New Model Ireland Baldwin in a Bikini

FFN_g_51111936 - New Model Ireland Baldwin in a Bikini

Aspiring Victoria’s Secret / Sports Illustrated model Ireland Basinger Baldwin, daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, was spotted in a bikini as she enjoyed a paddle surfing session in the sea this weekend.

Recently, Ireland said that her goal is to be an inspirational, healthy model – read all about it here!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • D

    Victorias Secret? Nope. Sports Illustrated? Well… they seem to be a fan of Kate Upton.
    I think its awesome that she aspires to be healthy, but she doesnt have the look for VS – they tend to go for models that all fit the specific image rather than variety sadly.
    I also am not even trying to be rude, but this girl is really plain facially and average body-wise… without her famous parents I doubt she would be given much opportunity modelling wise. She is tall, but being tall isnt enough on its own.

    • Tally

      If she goes to victorias secret she would suddenly drop twenty pounds- sports illustrated would keep her where shes at maybe have her tone up a lil. I think her body is a beautiful one

      • anushka

        Agree with tally.
        This girl is only 17,
        if somehow she gets a chance to work with vs, im sure shell drop 10 pounds and tone up more.
        I like her body though.

      • Naressa Khan

        Exactly! Who cares if she’s not the “right look” for VS. VS isn’t the only big name in the league, and is probably not in her immediate interest as a model. If she gets a place in Sports Illustrated then wow! Do your thing girl. Being granted a SI contract would be a similarly great, if not greater, honor for her.

    • anushka

      To be honest I also find various models nowadays who look quite average.
      It all depends on whats trendy, though the omnipresent karlie skinny look never goes out of trend.

  • swissmiss

    Pretty, but needs to work out more if she really pursues a modeling career….healthy should not be an excuse for flabby.

    • Maggie

      She’s not flabby at all — but big for modeling. Looks more like a volleyball player or swimmer than model

      • swissmiss

        Hmmm, I think she could tone her butt and tummy a bit more to fit in “modeling standards” – but maybe it is the harsh light?
        I agree with you about big bones though, she has especially a very broad back…

      • She definitely doesn’t have the VS look or even a model look only reason she may have a chance is her parents are famous. She is pretty but in a average way especially considering she is only 17. To be honest Kendall Jenner is more suited to modelling and VS.

    • Zoe

      I’m a bit confused about her body as I remember seeing some photos of her on the daily mail and thinking she looked very skinny, toned and generally fit:

      However in these shots, she looks a lot less toned and overall ‘bigger’- I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the fact that she’s as tanned in these shots, or perhaps she’s just gained a little? :/

      • Soňa

        I doubt it´s her in that pic.

        • Zoe

          I hadn’t thought of that and guess it would make a lot of sense given the huge difference between her body type in the pictures, but I do find it very odd and almost unbelievable to think that anyone would go through the trouble of: 1) finding a hat 2) concealing someone else’s face with it 3) getting them to pose before 4) posting the picture online and pretending it’s you. I mean, why not just not post a picture? :/ Or maybe it’s photo-shopped? Either way, very, very weird. And a bit sad to be honest.

    • paola

      flabby? ahahahahahahahah oh god

  • serena

    She’s a pretty girl, but I don’t see her as a model. Her 6’2″ height and famous parents are what have gotten her this far. Not really the look VS goes for, but maybe Sports Illustrated? I see a lot of female athletes built like her. Though she doesn’t look like the other SI models either. Right now their golden girl is Kate Upton.

    • binks


  • “Aspiring Victoria’s Secret model”. As in, she wants to be one, or she has actually managed to become one? pick the first guess.

    She’s pretty, has nice skin and seem natural, but still – nothing special.

  • snoops

    Her face is not a model-type face anyway so it really does not matter, she won’t be a VS model. Have seen some average looking girls model due to famous parents, like daisy lowe for example. So you never know she could model, but not for VS or SI.

    • lillaiket

      I think Daisy is gorgeous though!

      • lillaiket I think she would have been a model anyway 🙂

  • Tiina

    I get the point. Both VS and Sports Illustrated need to hire models who are closer to being normal. And by normal I mean normal weight, not average weight. Hiring only girls who are both small-boned and underweight or close to it isn’t beneficial in a larger scale and neither is it necessary to fulfill their financial goals.

    In terms of weight and fitness level I think she’s in the reach of the standard she want’s to set: she’s appaears to be slim and toned, but also healthy and strong. But I don’t think it’s enough. Her body type and her facial features are perhaps not ideal for modelling, not at any weight.

    She is a pretty girl, but not necessarily pretty enough to get paid big bucks for looking especially good. But that being said, I do agree with her. Both VS and SI should come up with someone who looks healthy and physically capable. The current ideal is not that ideal, so to say.

    • cameron baum

      Agreed on all points.

      I think Ireland is beautiful but she doesn’t seem like a model – at least not yet.

  • HazeL

    Pretty girl who looks healthy. She’s in between straight size and plus size and, although her shape is not my idea, I think it’s nice to see someone modelling who has an attainable healthy weight. I’m estimating 140/150lbs if she’s 6’2?

    • serena

      I could be off but I’d guess closer to 160 because 6’2″ is extremely tall for a girl, and 140 is actually underweight at that height…and to me Ireland looks medium size, not small or large. If she starts modeling they will probably pressure her to lose weight.

      • kia

        are you kidding guys? if she is tall 6 2”, she is no way going to weight more than 136.6 lb. seriously. in pics you see other bodies all bigger and full of flaws if you are not so objective with your own(that means,very critical,and it does not help the cause of your own beauty however). I experienced -a lot- of different weight levels on my body, different tone and body perseption and I would really extimate that maximum weight for her as she is in the pic. I don’t think adriana is 5 10″…too short for a model are you sure you have wrote well? 🙂 and by the way..runways models(most of them are quite anonymous) are very tall such as ireland baldwin(who looks amazing I think) and weights 99 pounds or even less,just to open your eyes on how insane is this beauty circus. and i think adriana lima is not more than 121 lb in no way. other vs models are all thinner than her(and,maybe not only for that reason,way less beautiful to me). speaking from spain.

        • serena

          Lol you are very confused. Adriana is 5’10 (1.78m) and people who meet her in real life confirm this is her true height – most models are about 5’10” and many are shorter (look at Victoria Secret, many 5’7-5’9). Adriana’s personal trainer says she’s typically 135 lbs which makes sense as she’s not skinny, has healthy muscle tone. Most models are 5’9 – 5’11 – Karlie K is very tall at 6’1 and stands out – look at model agency measurements, why would they pretend the girls are shorter lol?
          99 lbs (44kg) is way too low – most models are 110 – 120lb and that is still underweight for their height. Ireland is medium size, and yet you guessed she is 20 lbs underweight lol…Maybe being from Spain you’re converting wrong from the metric system? Because you are completely off…

          • paola

            ahah sorry! on my converter it was 6 10” = 1,55 mt!!
            again, runway models are usually 1,77-1,85 mt and weight 45 kg or less. scary. more famous models I think could be from 45 to 52 kg.

          • kia

            clearly it’s always me, my surname is kia….(don’t like to tell on the web). I think you see,as well as Others, Irland as a medium size in these pics, but I could swear she is no more than 62kg for her height. absolutely.

        • This is someone on mybodygallery who is 6’2″ and 143lbs – she looks thinner than Ireland to me.

          6’2″ is incredibly tall for a woman and she is not thin, so of course she’s going to be over 140lbs (63.5kg)! At 140lbs her BMI would only be 18 – that’s on the very low end of ‘normal’ for most people – and she doesn’t look that to me. I would say she’s 150-160lbs (68-72kg) personally – and that’s absolutely fine and healthy for her height!

          Have a look through that site anyway – it gives a good indication of weight for different heights and body shapes. Adriana Lima could definitely be 130-135lbs (59-61kg) if you look at the women of her height on that site. It’s just in the world of celebrity, a woman being over about 125lbs (56kg) is a no-no, it seems to me – so the weights of all models and hot female celebs never officially seem to be more than that!

          • kia

            sorry but your weight guess are surreal(because what shobiz tells is not the truth). I cannot check adrana’s scale abviously,but she is in no way more than 55kg. and at ireland height,that is how 60-62 looks like,not 68 or 72 that is very different. I swear to god then believe what you want. it is very impressing to me how weight guesses watching other’s bodies in pics are different from what a person guesses she would look like at a certain weight (i’m not trying to be rude or something!)

          • Candy M.

            Adriana Limas trainer said on record she is 135 lbs, why are you trying to dispute that. Its a fact. Ireland is not underweight, theres nothing wrong with that, but at 135 lbs i virtually have no fat, ireland does.

          • serena

            Kia, you are the one who is way off, you even tried to dispute Adriana’s height and claim she is short when she is 5’10”, listed at that height on her agency site, and people who met her in real life confirm she is 5’10”. Also I’m thinner than Ireland and still not underweight, no idea why you seem to think she is malnourished or something when she’s not even skinny…you have a distorted view of weight I think.

    • Candy M.

      No way, Adriana Lima is 135 lbs at 5 10. Im 135 lbs at 6’1 and I’m way, way skinnier than Ireland. Im good at estimating weights when people are my height so Id say 165.

      • Mera

        I am 145 at 6ft and she is in NO way 165.

        I am guessing closer to 140 in fact.

        • Candy M.

          Im sorry but she is not 5 lbs away from me, my bmi is 17.5, I look like Karlie Kloss. My body fat is 12 percent, which is much lower than hers, but it doesn’t make that big of a difference in size. She’s much thicker than me, not 5 lbs thicker but at least 25 lbs. 165 at 6’2 is still a bmi of 21 which is thinner than most women, its still not big. In fact most actresses probably are around this bmi. Its a hard sell to claim Ireland is underweight.

          • wb

            so you look like karlie kloss and happen to like her as well? you sure that’s not because you find her relatable.

            no problem if you like her and find her relatable, but don’t accuse other women for liking beyonce or whatever for being relatable but somehow when you like karlie kloss you’re right for it.

          • Candy M.

            Yes, but I also work toward looking like this. Im naturally tall, obviously, and ectomorphish but I weight lift and eat well in order to achieve my ideal body. Also, most people who like vs models are always complaining about how they don’t look like them. I don’t think most people who like models look like them, even if i do.

          • Lau

            Candy, just saying, do not have a bmi of 21. Most actresses are 20 kg below their hight. So if their hight is 172 cm, usually they weigh aroun 52 kg. And that is around the bmi of 18. Trust me. Camera adds pounds. I even read somewhere what their hight and weight is and for most actresses like Kate hudson, she is exactly that.

        • Candy M.

          A bmi of 21 sounds right to me, how is that shocking to you?

          • wb

            ok if you look like a model so what, why aren’t you one? actually you’re going around claiming you are one. um what agency are you signed with in effing texas?

            actually knew a few models. super sweet girls. maybe you’d understand this if i made it specific to you. being a model isn’t about looks. you’re never going to make it with a bch attitude. guess what? you work with photographers, makeup artists, stylists, designers who are way above you in importance … you’d never make it thinking how pathetic and short they are, how much fatter they are than you. models at least the successful ones don’t think like that. not a fan of karlie, but her success is understandable. beyond her fitting your ideal of beautiful, she’s also incredibly sweet and friendly, and that gets you FAR in life.

          • Candy

            Wb, your very first comment to me a long time was incredibly rude to Adriana and I and though I tried to give you a second chance because is hard to judge people on the Internet you continue to be nasty. Judging my personality from a few comments that are strictly appearance based is uncalled for. Kindly please stop commenting to me.

          • Candy

            And apparently you can’t give your opinion if it’s not the majority on this site without getting personally attacked. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut so everyone has the same opinions and nobody has to deal with different ones. Every time a poster has different opinions they are attacked with angry responses.

        • kateuk

          This girl is 6ft2, 160lb, and they look very similar in size:

          This girl is 6ft2, 140lb, and definitely looks smaller than Ireland:

        • Candy

          Lau, most actresses are not underweight. The idea that the camera adds lbs is so outdated. Some celebs weight may get low like mischa, Lindsay, and Nicole but they always gain it back. Are Scarlett johanson, jlo, beyonce, jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Nina dobrev, Jessica beil, Jessica simpson, Gemma arterton, Christina Hendricks, etc etc etc underweight? Just because a small segment, Angie, Victoria b, Kate are thin does not make Hollywood thin. I just don’t understand where this comes from.

  • Paula

    I would rather look at her than some of the painfully thin models plastered in mags….I find here more relatable cos she is closer to what I perceive as healthy. As for her face….there’s way worse form what I’ve seen… does wonders..there’s plenty of models and actresses who prove that.

    • Paula

      Damned predictive text……silly typos

    • Candy M.

      relatable, you said it not me.

  • Coldnipzr

    Dude, IMAGIN what Natalia would have said about this broad. Would have been a riot.
    Isn’t this chik like 17? She should be focusing on her education not trying to be sexy for magazines. If she wanted to send a positive message she would Use her brain and connections and money to get a real job and make a difference. There are already 1000,000 averagely attractive slim girls trying to model/famewhore . She could do more then just pose as jail bait for creepy middle aged men. (SI)
    And VS no way

  • paola

    so, can we say that she stays at female-modele the same as her friend in second pic stays at male-model? but damn, for me he(and she) can!

  • Winnie

    Victoria’s Secret? lol good luck. she doesn’t have the thinness or sexy appeal. she doesn’t strike me as model material tbh. not even if she were thinner

  • mary

    She is cute, but kind of block shaped. She has a nice healthy body overall, but I prefer leaner and more toned.

  • ayu

    Honestly, considering celebrity children actually have the money to afford quality tuition, why don’t they aspire to do that? Or, at least they could sponsor someone smart that can’t afford it if they don’t want to bother with it.

  • Errr cute girl, can’t see her as a model in any way, shape or form. Especially for VS or SI; she doesn’t scream of sex like Irina or have the tits like Kate U. Why would she want to pursue this path, if she’s obviously not made for it?

  • Nana

    Hell, I look better than that.

  • La la la la

    FINALLY someone who’s strong and athletic is gaining popularity. she is really gorgeous and i hope she goes far. people are saying kate upton is the golden girl- but ireland is sending a much more positive message. i think ireland is extremely beautiful and i love that she is saying she wants to look as healthy as possible. she’s even sending a good message by working out in public and paddleboarding is no easy feat. i think this girl WORKS it! she is very young so her face will mature. beautiful hair, great proportions, in shape! more models like her please!

    • La la la la

      by the way, i know there are other popular strong people. i just wish that healthy, strong models and actresses were the norm instead of underweight/’fragile boned’. it would be so much better for all of us IMO if healthy and strong was the norm instead of underweight.

      • anushka

        Exactly what i thought.
        But i guess thats because Ive always had a thing for athletic curvy body types, strong legs, booty and medium ish boobs. 🙂

  • Candy M.

    Shell never be a top model. If you put her on the runway she would just look out of place. She’s got a good 30 lbs on other models her height. I see a little definition on her legs, not much else. The height is good, but take that away and she’s average. Average face, little above average body.

  • KC

    She looks like an athlete to me, not a model. She’s a cute kid, but I think the only reason she’s been signed is her height and her name.

  • AlexD

    Am I the only one who thinks more attention should be given to height of the models? Why is it that it seems all tall girls regardless of shapes and original features have a shot at modeling (if they lose weight, get surgery, etc) yet gorgeous shorter girls with banging bodies will be overlooked? It’s not like the national average for women ANYWHERE is almost 6 feet. I feel like my body and many girls I know is more conventionally attractive and fit than Ireland’s or even Kate Upton’s yet because of their height they are so coveted and reach fame. Maybe it’s just me that is somewhat bothered by it.

    • Aria

      Totes AGREE. there’s a tiny “petite model” market but even most of those girls are 5″7!
      i’m 5″3 and when i go onto forever21 or similar site the model for the clothes is usually at least 5″9 so my thought process goes: “this dress/pants/etc looks great on her but she’s really tall, so how would it look on me?”
      I have to just guess since there’s no my-height model available.
      sometimes in a fashion spread they’ll show the normal VS plus sized models wearing the same outfit, but rarely ever a short and normal. more site’s should show the same clothes on different body types and heights, ESP. if it’s for a catalogue sort of modelling

      • alex7

        I totally agree! I understand that runway models have to be tall but what about models in photoshoots or tv commercials? Why not give a chance to beautiful girls with beautiful bodies but a lower height? It’s unfair to give plus-size girls a chance when they have an influence on their body size, while shorter girls cannot change their height!

        • Aria

          I sorta get the high fashion height (dont really get the concept of high fashion but whatevs..) but I don’t see why a commercial clothes website can’t do something like show the same clothes on 4 different girls: tall/skinny tall/plus short/skinny and short/plus. they could use the tall/skinny as the first girl shown on the thumbnail then have the others as alternative views. i don’t know any retailer that does this but i’d shop there!

      • Sophie

        True! I emailed ASOS asking why they won’t have shorter models if they have overweight ones. I think it is totally unfair. They said they are ‘working on it’ and they have a few shorter ones but added ‘admittedly, they are 5’7’. Puh-lease. I’m 5’2. THAT is petite, 5’7 is average. But at least they have the petite range at all, for that I am grateful because the dresses and coats I buy from there are always perfect size.

        • Winnie

          lol ASOS! there is one girl who has to be AT LEAST 5’9″ and she models a lot of their petite stuff. she looks phenomenal in it, but as i’m looking at her i’m thinking “well this is great and all, but if this garment is “specially designed to fir women 5’3″ and under” and a 5’9″ model is wearing it, how the hell am i supposed to know how it’s gonna look on me?!? -__-“

    • Candy M.

      Not any tall girl can become a model, especially a top model. Modleing agencies are very selective, you have to be tall yes, but you also have to be thin, good bone structure, good hair, proportions, skin. I see tall women everyday who wouldn’t be models.

      • Candy M.

        And its not as if Ireland is anywhere near a top model, I haven’t seen her do anything. She’s definitely never walked a high fashion show.

        • serena

          In Ireland’s case her height and famous parents are what she has going for her. Although the fashion industry seems to prefer around 5’10”, models over 6′ often lie about their height and pretend to be shorter, just as shorter models add an inch or two. I doubt Ireland will become a famous model, but I think she will get some job offers, due to publicity surrounding her.

          • Candy M.

            Yes, agencies try to make it seem like every model is 5’10 because they don’t want the people hiring them to think they would look out of place, too tall or too short. Like Karlie Kloss her agency listed her as 5’11 and finally VS gave her real height of 6’1. They also lie about measurements and weight, its almost standard procedure.

    • Agreed. Height often seems to be more important than facial beauty or proportions in models – being tall (and preferably very thin) sometimes seems to be the only prerequisite. Being thin is the next most important thing, then it’s ‘tone’ (at least for more commercial models), then face, then proportions! I feel like the female bodies I really envy are all on ‘shorter’ women actually (Kelly Brook, Nina Dobrev, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek – who is only 5’1″ or something!) – around or under 5’7″ anyway.

      And I would love to see clothing modelled on shorter women too – how something looks on a 5’10″+ model, even if her size matches mine, is rather different than how it will look on me at 5’4″!
      Models are generally unusually tall and unusually thin – they don’t reflect ‘average’ in any way really – but if they are moving towards that a little in dress size, they should do it in height too!

  • Kt

    She has nice boobs. She has a nice body for the real world but not good enough for the modeling world.

  • alex7

    If she wants to be a model she should tone her belly and bottom. She looks like she doesn’t do any sports or eats processed foods. For a VS model she should be leaner and have a more defined body.

  • B

    I love how a bunch of people behind tech, are seriously ‘judging’ this girl’s potential as a model….Can the people who actually work in the industry please make themselves known so it doesn’t look like a bunch of losers with no sense. Thanks. *and FYI, I am a booking agent for an agency

    • Candy M.

      If you don’t want to hear people judging appearance this is the wrong site. Are you really going to tell me she wouldn’t look off next to Anna Selezneva, Frida Gustavsson, Natasha Poly? Other than her height she does not resemble a high fashion model. She looks like a model you would see at target. Why are you so defensive, are you her agent?

      • wb

        sorry newsflash she’s too tall to be a model. 5 11 is the cutoff.

        • Mel

          hum not really Karlie , Toni Garrn, Irina Kulikova, Frida, Ajak are all above 6′

        • Candy

          Do you really feel the need to comment on everything I write you dislike me that much? Hana soukopova, karlie, frida, irina are taller than 5’11.

          • wb

            ok but miranda kerr candice swanepoel alessandra kate moss are 5 7 or even less whats your point? irina is not taller than 5 11, and karlie actually has a personality unlike you. not saying you can’t make it as a model being taller than 5 11 but 5 9 to 5 10 is definitely the general criteria. just like for males its 6 to 6 2 altho many male models are definitely more around 6 4

            i don’t need your second chance especially from someone like you. i’ve seen your comments on dailymail and you’re just as snotty if not worse, and still talking to that natalia who is just as bad. clearly you don’t have any friends off the internet, and spend your time here trying to justify your non existent points that are so irrelevant to anything.

            but here’s a suggestion for real get off the internet and stop staring at your magazines get some hobbies or move if it’s really your passion to model and try to get your face out there. you’ll actually get somewhere and it’ll give you a reality check of this little world you’re currently living in.

          • Candy M.

            I swear everyone on the internet is a hypocrite. Your very first comment to Adriana was calling her stupid because she used the word like, she had never even commented to you. Before I had ever commented to you, you called me shallow and stupid. And you’re still making judgements about me when you don’t know anything about my life. Excuse me, but you’re the one who’s shown the most evidence of a nasty personality so you have zero room to be talking. This site is meant for us to give our opinions on celebrities and their appearance, if you get offended by those then either go away or don’t comment to me. If you can’t see how nasty and hypocritical you’ve been you’re blind.

          • wb

            sorry dear but people LIKE me in real life. they like me a lot, and i like them. and even in real life i am tolerant of narrow minded ones like you because i have to, but on the internet, whatever. honestly i enjoy taking out my frustrations on people like you who i don’t know so it’s kinda perfect.

            ok so honey who are your friends other than adriana and natalia who you don’t even know in real life?

            and call me nasty, but am i who is beyond shallow calling oprah ugly blah blah blah ok she’s not physically beautiful, but she’s an incredible woman in every way. actually you’re worse than that natalia chick who left, at least she had ambitions and cared about stuff other than looks. you’re just a model WANNABE. making a big deal out of high end fashion and stuff you can’t afford. so what if you look like a model? clearly no scouter has thought so yet.

          • wb

            and you can have your own opinions that’s fine! i don’t care! but don’t feel holier than thou because of it. there’s a difference between having an opinion and being judgmental. you certainly are the latter.

            you can call me a hypocrite, you can call me illogical, but i’ve gone far you’re still stuck in texas

          • Candy M.

            wow, i don’t know what to say other than your pathetic. Im ignoring you from now on. The whole comment was illogical and based off(false) assumptions, there no point in even addressing any of the crap you just said.

    • lc

      LOL, we can say whatever we want. And Candy M. is right. Maybe you should get back to your agent-ing already!

  • lc

    VS??! My first instinct was that she was kidding. No offense, not trying to be rude, but without famous parents and her height, there is no way she would have made it this far, with those looks/that body.

    • jenna

      So true…..

  • Molly

    pretty, lean, healthy body.. but VS? no..

  • wb

    love paddle boarding so much fun, missed it so much so glad to be where i belong now. thinking of going in the next month when i’m a bit stronger.

  • Mel

    Let’s be honest she can’t be a VS model ! VS models though they are now athletic are tiny and feminine like Adriana Candice and Erin

    Karlie is very tall and athletic but has this very lean and slender figure.
    And even she most toned like Alessandra and Izabel Goulart (though she recently left) are quite fine while Ireland is strong built with a broad upper body.

    I’m more convinced by Kendall Jenner’s dream of being a VS angel than Ireland’s

  • Not to sound mean (about VS models), but I think she should have bigger ambitions than modelling for the overrated VS! VS models to me are really not the pinnacle at all – and they have a very exclusive aesthetic which she doesn’t fit. She’s too tall and ‘big’ and doesn’t have the über-toned, very lean figure most of them have.

    I think she looks fine the way she is, and, with a little photoshop for ‘tone’, she could certainly be an SI model. Honestly, I don’t see anything really alluring with her – but there are plenty of successful models that I feel the same way about. She’s young, this ambition might be a phase anyway!

  • HollyDolly

    She is a very average girl, she has probably been told “you’re so tall you should be a model” bad advice!!

  • hanna

    Dont know about ireland but her mom kim basinger is definitely a beauty

  • sasha

    she looks so much like her dad

  • Minky

    What body type is she guys? I can’t really figure it out!

  • Candy M.

    And wb, i called oprah ugly but you have done the same countless times like to Magdalena F. I am on the record saying countless times I am talking about these celebs looks, I am not judging their personality based off of them. I have never said I hate anybody for the way they look and I have never chosen friends based of their appearances. You have nothing to say so like everyone with nothing to say you use cheap smear tactics to dismiss me. I don’t know you in real life, thank god, but judging from your words to me you have a real large stick up your ass. It takes a lot to get me angry, but you’ve managed to do it. If you’re so important and Im not why are you on the daily mail and this site? You said “honestly i enjoy taking out my frustrations on people like you who i don’t know so it’s kinda perfect.” that says it all. You sound REALLY nice wb rolls eyes.

  • Snip

    She’s got her mom’s hairline & the rest of her face looks very Baldwin. 🙂 She’s pretty.

  • anon

    wb, you do know who you’re arguing with, don’t you? Just using a different name & email, interacts with (by agreeing/disagreeing) ‘other’ person to try to throw people off.

    • Candy M.

      If you’re trying to insinuate Im natalia your extremely paranoid and irrational. I have been on this site long before wb and natalia. This just proves you people can’t handle other opinions and have to make excuses to invalidate them. Versus can probably tell you that Natalia and I aren’t even anywhere near each other in location. I would appreciate it if you didn’t make unfounded assumptions about me.

      • anon

        Hmmm… sounding a bit paranoid there, aren’t you? I didn’t mention you by name. Actually, I don’t particularly care how long you’ve been on this site, what your (and other’s) opinions are & certainly not enough to ask Versus about you, so I would appreciate it if you would stop making unfounded & irrational assumptions about me.

        …and of course you would say all that…silly!! 🙂

      • anon

        Oh and BTW, please stop replying to me.
        1.) There’s really no way to deal with such defensiveness, paranoia & irrationality.
        2.) (Most importantly) I REALLY do not care! 🙂
        Have a great day!

  • lizzy

    right now, she has youth on her side. she’s going to have to work alot harder to look better in a few years. she isn’t lean enough imo to model either.

    and i really do not think she is pretty anyway, VERY bland face.

    not VS or SI material to me at all.

  • retrobanana

    boriiiiiing but nice legs

  • dumbass

    sorry, but she looks like a big huge gigantic bully with a mans buttox…