Nina Dobrev in a Bikini

Nina-Dobrev-in-a-Bikini - Nina Dobrev in a Bikini

Bikini treat!

The Vampire Diaries hottie Nina Dobrev (21) was spotted while wearing a colorful bikini on the beach in  in Turks and Caicos this week…

… and she looked cute & slim.

Let’s see her on the next page, too!

Nina-Dobrev-in-a-Bikini-4 - Nina Dobrev in a Bikini

Nina-Dobrev-in-a-Bikini-2 - Nina Dobrev in a Bikini

Nina-Dobrev-in-a-Bikini-3 - Nina Dobrev in a Bikini

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Stella

    Nice curves, nice skin tone. The suit is cute on her too.

  • BeetleJuice

    nice healthy body…

  • Brittany

    she has a great body but unfortunately her swimsuit brings it down.

  • Cecily

    Okay, this should also be filed under ‘curvy’.
    Because she has an amazing hip waist ratio! Small waist, gorgeous hips….to me, this body is SO much more desirable and would look SO much hotter in a tight dress than Miranda Kerrs….

    • Allie

      no, this should be filed under “fat”.

      • Michele


        You should see a therapist, because you obviously have a problem with your own body if you call THAT fat.

        • catc

          everyone has their own standards for ‘fat’ versus ‘thin.’

          • Lisa

            yeah, but not everyone is playing with a full deck.

          • ellie

            Haha. Perfect comment Lisa.

          • shell

            No, they don’t really – body fat percentage is a fact, and what is considered a healthy amount of body fat is a fact, also. It’s a fact that having too low a body fat percentage, like 17%, which is about Alessandra Ambrosio’s percentage, is unhealthy. Having such little body fat causes poor circulation (leading to coldness), anemia (iron defficiency), vitamin B12 and other amino acid defficiencies, muscle loss, fertility problems due to amenhorrea (lack of periods), brittle bones (which leads to oesteperosis in time). Also, underweightness sometimes causes insomnia and depression, due to the body not having the sufficient calories & nutrients to metabolise enough mood stabilizing hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine. Glucose is the precursor for serotonin, and underweight people aren’t eating enough carbs.

            Yes, some people are genetically skinny, which is different. But for those who aren’t designed to be that way, it’s extremely unhealthy. So, i’m sorry, but you are wrong – people don’t have their own standards of what fat and thin is. If you are 5ft 8 and weigh 100lbs, it is a fact that you are thin – you have a very low body fat percentage. Whether being so thin is attractive or not, that is subjective, but whether being 100lbs and 5ft 8 is thin or not is NOT subjective, it is a fact – it is 100% a fact that a 100lb, 5 ft 8 person is thin. And it’s also a fact that it is not healthy.

          • adrianna

            yeah sure, but people don’t have their own standards for BMI’s, and this girl probably has one on the low side of healthy.

            so thats BS. Sorry kid

      • ohwowlovely

        you are sick

      • laura

        omg i cant believe you wrote that are you blind or just have a body issue problems she has a womans figure curves in the right places and a small waiste she is no way near FAT id get ure eyes tested

      • Padme

        How old are you? Seriously, she is obviously not fat, you’re just being a bitch.

      • Lisa

        HAHA. you trollin’. It’s a Sunday, at least wait until tomorrow.

      • olivia

        Do you have a problem? you must do if you think this girl is fat. Just because your not skinny doesn’t make you fat

        • asdfjk

          how old are YOU? you don’t know what that person looks like. what a juvenile comment.

      • bianca

        i just thought i’d put this out there and show you what ‘fat’ is because i think you’re being a little dramatic. << that is fat, so you are either looking through a massive magnifying glass or your head is seriously messed up

      • person123

        hahahahaha unbelievable!! jealous much??? she is one of, if not the girl with the best possible figure!!! you must be a pretty fat old bitch or an immature little jealous kid if you call this fat. you probably need to go lose weight urself babe. PATHETIC CHILD

      • asdfjk

        AGREED. she’s so cute and skinny from the front and on top, and then you see the back view..and it’s like BAM. it’s actually really bizarre..she looks terrible.

    • mel

      I don’t think she is fat in any way and she has a pretty good body, but I don’t think Miranda Kerr is as stick-thin, straight-up-and-down as everyone says. She actually has a nice WHR and I like her body better, just my preference. Everyone’s entitled to have their own opinions, but I do think Miranda can be “curvy” in her own way because she isn’t just a ruler.

      • God, what is it with you people ans silly abbreviations and acronyms for everything?! It took me a bit to decipher WHR…. This is not the place to use chat talk.

        • Michele

          WHR is a term that people who pay attention to body types know. And since this is a website all about body types – it’s a perfectly good place to use it, I would think.

          • kate

            Yep, most people who frequent these types of sites know exactly what it means.

      • shell

        What? Miranda is clearly straight up and down – look at her, her waist and hips are virtually the same width. If you were to get a piece of tracing paper, put if over a photo of her body and trace her silhouette, you would see that it was straight. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact how much one’s body shape curves out at the hips.

        Also, it’s a fact that Miranda Kerr is very thin. Now, she *may* be genetically thin, in which case she would be healthy. But it is a fact that Miranda is incredibly thin. If you calculated her body fat percentage, it would be about 16 or 17%, which is incredibly low, therefore indicating a very skinny person.
        Regardless of that, though, it is obvious to look at Miranada how thin she is – her ribs and hip bones are clearly visible, and the gap between her thighs is massive.

    • Audrey

      Um, no… she is both, so she can stay where she is. I love how people here have no idea that women can be- and often ARE- both! duh!

  • sara

    i never really understood the meaning of ‘skinny-fat’ until now
    but don’t get me wrong, she has a great healty body/nice curves…but something is strange imo..maybe it’s just the light/swimsuit since when she is photographed on events etc she looks skinnier

    • amazon

      and women wonder why we have body issues, when a gorgeous girl like this is labelled fat or wrong. do you look in the mirror and feel the same??

      • sara

        where did you read that i labelled her ‘fat’ or ‘wrong’? XD
        i’m sorry if it came out this way..i didn’t mean…
        as i stated in the previous comment i was referring to the fact that she looks a lot different here than when she has clothes on…

    • mel

      Yeah I agree, she isn’t fat but I think she could look really amazing if she toned up a little .. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with her now, but she has the potential to look really good.

  • KarmaChameleon

    I find her absolutely gorgeous. She looks healthy and curvy but she always seems reaaaaaally skinny on the Vampire Diaries. o.o

  • Samantha

    The bathing suit make her look different from what she is really suppose to look like. She looks good and healthy, but she needs a different suit.

  • snoops

    I am surprised as I thought she was much skinner than this – obviously she is very much a pear shape. She has not much ass but her waist-hip ratio is bangin’

    I assume shes american as I have seen the ads for the show and she sounds american, but her surname is foreign so she must be mixed – is it a polish name? Her face looks kinda polish.

    She looks like shes having fun – she looks laid back shes probably a nice girl.

    • she’s bulgarian, from toronto canada tho 🙂 like moi

  • cristina

    wonder what her weight is? anyone care to guesstimate? she’s 5’6, and her curviness i suspect is misleading because if you look at her @ young hollywood awards last week she looked TINY.

    • Julchen

      hmm… maybe 120-125 lbs? Looks like something like that!

    • shell

      When you say ‘curviness is misleading’, i think what you mean is that she looks thin in clothes, but when she’s in a bikini, her low WHR is visible, and low WHRs make you appear curvy. But having a curvy shape has nothing to with whether you’re tiny, average size or fat. You can be stick thin and have a good WHR.

  • Brittany

    Yeah um people can be “tiny” and still have curves… like her.

    • i know obvi, she has an enviable W-H ratio

    • shell

      Agree completely. I’m only a size 2 torso/waist and size 4 hips/butt, yet slim girls are always assumed to be rulers by so called fashion experts. Annoying huh? =/

  • ame

    she always looks gorgeous on the vampire diaries, i think she’s adorable and its nice to see someone who’s not a toothpick…..

  • nkvd

    Perfect proportions !!

    If she would tone up a bit, she would look amazing (more amazing than this)

  • emily

    Allie says:
    May 23, 2010 at 6:54 pm
    no, this should be filed under “fat”.

    YOU’RE*******. she’s not fat (!)

    • asdfjk

      she has a fat tushy

  • dee

    nice to see a celeb with a similar shape to me! thin but not skinny, small on top, defined waist, hips, gives me hope that i can look good!

    • shell

      Me too! Nina totally inspires me, that i can be proud of my body without having breast implants and coating myself in orange tan. Nina has a very similar body to me, perhaps the most similar celebrity body to my own, except i am about 3 inches shorter… I’m only 5ft3, or 5ft 2 1/2 i’m not so sure haha. =)

  • Chester

    She’s gained quite a bit of weight – that or it’s the camera
    She looks a lot skinnier on screen.

  • Sidney

    I thought she’d look skinnier too. Hard to judge without other people next to her, she might just have a very small frame and thus even with a tiny bit of tummy be very thin. Plus i think her pale skin and lack of muscle makes her look bigger as well (compared to what my perception of her was having seen her fully clothed) Cute body, awesome waist.

  • mimi

    shes got an amazing body, slim but still curvy, its just an unflattering bikini

    she looks much better in these, and theyre not from that long ago

    • Sharen

      oh wow, true, it’s not that she looks bad here, but she looks way better in the ones from the link.

      • sarah

        she has incredibly long legs for her heigh, did anyone noticed that?

        • Addie

          I did! That’s why when I first saw her I assumed she was like 5’10 or something.

  • mermaid

    awesome body. i like the swimsuit, on her actually. nice and curvy but also slim and toned.

    • mermaid

      also – would NOT consider her a pear. i think she is an HOURGLASS. she has a great hip to waist ratio, but also had a nice bust and shoulders which balance her hips.

      i wish my rear view looked like hers, lol!

  • Annie

    Nice body. It’s a shame the bathing suit is so 80s and unattractive, though.

  • Lisa

    She’s maybe not as toned as she could be (legs, thighs), but those aren’t easy areas to tone up for everyone. It’s not as if she should stay indoors in a muumuu. The bikini looks like it was cut out of one, tho.

  • she had a slim body,but very flaccid!
    and GOD, I could make a new bikini just with the bottom!!!
    whats that huge outfit!!?!??!
    looks like my grandma….

  • natalie

    she probably only weighs like 110 pounds, give her a break people.

  • Dayna

    ftw…She’s a hottie…I like that she’s not all skinny or CRAZY ripped! It honestly makes her more appealing…cuz she’s not one of those chicks that are obsessed with their bodies. SHE. LOOKS. AWESOME. I really wish I had hips (hahah, I post this at least once a week)

    • elysie

      I agree! I’m surprised to see so many negative comments. She looks great! I think she has a great look, not too ripped or too skinny, as you said. Just nice and womanly.

    • Audrey

      of coruse she’s skinny.. what the frick is wrong with you? you think she’s FAT?

      and you do have hips. you wouldnt be able to walk without them. I’m sorry, but.. were you high or something when you said all that? o_O

  • Carly

    luvv her bikini (L)

  • Monika20

    Versus what body type is she? she’s definitely not a pear b/c sh ed.n. have a prominent ass, her legs are really long and slim and she does have a bit of a tummy. But she’s not and apple or a ruler either bc she does have some curves…I’m curious..

  • Princess

    She have a nice body but that bikini it`s not helping one bit,it looks old fashion and it suits her something more sexy

  • enia

    i don’t think she is slim… you can’t be slim with curves because slim by definition means no curves… so i think she looks healthy but NOT slim. she is 21..she should have a toned body!

    • neutra

      Wow, what an ignorant comment to make. You can be slim with curves- it’s called BONE STRUCTURE.

      And why should she have a toned body? You say it as if it’s a necessity. Working out to achieve muscle definition isn’t a priority for everyone, and some people find it hard to ‘tone’ even though they do work out, it just depends on your body type.

    • Jamie

      That is the most ridiculously ignorant comment I’ve ever heard. Being slim by definition does NOT mean you don’t have curves. I’m slim myself but I have curves – I have an hourglass figure. One has nothing to do with the other.

  • Melina

    I think she looks great. But in Vampires Diary she seemed to be thiner.

  • enia


    slim is slim curvy is curvy! you can’t be slim if you have curves ! if you have curves you are curvy if you don’t then you are slim. what is so hard to get?????

    • neutra

      By your definition- curves are meat. Ie- if you’re fat, you’re curvy. To me however curvy is the shape of the bone structure. You can have a bmi of 16 (which is very slim!) but still be curvy because you have a well defined waist, butt and boobs.

      • MNG

        I agree on the point you’re making, but I’d probably say someone with a bmi of 16 in bony instead of curvy, even if that person has the right bone structure to be curvy and slim at the same time

        • kate

          True, technically a skeleton is curvy lol.

    • Jamie

      Actually, that’s NOT true. I know plenty of women (INCLUDING myself) who are slim with curves. One has NOTHING to do with the other, so that is not only a completely ignorant statement to make but categorically untrue.

  • Pie

    I’d love it if she toned up a teensy tiny bit… IMO, she’d have the perfect body with a bit more muscle tone
    Gorgeous nonetheless, she has an amazing WHR

  • Leila

    she is a super cute girl with a great curvy body even though not my favorite body type coz I prefer thinner legs. But nonetheless she looks adorable!

  • hello

    wow, mmmm i think a lot of people here are confused by the use people give curvy now a days, they usually use it to refer to more meat. BUT curvy really means BONE structure, i weigh 100 lbs and have a defined waist hips and boobs. i am a lot slimmer and skinner then most 23 year old women, but i’m also curvy. this girl has a beautiful body, more then most people i’ve seen in a bikini

  • Mizzy

    the debate about whether she is curvy/slim/untoned etc. can go on forever, but I will be the first to admit that I would be extremely happy if i had a body like hers!

  • CLD

    I dont know why people are saying she should “tone up” more, she looks perfect-slim and healthy! However, I will never get why people keep insisting that a WRH is curvy? She does not have a butt. Everyone says Alessandra Ambrosio isn’t curvy but she has about the same body going on as this girl, just taller-the small waist, the non-existant butt and the average boobs(you know B’s are the most common cup size,yes?)
    Sooo yeah. If someone could clear this up for me it would be cool

    • kate

      Well you can’t have a significant waist/hip ratio without a prominent butt…it’s all in the width of her hips then she’s got a fairly small waist by comparison. But she’s not mega curvy or anything, she’s certainly no Kim Kardashian, Selma Hayek or Beyonce.

      • shell

        Kim Kardashian, Salma and Beyonce do not have lower WHRs than Nina from the front. They simply have more meat on their butts, so their WHRs are just lower from the side view.

        WHR can be both frontal and from the side, because womens’ hips are quite low down, around their butts. It is very possible, quite common in some races of women even, to have a low WHR from the side, but a higher WHR from the front, or vice versa. African women tend to have narrower hips and bigger butts (well, those from some regions of Africa, as it’s a massive continent, and body types differ from place to place). Other ethnicities of women are different… A lot of British women are pear shaped from the frontal view, like Nina…. Although most British women don’t look half as good as her! lol.

  • don’t like the swim suit , it’s horrible , she gained but love her little tiny waist and her skin tone!

  • Hey, these are candids and she’s an actress not a model. Lay off! She looks great!

  • vivi

    She is a skinny pear with a great waist/ hip ratio and slim calves/ ankles~ gorgeous figure.
    This is a natural slim figure, as opposed to a toned slim figure and one is not automatically better than the other imho.
    If she looks slimmer on screen it is most likely because she is wearing heels for filming and long days of filming can up the metabolism.

  • Amy

    Some people looks better dressed.Nice legs but weird mid section.

  • kate

    Sorry, I meant you CAN have a significant waist/hip ratio without a prominent butt…..

  • size0??

    Someone said she might weigh 110. No way is she 110 at 5’5 maybe 120-125. She has a small waist and top but also much bigger hips and legs. I am 5’5 and 108 and am much smaller in the hip area so no way is she 110 pounds. Just saying.

  • Sydney

    I like her body. It’s healthy and slim. Something that is actually achievable for the average girl.

  • Lynn

    I don’t get it! She looks great!
    She’s not fat AT ALL but she does have curves. Perfect!
    If anyone thinks she’s fat, he/she should get some help or go into therapy!

  • wify


  • Annie

    Her thighs are gorgeous, I can only wish for mine to be like that *sighs*

    • shell

      Hey, you don’t have to wish your legs to be like anyone elses’. We’re all genetically different, but we all have the ability to make our bodies, or whatever particular feature that might be, look attractive in some way…. And it may not be in the way which Western society says is conventionally attractive today. Look at Beyonce – she no doubt has larger, thicker legs (it’s not negative, it’s just different). Beyonce runs and works out, keeps her legs toned and puts shimmering lotion on them…. And she shows them off! Lots of men like Beyonce’s legs, and if she has any cellulite (which i have never noticed), men do not care, or even see it as a flaw. The Rubens used to like cellulite, and saw it as a mark of feminine beauty – honestly! It all depends on the society’s which you live in beauty standards. Beyonce’s legs, to resume to my example, don’t fit in with the traditional Cameron Diaz type legs that are considered perfect in our culture, but B’s pins aren’t no worse nor better than Cam’s… Just different. Beyonce embraces what she has for the beauty that it naturally is. She does what she has to do to make her figure shine. Good luck =D

  • She has an amazing body!!!! Not sure how anyone could think otherwise.

  • andreea

    Well before everything, she is 21, if you are not overweight at 21, you look okay (the skin is ok, no cellulite and so on).
    Secondly, this girl is definitely not skinny.
    Thirdly: she obviously is not fat either. She has a very small waist and wide hips, thus the difference.
    She is okay, meaning good, healthy look, but she needs to work out, in about 5 years this type of body will not look this good (with age, the fat she has now will increase and so on).

    Conclusion: she has a beautiful body, but she’s 21. At 30, without work-out, this body will look fat. Right not it does NOT (to avoid missinterpretations).

    p.s. if someone has other standards, skinny/fat, they’re their standards, they’re entitled to an opinion too.

  • Sakura

    I honestly don’t see where you guys see a pear. She (although put on a small amount of weight at the time of this photo) has shoulders in proportion to her hips, and very slim legs. I see no pear attributes here. I think she is most definitely an hourglass.

    • Audrey

      agreed, completely. but to most idiots, tohave an hourglass you need to be HUGE and completely unrealistic looking like christina hendricks, or else, just have big boobs period (which is stupid -_-). her shape/type is very similar to mine and I am definitely no pear shape.

      • Kimberly

        Uhhh no. People who understand body shapes don’t think that hourglass shaped women have to be huge. I fall into that category as a vase and I’m certainly not huge by any means. By looking at these pictures and others that I’ve seen on the internet, this girl is probably a slim pear and there’s nothing wrong with that. She’s beautiful.

  • viks

    i think nina dobrev navel needs to be poked and fingered deeeply inside n deeply inside her navel

  • viks

    nina dobrev navel is damn so hot n deep,,, can anybody post pics of nina dobrev navel pics being poked and fingered,, i want to see her navel being poked deeply inside 10 cm

    • Padme

      That’s the most revolting thing I’ve ever read, go get some therapy you pervert.

  • Tina

    Aw every girl is beautiful in their own way. To be honest, the media makes us regular girls think we’re over weight or we could look better, but seriously… these girls are just as every bit as normal as us 🙂
    Nina looks amazing just like this!

    • Steph

      totally agree its nice to see that nina is a normal girl and shes just herself. i think she looks perfect.
      i’m 19 and when i was 15/16 i used to be anorexic and i’m now well again at 5ft 7 and about 125 pounds.
      and people wonder why young girls become anorexic when poor girls like nina are being called fat! she shouldnt have to change for anyone!

  • It’s DEFINITELY the bikini she’s wearing that makes her look a bit short in the waist and a TINY bit pudgy.
    However, i’m personally attracted to her type of body.
    I love hips, and curves below the waist.
    If she toned her body up though, she’d be banginnnn.

  • Viks

    nina dobrev navel need to be sucked n poked

  • Linds

    Nina have a beautiful body! its actually what women are suppose to look like. A bit of fat. But when Nina loses weight to be her staring role on The Vampire Diaries as the main character ‘Elena’ I think thats way too skinny and that makes girls think thats what they’re suppose to look like

  • Christy

    Nina is so extremely beautiful and I will always love her 🙂 <3 <3

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  • ddkh

    I think she looks good but could DEF use some toning. Would make her look better. She still looks good but I think the term “skinny-fat” is the right word. She is skinny but needs some definition! maybe some muscle work to add to cardio

  • Natalie

    I thought she was thinner. Her torso doesn’t match her ultra skinny arms and legs. Don’t you get me wrong, she’s got a got to die for but I thought she was thinner. She even looks thinner in a regular outfit or dress.

  • she looks amazing, I am amazed, like those pictures.
    she is so skinny 🙂

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  • Pictures are in fact nice source of education instead of wording, its my familiarity, what would you say?