Rita Ora Gets Active

FFN_g_51130499 - Rita Ora Gets Active

‘Hello LA. hot LA. how I love it here it makes me wana be healthy. Lol.’

… said 22 year-old singer Rita Ora on Twitter as she stepped out for a workout in a cropped top on Friday.

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FFN_g_51130504 - Rita Ora Gets Active FFN_g_51130505 - Rita Ora Gets Active FFN_g_51130509 - Rita Ora Gets Active FFN_g_51130510 - Rita Ora Gets Active FFN_g_51130519 - Rita Ora Gets Active

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  • Nyn

    looks good, nice amount of muscle, probably should have bought 1-2 size larger pants (or a drawstring waist would’ve fixed that)

  • neutra

    She makes me cringe. That scene with her in Furious 6? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    • artemis

      She looked good, though, lol. Red lips <3 I guess she was there for the people to say 'Ooooh, that's that singer, Rita Ora! Cute voice' 😀 I heard she replaced Rihanna for the role. Well, I can see why: the race was set in London so they needed someone with a British accent…and they look a bit(or more) like eachother.

      So WHO do find attractive from the guys? ^_^

      My answer is the bad guy, Owen Shaw, played by Luke Evans and Paul Walker 😀

      Too bad there's not much character development cause they're both good actors

      • artemis

        * who do you

      • neutra

        Hmm, I don’t know, I guess I just don’t see anything great about Rita! Gal Gadot, however, is beautiful! There’s also something about the way Michelle Rodrigeuz holds herself that is quite powerful and alluring.

        As for the boys, I’m a Tyrese and Sung Kang kinda girl. They’re different to what I’d normally go for, but I can’t help but love those guys! Although does Stathams appearance count? Because then obviously Statham wins haha 🙂

        • wb

          agree about gal gadot, elsa pataky was stunning as well!

          haha i love tyrese he’s hilarious but for me paul walker is definitely the hottest 😉

        • artemis

          True, Gal is the cutest out of them(or rather the only cute one). Her body seems ok but i googled her and she has stick-like legs.

          Jason has charm, indeed, but he isn’t my type. He pulls off baldness well, though and I like his voice a lot, it’s both funny and serious, like a teen boy trying to talk deep, heehee. Tyrese is ok to cute and the asian guy too.

      • brittainb

        Paul Walker’s blue eyes gaze into my sooooul

        • artemis

          Blue eyes are the best on guys 😀

    • Stace

      Haha! I was wondering the exact same thing!

      I am kinda in love with The Rock for some weird reason, but Paul Walker is just a beautiful man.

  • anushka

    Nice bod.
    Thats pretty much it.

  • Pixie

    No. 🙁

  • artemis

    her body is nice enough: I’m not nuts about her tummy and the lack of a tiny space between her legs but it’s ok.

    • Liz

      Most people don’t have zero fat on their abdomens and most people don’t have a space between their thighs. Doesn’t mean they’re fat or out of shape. It just means that they don’t have those things. People who diet/train for the thigh gap baffle me. There’s more to life than the thigh gap, and generally it’s the product of genetics

      • lolo

        maybe she doesnt do enough cardio, or she likes her carbs enout to not give them up, thats what generally gives a stomach like her.

      • mary

        Geez someone is touchy. Artemis didnt say she is fat, just that she doesn’t prefer her tummy or legs…I have agree…She has a nice shape and proportions, but her stomach is too soft for my liking, some weight training and toning and she would look a lot better. and yes the thigh gap is more about bone structure/genetics than weight…I have one even when i am heavier bc of my wider hips. I don’t really think most women diet to attain a thigh gap anyway…a flat tummy maybe

        • Amatevi

          I agree she does have nice proportions! I don’t find the tigh gap particularly attractive either, I have thin legs but my tighs do touch, atleast the upper half of my tighs. I want to exercise to get more shapely legs, since mine are too skinny and shapeless but I’m scared to get the tigh gap. I think it’s most common in women with wide hips/ slim legs e.g. Candice Swanepoel. As for her stomach, I think it’s fine, her pants are just too tight, I would say mine is almost or a bit more softer. I wonder if there is anyone else who isn’t a fan of surfboard stomachs? No offense to flat stomachs, I envy women who naturally have them, but the slight soft stomach looks a bit feminine too no?

          • ramona

            here I do! 😀
            I loooved shakira’s belly when it wasn’t too toned. Like you could see a little “fat” when she did her belly dancing, but it was still flat at the same time. My ideal!

          • artemis

            I’m not crazy about surfboard abs either, i like flat stomaches, but still a bit soft. I have a bit of a tummy just like her too, but i dislike it as i always had a flat stomach so I try to get rid of it. I’m lazy, though.

      • Hannia

        I really wish people over the age of 12 would stop saying TUMMY. It makes me cringe. Do you all still refer to the toilet as the potty too?

    • KissMysass

      A gap between the legs, specifically the thighs is more dependent on how wide your hips are and how long your legs are. Not everybody has a thigh gap.

      Also there are few women, at least outside of the acting and fashion industry who have flat, flat stomachs. Everyone’s got a TINY bit of belly fat.

  • Putisel

    ciganka, ciganka, ty si moja ciganka

    • jane

      I think that should be in Albanian, right? 🙂

      • lola

        Serbian 🙂 (that is not my comment but it is my language)

  • ayu

    She looks good, but sounds stupid. You don’t generally want to be healthy?

    • Powwows

      Maybe the sunshine inspires her to be MORE healthy?? There’s a rise in fitness gear in the summer months so many people obviously do.
      It’s actually stupid to look into a little comment so deeply.

      I’ve always been a fan of her body and I think she seems like she’d be cool to hang around with. Looks like she’s gained recently though

      • Liz

        Same for me, I know exactly what she means. Not that I don’t want to be healthy year-round but it’s harder to get up and go for a run outside when it’s freezing cold and dark. Also with the holidays there’s yummy holiday food and drinks, hot chocolate and such. Summertime generally means summer fruits and such! I love melon, plums and peaches so much, and we don’t get those in the fall/winter.

  • ramona

    nice boobies 😀
    The pants should be a little larger. But nice waist aswell

  • Magda

    I thought she was from an interracial family /black and white parents but she is Albanian.
    She was born in Kosovo, I don’t know a lot about the geopolitics nor history of this country but I am suprised some of their people are that tanned.
    The Serbians and Eastern European people I know are all white with blue eyes. It’s quite interesting.

    She looks good anyway but I don’t like the sun glasses.

    • SmittyWerbenjagermanjensen

      Me too! I thought she was a mixed black girl lol

      • kateuk

        So did I! And I really ought to have known better since my ex husband is Albanian lol.

      • wonderwoman21

        I thought she was of mixed african descent as well, ala rihanna.

    • Geographically Kosovo isn’t really eastern europe only culturally.,_Kosovo_included.png here you can see how close it is to Turkey and north Africa.

    • amber

      She is white. Or as white as any other person of Mediterranean descent. I think the issue people are having is that they don’t really know what people from the region look like. I don’t know about the Serbians you’ve met, but think more dark hair, darker skin, dark eyes. Like you’d expect from Greece. She is very typically Albanian or Serbian. It might be the blonde hair throwing people off. If you see her in the context of her family, she doesn’t look out of place at all.

      If you Google people from the region – Romanian, Bulgarian, Albanian, etc, you will get a better sense of what they generally look like. Obviously, there are people with natural blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin, but its not exactly Scandinavia 🙂

      • Natascha

        amber, you are right! people from Serbian rarely have blue eyes or blonde hair.

      • kateuk

        Yes, I think the blonde hair with dark skin threw me off. I was married to an Albanian. He was dark skinned, dark hair, and brown eyes. However, my ex sister-in-law and ex brother-in-law both had blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. But the typical Albanian look is dark hair, olive skin, and brown eyes.

        Also, I’m slightly confused. Is she Albanian, Kosovan, or Serbian, because these are all different regions.

        • kateuk

          Oh, and I’ve also been out with a Serbian guy, and you’re right that they tend to be dark hair, olive skin, and brown eyes, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

          • lc

            I also tend to think of Serbian people as being darker complected, and Rita being Albanian to me is odd because I know a girl at work who is Albanian, born there, fully blooded, and facially she looks absolutely nothing like Rita. Anything goes I guess lol.

        • Ajla R

          I’m Bosnian, and Bosnia is right next to Serbia and Albania, and it’s weird how everyone here in Denmark (where I live now) thinks that people from the Balkans look like middle eastern people.. My mother and my brother are as blonde as the Scandinavian people, my dad is slightly darker while I’m the darkest in my family, and I don’t have a middle eastern appearance whatsover – I’m lighter xD

          So, yeah, there are lots of different hair and eyes colors in that part of Europe xD

          • Summer

            I’m half Bosnian and everyone on that side is fair,blonde and blue eyed…people generally call me the most tanned Bosnian ever thanks to my Indian blood lol personally i don’t think rita looks like anyone in her family unless she was mixed.

        • Ajla R

          Oh, and by the way, Rita was born in Prishtina which is the capital of Kosovo. Albania is a whole other country. Kosovo used to be a part of Serbia, but they got independence a couple of years ago.

        • amber

          Wikipedia says she is of Kosovar-Albanian ancestry. I assume that means some of her family is from one country and some of her family is from the other. She was born in Kosovo.

          • kateuk

            I think it means her parents were of the Albanian part of Kosovo (ethnic Albanians) rather than the Serbian part (before it split up). It’s all very confusing! My ex husband’s father was an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo and his mum was a Serb from Kosovo. He, however, was born in Albanian.

      • jane

        Isn’t her blonde hair a dye job? I don’t think it looks particularly natural on her.

        • amber

          Yes, it is definitely died and, no, it doesn’t look natural on her at all. I think she is way prettier with her natural color.

      • Hazal

        Well, I know a lot of Albanian people -from Albania as well as from Kosovo. Of course Albanian people are as varied as people from other countries but I was still surprised to hear that Rita Ora is of Albanian descent. I also thought that she has an African/Caribbean background.

        • serena

          Same, her coloring is similar to Beyonce in those pics. My family is Persian/Turk and she is darker than all of us too…but you know there is so much variety in that part of the world, you get all different types. Rita looks prettier with brown hair in my opinion.

      • artemis

        Yep, I’m romanian and I have dark brown hair and eyes(tho I have pale skin…but it’s a yellow-y pale, not pinky, like a lot of northern people). Most ppl in my country(romanians, i mean, we already know the minorities, like gypsies, are darker and look indian-ish) are still light skinned but not pale, with light or brown hair and brown or hazel-brown eyes. There are some with blue and blue-green eyes and dirty blonde hair, too, of course. Ppl with naturally light blonde hair are rare here, though.

  • JaneParker

    Meh. She doesn’t appeal to me but she has a great butt and seems to be in shape. Anyone will get those little flabby bits with tight leggings like those. I’ve never heard of music, maybe I’ll give it a try, I have no idea what genre she sings.

  • D

    They call her Rita Whora for a reason, I just have no respect for her as she slept her way into the industry. Guess thats a case for a lot of celebs, her body is average. Muffin top

    • Gabriela

      How do you know she slept her way

  • roonie

    Can’t stand Rita Ora.. Not attractive and even worse when she talks. Seems fairly nice though but that’s the only nice thing I can say. Calvin Harris has awful taste in women.

    • Winnie

      IKR?!? i love Calvin, but when i heard he dated Ke$ha? yiiiikess!

      • roonie

        Oh God, I didn’t even know he dated Kesha.. At least Rita is an improvement. Love him too though!!

  • CK

    she has a nice fit body

  • RachelGat53

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  • mary

    Even slim people can look bad with ill fitted clothes…a size up would do her and that muffin top a lot of good

  • Winnie

    she reminds me of J.Lo in these pics. facially at least

  • sofie kittie

    She has the same body type as me. It will be so motivating when she caves into the pressure of Hollywood and sheds some weight.

  • retrobanana

    i thought she was hispanic or mixed or hispanic mixed but isnt she she is albanian..ive never even heard her sing just knows she hangs with cara delvingue…and gets compared to rihanna

    • silvy

      hahah thats the funny thing for me too, NEVER heard the girl sing but see her every single day in tabloid shots. There are a few celebrities like this, who I have seen more in the tabloids than in their respective field (singing or acting)

      • artemis

        But she has nothing on fame-ho Kim K

  • retrobanana

    i don t know i believe she is albanian or whatever she is but the girl has features like a mixed girl…just saying.

  • Eliz

    Kosovo is a country that is home to ethnic Albanians. Kosovo used to be a part of Serbia where a large Albanian minority lived, nowadays this is called Kosovo as they declared their independence. She moved to London at the age of 1. I love her shape!

  • ramona

    Albanian/Kosovarian women are seriously gorgeous! I’m from the Balkans myself and you really find everything down there. Really dark and really light people. But to me she doesn’t look typically kosovarian at all (and we are pretty good at guessing from where about someone from the Balkans could be)

    I think that it isn’t her skincolor that makes her look mixed, but more her facial features. Especially the nose (pretty Rihanna-ish looking)

    • artemis

      Her nose fooled me too!

  • wb

    she seems nice, most celebs look like theyre about to punch someone in the face when going on a run

  • Tally

    Dam if she lost like 5-9 pounds she would look perfect IMO~

  • lc

    I’m not at all a fan of anything here.

  • Gabriela

    She’s ugly. Her obviously dyed hair, her rolls, far legs, and ugly ass face

    • Lydia

      I am sure you are just a pretty princess yourself. your soul is ugly.

  • Lydia

    a normal body in LA, OH MY GOD THE HORROR~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1010101

  • binks

    I can’t get into Rita because she always comes off harsh, maybe she will look good if she was more natural and stop trying to be her idol Gwen Stefani and just be her but other than that she doesn’t look bad.

  • dsjsjjd

    Im albanian myself, and I also thought she was mixed race. But shes albanian! Look at her sister Elena, she has blue eyes and light skin. Albanians, like any other ethnicity come in different varieties, people need to calm down. And to all the serbs commenting bad about Rita, get a life.

  • albagirl

    I thought Rita Ora was of Caribbean or african american descent. I am from TIrana, Albania, and have lots of family members. To me , she has features of a Roma gypsy. The darkest Ive seen albanians look are closer to Persian or Turkish but never with this type of facial features. Needless to say, she has a fantastic body!! I love her curves, even though she does not have big hips , she still has CURVES. Cute bottom, small waist, nice arms and legs. Very proportional

    • artemis

      OH, OH, OH, you didn’t just say Roma gypsy! Don’t you ever associate those terms. Some of them may have moved here and got romanian citizenship and then go to other countries, but they’re f**king gypsies, calling them rroms or roma’s is an insult to us and that’s why other europeans think we’re all gypsies. Whoever gave them that name should’ve died right before doing it.

    • artemis

      Romas* w/e.

      and I agree, she has curves

  • Kimberly

    She has a nice body but these workout pants don’t do her justice. Her face on the other hand…