Mary J. Blige in a Bikini

mary-j-blige-in-a-bikini - Mary J. Blige in a Bikini

Here’s a newcomer on the site: Mary J. Blige. But not in a winter coat that wouldn’t allow us to perform any body-related observations. Not in a fully dressed, loose R&B outfit that would only let us speculate on whether she’s shapely or not.

But how? In a bikini, that’s how, the kind of “outfit” that is perfect from a body-gossip point of view. And yes, she’s shapely, she’s healthy, she’s toned, she’s well proportioned. 

Let’s hear your opinions!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Adriana

    She looks great! She is in wonderful shape, for any age but especially since she is almost 40! Good job.

  • yvonne

    go mary!

  • klara

    wow, what a fab bod! and what an ugly bikini…

  • becs

    wow! I’m impressed! healthy bod she’s got.

  • londongirl

    Adriana … waddaya mean, she’s almost FORTY??? Don’t you know that forty is the new thirty??

  • matthew

    I never had much respect for women performers but after my girlfriend forced me to go to one of Mary J concerts I must say I got nothing but respect for the Women. She started moving and dancing along with her back up dancers It almost cost me my life. Sexy and alive Mary’s show was one of the best I have been to. The music was good and the lights and fire works were great.