Naya Rivera Gets Active

FFN_er_51283033 - Naya Rivera Gets Active

26 year-old Glee actress Naya Rivera looked slim in leggings and a sports bra as she was headed to the gymin west Hollywood yesterday.

And here’s Naya all dolled up:

454375771d - Naya Rivera Gets Active

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FFN_er_51283027 - Naya Rivera Gets Active FFN_er_51283031 - Naya Rivera Gets Active  FFN_er_51283035 - Naya Rivera Gets Active FFN_er_51283039 - Naya Rivera Gets Active

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  • Cee

    She’s a little too thin…

  • clea

    pretty girl; slim, curvy body. Her face often reads as really ‘desperate housewife’ to me, though.

  • chrissy

    there’s something with her face that doesn’t seem right, but i can never tell what it is…it’s like she’s had work on it or something. great body though.

    • Debbs

      Her nose is too thin! It’s very distracting and I don’t find her attractive because of it.

      • sarah

        Between the first and second seasons of glee, Naya very obviously got a nose job and a breast augmentation. She was way prettier before IMO. Still a hottie now though!

  • liss

    Is she a latina?

    • MissMarilyn

      latina is a really broad term! do you mean hispanic? because latina is not a race, it’s an ethnicity.

      Naya is half puerto rican, 1/4 african heritage, and 1/4 german i think

      • Simona

        “The term Latino was officially adopted in 1997 by the United States Government in the ethnonym Hispanic or Latino, which replaced the single term Hispanic.”

        “Neither “Hispanic” nor “Latino” refers to a race, as a person of Latino/Hispanic ethnicity can be of any race.”

        Before correcting people please check your facts.

        • MissMarilyn

          You’re right! That explains a lot. I was confused why latina wasn’t a thing but hispanic was

      • GlamDoll

        Her Mom is black (AA or of Caribbean Descent) and her dad is White. I saw a pic with her and her mom and she was black.

  • Mika

    Well, Im sorry Naya but if you continue to have that fit yet curvy body im gonna continue hatin’ on ya..

  • Hazal

    26? I swear I thought 40+..

    • Megan

      That’s exactly what I was going to write.

  • HB

    She looks a little bobbleheaded? Maybe naturally slender and just has a somewhat larger face/head. She looks cute and fit!

  • Simona

    Did “mama” give her those boobs? Lucky girl.

    • Aundrea

      No, a plastic surgeon.

      • Simona

        That explains how she can be so skinny and curvy. Well, you can’t have it all i guess.

  • m.lee

    she’s a well proportioned girl. i think her body could look really hot with more meat on her bones 😉

  • MissMarilyn

    I’ve always thought Naya was GORGEOUS. Her body is perfect imo.

  • they look like they’re having so much fun! she does look older than her age, i think its the styling. the cheerleader outfit and ponytail in glee made her look more her age. either way she’s super attractive.

  • lc

    This girl is so unattractive imo. Her body looks weird also.

  • Roxy Lowe

    Never heard of her. Kind of looks like a kim k wannabe.

  • Poires Poires

    I never heard of her, but like a lot of previous posters, thought she had a great slim, athletic, curvy shape.

    Then I googled her, and, yes, she is slim, and she is athletic, but she is not curvy in the least.

  • jessiep

    wow! What a lovely figure! I’m normally not envious of celebs bodies but hers is amazing!!! Makes me wanna workout!

  • Kat Lindsey

    From what I’ve heard about her and the interviews I’ve seen she seems a little stuck up to me. Other than that she has a nice body and seems fit.

  • Teresa

    This chick ain’t gonna age well

  • MaryC

    I’ve always liked her body, tipical good looking skinny girl, and that skin tone is just great..

  • Carrie

    Looks tiny! I wonder her stats. Maybe 5″4 115..???

  • Carrie

    I looked up her weight abd Most sites say 5″5 117 lbs

  • Maverick

    She’s got a nice body. I honestly don’t think she looks old for her age. I think her most stunning look was at this year’s AMA. She killed the red carpet in that black gown. Only Ciara looked hotter. All imo, of course.

  • retrobanana

    she is my total thinspo right now..she def has been working out and it shows she has lost weight and has been dressing to show it lately and I don’t blame her I am so jelous I feel like if I lost the weight I want, my body would be exact like her. I have a similar body proportion to her….but no I packed on pounds and they wont come off…naya you kill me…but seriously ive been obsessed with her lately im more excited over these pics then the above pics of Adriana and karly

    • carrie

      5’4 117 lbs isnt that unatainable either!!

  • Mia

    She’s cute