Sheryl Crow in a Bikini

Sheryl-Crow-in-a-Bikini - Sheryl Crow in a Bikini

Weekend bikini treat: Sheryl Crow!

Sheryl was spotted  on the beach in the Bahamas on Friday, while having fun in a yellow bikini.

In case you’re curious, Sheryl is 48 (wow)!

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Sheryl-Crow-in-a-Bikini-2 - Sheryl Crow in a Bikini

Sheryl-Crow-in-a-Bikini-4 - Sheryl Crow in a Bikini

sheryl-crow-052810-3 - Sheryl Crow in a Bikini

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  • kate

    She looks incredible…not even genna say ‘for her age’…just amazing, period.

  • J

    She doesn’t look bad but I don’t like that skeletion look I think her chest plate looks bony I like slimy but not to bony look ie Jennifer Aniston . But not saying Sheryl looks bad

    • Dayna

      I think that has a lot to do with her age…like her skin is sort of sagging, so her bones show a bit more. It doesn’t seem like she’s unhealthy or anything when you look at the rest of her body. I think she looks really great!

  • J

    *sorry not slimy meant slim 🙂

  • pppccc

    She looks nice and thin(especially for her age but also generally)!On the other hand, I’m not a fan of bony chests but a)she can’t really do much about it and b)I’m not perfect enough to judge her!!!

  • Susan

    She looks so fit and awesome. Nice arms – toned but not crazy ripped. And it’s true, if you’re bony chested, that’s just the way it is. Keep on rockin’ Sheryl 🙂

  • Pauline

    EEEEEEW… bony chest are quite disgusting…

  • Kaelyn

    Yes, bony chest are disgusting and i have it! Rest of my body is toned and curvy but when you have it like that there is nothing you can do about it except hide it or just live the “the hell with it” life rather than pleasing others.

    • kate

      Same here…bony chest runs in my genes plus protruding collar bone urghh….well at least I got a fat booty to make up for it!

      • Mariah

        I love protruding collar bones! I think they look really good in all honesty.

    • Pauline

      Feel sorry for you.

      • kate

        Thank you for your sympathies…..


    • Gee, I have sort of a “xylophone” too, while the rest of my body is not that bad.
      I’ve been managing to gain some weight, but it won’t go away! =(
      Transplants? o/

  • Liza

    She has a great bod for someone her age and who has kids

    with that being said, I don’t like the bony chest but she probably can’t help that; I’m also a fan of bigger WHR but she can’t help that either

    • Annie

      She’s never given birth.

  • Annie

    She looks amazing and puts women half her age to shame. It is definitely harder to stay in shape after age 40. Good for her!

  • EmmaJ

    Yikes. She looks so wide. Or is it just lack of waist?..

    This is why i’m afraid of having children!

    • kate

      It’s just lack of waist.

      Also I don’t believe she’s ever given birth, thought she adopted?

  • Purplebunny

    She looks great, slim and fit! As for the bony chest, I’ve noticed it happens to most women as they age..Same is the case with my mom despite the fact that she is very healthy (she’s an hourglass btw, wish she had passed that on to me :P)

  • CK

    don’t like her body type, but she is in great shape for 48 yea old and what i like is that her skin looks good…not sagging

  • She does look amazing!

  • liz

    I’m pretty sure she adopted her son.

    She has a very rectangular body and a bony chest…but she appears to be fit and toned, but not in a scary way like Madonna

  • mel

    She has a bit of the Kelly Ripa syndrome going on. A little too sinewy and bony, but she definitely looks good for someone her age!

  • Princess

    She looks great for her age and for all she been trough with the breast cancer.

  • Chelsea

    she’s working with what she has, she seems to be very rectangular… like a ruler shape basically… no waist just straight up and down. and i’m not a fan of all the bones showing either but she doesn’t look bad, i’m not saying that by ANY MEANS!!

  • mermaid

    i have to say, i admire her dedication to fitness. she’s in great shape. i am not really a fan of her shape, or the bones on her chest (which are almost like a skinny counterpart to cellulite, lol – they don’t look great, but what are you going to do? its easy to say ‘gross,’ but its really not, since its just a fact of life) – but those are things well beyond her control. have to give her credit for staying fit, and really making the most of hand she’s been dealt. she looks great, age aside.

  • tee

    she dont look like a women ewww 🙁

  • Cecily

    Yes, she looks amazingly fit and healthy for her age. And toned, as well.

    BUT- I would NEVER want this kind of body myself. I mean, I think my bf has a more impressive hip waist ratio :/ She is one of the most un-curvy people i’ve ever seen…another is Julie Bowen in a bikini- I would rather be Tara Lynn (large and curvy) than Julie or Sheryl (thin and boyish) any day of the week,

    As to the ‘xylophone’ potruding chest bones- what exactly is the fascination? My sis wants these too….I just think it makes one look aged and emaciated

    • mermaid

      i totally agree – she looks awesome for what she is, good for her for being healthy…BUT i wouldn’t want the body type. i’d rather be heavier but curvier, given the choice (of course, ideally, i’d be kelly brooke, but that’s another story, lol).

  • Sidney

    Well, apart from her chest she doesn’t really look too skinny to me, so i guess it might just be her body type. Collar bones i love, the xylophone thing (never heard the word..) not that aesthetically pleasing, but it’s only disturbing when you can see the person is wasting away and hence looks like that, à la Nicole Richie at her lowest weight. I must say, Sheryl does look good, but great only for her age, not in general.(IMO!) That is bc of her body type more than anything, if i saw a 20-35 year old with that body (minus the slightly sagging skin that is inevitable), my focus would go to the body shape, and i’d think the person looks fit and ok but not what i’d consider a hot body. (This coming from a person with a relatively boyish figure, so i’m not being mean..)

  • Lisa

    Oh, I’m glad she’s starting to age. I don’t mean physically, just that she’s been 44 for the last five years.

  • She looks great for her age.

  • reyn


  • aj

    i think those who think she actually looks attractive are so crazy. she has a shape like a TV, and u can see all her bones? WHEN did that become attractive? well the 90s i suppose.. its wacked up and she just looks hungry. now im hungry

    • Lisa

      lmao @ shaped like a TV!

  • She looks great!!!

  • George

    Anorexic? Definitely not! Skinny side yes, but
    unattractive no! Boobs are small but real. No
    silicone cow look like Pam Anderson and the
    ugly oversized fakes Victoria Beckham used
    to have until she smartened up and ditched
    them. Is Sheryl Crow sexy? You bet! Petite
    and potent!

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  • Joe

    Skinny. But I like her. Beyonce and Alicia Keys have
    more booty. My tastes differ depending on my sexual