Lucy Hale’s for 2013 Bongo Jeans

lucy-hale-13013-7 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans

23 year-old Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Halle is the new front girl for Bongo Jeans 2013 – and check out her promotional pictures shot by Terry Richardson!

A while back, Lucy revealed:

I’ve never really talked about this, but I would go days without eating. Or maybe I’d have some fruit and then go to the gym for three hours. I knew I had a problem…It was a gradual process but I changed myself.

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lucy-hale-13013-2 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans lucy-hale-13013-4 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans lucy-hale-13013-5 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans lucy-hale-13013-6 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans   lucy-hale-13013-8 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans lucy-hale-13013-9 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans lucy-hale-13013-10 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans lucy-hale-13013-11 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans lucy-hale-13013-12 - Lucy Hale's for 2013 Bongo Jeans

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  • Stephanie

    Excuse me as I fangirl, but…

    OMG LUCY HAAAALE. I love Lucy Hale so much. Pretty Little Liars is the best thing that happened to me lol. She looks absolutely gorgeous, and rocks her petite figure. Such a cute doll-like appearance.

    Thanks for this post! Haha.

    • Loxy

      I too am absolutely obsessed with PLL and was sooooooo stoked to see a post on Lucy Hale! I would love to see Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell featured on this site. Yay for PLL!

      • Mads

        I am obsesssssed with PLL! Lucy has envy worthy hair, my god. Gorgeous coloring too.

      • Stephanie

        Haha me too! I can’t wait until tuesday 😀 But yeah, I’d LOVe to see Shay Mitchell, Troian, or Ashley on here. Shay Mitchell is especially gorgeous!

  • Mia

    I LOVE her soo much! She’s my favourite character in PLL. And she reminds me that being shiort can be really cute. 😀

    • Soph

      Me too! When I look at her I’m like woo I’m her height awesome! She is all kinds of beautiful… seriously when I look at her face it’s just wow

  • Jenn

    I may be in the minority, but I don’t think she is anything special. Boring. I see more striking women at the grocery store.

    • Mia

      I also don’t think she’s gorgeous. When I look at her, I see all the individual features that make a person beautiful (great nose, eyes, skin, lips, etc), but somehow all together her face just doesn’t do it for me. I still think she is very attractive, just not beautiful.

      • Agreed, I just don’t see it.
        I do find her to be somewhat cutesy though.

  • em

    as a petite girl, i’m glad to see another petite girl be more popular over her taller counterparts. but aside from that, i have no idea what makes her more appealing than the other cast members like troian bellisario. it’s like lucy is a better actress or is prettier.

    • Tinkerbell

      YESSS! Tiny ladies for the win 🙂

      • Robin

        I think this sort of comments are just like: skinny girls are ‘sticks’ and ‘fourteen-year-old boys’, I am tall and I would love to be small and petite, and I find this sort of things just as offensive. It’s not like you can do something about your length.

  • Isabel

    There’s something about it that I find clichey and boring. I believe that the whole looks and the photoshoot seem to be quite generic.

  • Tinkerbell

    I find her really beautiful in every possible way. Youthful, fresh, cute face, amazing figure, expressive eyes, she’s just charming 🙂 Maybe I’m biased because her coloring – skin tone, hair & eye color – is very similar to mine.
    I know she’s a fellow shortie but can anyone tell me her exact height? Aaaand weight guesses? 😀

    • Stephanie

      Lucy’s 5’2 and she makes that height look like the best thing ever!

      • Hannah

        I feel so much better about being 5ft1 now! She looks amazing!

        • Soph

          I would guess she would be 47 or 48kg. or 105 pounds around there

          • Loxy

            I’d say 110 right now. She used to be veryyyyy slim but in the past year she has gained a bit, you just can’t tell from these pics but in candids and on the show it’s more noticeable. I actually love her with a little extra weight…makes her look like such a babe. Versus what is her body type? I think she gains in her upper arms?

          • Grace

            I’m 5’2 and 105 and my body looks a lot like hers, so I guess that would be correct.

  • Pixie

    I like the ad. She is too cute, and has great hair!! 🙂

  • Hazal

    Very very gorgeous girl! I’ve never seen her show. Just know her from How I Met Your Mother (she played Robin’s sister in one episode).

  • Chelsea

    I think she’s unattractive. She reminds me of Selena Gomez.

    • Loxy

      In my personal opinion her features are much more classic and doll-like than Selenas.

    • jenna

      I had selena gomez on the brain when i saw these pictures, but not because they really look that much alike. it’s more about how a bunch of girls in Hollywood (Lucy, Selena, Vanessa, etc) really remind me of dolls. what’s up with that!

  • serena

    The props for this shoot are so weird – giant teddy bear, fish bowl – is she supposed to be at a carnival lol? I’ve never heard of her but she is a pretty girl. Reminds me of Rachel Bilson who did Bongo years ago.

    • AnnieC

      It’s the photographer, the pervy Terry Richardson again. He sucks so hard and I cannot see why people hire him. He’ll take the most beautiful woman and make her look slutty and ugly.

      • Lisa

        Ewww. I was wondering what was up with the bear… Had to be Uncle Terry.

    • Loxy

      Yes, agreed, she’s much more Rachel Bilson-esque than Selena Gomez. Funny thing is she was on an episode of the OC as Caitlin (Marissa sister)’s “Summer-like” friend.

      • Aaand, Rachel Bilson used to be a spokesperson for Bongo jeans! 🙂

  • vanessa

    sadly it kind of takes away from her appeal. I’ve always thought she was a pretty girl, way prettier than Selena Gomez by the way. Makes me think every girl in hollywood had some kind of problem. Like someone as beautiful as her also has a image problem. typical in hollywood thanks to stupid asses who brainwashed everyone ito thinking they have to be 6’0 feet tall and 105 pounds, which is unrealistic and unhealthy looking.

    • serena

      Vanessa from what I’ve noticed it is often beautiful women who have image problems (think about models and ED’s). Maybe because women who are naturally pretty feel an expectation to look gorgeous? Kind of like how smart students often put pressure on themselves to get straight A’s.

  • Candy

    ALL terry richardsons photos look cheap and exactly the same. Such a talentless scumbag.

  • Liz

    Looks like Demi Lavato got her wish.

    • HAHAH I thought exactly the same when I read Lucy’s quote xD

  • AlexD

    It makes me sad to read statements like that. Random thoughts here, but I think one of the biggest pressures to be thin comes from people around us that are naturally skinny. I have friends who stuff themselves silly on daily basis and retain a perfect little figure. Then people like me and many other girls may feel like something is wrong with us because we can’t do that. I gain weight very easily and it sucks so much to always limit myself while people around me eat whatever they want.
    (I live in Miami, Florida, where the majority of people are of Latin American descent. I think they are naturally less prone to gain weight, and gain more like Kim K rather than Jessica Simpson). Anyway! The point of my rant is it saddens me to see girls starving themselves because otherwise they will gain weight, while some people get away with it. It’s not fair, oh well!

    • swissmiss

      I know what you mean. I have some friends who are like this too, while I have to watch my eating since I’m a teenager-unfair! But you know, I saw many of them blow up eventually, when they got older or during/after pregnancy, when their metabolism changed. And since we learned what is good and healthy for our body when we were young, we make better choices and are healthier on the long run. They never had to learn this, since they never gained weight from junk food. So they have a hard time losing their new extra-weight, often resulting in weird contra-productive crash diets. So summed up, I think these people might look like as having an unfair advantage at first, but later it is mostly the other way around. 😉 Hope that made you feel better….

    • JaneParker

      I feel you. I have a very slow metabolism and gain weight very easily. I gained 10 pounds in two weeks over the holidays, and I didn’t even eat that much, I just ate a bit more and didn’t exercize. It’s ridiculous. And then I have this friend who’s a stick telling me “How could you gain all that weight? How’s that even possible?” Hum, well, it is… But as the poster above me said, we learn what works for us and get used to eating healthy earlier in life, which is a good thing. I know that I’ll have to watch what I eat, and I’ll probably be yo-yoing a bit my whole life (there’s always going to be days when you say ‘screw it, I want a pizza’ lol), but I know that getting used to making exercize and healthy foods a way of life will have benefits too. At least our colestherol (sp?) and glicemia levels will be better than those of people who eat everything they want.
      And about Lucy, she looks great. I don’t watch the show, but I thought she was supposed to be the “chubbier” one? She’s not chubby at all.

      • AlexD

        You have a good point, we do end up being more aware of what we eat at an earlier age and we make choices that are better for our health as apposed to someone who eats junk all day and doesn’t gain weight. I have a guy friend who needs to eat 4000 cals a day in order not to lose weight, according to his doctor anyway. he’s stick thin but his cholesterol is through the roof because he eats anything and everything. well it is what it is! we need to be thankful for all the great things that we ARE blessed with 🙂

    • jenna

      Trust me – MOST girls who can eat whatever they want as a teen & even in their early 20’s, will not be so lucky later. I always was the friend who had to watch what I ate & exercise, and at 36 yrs old. I now weigh exactly the weight I was as a teen because I set up good eating/exercise habits early on. However, most of my skinny friends are now heavy and constantly struggling with their weight because they don’t understand how to eat what you need instead of what you want.

  • Rach

    She’s gorgeous.

  • Sofia

    Love the dress in the last pic!

  • Duemilatredici

    She’s very average looking. Boring face and shapeless body. I’m sure she wears extensions, fake lashes and lot’s of make-up. Americans always have such a weird perspective of what looks good. So annoying..

    • Meena

      Why does it have to come back to Americans? People have their own idea of beauty – don’t be a hag.

    • annabanana

      I totally agree with you… half the “beautiful” women on here, if you took off ALL makeup, fake hair, sexy outfits etc. would not be particularly beautiful. Just normal looking women. So silly… we could all be drop dead gorgeous with the right makeup and clothes, according to lots of commenters on here.

  • annemarie

    I always thought she looks like a prettier version of Selena Gomez. Her body’s average, but she has beautiful eyes.

    • Jacky Daniels

      funny how beauty preferences are different, i meant to say that she looks like selenas less attractive sister! i just find selenas face features much prettier.

  • Jacky Daniels

    she looks like a teenager cant believe she is 23, she looks younger than barbara palvin.

  • artemis

    I don’t get how one can go days w/o fainting and ending up in a hospital unless they have a perfect imunity or smth..i’m talking about modern people, not cavemen :/

    • cinnamon

      You’re so right. I remember back in my school days i hated breakfast and always skipped it. We had Sports in the third period and I always felt so sick, I couldn’t run for 3 minutes I thought I would faint.
      And even now when I can’t eat for like 6 hours I’m so powerless and feel cold. No thanks.

      • Mads

        Some ppl can not eat and ignore the side-effects (guilty). I went 7 days without eating a crumb once — it backfired though.

        • artemis

          :O 7 days…hope you recovered easily 🙁 when i was 13 and have been very stressed because of school and a teacher(i have anxiety problems) i didn’t eat much in the evening and then woke up at noon the next day. i was dizzy and weak and couldn’t see anything and fainted for a few secs. fortunately my mom was at home and told a neighbour to give me some ‘smashed’ potatoes w/ a lot of sugar and after a few mins i was fine. she called the ambulance tho haha so that’s how i stayed in hospital for a week(for blood tests) tho i was ok immediately. so ever since then out of fear and sometimes hunger i always eat late at night…which ain’t that good either.

      • artemis

        yep, i feel weak too if i do that.

  • roonie

    This shoot is so dull. Lucy is cute and everything but I don’t really see her as being beautiful or sexy, she does have a nice body though.. even though I usually prefer slimmer and taller bodies.

  • Gemma

    I’ve never heard of her, but she looks kind of wary and nervous in most of the photos. But I guess she would with Terry Richardson in front of her, probably stripping down and making degrading propositions.

  • Nikki

    She’s like a less pretty version of Mila Kunis. Except waayyyyyy more boring to look at.

  • lc

    She’s such a cutie!

    • misscheeks

      Agreed lc, she is adorable!

  • CK

    the pics and clothes are meh, as for her she’s very beautiful but in every picture of this photoshoot she seems dead in the eyes even when she miles, its like i am literally looking at a doll.

  • amber

    It’s because there is no catch-light in her eyes. Either a flaw of the photographer or the photoshopper. Or both. Or, it was intentional. It’s the reflection in people’s eyes in photographs that makes them look alive. Even barbie has it 🙂

  • mishya

    No one who she is, but she is so cute and has such a unique face!

  • Nicole

    Most celebrities these days claim to have or had some kind of eating disorder..seems to be the trend now. It’s almost kind of annoying.

    I never thought she was all that beautiful honestly. Cute girl but nothing special IMO. Beautiful eyes and skin though.

  • ramona

    I’ve just seen my first episode of pretty little liars and I have to say she looks better on video than on photography! She’s actually very pretty.

    Kind of funny my first thought was “she’s ok looking”, but I guess only for celebs, as we are harsher to them. I bet in real life I’d think she’s gorgeous.

  • Alice

    I love Lucy Hale and think she is very pretty and has a good body but is it just me who thinks she looks weird and a bit awkward in these photos? I guess it could be cos Terry Richardson shot them .. yuck

  • Soph

    I really don’t get the people who have discussed her being average or whatever, or prefering taller bodies. Beauty seems to me to be about someone being a healthy weight and having a beautiful face. It is utterly beyond me how anyone could give a crap about how tall a girl is? Seriously, that’s such a narrow way to look at things. Tall girls are glamorour and eye catching, and short girls are really cute. It’s okay to be either 😉

  • ellentjie

    The photo shoot is a bit boring but I like Pretty Little Liars!!! I love Ashley Benson she has beautiful eyes. Can we get some posts of her!

  • anonymous

    She’s pretty… she does remind me of a lot of the other young brunette celebrities in Hollywood these days (Nina Dobrev, Mila Kunis, Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez., the Jenner sisters, etc… They all kinda look alike).