Marisa Miller Shares Diet Tips and Insecurities

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Marisa Miller Shares Diet Tips and Insecurities

Since many of you like Marisa’s skinny-thin, 5’8” (or 5’6′?)’ modelesque figure, here’s a tip or two that she shared with OK Magazine:

“When I’m home, I either do Pilates or boxing,” the 5-foot-8-inch Santa Cruz, Calif., native Marissa Miller tells OK!. “I also surf. It’s important that you do something.” OK! caught up with the 31-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel in L.A., where she opened up about how she stays in shape, has a weakness for cheeseburgers and learned to love her body.

How do you maintain your amazing figure?
One of the most important things is consistency, which is difficult for me with all the traveling I do. I have to plan a lot. I bring nutrition bars with me in case I’m in a pinch and can’t get a salad or something fresh. When I’m home, I cook and try to eat really clean. I try to eat vegetables at every meal. I stay away from pasta and bread and have brown rice and potatoes instead. The great thing about having a healthy diet is that when I splurge and have that day where I have the cheeseburger and fries, I don’t feel bad about it, because I know I’ve been eating well and one meal isn’t going to kill me.

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Does staying slim come easily for you?
If I have to be in lingerie in front of everybody, that’s plenty of motivation! But anybody who knows me knows that I have a very healthy appetite. It’s not about being as tiny as possible; it’s about having balance. If you feel like having a cheeseburger, have one, but let your diet be healthy 90 percent of the time.

Do you have insecurities?
Growing up, I was always really shy about my body. One of the greatest things about my job is that I had to learn to be comfortable with it. When I started in the modeling business, I had a curvy figure and that whole androgynous look was in. All the others girls were completely flat, but I learned to embrace my curves. It’s so important to love your body and work with what you have and know that everybody has their own beauty. It’s not about being this or that.

What do you think about Marisa’s views on diet and body image?

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