Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

‘The City’ hottie Olivia Palermo is one super stylish skinny girl – and she shows off these 2 characteristics in big fashiony spread in ASOS Magazine this month.

If you want to see Olivia in a bikini, click here!

Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine-2 - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

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Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine-3 - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine-4 - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine-5 - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine-6 - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine-7 - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine-8 - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine-9 - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

Olivia-Palermo-in-ASOS-Magazine-10 - Olivia Palermo in ASOS Magazine

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • samaire

    don’t like her at all

  • Kelly

    beautful simply beautiful

  • Priscila

    Gorgeous! Amazing face and body.
    I love her lips+chin! Also, every fashion blogger who has already spoken with Olivia says she super-nice and sweet.

  • Rowen

    Third pic: Olivia’s profile rather reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s, with the square-ish jaw and the delicate chin.

  • nannou

    love the style, she looks awesome, photoshopped or not…

  • Krissy

    Very classy style, I like some of the looks. She’s very prettty though one can’t deny!

    • Kaiser

      Exacly what I thought!
      I don’t know this girl but she has this rare expression of an elegant and fragile beauty. I would instantly stand still and stare at her if she crossed my way.

      Love her eyes.

      • Krissy

        I know what you mean, not knowing her..she’s striking!

  • sarah

    she looks like a model..she has the hole model look
    how come she hasnt done that b4
    VERSUS how tall is she?

    • Versus

      Most sources say 5’4”.

      • Alyssa

        amazing, she looks so tall! I’m 5’9″ and I look stuntly in all my photos!

        • Exactly, I’d never have guessed!

  • Ukraine

    Earlier have been said she’s a bitch!!!

  • Mackenzie

    wow she’s soooo beautiful!! love it!

  • Monika

    She’s so stunning! Her face is beyond perfect lol her body is ok looks so much better w/ clothes on, buy hey w/ that georgious face she can get away w/ it!

    • Alyssa

      agreed!! I think she knows how to dress her body size/shape well

    • Agreed! *_* Her face is unbelievably beautiful!

  • alex

    kinda looks like a poor man’s cheryl cole

    • Chelle

      A poor man’s Cheryl Cole?! More like Cheryl is a poor man’s Olivia! Olivia is stunning, and has an absolutely amazing fashion sense…sophisticated yet super on-trend, with a unique ability to mix highstreet and designer and vintage items. Cheryl Cole…lol!

      • snoops

        agreed olivia is prettier than cheryl, but cheryl is a talented and trained dancer and entertainer, olivia is just a reality tv/it girl. I’d rather have cheryl’s abilities than olivias ‘ability’ to pick out a trendy outfit, which most of us could have if we had all that free time and money 😉

  • Minnie

    She looks incredibly gorgeous!

    Cheryl Cole who?
    Olivia looks beautiful and classy, especially compared to Cole.

  • livefree

    She has such a lovely face, and is very slender and elegant.

    But I would absolutely hate to be that flat-chested. I wonder if she even has any sort of breasts at all?

    • Ellen

      Exactly what I thought when I saw these. I personally would never want to be that thin if it meant no breasts!

      • Chrissy

        It usually doesn’t correlate. If you have small breasts, they’re small no matter what size you are…they tend to look even smaller when you gain weight, proportions and all.

        And it’s not too bad being small chested, there’s a niche for everything 😉

  • jen

    omg….her feet are huge…. not a fan of hers but great spread

  • Desiree

    i don’t like her or anything but she looks beautiful here, great styling and photos, very classy

  • Ash

    It’s a good spread but I’m more impressed with the clothes and styling than Olivia herself. The bikini pictures of her from a little while ago were really boring IMO. She has a cute face but it’s nothing special and I didn’t like her body in the bikini pictures.

  • i love these pics….she looks great. And love the clothes and shoes. Gorgeous!!

  • effie

    if she were to have legitimate weight on her bones, she might actually be considered a sex-symbol… as of right now, she’s just another excessively, unnaturally thin woman with a pretty face…

  • Jill

    She really is extremely beautiful, but the way she comes across on The City just takes a lot of her appeal away for me. Plus, it’s obvious from the swimsuit photos that she’s way thinner than she should naturally be and I just hate that gaunt appearance.

  • size0??

    She is drop dead gorgeous and I hardly ever say that. The most beautiful women I have seen on here in awhile. Also the perfect modelesque body. She does resemble Audrey Hepburn I thougt that too as soon as I saw her.She has a very elegant look about her too.

  • b


    I don’t care. I’m still going to eat pasta right now.

  • Mizzy

    She’s beautiful no doubt, but from everything I’ve seen and read of her on tv and in magazine her beauty is only skin deep. Looks may carry you far in life, but having a good personality is much more important.

  • t

    Beautiful. I am thinking Gia Carangi, but no where near as charasmatic as Gia of course. I love the skinny look,

  • madeleine

    she is sooo so pretty…cant believe how short she is…in these shots she looks so long….great skinny body…love the angular yet delicate face… definitely reminds me of audrey hepburn!!

  • Essence

    Love the clothes, skinny or not, a b*tch or not…… and she is a pretty girl.

  • Miranda

    I guess she’s pretty but her attitude is such a turn off I would never want to look or be like her. To me, shes ugly.
    I believe Cheryl Cole is far better looking plus she’s much sweeter.

    • Minnie

      The City is obviously scripted. :-/

  • ash

    She looks better in stills than in motion. Probably because you get more of a sense of her crappy personality when she’s animated. Still, I thought she was pretty until I got an idea of the way she behaves.

  • ellenw11

    First thought I ever had upon looking at a pic of her was ‘damn that girl has skinny legs’ and damn, that girl does. Her & whitney port could have like a ‘long thin legs’ calender or something lol, she’s pretty

  • ellentjie

    So pretty especially that 5th photo. I wish my face looked that delicate and beautiful!

  • jjj

    Wow, amazing. She really looks great!!

  • Trisia

    wow, she looks amazing!
    i don’t think she is TOO skinny.
    definitely the best looking of all the reality tv “celebrities” in my opinion 🙂

  • s

    i’d like to see olivia wear converse in real life! haha
    although i’m by no means her biggest fan, this shoot makes her look really pretty and the clothes are to die for! her petite face is also really unique

  • alana

    love the first outfit, the rest are so-so. she’s a bitch in person

  • Kimberly

    She’s pretty but she looks better in clothes. I don’t care for her body type.

  • Caley

    Lovely piccys, but theyve messed around with her face a lot and theyve touched up her skin, her chin and her nose. If you google her, you will see that she IS pretty…..but shes not as beautiful naturally as these photos would have you believe. The dark hair is definately better on her than the blonde, but she is very very thin and this has created the elfin/waig/bug-eyed look that isnt naturally hers…… audrey hepburn?!!! please… way near….Audrey was about 100 times more beautiful…even without the invention of photoshop!! x

  • amy

    I think her face is gorgeous and pretty much perfect, love her bone structure. I also can’t deny that she is super stylish and I love her clothes. However, in the old bikini pics of her a few weeks ago, I can’t say that she looks that great naked/without clothes. She looks great in clothes, but without them she looks super boyish/skinny and flatchested. Not sexy to me. Also, hate her personality on the show.

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  • I apologize but I don’t approve with this whatsoever it’s bunk!