Olivia Palermo Shows Off Skinny Legs

olivia-palermo-shows-off-skinny-legs - Olivia Palermo Shows Off Skinny Legs

The City star Olivia Palermo shows off skinny legs… and bony knees.

She’s a thin and small framed girl – how do you guys like her figure?

What about her legs? A bit too skinny? Way to skinny? Or just right?

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  • Kristy

    She is very pretty with a great figure (from what I can tell) and doesn’t look particularly/negatively “skinny”. Her legs look pretty good to me but her knees are very bony and angular.. probably just the way she is standing though.

  • Jenna

    I would say she looks good but just ever so slightly too thin. However, If she looks thin in this photo and the camera adds 10lbs she must be TOO thin in real life. No idea who she is though.

  • charlotte

    i have to say i agree. if camera adds kg, which it is known to do, she looks a bit unhealthy. but honestly, i dont think theres anything wrong with being skinny as long as u are healthy and not at any health risk. same with being obese, its not healthy either.
    i saw katy perry performing at a music festival the other week and in real life she is really quite thin. i thought she’d be alot bigger. she didnt look unhealthy tho and she had SO much energy on stage.

    • erin

      Thank you for adding some fact to this! Both ends of the spectrum are unhealthy. You can also be in the middle, but if you constantly fluctuate in weight, it’s also very bad on the heart, even though you may not be over weight or underweight.

      About the knees… My mom is very healthy, goes to the gym, eats a ton of fresh foods throughout the day, plus her three meals (yeah, she’s a health fanatic) but she was “blessed” with bony joints. He knees and elbows are very… prominent, same with her collar bones, but the rest of her body is toned and and healthy looking. So… maybe Olivia is just born that way?

      • erin

        Then again… her face looks exhausted and she looks a bit lifeless (in the eyes) so she’s probably not very healthy, like my mom…

  • Blanca

    I always get her and leighton meester confzd, they look so similar to me!

  • Kaya

    her legs are gross.

  • Maryna

    I think she has great legs. It’s just a bad photo because of the way she is posing

  • Cherish

    I was going to say she had a pretty figure until I saw her knee bone trying to tear it’s way through her skin…maybe it’s the angle though. If her legs aren’t really that unhealthy looking, then she’s got a nice body.

  • Kaiser

    The problem with these shots is, there is no one to compare.

    Once I saw Christina Aguilera standing in front of an Escalade and I instantly thought, how tiny and short she is. Kind of “Daddy brings her to school”-scene.

    Would like to see a healthy girl like Hilary Duff next to the one above.
    Weird knee? Yes. But can you show me a beautiful one? 😉

  • becca

    though her legs look thin, she seems to have nicely curved hips – so i say not too thin.

  • mahe

    bones stickin out is never a good look. she needs to put on a few pounds

  • tulona

    Olivia has an okay figure and i can see that she has a very petite bone structure. Some people are naturally very thin and she could be one of them. But i personally son’t like this type of figure or legs.

  • chelbelle

    i think her sunken eyes and all-around exhausted look testify that she’s not healthy. come on, now. she’s a new york socialite. you’d be out of your mind to say that this look comes from exercise, water, and clean living.

    • anya

      I couldn’t agree more. Just like you, the first thing I noticed was that she looks so exhausted and I think she is too skinny. Yes she has a small frame but she looks unhealthy.

  • Emmily

    Good otherwise but knees are too bony..

  • Jk

    Her legs are too skinny… i don’t like it at all

  • Kae

    One word, bony…

  • NuclearFlower

    Yeah….no offense to anyone. But I when I look at her legs, I remember researching holocaust survivors in highschool…and if that’s what beautiful legs are now. Then. Wow. :/

  • Clara

    She looks very pretty! Skinny, but not too skinny!

  • Amber

    how the hell is she too skinny ? she’s athletic she looks fine her figure is to die for !

    • Kae

      Athletic? Really? That’s not a word I would use to describe this woman’s body but hey, everyone’s got their opinion.

      • melina

        ummm i dont think shes toooooooooooooooooooooo skinny but if she gained 5 pounds she would look better & maybe her bones wouldnt pop out so much. sometimes i thnk shes naturally that skinny but she wears big clothes all the time.. idk maybe she just likes big clothes. she looks good but she is not athletic. jessical beil & madonna are athletic definitly not her

  • hilary

    i don’t think that she is too skinny she just has knobby knees