Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez – GG Afterparty Beauties

159481612_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties

22 year-old Sarah Hyland and 20 year-old Selena Gomez were among the beauties that stepped on the red carpet at the Weinstein Company’s Golden Globe Awards after-party the other night.

159441491_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties

Whose look do you prefer?

Check out more, plus Vanessa and Ashley as a bonus next!


159439281_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties 159439282_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties  159441493_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties 159441495_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties 159455986_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties 159480910_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties 159480941_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties 159481552_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties  159481634_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties 159499136_10 - Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez - GG Afterparty Beauties

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  • Stephanie

    I’ve always thought of Sarah Hyland as such a pretty girl! I also like Selena Gomez, even with her super baby face.

    Oh and I love Hyland’s dress. It’s so cute and sparkly. And her shoesssss.

  • Lala

    They both have such babyfaces that its a bit weird to see them in such “grown-up” dresses. They look cute tho, youthfull. I think Selena looks better with thicker eyebrows.

    • guru

      Sarah’s dress makes her look even shorter than what she is. Short women do not suit short dresses. I think short women have to be very careful about the type of dress they pick. Selena Gomez always dresses older than her age and it just looks odd paired with her baby face.

      • serena

        well she is not short, about medium like 5’4-5’5, but I think her legs are short. And I agree the dress is unflattering. I think Sarah and Vanessa’s dresses look kind of tacky. I prefer Selena and Ashley’s dresses.

      • mary

        i think its more the poofiness of the dress than the length. plenty of short women look sexy in short dresses

      • artemis

        her dress should’ve been even shorter :))

    • Inanna

      Yeah they look very very young, too young for this sexy look really. They look 13 year old!

      • wonderwoman21

        It would be stranger if they were dressed as little girls because they ARE adult women regardless of how ‘baby faced’ they look.

      • Morgan

        I agree, they look crazy young. Something seems “off” to me about Sarah… I’ve never seen her act, just pictures online and in magazines, but she always looks like a porcelain doll to me 8/ and since dolls scare the absolute h*ll out of me, maybe that’s the “off-ness” I’m getting from her…

    • Nobsnob

      “They both have such babyfaces that its a bit weird to see them in such “grown-up” dresses.”

      Also I always mix up Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hugdens I think they look alike in the face tho Vanessa looks less like a child.

  • valeria

    what happened with Selena’s upper lip ? looks a bit weird to me …

    • guru

      yeah her lips have been looking puffy lately. I think maybe she might draw her lipliner line over her natural lip line and apply lip gloss over her natural lip line to make them look fuller. If so, it just looks silly.

  • StephW

    Sarah Hyland looks a little bit cartoonish, like her eyes are just a little bit too big for her face. Selena looks gorgeous and much prefer her hair to the side as opposed to Sarah’s style.

  • Pixie

    They are both too cute! Selena has gorgeous hair, and Sarah looks like a doll. Btw, who is Sarah?

    • Ale

      Sarah Hyland is from a show called Modern Family. It’s HILARIOUS!! You should watch it!

      • Pixie

        Thanks! I have heard of it, just never know when it’s on.

  • serena

    Both of them have features that are sort of smushed to the middle of their face, like Miranda Kerr. That’s what makes them look so youthful and cute. Selena looks pretty, though I think her shoes may be too big. Not sure who Sarah is but she is pretty too, like a Bratz doll lol.

    • jenna

      lol @ Bratz dolls. so true. that one picture of the 4 girls together (full length), I thought that they resemble Bratz.

    • annabanana

      i think its more the round face shape than “smushed” features that makes them look young…

  • JaneParker

    They both look cute, but I can’t believe Sarah’s only 3 years younger than me. She looks 16. She will probably age really well and be stunning in her 30’s, but I would be seriously pissed if I looked that young!

    • serena

      Haha well, I’m 22 like Sarah but look about 18 and I like it…if I looked any younger than that it would be annoying but I think looking a few years younger than you actually are is good, provided you don’t look freakishly young (like a 13 year old) 🙂

      • wonderwoman21

        Same here; I’m 24 & everyone thinks I’m 17, which is nice. I hated it when I was younger, when I was actually 19 people thought I was 15 x(

        • wonderwoman21

          Whoops I meant 19 not 17!

          • JaneParker

            That’s great, def. better than being in your 20’s and looking like you’re pushing 40 (*cof*cof Lindsay Lohan). It’s really going to pay off in the future, but it must be annoying to still get asked for i.d in your mid 20’s

        • alex

          i am almost 28 and always mistaken for a teen, it is not so great ..

          • Tinkerbell

            yes yes yes, finally some other people walking in my shoes! i’m 19 & constantly get mistaken for a 13-14 year-old tween girl.. no one ever leaves the fact of my true age without surprised commenting – i LOATHE it! 🙁

          • solaxia

            It’s true – it’s better to look younger than older. However, when my mum was in her teens, everyone though she was in her 20’s. When she got to her 30’s everyone thought she was in her 20’s. It’s stayed like that since. She is close to 60 now, but looks like she is in her late 40’s/ early 50’s.

            I was the same. I was very mature for a teen, and everyone thought I was in my 20’s. When I got to my 20’s though, everyone thought I was 17/18. Ha ha! I think now though I am 26, and maybe sometimes look older atm. I blame it soley on stress (bf issues) and smoking (passive, from bf refusing to not smoke in the house) yuk. I hate it!

    • Anonymous

      I look younger than my age too… People still think Im.16-17. I dont care too much though.

      However looking younger than you are in your teens or 20s does not always mean you will age well. Sometimes certain people start to age faster or mote obviously in their 30s or after… So they may start to look their age or older. Its unpredictable really. Doesn’t matter though…

  • Hazal

    Both are very cute. Their dresses can be as revealing as they want but I can’t find them sexy because of their baby faces.

  • Mia

    Is it me, or does it seem like the 15 minutes are up for these four? I can’t see ANY of them as serious adult actresses.

    • Ale

      Why are you putting Sarah Hyland in the same category as those Disney-girls? Sarah is from Modern Family, a highly rated show which have won several awards, and Sarah is great in it. I can imagine her as a serious adult actress, no problem.

      • Mia

        Actually I had never heard of her before, i just figured she was a Disney girl because she was hanging out with them. I read (on another site) some very interesting rumors about these girls’ behaviors at the Golden Globes…drugs, sex, alcohol, etc.

      • ceedee

        Sarah did star in a Disney movie though

  • Robyn

    Selenalooks so much older here than she usually does, she looks really beautiful

  • Cecil

    they both have the BEST OUTFITS I’ve seen of the night. Selena’s is a work of art

  • nat shermans

    I like selena’s dress a lot.

    Sarah is great on modern family and I always thought she was very pretty. I still do, I just think she photographs horribly or something..

    • MissMarilyn

      I agree, she looks GORGEOUS on the show but in photographs not as good. She’s still pretty but I think maybe she does photograph a little off haha. LOVE her dress!

  • Eline

    Is it me or does Sarah look al little tacky in these shots? Probably it’s just the lightning, normally she looks so cute.

    I think Selena is the winner here, like her dress!

    • La la la la

      her face looks darker than her neck, and her neck looks darker than her body. i think that can make someone look tacky. plus maybe she looks a little orange? that with the big disheveled hair can cause a look of tack!

      • Indigo Lace

        Her natural skin is darker than the flesh colored mesh panel of her dress, which reminds me of an ice skater’s because of that feature.

  • annemarie

    Sarah is so pretty, like a doll, and her dress and shoes are awesome.

    Selena is cute and her dress is nice, but I don’t really like her facial features.

  • Anastasia.

    Sara’s face looks squished, its probably because her facial features are too close to each other. Selena looks good here, I like her hair.

  • Chelsea

    All four of them look so petite and tiny! Vanessa has lost quite a bit of weight. Her figure looks amazing in that dress.
    as for selena and sarah, i completely agree with whoever said sarah looks like a brats doll! She really does with her huge eyes and voluptuous hair. Even though I think she looks great, i think the whole look together looks a little bit tacky.
    Selena looks beautiful too but yeh, her lip liner is a little strange and I think her entire face would benefit from having a slightly thicker brow.Sarah’s brows look perfect

  • Chelsea

    Selena looks really pretty here. I usually think of her as okay looking.

  • Nobsnob

    I love both dresses !! 😀
    But that eyes makeup does no justice to Selena’s eyes it makes them look smaller imo.

  • mary

    they are both cute at best….ashley tisdale looks good!

  • lc

    Sarah is so cute. Selena is a try hard and I don’t like her baby face.

  • Clarence Beeks

    Both those girls are adorable, with great little bodies!

    Ashley and Vanessa can disappear, they are useless.

    • Anonymous

      Lol Vanessa is the best looking though, then Ashley… Well thats just what I think 🙂

  • binks

    They both look like dolls, I always found them to be very cute.

  • siennagold

    I’m not a fan of Selena’s baby face but I like her dress. Love Sarah’s dress too!

  • solaxia

    Sarah has a personality that I don’t really like. From what I have heard about her bitching bout Lea Michelle (not that I particularly know/ like her either). It just comes across as so distasteful to bitch about someone else so publicly. However, I camn’t deny she looks cute as heck here! Pretty!

    Selena has grown on me so much as she has gotten older. She has started to get more of a Salma vibe (ok, imo they are on different levels body wise…but who isn’t in comparison to Salma…again, imo! But just refer to the snake dance in Dusk Til Dawn)…anyway, to me the ‘vibe’come from an inner confidence and I think Selena’s kinda getting that. I think she is totally gorgeous!

  • solaxia

    I LOVE Ashley’s dress. It’s gorgeous! She suits it…but I find her very plain looking. Like, I don’t even know what her best feauture would be kind of plain. Still, pretty though…Vanessa has a cute lil body imo but she should show it off! Let her beautiful hair down too! This outfit kinda draws a lot of attention to her face, and I don’t think that is her stand out feature. I think she would have looked so cute in Sarah’s dress.

  • Jacky Daniels

    oh they have great makeup and hairstyles..i would like that too 🙁

  • swissmiss

    I think all these girls here serve the same beauty ideal. Cute face with big eyes and mouth, small body, long wavy hair….They are all very pretty, indeed, but also very exchangeable. No-one particularly stands out , IMO.

  • ceedee

    They’re both super pretty! something about Sarah is giving me a toddlers and tiaras vibe here though, I can’t decide if it’s the dress shape, the big hair, or a combo of the two.

  • goldfish

    they look cute but they both look like they are playing dress up. i don’t think selena fits the versace type, even though she has tried on several occasions now.

  • Indigo Lace

    Love Sarah’s lipstick color.

  • jerry z

    vanessa looks the best! she looks out of shape in pictures alone but next to these girls, she is definitely the most attractive

  • mira

    Sarah looks to me like she could be biracial (mixed with black). Cute girl and gorgeous eyes. Dress is a little short.

  • Arianna

    Both of these girls are pretty but they look like prosti-tots. The styling is just too “old” looking for me.

  • nessa

    sarah looks twelve so when she wears her hair down and she waears too much makeup, it looks bad.

  • Soph

    They both look beautiful

  • kat

    im gonna go with hyland

  • Anonymous

    Not my type. I personally don’t find either one of them. They’re cute, but for some reason they both look odd to me. Their faces are so small compared to their body & they both kinda remind me of chipmunks… Thats not to say they’re not pretty or cute, but generally they don’t appeal to me.

    • Anonymous

      *don’t find either one of them attractive

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