’m embarrassed to admit I never heard of Lana Del Ray until she was featured on this blog (I don’t listen to radio or watch tv often). I just listened to some of her songs and they’re not bad at all; not really my type of music but she has musical talent. Her persona seems very manufactured though.

    • E

      Why embarrassed? I’ve never heard of her and don’t give a hoot! Is she, like, some kind of big deal or something?

      There was a time when I didn’t know who Lady Gaga was, and everyone was all like, “O M G, you don’t know who Gaga is??!!” And I was like, “Yeah, who is dat betch? Never heard of her…why, is she lyke, some kind of big thang?” ::rolls eyes::

    • MissMarilyn

      Lana isn’t really that famous. The only time I’ve heard any of her music apart from me seeking it out is on a commercial for university of pheonix and my yoga teacher plays a slowed remix to one of her songs in our class.

  • D

    She looks great! Thanks to her plastic surgeon!

    • samra

      yeah her lips look fake

  • Debbs

    Not a fan. Her face looks like one of those Beverly Hills Housewives.

  • samra

    Offtopic: hey Versus could you please post Mollie King’s Cosmopolitan Spread? I think she’s stunning .

  • CK

    her face,persona, voice,songs – not my cup of tea but i do think in terms of voice,music style she is smth different from the mainstream, and its a good thing, though the amount of sexualized shoots she does just goes to show – different or not – everyone still strives to the same, i.e. get more money from things that are not connected to their job of making music and performing at all, cos sex sells so much better. Don’t get me wrong, i know with this piracy and other stuff, selling music doesn’t earn as much as it used to plus the constant and difficult fight for the listener cos today you’re the IT, tomorrow someone else, but am pretty sure it’s enough to live a comfortable life by doing the job that you love (a dream life if you ask me) especially when you’ve managed to get in the mainstream despite your too different music, add to that live performances,that us bring more money…btw i’m speaking not only about Lana of course and i have to also say that we as listeners are also at fault in “selling yourself more than your art” kind of business – cos no demand-no supply.

    as for the photoshoot i don’t find interesting and the 1st pic, that stick btw her legs just looks, i don’t know weird and not in a good way.
    btw does anyone else get the feeling of Victoria on her balcony (i.e. Madeleine Stowe’s character on tv show Revenge) from the 6th picture?

  • MissMarilyn

    I loveeee Lana! And I think she looks gorgeous in this shoot 🙂 killer legs as usual

  • roonie

    I sort of like the otherworldly or dreamy feel of the pictures but I don’t like the overall outcome/ execution. The poses are awful and the props look forced and out of place. Lana looks beautiful though and I love her hair in the last two pics.

  • Tinkerbell

    PERFECT shoot of the PERFECT woman!! sassy, dreamy, feminine, sexy yet classy… love love love the bows in her hair 😀 I can’t get enough of Lana..

  • rox

    How come we aren’t talking about the tragic photoshopping of her hand in the first pic? That is NOT normal

  • A.R.

    Im in love with her! and im a woman , she´s unique and has a very pretty face

  • Becca

    That first pic made me think it was going to be a Kiki’s Delivery Service-themed photoshoot!

  • Winnie

    i like the shoot overall. love her heels in the first shot. she’s looking a tad RuPaul’s drag race-ish here. it’s probably the crazy eye-liner paired with the powder-pink lips

  • Vicky

    Oh my god, did anyone even notice the first picture … it’s Kiki’s Delivery Service!

  • Blair

    Hahaha her lips are real but very enhanced with fillers!!

  • Gig

    I love her. Who cares if they are or aren’t anyways. I wonder why are people so curious about that.

  • ellentjie

    I think she’s beautiful and I don’t care if anything is fake or real. Her voice is AMAZING!