Sarah Hyland in Glamoholic Magazine

article-0-1695D7A9000005DC-134_634x820 - Sarah Hyland in Glamoholic Magazine

At request, here is Modern Family‘s petite beauty Sarah Hyland in the current issue of Glamoholic Magazine, where the 22 year-old actress tries on different feminine dresses and poses prettily for the cameras.

Here’s an older quote from Sarah:

On being compared with Mila Kunis:

I think it’s the most flattering compliment I’ll ever get. One, she’s a wonderful person and very nice. And two, she’s smokin’.

How do you all like Sarah’s spread?

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article-0-1695D7A0000005DC-694_634x805 - Sarah Hyland in Glamoholic Magazine article-0-1695D7A5000005DC-870_634x591 - Sarah Hyland in Glamoholic Magazine  article-0-1695D79C000005DC-193_634x818 - Sarah Hyland in Glamoholic Magazine

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  • sarah


  • D

    I think she is way cuter then Mila Kunis, that being said, she does not look 22. Could pass for 14 in candids/a lot of pictures.

    • Alexia

      14… You exaggerated
      I’d say she looks at least 17-18

      • April

        I see 14-ish at times…no lie.

  • Nat Shermans

    She looks…different….older than typical.

    I’m not a fan of this spread. It’s like they’re trying REALLY hard to make her look older or something. It looks like she’s p[laying dressup

    • Mel

      so true!

  • Emmy

    I don’t think these pictures do any favour to her.

    • annabanana

      nope they sure don’t. the whole shoot is kinda dumb.

  • Nat Shermans

    …and the dresses are tacky

    • Lucialucia

      They are awful! Espesh the first one … Something my barbie would wear

  • Ophelie

    Terrible poses and the styling is atrocious. She is styled like a Beyonce wannabe.

  • She looks different here – older and not so good, imo. Especially the cover – I wouldn’t have thought that was her if her name wasn’t there actually.
    Mila Kunis has a more memorable, unique look to me – and they don’t really look much alike anyway. Sarah’s pretty – but doesn’t have Mila’s charisma, or talent, from what I’ve seen.

  • Pixie

    . I’ve never heard of this girl before, but she’s definitely no Mila Kunis. Mila is stunning!

    • Catherin-o

      Agree. This girl is more like Michelle Trachtenberg to me… who I do not find attractive.

      • Rosa

        I was wondering who she reminds me of and now that you say it, she totally looks like Michelle Trachtenberg! I don’t really like her face to be honest. This spread is tacky and she’s wearing a LOT of makeup.

      • serena

        You’re right, she does look like Michelle Trachtenberg. Mila Kunis is prettier than both if you ask me.

      • Sienna

        Michelle used to be hot – in Buffy, Eurotrip… In GG she’s kinda overweight en too pale and dark-haired :/

    • Robin

      I think she does look like Mila in MF, but not in this photoshoot. She looks so pale here, compared to her usual look. I agree that she looks like Michelle in THIS shoot.

  • kay

    boring….and because she looks so young she prpbably won’t have much.of a career after all this is done with…

    • Dorothy

      i think looking young will prolong her career. older actresses have a hard time finding roles because they don’t look young anymore.

      • kay

        It may prolong somone’s career bit the types of roles she gets diminishes unless she wants to play a child for the next 10 yrs

  • sarah

    She’s pretty,but mila kunis is HOT!
    That’s the difference.

  • serena

    She is cute but I think the cover photo is not so great; they photographed her face from below which is usually not as flattering. I like the minty green dress in the first pic. In the second pic, she looks like a little girl playing in her mom’s makeup.

  • em

    she looks so different here. something with her nose. but they do look like sisters. i don’t like her though. she’s a little too high pitched for my taste.

  • Tea

    I think she’s really pretty but I’ve disliked her ever since she made that comment about Lea Michele’s posing. Not that I really like Lea but it was just nasty and unnecessary. Also not a fan of her face shape.

  • bubbly girl

    and three… she smokes(Mila)…

    anyway, Sarah looks fine but not star stunning, just pretty girl.

  • ary

    she’s a bad model. And that’s about it.

    • MissMarilyn

      well, she’s an actress.

  • lc

    She’s pretty and does remind me of Mila a bit.

  • speckle

    Ehhhh, not into her look. Just not a fan of the Selena Gomez/Miranda Kerr perpetual “baby face.”

    Also, who is she again? Actress? This site has introduced me to Lea Michele and many other “stars” I had never even heard of before. Add this chick to the list…

    • lillaliket

      she’s in modern family and she’s freaking hilarious.

      • MissMarilyn

        she is SO funny!!! i love her on that show haha

    • solaxia

      I agree, I’m not a huge famn of the baby face look on women. I think she is ‘pretty’ as in, not unnattractive, but nothing that would turn my head. I also don’t like her attitude from what I’ve seen, which is probably impacting my pov.

  • Abbey

    Love the quote, hate the spread. They tried too hard to make her look older.

  • Gabriela

    1) Mila is homely and plain 2) Sarah is uglyy and her face looks funny 3) Those pictures are really photoshopped

  • Sanne

    Horrible, cheap, uncreative pictures.

  • mary

    she cant pose for shhhhhhhhhhit

    • mary

      oh and being compared to mila kunis these days is like being compared to khloe kardashian. NOT a compliment

      • Gabriela

        Totally agree! Like I said, she’s really plain and homely

      • Gabriela

        Totally agree! Like I said, she’s really plain and boring. Almost ugly

      • blair

        Bit harsh

  • kiwi

    I think she’s super pretty but the photo shoot sucks. The photographer doesn’t know how to work with her face or use any of her unique features to her advantage, so it looks bland and meh.

  • Dorothy

    i have the biggest girl crush on her. she is way prettier than mila, imo.

  • serena

    These pictures are plain awful – her face is at an awkward angle in all but the first. It’s like the photographer shot her from below but she seems to be looking up – you can practically see up her nose and her eyes are narrowed. Why not photograph her at face level or above? I’ve never heard of Glamoholic magazine and now I don’t care to ever pick it up.

  • edi_millers

    Awful… she looks like a stupid porn star…

  • Eline

    Oeh… Don’t like it. She looks arrogant, imo. But I think these pictures are just awful!
    She is way more prettier on tv!

  • Rosie Bowman

    She has beautiful, captivating eyes! Not too sure about her face on the cover though; she seems like a different person with all that photoshopping, whereas she looks more like herself in the first pic here 🙂

    And it’s good to mix up her look once in a while and look a bit mature and edgier.. Love it! x

  • Brannon

    Not sure what the hate on her is about. Personally I think shes prettier than Mila (Mila is not that pretty…only when shes professional made up) I am not a huge fan of Sarah’s character on MF but she seems okay in person.

    Versus…what is my body shape?
    Last time I took my measurements they were 35-25-36

    Here is a pic of me if this helps:
    (sorry if the quality isnt so great)
    http:[email protected]/8295394611/in/photostream

    • Versus

      I think you are a skittle shape – you seem to have an elongated waist, with a tin upper body and athletic legs, yet still proportionate.

    • solaxia

      Who cares! =P You look amazing!!! Jealous!

  • Cristina

    Everything about this shoot is terrible. It looks like an amateur college project.

  • Polska Blondynka

    I can’t believe she is 22. She looks like she’s 18 or 17.

  • solaxia

    I think she looks really young, like 15-16 personally. Also, just because you look like someone isn’t always a compliment. For example, Octomum looks like Angelina Jolie…Octomum is still really unnattractive…

  • TonyFae

    …Who? O_o

  • Teiku

    She’s better looking than Mila Kunis, I think.

  • natalia

    short,c an’t tell much else cuz of clothes